Human Potential

A brave new world

Just imagine if the whole world became aware that physical reality emerges out of a process and construct based on the frequencies of light and sound (electric and magnetic) waves.
This would change everything here. We would no longer be in the process of survival but could feed, heal, and educate ourselves through a new system.
There would be no need for war and physical aggression so organization of communities would be left up the communities and there would be no need for central governments. Everyone would be a part of communal council where participation would simply be through a yay or a nay.
Food could be abundant for all. Those communities without food could simply transmute the holographic food from the air. Other communities could grow and harvest food for their taste, but the need for food would disappear because we could draw energy from the earth and the sun. There would be no hunger.
Likewise, our holographic bodies could be repaired through frequencies, and we could all enjoy abundant health without the need to visit a doctor, hospitals or clinics.
We would be able to harvest the energy of light and sound through the elements to drive any holographic devices that we may invent for our purposes. Fossil fuels would remain where they were meant to be, “under the ground.”
Schools, universities and colleges could be repurposed as research centers, and where the curriculum could be set by each individual as they are guided or drawn to, and there would be no need for qualifications because communities will be able to direct resources as they are needed, and there will be no work. There will only be activities; social, playful and constructive.
There will be no money as money, as a resource and energy exchange, will no longer be needed. Everyone will be self-sustaining, and exchanges in energy will be free under the universal law of grace.
The law will be common law, “do no harm, cause no loss and do not impede the freedoms of others”. A jury to adjudicate the extent of harm, loss or the loss of freedoms will be appointed by communities, and these jurors will be independent with no connection to the plaintiff or the defendant.
It could be a brave new world, based on real science, real economics, real commerce, real environmental protection, real clean energy, real medicine, real community affairs, real safety and security and the protection of the sovereignty of all, including the elements, vegetation, insects, birds and animals.
Once humans can accept that their world and reality experience is a hologram and they begin to understand how they can master the hologram, all these things are possible but it will take a major consciousness shift here.

Most of us may remember the day we have just experienced, and the time and circumstance thereof. Very few will reflect and create an inner remembrance of what we thought and how we felt and how we responded to those circumstances.
We build up a memory bank of outer circumstances without discovering the inner meaning of that outer, external circumstance, and this is because, as Echhart Tolle explains, we are not consciously present in the moment.
He, like I, advocates conscious living and the reason for this, I am going to explain, and I have explained before but in a different way.
To understand this, we have to remove all indoctrinated notions, of knowledge, religion and education.
Our conscious presence here is for a reason and the reason is this.
Within our soul template we have a blueprint of the universe that is replicated in our bodies. However, you envision the universe, it is all inside you.
The soul is an energetic body that mirrors the outer man, so the outer man is just a projection produced by the inner man, the soul man or woman. The soul of the man or woman creates the outer circumstances. It is a holographic projection of the soul.
So what is the soul? If you want to know I have written extensively about this before, so I will paraphrase it. The soul is a divine construct that is an energetic field of mind (electric), emotions (magnetic), and will (gravity). It is a beautifully contsruct of 12 layers of kundalini energy.
The interaction of the mind, emotions and will create activity, what we experience in our outer reality. What we do.
It is the inner, soul man or woman that creates the outer circumstance.
So what is the reason or purpose for our conscious presence on this planet.
It is this.
Our purpose is to take responsibility for our “soul realm”, the inner person, our thoughts and emotions, and what we do willfully.
Our purpose, therefore, is to change our outer circumstance, by changing our inner man or woman, to reflect back to the soul what it is, so the 2 become reconciled, and become 1 again.
As I stated the soul holds the universal template, and bio feed-back of energy, (thought and emotion), and we can begin to discover who we are and who we represent; the All Oneness through this inner process.
In a sense, we are here to save ourselves by becoming our true inner selves, and we are saving ourselves from ourselves as we now are, and becoming our divine selves.
As more and more people wake up to this truth, we can focus our combined attention of creating the world we wish to experience.
I know this may seem confusing, but just reflect and meditate on it, because this is how it really works in the universe.Creating Reality through Thought and Emotion

How do we create “light and “sound” pebbles to create the reality we wish to experience?

If you now have some understanding of dimensionality and how it works and if you have some understanding of the way the way wave fields work, the next objective will be simple and that is to create a co- resonance between the “waves” of light and sound.

The next “bridge” of understanding to creating co-resonance and harmonic syncopation in one’s reality fields is to understand that as much as you have a physical body, you also have a soul body. The physical, manifest body is a function of the soul. In other words, that which is contained in the soul is expressed in the physical.

The reality we are observing (the movie we are watching) is created by us, the observers and this is how it works.

The waves that diffuse (crash against each other) to create the hologram of manifest experience are light and sound. They work in perfect harmony with each other according to the laws of the universe.

Light is thoughts. Sounds are emotions. Both are carrier waves that diffuse into manifest experience and create the experience we are having.

The light within reflects the light “without” and correspondingly, the “sound within” reflects the sound “without”. We live in universe that has parallels. So what is this light and sound?

The light is our thoughts. How and what we think. The sound is our emotions. How and what we feel.

We are therefore the creators of the reality we are experiencing by our thoughts and emotions, and for most of us we don’t think our own thoughts, and we don’t feel our own feelings, and for those who do they cannot make any sense of this because they haven’t stepped into the experience of oneness.

The Sacred Codes

For those technically and mathematically minded.

In some respects, I am excited by blockchain, the system on which Bitcoin, and other crypto-currency are based.

Blockchain is computer programming code that is written in 2 dimensions, whereas prior computer code was written in one dimension, i.e. is a single chain computer language. Furthermore the encrypting techniques for one dimensional computer programming can now be used in two dimensional encoding.

