In 2003, I was awakened by a feeling that there was someone in my room while I was asleep

At that stage of my life, I was hardly an “angel” and a candidate for learning advanced bio-spiritual mechanics. I was a happy-go-lucky bachelor then and living the “sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll” lifestyle.

When I looked at the end of my bed, a 10’ foot tall was standing at the edge of my bed. You can watch the story on this video,


In 2006, I met a blue avian being from a cloistered community on SirusB, and he told me that he was me before I incarnated here, so I learned about timelines and bi-location.

When I asked him his name, he said that he doesn’t have a name as earth’s populations have and that every conscious soul being has a unique soul resonance which is their soul identity, so he said that i could refer to him as aiazmir, because ai=Oneness. az= azurite and mir=mirror, so his name means “Reflecting the Oneness of the Azurites (the blue feathered ones from SiriusB)”

I have always found aiazmir to be kind, loving, respectful, patient, knowledgeable, insightful and a great teacher and mentor with a great sense of humor and an appreciation of irony and satire.

I have become more like him because that is who I was when I first incarnated here before I became embroiled in the machinations of the controllers here.

You will find his teachings quite reliable and true, as I have.






When the soul leaves the body, the body dies.Is it not a realistic and obvious assumption that the soul is what animates and gives the body life, it’s battery or energy plant.Then why has the information about the soul been hidden from us? In general society, there is either complete ignorance or denial of the existence of, the soul.In my posts, and on my website, I have been speaking of nature, construct and purpose of the soul; soul evolution through the multidimensional reality fields and how soul energy works in the universe.I will continue to do so and will do some further posts on how this knowledge can change the world if there were wider knowledge and acceptance of the power of the soul.We would live longer, healthier and more abundant lives and it is available to anyone who will accept this.


“They are living words, spoken to illuminate each one of us on our journey of discovery. There is no limit to the secrets of life, which cannot be perceived with the heart and mind but thru quite a contemplation of the inner self and ever-changing.” – Zoe Davidson


Colin deals with a subject that will be unfamiliar to many; the soul; that he defines as a conscious field of energy self-awareness having an experience in a holographic reality field that we call “manifest, physical” reality. He describes the nature of soul evolution; soul identity; the universal template for reality fields; the multi dimensional structure of the evolutionary soul journey; and he also describes what we can do to assist ourselves in our own evolutionary journey. He also discusses how this reality field has been corrupted by higher dimensional beings; the fallen angels; who have opted out of the natural universal order and who have hijacked this holographic reality field by using advanced physics and inserting their own version of holographic order on earth. These writings are for those want to understand the bio-energetic nature of the universe, and engagement with these writings should be personal, engaging both the heart and the mind.