Soul Evolution



This is going to be a long one, and not easily understood by the mind. 
It is a result of my recent illness and how I was able to heal myself through my soul body, and how I was able to stay consciously present with my body throughout the process; one of those excruciating experiences on my own soul journey. 
As a result, my Higher Self has agreed to me releasing this information now because I have a fuller understanding of how it works. I guess one’s understanding only grows when you have done the job yourself and it is no longer just theory. 
I have written this up extensively and you are the first to hear it. I will put it on a website soon, so it can be read in its entirety later, when I have completed this. 
I have “known” this information for a long time but was not able to fully express it, as it requires a certain resident resonant soul frequency to have the clairvoyance to “see” it clearly, and to express is it in words that are really inadequate for the purpose. 
This information is encoded within all of us (in our DNA), and it not so much a case of learning it, but rather a case of remembering it. (I will more fully explain this further on). This can be done by focus, intention and visualization. 
These are powerful tools of the soul, as they all require energy, and the way to interact with the soul is through focused, intended and imaginative energy, that brings clarity of thought and emotion that leads to integrity of actions. 
It works a little like a “lie detector” test that picks up electro-magnetic impulses on the body derived from our thoughts and emotions (that are expressions of our soul). When we “lie” to ourselves we generate an emotional response, a soul response, that confirms the lie, and so we continue to behave dis resonantly with the universe, and keep lying to ourselves. The reason we keep doing this is because we have been told so many lies here that we are no longer able to recognize the truth of who we are, what we are doing here, and what has happened to us. 


I first began to learn of this when I accompanied my Higher Self, aiazmir, and journeyed through the light and sound fields, where I was able to observe the strange phenomena of interacting waves of oscillating light and vibrating sound. 
It should be understood that time and space do not exist and work in the sound and light fields, as they do in the manifest reality fields. I asked aiazmir where these waves come from and what gave them motion. He explained that they emanate from the “heart of god” which provided the pulse or rhythm to create motion. This pulse or rhythm was also the source of all life forms, and created what he described as the divine, sacred geometry, and blueprint for all manifestation. It is all about the frequencies of sound (magnetic/emotion), light (electric/thought) and pulse (neutrality/oneness), and the geometry encoded into the divine blueprint. 
All manifest reality is created and experiences conscious awareness, by the expression of the sound and wave fields. It works like this. 
There are different forms of light and sound, and they work together in harmonic bandwidths and have a particular relationship with each other. Their frequencies determine their harmonic and relationship to each other, and the harmonics create dimensionality, so in our case, we experience our reality in harmonic bandwidth 1, for instance, we might call dimensions 1 – 3, and the purpose of soul evolution is to journey through all dimensions and frequency bandwidths (harmonic bandwidths and there are four of them), and back to source. Harmonic bandwidth 1 is the physical domain; harmonic bandwidth 2 is the semi-etheric domain; harmonic bandwidth 3 is the etheric domain; and harmonic bandwidth 4 is the liquid light domain. Our souls must traverse the 12 dimensions of the 4 harmonic bandwidths to return to Source (harmonic bandwidth 5; the domain of pure light and sound). 
In the beginning of manifest reality, we are not created as human form but evolve into different forms along a progression (or string) of amino acids that form the basis of our, and all, DNA. Each amino acid has a certain function. DNA not only carries genetic history, it also carries our soul history. Our soul history is “recorded” in the Eckashic records and out genetic history is “recorded” in the Ackashic records. 
This universe began some 544 million, billion years ago, and we have been evolving our DNA into various life forms since then, until we were able to evolve into homo sapiens. 
Physical evolution is about accreting, accumulating and activating amino acids that form the “string” of cellular expression. This takes place in the context of being a “part of a greater” and then evolving into the “greater” by raising the frequencies of the existing DNA “string”, by being a “good universal citizen” in whatever form one’s consciousness is experiencing itself at the time. 
What this means is that we have all “served time” in the other manifest expressions of reality; the elemental, microform (bacterial), vegetable, insect, fish and animal kingdoms, being a part of them and then accreting, accumulating and activating more DNA (amino acids) so that we may facilitate the conscious evolution of the soul to its highest expression in this harmonic bandwidth; beings of light and sound, fully integrated and reconciled with Source, so that we may progress into the next harmonic bandwidth. 
This is done through the divine blueprint where one’s consciousness is always stationed one dimension above that in which one’s consciousness is experiencing its reality. This acts as the “magnet” that draws us through the various dimensions so that we may accrete, accumulate and activate more amino acids. 
In this way, all physical expressions are connected to all other physical expression, and are meant to be supportive of each other through our own respective soul evolution. All souls are really just One Soul with individuated expressions. This may be difficult to understand or accept, but that is the way it works. 