So in two dimensions you have breadth and depth. So in two dimensional computer programming there are more variables, called blockchains, making it imminently more difficult to break the encryption, depending on how many more layers of depth are added.

This reminds me of how aiazmir explained to me our soul and DNA encoding in 3D.

He used the illustration of the screen shot in the matrix movie of ones and zeroes (binary code), running down a two dimensional screen. Then he showed me a hologram of a cube with ones and zeroes running away from the screen also, so it was three dimensional. He said that all the ones in a certain encoding, when added together, would always resolve to a solution of twelve.

Then he changed the shape of the cube to a pyramid shape, and again the ones in the various codes, when added together, would always resolve to a twelve.

He again changed the shape of the hologram to a circle as the two dimensional plain and then being cone shaped in the 3 dimensional plain, so I was looking into a cone, where again the ones in the various codes, when added together, would always resolve to a twelve.

Then he showed me a hologram of a cube, a pyramid and a cone shape all combined into one with the various ones and zeroes running as they did in the first cube, pyramid, and then he asked me, “What do you think all the ones in the encoding resolve to in all three shapes?”

Of course, I could only answer, “Twelve.”

“No,” he said, “nine.”

“Why?” I asked.

He answered, “Because in the first three harmonic bandwidths reality is experienced as solid, semi-etheric and etheric, and 9 is the perfect number to express manifest reality that expresses in shape and form. In the fourth harmonic bandwidth, consisting of thought, emotion and rhythm (pulse), there is no defined shape, but a constantly changing sea of shape and form, liquid light. A bit like the globules floating in your lava lamps. As the shapes constantly change, their encoding changes, and the sum total of all the changing shapes when added together always resolve to a total of twelve. Nine is the number of the shape and form fields. Twelve is the number of all and no shapes and forms. That is why 9 and 12 form the basis of the perfect geometry of the universe. Shapes within no shapes.

That is the DNA secret to your soul and DNA encoding.”

The reptilian know this, and added a one to the nine and came up with 1 and 0, ten, so there is no real resolution in their mathematics, and how they reduced us to singular, individuals, separated from each other. So instead of one being one with all, one became one as a singular individual separated from all, and they re-coded our DNA in this way.

Essentials for Mastery of the Soul Body

I have explained a lot about how energy works, and what one can do master the soul body, and therefore the theater of reality we live in.

There is one essential to master before all else, and that is integrity.

The bible says, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” Many interpret this as meaning that one cannot make up one’s mind about what to do. I don’t think that that was what was meant because over the years this interpretation made no sense to me, especially in the light of how energy works.

After many years of consideration this is what I think it means.

We have two minds. Firstly, the inner mind of intuitive knowing, and the outer, indoctrinated mind. In other, our inner true selves that we were when we entered this incarnation and expressed as children, and the outer selves that were twisted and distorted here through the body of lies we’ve been told. Perhaps the basis of all our schizophrenia here; the conflict between the inner true self of intuitive knowing and the indoctrinated self, filled with false ideals and values.

That is the double minded man. The man of integrity begins to eliminate within himself all perceptions and expectations of the self and begins to assume the mantle of the inner self.

How does one achieve integrity then?


Knowing what it is energetically might help. Integrity is a constant resonance, like a bell or a musical note. It has a particular frequency that is the base resident tone of the soul being, and in harmony with its own soul codes (past incarnations and soul experiences).We all have a unique, harmonic, resident, resonance that is our true soul identity. It is made up of the many complex parts of our true personality.

In this world of dissonance, ignorance and confusion, it is very difficult to be co-resonant and integritous with the inner self as it usually leads to ridicule, disbelief, anger and separation from the human tribe because we are largely required to fulfill our roles that were prescribed for us, and to conform to the expectations of our earthly families, friends and associates, so I am not going to suggest that this is an easy path for anyone to follow. I am just saying how it works and leaving up to my soul family and friends to make up their own minds. I have been excommunicated many times and know how it feels. It can get pretty lonely and disheartening, so it is only for the brave hearts.

I have my own way of dealing with that and have seen and experienced the effects of being in integrity with my soul being and it is pretty awesome. I would rather be lonely and disheartened than conformed and crushed.

It works this way energetically.

We all have a unique, harmonic, resident, resonance that is our true soul identity. It is who we really are inside of ourselves, and that identity is who we truly are, and is the accumulation of our incarnate and soul experiences.

When we incarnate here we have this soul identity, and exchange it for an earth identity that is carefully formed into a slave to serve, not oneself, or families and friends and our associates, but the dark formers of this identity.

Our incarnate identity when we are born is knowledgeable, peace-loving, caring, observant, inquisitive, conciliatory and vulnerable, and it is this vulnerability we have to come to terms with.

Vulnerability comes from the nature of soul progression and soul evolution. Each soul as it progresses through soul evolution will have new experiences, and these new experiences will expose the vulnerabilities of the soul as they exist, and the purpose of this is the refinement of the soul, to “knock off the rough edges.”

When we reach into the depths of our soul being here, and examine our thoughts and emotion and actions, and interrogate where they came from and whether they truly represent the true nature of who we are, and change them to conform into our soul identity, we reach a co-resonance within our selves and the rest of the universe through the universal waves of light and sound, and our soul cries can be heard.


The dark forces here have been exploiting our vulnerabilities for decades, but the truth is that our vulnerabilities are more perceived than real, so they continue to bombard us with perceptions of vulnerability to keep us afraid.

Vulnerability is not how the universe exploits us. Instead it is a gift, a doorway through which we must pass through in order to refine the soul and progress through the soul evolutionary journey, and it is a challenge for us the uptake or remain, and there is no “trial that is presented that is not common to man, but god (the universe) is faithful and just, and will always provide a way to endure it, so that we may be able to bear it.” That’s the way it is meant to work in the universe.

