Frequencies of love

I know that some of the things I speak about may seem outrageously absurd but I have an understanding of energy. I am an energetic, and so are you, and have been taught, trained and mentored by my higher dimensional selves, despite my human failings that I am trying to purge and have been doing for a long time. Everything is about energy and frequency.
We play, energetically speaking, either a symphony of concordant energies, or a cacophony of noise.
Today I would like to introduce you to the instrument that you are in the orchestra of Oneness or the instrument of separation.
The instrument that you are in the universe is both an instrument of thought and emotions and they can either play harmonically or in disharmony. Our emotions are very powerful because they lead us into the next chapter of our experiences.
It’s a bit like playing a piano. Each note on a piano has a relationship with the next note if in harmony with each other that relates to the other notes.
The problem that humans have is they don’t know what string to pluck to create harmony so I have created a chart of harmonics for them. Remember that our feelings will create our next experience.
The piano has 88 notes, majors and flats. From such an instrument we have been able to create the most beautiful and harmonic music.

I have thought deeply about this. Each note has a frequency signature and resonance but so has our emotions, so I have assimilated a 90 note band of frequency for your consideration to pluck the various strings as you feel.

We need a sense of;

1. Love

2. Grace

3. Compassion

4. Empathy

5. Sympathy

6. Generosity

7. Giving

8. Granting

9. Thoughtful

10. Complimentary

11. Considerate

12. Joy

13. Smiling

14. Laughing

15. Humor

16. Adventure

17. Irony

18. Satire

19. The theatrical

20. The comedic

21. Drama

22. Romance

23. Goodwill

24. Peace

25. Stillness

26. Meditation

27. Unopposed

28. Forgiveness

29. Conciliation

30. Reconciliation

31. Repentance

32. Restitution

33. Reconsideration

34. Review

35. Openness

36. Patience

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