It is possible now for us to reclaim our souls that have been captive here for a long time. I will explain the history to this further on. 
As I have said before, we have not been able to reclaim our souls before, mainly because we didn’t know how; we didn’t know what the soul is, how it works and what its purpose is; we are filled with indoctrinated lies and belief systems that do not serve us and bear no resemblance to the truth of how the universe works and what it is. We have been fooled into believing that our identity is found in the “skin suits” in which we experience our reality. This is the biggest lie perpetrated on mankind, and denies them the power of their souls. 
The soul is an electro-magnetic field of energy surrounding the human body and is about a mile in diameter. Its size varies depending on the “age” of the soul, or how far it has progressed through its soul evolution. 
The soul body is connected to other soul bodies, mostly our soul family with who we have shared common experiences in our soul evolution, and with whom we have had a common genesis of the soul. 
The entire universe is filled by an electo-magnetic field force of souls, where new souls are being created all the time, as the universe expands. (Part of the breath of god. It expands to a point where a critical mass of souls is attained, and then it begins to contract, on the journey back to Source, where those souls who have reached a sufficiently high resonance in their DNA are re-assigned to planetary or star status to continue their evolution in those forms. Thus our Mother Earth and our sun are highly evolved soul bodies.) 
All manifest soul bodies are 3 dimensional holographic projections of the underlying encoding of the divine blueprint in its electro-magnetic fields. The encoding is mathematical and geometric. That is why symbology is important to the religions here, as they represent a false encoding system, sufficient just to keep us sufficiently fooled. 
It is our separation from the universal field system that is the source of “sin”; the discordant and disresonant way, in which we think, feel and do. 
Our physical connection to our souls is through 2 crystalline structures in the human body. The one is the “seat of our will” and the other is the “seat of our emotions”. It is important to make the connection, and how they work as “receiving” and “transmitting” signals from, and to the soul. 
The “receiver” is located in the pineal gland through which we can awaken our higher perspectives and perception. It ismagnetic and receives electric impulses. I will explain how it works further on. 
The “transmitter” is a tiny crystal found behind the thymus gland just below the breastbone, and it returns emotional signals to the soul. It is electric and transmits magnetic (emotional) signals to the soul. 
The 2 work together to “test and verify” the integrity of the body; and check if it is at one with the soul. It’s almost like a lie detector test. If we caught up in the BIG lie here, that we are physical beings who have a soul, a lie is detected, and there will be no natural “through flow,” so it is best we get rid of that lie. 
We have to re-inform our hearts and minds in order to obtain the necessary flow between the “info in and info out”. The soul cannot be fooled and will detect any lies in the system. It will offer healing of the lie though, and it is up to the individual to apply the medication to heal. The medication is usually in the form of truth. 
If we do this, we can begin to use the alchemy of the soul to manifest anything we choose, as long as it remains within the integrity of the soul. 