We are afraid of the dark, height, snakes and spiders, diseases, hunger, rejection, being burnt, being cold, war and chaos, terrorist attacks, guns, buses, sickness, bacteria, viruses, etc. Some are even afraid of birds, of clouds and sunlight. Our fears here seem to have no end, but our fears are largely irrational and we seldom experience the thing we fear. How many of the things you fear did you experience today?

On this planet, men are more vulnerable to their vulnerabilities because to show their vulnerability is perceived as a sign of weakness, so they hide them and hide behind the façade of invulnerability.

Women, on the other hand are more accustomed and aware of their vulnerability from birth. They are impregnated with the idea of vulnerability, and carry their vulnerabilities with them all their lives, and are more accustomed to their emotions of being vulnerable.

That is why the dark forces here enforce the notion of vulnerability, so they can exploit our god-given vulnerability, not for our progression and evolution, but rather to control us. We are continuously fed a diet of fear and lies through the media. They stage massive destructive events; wars, terrorist attacks, 9/11’s, feed us destructive pharmaceuticals and vaccines that kill us rather than heal us, tell us lies through education and religion. They thoroughly exploit our vulnerability, and we either deny it, or fear it.

If we can get back to the understanding that we are eternal soul beings, indestructible, having a 3 dimensional experience in a universally created reality field, and we can reach back down into our own soul integrity and authenticity of who we really are, and learn the ways of the universe, rather that the ways of the fallen ones, we may be able to yank ourselves out of this cesspit here, and continue on our soul journey, uninterrupted, not interfered with and victorious over an enemy so diabolical, our hearts and minds could not conceive of.

It is largely our ignorance that is exploited here, so if we want to return to our natural soul state selves, we have to reconstruct truth, and that truth lies within all of us, in our soul being, we just have to go find it, and if one observes nature and one’s natural inclinations and personality, it is not so far from one. We just have to resist all the lies here.

More on Integrity

Over the years I have met many great integritous men and women, of all religions, christian, muslim, hindu, buddhist, jews, and Taoists, and also atheists.

I figured that integrity doesn’t come from religious persuasion, or philosophy but rather it comes from the soul of the soul being that inhabits that soul personality.

In the hearts of all us there is a persistent resonant tone, and it matters not what our religious persuasion or philosophy might be, but it is incumbent on us to supersede our own biases and prejudices and be who we really are.

There was one thing that was common among all those people of high integrity, and that was the values that they held.

The way back to integrity is not through religion or philosophy, but to be co-resonant with the values that we intrinsically and intuitively know to be the expression of our soul being, and to enact those among each other.

What is currency?

On this planet currency is money. The dark forces here “borrowed” this concept of “currency” from the universe and converted it into a narrow version of universal currency that we call money.

Currency is an exchange of energy, like we have electric current running in our electrical appliances here that cause our appliances to be activated and to do what they were designed to do.

Currency is just the way electric and magnetic forces interact with each other.

On this planet, this primordial energy exchange happens in an energy exchange of money that is primarily driven for us to exchange our labor for money. This was not what was intended by the universe by currency exchange.

Humans exchange energy all the time but it is mostly around the value of money. Love is exchanged for money and money for sex. That’s what makes the world “go round” here. The currency of this planet is exchanging labor for money, money for sex, and sex for security.

The universe doesn’t work that way.

In the universe, value is determined by resonance and frequency that have a corresponding manifest expression here. The highest frequency of the universe is love that down steps into lower harmonics and co- resonant frequencies like joy, peace, patience, kindness, faith, hope, honesty, integrity, humility, modesty, shyness, trust, curiosity, inquisitiveness, non-judgmental observation, appreciation, inter-dependence, oneness, and many others. These are the values that determine value in the universe, and there is no hierarchy to other expressions of the greatest currency of love. It is the expression of prime creator.

In the universe, all value is exchanged as expressions of the one value, and that is love. Love is the preeminent creative force of the universe.

So how come we experience fear, greed, hatred, envy, jealousy, anger and avarice here?

Well, to get into the mechanics of this may take a whole book, but the short answer is that the dark forces that run this planet, hijacked the energy fields here and inverted and ring fenced them.

How to make the most of your soul being.

If you are able to come to the realization that you are primarily a soul being, and that the physical construct that you experience your reality in is just a hologram, you have graduated yourself out of the very entertaining movie you are watching and into the reality of how the universe works. This is no mean achievement so congratulate yourself and give yourself some credit for being so perceptive.
The first thing a graduate has to do is reclaim their soulness and own it, and never let it go. That means leaving your “seat” in the “cinema” where you are watching your entertaining movie, and walking the stairs to the projection room and changing the “reel” so that you no longer just project somebody else’s movie but are the writer, producer, director, chorographer, stage manager, background manager, gaffer, grip, musical director and editor of your own “movie” of your life.
The second thing a soul being has to do is the take responsibility. Responsibility is just the “ability to respond” which ability, we intrinsically hold in our energetic soul fields of energy.
Our problems in the “made for you” hologram are that we deal with a moving target all the time. We are bombarded with “fake” information and news that occupy our minds and it becomes impossible to deal with all these things we are supposed to respond to, so we respond to a few and leave the rest. This is a deliberate antic and tactic of the fallen one’s; to keep us distracted.
That is why detachment is necessary. We have to acknowledge the “made for you” movie, but we have to detach from it, and know that it is just a “made for you” movie not of our own making. That is where most people, including me, can get stuck and undone.
Detaching from the current reality system is very difficult and that is why we have to get out of our “seat of comfort”, turn our backs on the current movie and make our own. That is the start of taking responsibility, and that is turning our backs on the “made for you” movie and owning and making our own reality.
Can we do it? Sure, and we can do it together, we just have to be able see beyond the lies we have been told.

How deep do the lies we have been told go?

It goes this deep, “Everything we have been told here is a lie.” Nothing we have been taught and indoctrinated with is true.
We are not human beings, we are soul beings. We are fields of energy in a wave field of energy and this manifests itself in a cellular construct of dense matter, we call physicality.
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We are lied to and manipulated from the moment we enter into this reality system we are incarnated into.
We are given a NAME that is also a bond of value that we lose if we do not reclaim by the age of 7 and we are considered “lost at sea”, and we no longer exist and are considered to be dead. That’s how the system works here.
The owners of the registry we are entered into then use the bond to trade and create credit, money, and since they consider us to be dead and “lost at sea” they treat us like slaves and we then serve their system of lies, control and indoctrination. To them, they have created the perfect system. A feeding trough for their ghoulish means.
Why do they do that?
Because they are not human angelics like we are. They are fallen angelics who traversed through the dimensions and decided they wanted to create their own reality systems, where they could feed off the energy of the unknowing. They had more advanced knowledge of how the universe works and in the land of the blind the man with one eye is king.
So we are fed a diet of lies and half-truths in every way to keep us distracted and unknowing so that they can feed off our energy. We are their energy grid and vital to their survival, and mostly we comply, but some of us have awakened and rebelling against them. We are also being aided and abetted by our soul families who are willing to assist those who awaken and become aware of what is happening.
I have looked at the various branches of the various sciences here and they are premised on false information. They have great knowledge of physical reality and all credit to them for this, but when it comes to a wider understanding of how the universe works their premises crumble into a heap of lies, based on the understanding that the universe is mostly about waves of light and sound, and not physical matter. Physical matter is constructed out of the waves of light and sound.
Everything here is a lie. History, geography, mathematics, science, psychology, physiology, biology and all the “ologies” you care to think of are all based on lies to satisfy the fallen ones. They kept us controlled in their web of lies and it is up to the awakened to dismember this web of lies one strand at a time.

Just imagine a world of abundance, where lack does not reside;
where labour is intentional, for the benefit of all;
and freedom abides.
Just imagine a world of freedom, where judgement is forestalled;
where freedom is gracious, to the benefit of all;
And kindness is installed.
Just imagine a world a world of kindness, where good deeds abound;
where kindness is genuine, to the benefit of all;
where joy is all around.
Just imagine a world of joy, where no one is oppressed;
where no one is harmed, to the benefit of all;
And love may be freely expressed.

Making your presence felt in the universe.

Most of us know how to make our presence felt in our 3D reality, and to get the attention of others, but how do we get the attention of the universe, and make our presence felt in the universe, and affecting our 3D experiences.
It kind of works like this.
We are essentially energy beings; a plasmic field of highly charged electric and magnetic particles that provides us with an experiences in a 3D holographic reality.
These electrically charged particles in our plasma fields around our bodies express themselves, or manifest themselves in our 3D reality, through the information carried by those highly charged electric particles, as thought-forms. So the highly charged electric particles express themselves and manifest in our 3D reality as thought-forms.
Likewise, magnetically charged particles in our plasma fields around our bodies express themselves, or manifest themselves in our 3D reality, through the information carried by those highly charged magnetic particles, as emotions. So the highly charged magnetic particles express themselves and manifest in our 3D reality as emotions.
When these electric (thought-forms) and magnetic (emotions) are in balance with each other they spiral coherently around each other in counter-rotation. When they are not in balance with each other they wobble around each other, until they collapse. So when we have a pre-dominance of thought or emotion we create wobbling vortices that lose their energy. Whereas, if we are able to balance our intentions, desires and wants with equal electrically and magnetically charged particles, we created a highly charged coherently rotating “ball” of energy (a torus) that we can send into the universe, that carries our unique personalities, and intentions, desires and wants.
When these “balls” of energy spin out of our reality fields, they move dimensionally to other dimensions, and are examined and reinforced there, dependant of the energy they contain, and will eventually return to us. The higher the intention energetically, the further it goes through the dimensional fields, and the more powerfully they will energize us. That is why we cannot defeat hatred (murder) or anger (violence) with the same energy that is directed towards us, because if we are sending those “messages” to the universe, they will return and reinforce those energies within us, so we experience more of the same. Whereas, sending the “opposite” energy, high frequency energy, to combat low frequency energy, will yield, a higher return of energy, and the more selfless the intention, desire and want, expressing greater unity of spirit, goes further up the dimensional ladder.
Once we learn how it works, and practice this, negative energy can do us no harm, because we transmute that energy into its opposite, by balance our thoughts and emotions.