Unfortunately, the progression of our natural soul history was interrupted here, about 344,000 years ago, by a plethora of higher dimensional beings, a collective we may call the satanic collective who had decided to break away from the natural order, and create their own kingdoms. They traded their pathway of infinity (where value is generated from within) to immortality (where value is generated in matter), but they needed gold that was converted to monoatomic gold that they sniff, to sustain themselves and their systems, so they plundered planets and eventually came to earth where they discovered an abundance of gold, and they had early homo sapiens to mine the gold for them. 
They soon realized that early man was very strong, but not very intelligent, and so they sought the assistance of 2 master geneticists, Enki and Enlil, to re-engineer human DNA. Enki and Enlil were reticent at first because they knew how soul evolution worked, and the consequences of interference in the natural cycles of soul evolution, but they knew of the reputation of the satanic collective and feared for the future of earth and devised a plan for an accelerated soul evolution, and sought out and gained permission from other soul beings on other planets and dimensional landscapes, to use their DNA in their work in re-engineering the DNA of all conscious beings on planet earth to keep their soul evolution in sync with the rest of the universe. This was no mean task or feat. Enlil also secretly, used his own DNA to give mankind a sense of higher self, the magnet that would draw them into higher states of consciousness. 
The infusion and fusion of new DNA worked very well, so that “new man” was intelligent and able to satisfy the needs of their masters, and efficiently and proficiently mine gold, and in fact, became a thriving trading center, where mankind thrived and progressed very well. 
As the soul beings of planet earth evolved they became more astute as traders and thrived, and became advanced in technology and ability, and enjoyed a natural progression in their soul evolution. 
The satanic collective became envious of new man and hatched a plot to separate earth’s consciousness from the rest of the universe, and to make humans their slaves who would serve only them. 
In order to do so, they knew that they would have to create a frequency fence around the planet, because they knew that “he who controls the wave fields, controls the reality fields”, and so they set up their very sophisticated Blank Slate Technology (BeaST) system that would override the natural flow of the universal sound and light fields. 
Their coup de grace was to fool mankind into agreeing to draw into earth’s orbit, a second moon that collided with earth and led to the destruction of Atlantis, and the tilting of the magnetic fields at a 22 degree angle to its rotational spin. 
This had the tragic effect of mankind being cut-off from the universal sound and light fields and losing their universal memory and being confined to a temporal life. This event is recorded in the Bible as the Fall of the Tower of Babel, where confusion reigned, and where man lost his ability to telepath. 
If this information upsets you, I can assure that when I first learnt of it, I was distraught for days, and it took a month or two for me to recover, I was so filled with anger and despair. 
Since then the “Watchers” have been keeping an eye on us, but there was not much they could do without doing further damage to our soul templates, but as our soul templates began to heal they began to take action, but being careful not to do further harm to our soul templates. 
As mankind began to have their memory restored, the satanic collective also took action, and devised a plan to further enslave mankind. 
When the man Yeshua (Jesus Christ) incarnated here, and began to spread his teachings, this put the satanic collective into a flat spin. His main purpose for coming here was not to teach or die on a cross, but to activate certain of the earth’s grids to begin bringing earth back to a point of restoration. Yeshua is a being from the 4th Harmonic bandwith, and an energetic master. There is a plan for the restoration of earth and it is in the process of implementation. 
The satanic collective then devised a plan to incorporate some of Yeshua’s philosophical teachings into the new religions (RE-LEGION) here, and to twist the story completely so that mankind would seek salvation outside of themselves, and in a “made for you” savior, so that they, the satanic collective, could retain their position as “god of this world.” 
Their plan incorporates a culling of humankind and the establishment of a New World (satanic) Order, and to rob the remainder of mankind of the last vestiges of their connection to the sound and light fields, and to keep the souls of those departed in a quarantined state of consciousness we may call hell. 
The bad news for the satanic collective is that once they had dropped a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki they inadvertently, perhaps, created a rip in the fabric of creation that angered all the Watchers, those beings who had contributed bits of their DNA for the creation of the new man. Our consciousness is inextricably linked to theirs, and with whom we have a soul connection through our DNA. A nuclear bomb is not only a threat to the planet earth, it is a threat to all of creation. 
So the Watchers went into council and formed the Council of the Galactic Federation of Light (‘CGFL’), comprising members of many other Councils, like the Arcturian Council, the Pleiedian Council and the Sirian Council. They all work independently from, but co-dependently on each other. In other words, they each have their own plans to protect their own interests, but work together so as not to sabotage each other. This has worked pretty well over about 55 years. 
In April 2014, they all got together and fought an electric war against the satanic collective, on Venus to bring about the removal of the frequency fence around earth and the end of the BeaST system here. The collective was then invited to leave earth’s space and they were offered alternative “accommodation”. Many left but those directly involved in the operations of earth wanted to stay and bring about their NWO on earth, convinced that they can defeat the CGFL, but as their power diminishes here they begin to panic more, and begin to realize that as more beings awaken to the truth and whose soul memory is being restored, they are becoming powerless to stop the flood of higher frequencies in the DNA of all of earth’s beings, and many are arguing capitulation and trying to broker a deal for themselves to save face. 
The CGFL are relying on humans to awaken to their true identity and nature, and to self-correct the distortions under which they were placed, and that is why I am telling you this. 
We, as a soul collective, will have the responsibility for devising a new system for our planet that restores the soul evolution of our entire planet, and restores our collective memory, in what many are calling “The Event”. 
We are being asked to co-operate to raise the collective sound and light frequencies of our Mother Earth, and to correct the distortions in our earth grids, and to fight back against the satanic collective here, who are planning a “mass sleep” of the human populations here, through the use of microwave and cellphone technologies where they plan to download and implement a holographic insert into our brains via the pineal gland, so that we experience their induced reality before, during and after “the Event”. I had first-hand experience of this last week and will do a separate post about it.

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