Overcoming our pre-conditioning

In my journey of awakening, and when I learnt about the techniques to use to create more fulfilling experiences for all of us, I began to examine my intentions, desires and wants, and was astonished at how separated from others and selfish my intentions, desires and wants were, so I went through a period of re-conditioning myself.
I was carrying so much baggage that included “secret agenda’s” and most of those had been indoctrinated into me. My motivations were all based on the lies I had been indoctrinated with. “Be a success. Work hard and become wealthy. Be a good person. Don’t show emotion. Cowboys don’t cry. Wars are necessary to protect those we love. Vote for this party or that party, because they will be better than the one you know. Homosexuality is evil. Eat meat, its good for you. Etc.”
I did this in my examination room, and slowly weaned myself off selfish and separated intentions, desires and wants, until I got to a stage where I asked myself, “What are your intentions?” and I would reply, “Nothing. What do you desire?”, and I replied, “Nothing. What are your wants?” and I replied, “Nothing.”
It took about 3 months of swirling in this world of nothing to wean myself off my indoctrination and recondition myself; my intentions, desires and wants.
It is quite ironic that a passage of scripture kept buzzing around my head in those days, “Nothing separates us from the love of god,” until I learnt the truth that enlightened me, that unless we understand nothing and become nothing, and transcend nothing, and reach the other side, nothing indeed separates us from the love of god, because we live in a reality of things, and to transcend the things of this world we have to go through a passage of no things.
It was soon after I had gone through the stage of “no things” that I began to experience some really odd experiences, where I would think about someone from my past whom I owed an apology to, or hadn’t really thanked them for their kindnesses towards me that these people started showing up in my hologram, and I could recognize the healing that was taking place within me and I could apologize to them, or thank them appropriately and express my love and appreciation for them being in my life. At first, it was a little embarrassing to be confronted by my own thoughts, until I realized how powerful they are so I began to respond in a loving and compassionate way to these encounters that yielded some amazing results within me, but left some of these people a bit confused and incredulous at the change in me.
During this time I had also volunteered (in 2006) to be a gridkeeper here and this was part of my training, and one day when I was speaking to my higher self, and he asked me, “If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?”
I sat and thought about it for a while, then said, “I would wish for a complete restoration and reconciliation of this solar system with the galaxy and the universe and the removal of the fallen ones from this planet and solar system. In order for that to happen I would also wish for a full disclosure of our history, of how energy works in the universe, and the disclosure of all the satanic activities here, including the pedophiles. I would also wish for the hearts that have been broken here through abuses, like 9/11, to be mended, and human consciousness to be restored and re-united with their soul family.”
So we did a little energy technique and ritual, and sent that little energy ball into the universe.
That was in 2006, 11 years ago, and since then I have been receiving back that energy, and re-sending it back into the universe, and it has been accreting and accumulating more of that energy, and I guess we will have to see how it manifests here.
Perhaps you may like to keep this energy going too.

A health lesson.

I have not been sick since 2001 when I decided to take responsibility for my own well being, and rejected known medical “science”.
As I compassionately and passionately researched how the body works I was lost at sea then, with all the information, but eventually I was shown how it works by aiazmir because i asked him how it works.
We had been on a number of astral journeys through the universe before and in this instance in 2003, we were journeying through an unfamiliar territory, that looked pretty much like “looking at the stars” on a dark night. It looked typical of someone observing the stars so I was not concerned. I asked him where we were.
Then he dropped a bombshell on me. He said, ” We are journeying through your body.” I was shocked and confused and thought he was joking again.
I protested and asked him to stop joking with me. I didn’t like the inference.
He looked at me quizzically, and said, “I thought you said you wanted to know how the physical body works, and I am showing you how it works.”
Again I was confused, and stuttered, “But I am looking at stars. How can this be inside my body?”
He said he would show me.
He said that if we adjusted the lens through which we observe reality we would “see” different things, and the level that the lens was currently adjusted was in a particular frequency range, and that if he adjusted the frequency of the lens through which I was observing my reality, we would begin to have a different experience of what we were observing.
He said that what we were observing was my body at a frequency level equivalent to the quantum level., and if he adjusted the frequency, of the lens through which i was observing reality at the quantum level, we would could see the morphogentic field (quark) level, the atomic level, the molecular level and the cellular level of the physical body.
He did this and I saw how the “stars” began to circulate each other, coagulate and burst in a sea of light of colors. Then he changed the frequency, and morphogenetic fields, began to spin around each other around a neutral necleus, and when heartbeat (rhythm of life) was introduced, the spinning atoms began to take form, like bubbles, around a magnet, and the next thing I was looking at the organs in my body, my own cellular structure.
I journeyed wondrously and incredulously through my body, its veins, arteries and organs. It was a sea of dynamic life.
What aiazmir had taught me was, firstly, that we are a fractal reflection of the universe. The universe is not only outside of us, it is also inside of us, and we co-repond with each other, in a unique “so above, so below” kind of way.
The second thing he taught me was that our bodies, our cellular construct, are self-regulating and healing organisms, within the construct of the universe. They are healing machines.
The third thing he taught me was that, we are surrounded by other beings willing to participate in our natural healing, if we would but pay attention to it.
I thought I would exchange this information with you so that you could self-regulate your own health.

Creating a new identity? 1

We live in a reactionary society, where we are programmed to react to things in a pre-determined way that makes us “normal”. When we react “normally”, we are accepted and found to be acceptable to our families and society.
Part of this “normal” system is to blame circumstances or other people for our experiences here in a reactionary way.
And thus, the egoic mind is so totally identified with an outer control system here, where it is “normal” to react to things, and to satisfy the ego by imputing blame on others or circumstances.
However, the sovereign soul being attains its identity through the soul essence of who it is, and takes sovereign responsibility for all the experiences it has here.
Thus creating a new sovereign soul identity requires “cutting at the roots” of all egoic identity.
It requires acknowledgement and recognition that the soul body is the one who is experiencing a life here and not the egoic, physical body, and those experiences are given for the refinement of the soul, and so the soul being has to respond to those experiences thoughtfully, mindfully and with due diligence and responsibility.
By doing that, soul beings create a new and separate identity for themselves as sovereign souls, and begin the process of “renewing the mind”, as the apostle Paul called it in Romans chapter 12.
The very first step then, is to enter into this process, of re-creating a new soul identity, divorced from the false identity we are given here that is our birth name that enters us into a control system.

Creating a new identity? 2

Creating a new soul identity is contra-indicative to normal behavior, and can create grave problems for the soul being unless they understand the process of releasing the soul identity from the ego identity.
Eckhart Tolle explains it this way’ “The film A Beautiful Mind does a good job of depicting how the mind can delude us if we are not aware that it is controlling us. It’s the true story of a man who is a genius but he’s also insane. The audience doesn’t know that he’s insane until he himself realizes it as the story unfolds. The film makes the point that when you become aware that you are insane, you are no longer insane. So when you become aware of your mind, you are not identified with your mind anymore. A new dimension of consciousness has come in. The madness is caused by thinking without awareness, and thinking without awareness is how the ego keeps us in its grip.”
When I began this process, I had great difficulty staying sane, and had to let go of this insane system we live under, to gain my sanity back.
So one has to lose one’s mind in order to gain it. I shall explain further as we go along.


This post is about how I am restoring the balance between my soul body and my physical body.
Some may have read about my recent illness where I was unable to eat or drink properly for 10 days and relied completely on my soul body to guide me through the process of restoration, so I won’t go into the detail again. I don’t do conventional healing.
In the alchemy of life, the soul supports the physical. The physical being is a magnificent “healing machine” and all that is really required is that the physical body co-operates with the soul.
During the early stages of my illness I was in a great deal of pain, and, yes, fear, so I agreed to take antibiotics, not that I had any great ability to take them because I could not swallow any large quantities of water (probably less than 5 ml at a rime), but over time I was able to swallow them small bits a time.
I know that antibiotics, like anesthetics, are poisonous to the body that releases a large amount of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are electrons that have been released from their atomic bonding and create havoc in the body. They begin to attack and attach themselves at the molecular level to begin the destruction of cells in the body.
So having undergone a “treatment” of antibiotics, I then have to now rid my body of these free radicals. I have done it before so it just repeating the process.
Free radicals have the effect similar to “rusting”, or deterioration of the cellular structure of the body. It leads to oxidization of cells. In other words, these free radical electrons provide an additional electron to the cells that causes them to implode, and “pop goes the weasel”.
Oxidization of cells causes ageing and cellular “death”. The only antidote for this is anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are found in dark red or blue foods. The darker, the better. These foods carry proanthocyanidans, anti-oxidants.
So my first part of my strategy is to include masses amounts of anti-oxidants in my diet, and to drink as much distilled water as I can bear. Distilled water is negatively charged and acts like a magnet for free radicals, and gathers them up and disposes them through the body’s garbage disposal units, the kidneys, bladder and liver.
The second part of my strategy is to restore my body’s intelligence service and communication systems. This is all centered in the stomach. Antibiotics destroy bacteria, whether good or bad throughout the body, but more particular in the gut.
The reason I have told you to try to keep your thoughts and emotions under your control, is because our souls here have been so distorted, and immunized here against the universal reality system.
Our thoughts and emotions form the basis of our soul energy that gives us the “life force” that keeps our physical bodies animated.
When our thoughts and emotions are corrupted, and no longer have integrity, then we lose the ability to connect to the universal waves.
It’s a bit like a radio that has no aerial. The signals are out there, but the radio is unable to pick up on them, or hear and act on those signals.
That is what loss of integrity does to us.
The aerial is our central vertical energy that was intended by design, to keep us connected to the universe, and when we lose the ability and integrity of our souls to communicate with the universal system, we lose the ability to be authentically who we are as soul beings, and instead we pick up on the lower frequencies that are broadcast to keep us as slaves.
Thoughts and emotions are not just words to describe what we think and feel; they are energy forms. They have an energetic effect on our experiences of the hologram we are currently watching as our reality.
Get that right, and this hologram is easy to master.
We may perceive ourselves as physical forms in this hologram, but underlying the physical form, is the energy field, I call the soul.
When the soul loses its integrity, it is truly a lost soul.
So it would serve us well to pay attention to how it works, and regain the integrity of the corrupted soul.
This can only be done when we begin to identify our self-empowered and authentic emotions and thoughts and own them and take responsibility for them.
We are, as soul beings, energy generators. It just depends on for whom we are generating our energies for; the thieves and robbers of our energy, or for ourselves.

Money and what it representsMost people on this planet have not made this connection yet, but the pieces of paper that are exchanged as money are not produced by them and are largely worthless bits of paper. They are produced and printed into existence by central banks.
The central banks are not owned by the governments (they are privately owned), but have been “licensed” by our governments to print “money”, worthless bit of paper, that are “legal tender”. The way we exchange our efforts for good and services we buy.
If you cannot see what this will lead to, then go place your feet in a bucket and pour cement into it. When it has dried ask your family and friends to take you to the nearest large body of water, and to drop you into it, because that is how stupid we are.
Whoever prints the money, by consensus with our “governments” owns us.
If you can’t figure this out, I suggest the “bucket” remedy.
It is about time that people stop hoping that things will get better, and things aren’t so bad and start taking action. Otherwise get a bucket and follow the instructions and we will do this all again, next time.
They have created a system here where we are slaves to these worthless bits of paper called money.
Grow a pair of balls, and stop hoping that hope is outside of you, or that courage is something in another that you can applaud. It must be who you are, and what you enact.
If you can answer me this, then I will excuse from the bucket treatment.
“Why the hell do we give greater value than ourselves, to these worthless bits of paper called “money”? Why the hell do we give credence and legitimacy to governments? Why are we so stupid to give them any legitimacy over us? Why do we agree to a system designed to enslave us? Why don’t we hold government officials accountable?”
If you can answer these questions then you are excused from the bucket treatment, but if you can’t, I suggest that you do the bucket because then there is no hope.

A reality system without money

When I was first taken to SiriusB it was curious for me to see a society that could function well without money, so I asked the obvious question, “How can beings trade among each other without money?”
Aiazmir is a very kind and loving being, so he drew me aside while I was watching the trades taking place, and said, “I know that you may find this difficult to understand but in this market ( a universal market) beings only exchange the value that they are, and each one recognizes the value that each other represents. Traders here don’t offer goods or services to anyone of unknown value. They recognize that the value that they trade is who they are, and they offer it freely. The energy exchange comes from who they are, and the goods and services they acquire represent who they are. They do not exchange services and goods. They exchange the values that they represent.
Each one has a value, and the goods and services has a value, but they subscribe to the notion that the value of the goods and services is represented by who they are, not what they offer or buy.
Essentially, everything is offered for free, but is only traded between beings who value themselves, as equal to the goods and services they are offering.
Trade in the universe is offered between beings who represent and are the value that they represent, beings of eternal value, so no exchange of money is necessary.”
It is our attachment to money that diminishes our self value here. I hope you understand this.

New Economic Model for the 21st Century – A treatise

I would like to propose a new economic model for the 21st Century, and for our planet earth, and one that’s creates equality among its inhabitants and its resources.
I would like to point out that the current economic models and systems do no work, and only lead to a few benefitting from it, whereas the majority continues to suffer deprivation, starvation, hardship and living a life of unfulfilled expectations.
This new economic system is premised on a simple premise that value is not created through material goods, services and products, but that each and every individual and all our resources have inherent value which I will expand upon.
The current economic models and systems have some fatal flaws, in that they assume that firstly, value is determined by production, and how much can be produced and consumed.
Secondly, they lend credence to the legitimacy of profit at the expense of others.
Thirdly, value exchanges here are made by producing bits of paper, called money that are supposed “legal tender” that have no value, and are produced by central banks and are created “out of thin air” with no other value than an expectation that production and consumption will expunge the debt that money represents.
One could argue that all of these are legitimate, but they owe their legitimacy to the notion that people are expendable, as a resource for production, that there is some legitimacy that a few should be able to “profit” from the efforts of the majority, and that money has any kind of representative value.
This is unsustainable, whether viewed through the lens of economics or spirituality.
The world has moved on
This treatise is not meant to be a critique of current economic models and systems, as they clearly do not work, for the majority of people on this planet.
I am simply stating that the world of the Adam Smith’s and other famous economists has changed, because the consciousness and values of the people on earth has changed from their era.
Science has changed, religion has changed , and there is a new form of communication , called the internet (the information highway), and the model that I am going to propose is based on this new era of understanding, its values, and a more all-encompassing approach to value exchange.

Everything is for free

This notion is going to blow a few fuses but I am going to propose it any way. All the old economic models and systems are obsolete, because they have misunderstood value, and how value is exchanged.
We are entering a new age of understanding and development, old things are passed way and all things are renewed.
The first thing everyone should get their head around is that in a new age society everything is for free, but every transaction is recorded on a central data base, for more efficient allocation of resources, and replenishment of stock.
The reason I put out this information is because that is how it is in the rest of the universe that I observed, and because, as a planet, our higher selves are working hard during this window of opportunity that we all have, to assist us and our planet to go through a dimensional shift (that some call ascension). Once we enter dimensions 4 -6, I can promise you, money does not exist.
We do energy exchange through the value that we are, and that places a responsibility on ourselves to be beings of value, and we create that value through the values that we hold dear, and practice. I hope you are getting this.
How does one raise one’s value from a universal perspective?
Value has to do with the energy vibration of the energy fields that surround every conscious manifest being. This vibration requires 3 things, i.e. pulse (rhythm or beat, gravitational energy), thought (mind, electrical energy), and emotion (feelings, magnetic energy).
These 3 things create consciousness, a field of energy of light and sound and the expression of that creates an energy field around the manifest body.
In no particular order, they are all very powerful energies.
Thoughts emerge from the eternal mind of the All Oneness. They are electrical waves. No thoughts that we have are unique. We invent uniqueness by tapping into the universal unlimited expression of thoughts that surround us, and think it is unique.
Emotions are the magnetic waves that hold all of our thoughts together, and our actions, based on our thoughts and emotions are the rhythm that is produced by our thoughts and emotions.
So we are all just conscious bits of energy, uniquely experiencing the result of our thoughts, emotions and actions, but here’s the kicker, and is the dividing line between understanding this as a theory, or as a way to apply it as a means to raise our vibrational energy fields.
We have to take responsibility for our thoughts, emotions and actions.
In the next harmonic where we are going to, where money does not exist, the only value that exists is us, and how we choose to express it.
So start learning to take responsibility for thoughts, emotions and actions, because that is the real way, where you are the value, and the only thing you have of value to trade is you.
We are the value. Without humans money would have no value. It only has value because we have sold the responsibility for our thought, emotions and actions to money. It is us who give value to money, not the other way around as it exists now.

A sense of History

Our history here is captured by human events, so these events create our history but it is not our true history.
To understand what I am saying, we should perhaps understand memory and how the universe captures memory.
Memory in the holographic reality fields is about capturing and storing the thoughts and emotions, and then the subsequent choices and events that occur following those thoughts and emotions that we record as history.
In the universe, the thoughts and emotions of each individuated, conscious soul being are recorded, not to condemn them but to just store them for the purpose of assisting them. The thoughts and emotions that are energy forms, are captured in the Ackashic records, and the subsequent choices and events that occur, are recorded in the Eckashic records, not in informational form but in energy form.
Our earth history only records the history of the great leaders who overwhelmed their enemies to record a great victory and the consequent history is written by their historian to record them as heroes.
The forgotten men who fought those battles and the women who supported them are forgotten by our earth historians.
However, the courage and bravery of each of those men and women who died and suffered are recorded in the Achashic and Eckashic records, not as events, but in energy forms of light and sound, of
I suppose many have no idea what I speaking of but those that do, pay attention.
The collective bravery and courage of each of all of those conscious soul beings have contributed to the experiential position we are in now. They have collectively contributed to the value and values we now hold in our ascension process. They should be honored and respected for that.
For the cowards, who are in the minority, we hold no respect.
We humans now face a battle, not of missiles and bombs, swords of guns, but for the control of hearts and minds; for the conscious energy of our souls.
We can win this battle if we know the enemy and the tactics they use.
The enemy is a lopsided being that has no emotion, empathy, love or compassion, and they are all around us. If you recognize them around you “be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove”. They operate by stealth.
They are ruthless and have controlled the terrain on which they operate. They understand the warfare of soul harvesting.
They have had superior weapons until now.
But now we lead them into a trap.
We, our collective soul family, have attacked them in the rear and cut off their energetic supply lines of evil. Now they must face us one on one, and they are panicking.
What will we do with that?
Each of us must hold our positions of who we are, not panic, and be confident in our ability to win this battle because it is a battle, not against bombs or guns, but against energy, and they are going to bring out their energy weapons, like they did in California, USA.
We are many but they are few.
Have you ever seen bees attack?

Collateral Accounts

Some want to know more about the new gold-backed currency system of the Chinese Yuan.
There is a long history (about 24 centuries) to this but I will give you an abbreviated version.
All money, paper currency, has been backed by the world trust accounts, also called the collateral accounts. These accounts are backed by treasures, not paper money.
Gold, diamonds, silver and great treasures going back to the time of Solomon and the Ming dynasties who accumulated great wealth in gold, diamonds, silver and great treasures, such that they knew they could not benefit materially from all this wealth in their own lifetimes, or the lifetimes of their immediate descendants.
These persons of great wealth, over time, began to create their dynasties, and began communicating with each other and discussed what they should do with this wealth in gold, diamonds, silver and great treasures.
They agreed that they should find persons of great integrity and discernment, and that they would entrust the storage and disbursement of this wealth to them, the trustees.
Documents and agreement were written and the trustees were sought and appointed. This was a complex process, but it was agreed that their material wealth would be combined, and would be used to benefit all mankind, but would be secretive. Large underground vaults were secured and the treasures would be guarded and moved to these vaults.
Now we should understand that the contributors to these treasures came from all over the world, and from many sources of particular persuasion, so the disagreements among the contributors, and their descendants were often heated, vitriolic and political, and so factions developed, among them.
The trustees were therefor left in a conundrum, to finance both sides of the same war.
They managed this process quite well, until the USA bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in Japan, with an atomic bomb. This set off alarm bells among the trustees, as this could lead to the destruction of the entire planet.
In 1977 they decided to withdraw their support for the warmongering USA and that is why Richard Nixon removed the US dollar from the gold standard, who had enough confidence in their con trick to print more money, backed by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, who had both been financed by the trustees of the collateral accounts, some 3 centuries before.
Well, the slide of the USA economy since then has been epic backed by fiat money printed out of “thin air” with no backing except the conspiracy of its inhabitants to repay the debt they owe. This is an elaborate system that is reaching its demise.
Some of the trustees of the world trust accounts, and there are many, have now decided to “release” their gold, diamonds, silver and great treasures, by creating “notes of value” and have offered all the governments of the world gold backing for their currencies.
They have also offered to create a “debt jubilee” where are all debts are expunged, and every person on the planet receives a monthly stipend (income).
Some countries have taken up the offer, particularly China and Russia, and hence the gold-backed Yuan. Russia will soon also announce a gold-backed Ruble.
For my part, I am lukewarm about this. On the one hand I see that it can short-term (give or take a few millennia) resolve a lot of problems for many people materially, but it is fundamentally flawed in that it does not recognize the value of all things being of equal value.
If we understood the alchemy of conscious life, we would see and recognize that gold, diamonds, silver and great treasures are what we are, and that there is no lack, except if we choose it.
In view of my earlier post about the collateral accounts, and I haven’t got to the bottom of this yet, you should understand that guys like Solomon didn’t live in the 21st century. They were, however, pretty smart and wise.
They learnt about trade, and that is the underlying nature of all causal interaction in the universe. Trade to them was about commodities the underlying value of all trade here on this planet.
Unfortunately, through this understanding, they also became a commodity, and that was the “trade off”.
In the universe, causal trade is not about trading another or thing; it is about trading the value that we are.
I know this is going to be difficult to understand and accept. We do not trade goods but we trade who we are. Just dwell on that and contemplate that for a while.
If we attribute our value to some other thing outside of ourselves, we diminish our own value, and humans do that all the time.
If we cannot recognize the value of everything around us we cannot be free.
In the universe, everything has value, but we tend to do is localize vale for expediency and gain, and thus we abandon the value that we are, for expediency.
So we create values. Like gold and silver, outside of us while denying our responsibility to be the value that is the true value.
There is no gold and silver and treasure outside of us. We are it and we’d better pay attention to that.
If we understood the alchemy of life we would understand that we could change lead into gold. The real value is conscious soul beings from elemental, mineral, vegetable, insect, bird, animal and human is that each is equal in value, and just represents their conscious energetic form in the way they are.
I suppose, making a statement like that would require some defense of the argument that I am making.
The first thing that I would defend is that the so-called empty space around us is not empty. The physical gaps between apparent and visible forms are filled with invisible waves.


Economics on this planet are a bit of a “screw up”, because the ones who manage the economies are masochonistic, pathological and narcissistic fools, and therefore are idiots of the highest degree, and we are fools for allowing them to do this to us and it all centers around “worth” as opposed to money.
The classical economic models simply don’t work, because of their lack of understanding of worth, so they have created a system where worth is determined by money, which we exchange all the time for services and goods, and so we place a numerical value and determine the value of the services and goods provided by, and the means of, money, without much recognition of the “worth” and value of the services and goods provided.
The underlying weakness in this system is that when money is exchanged for goods or services, there is no equal and opposite exchange.
What do I mean by this?
Money represents nothing more than the value of the perceived worth being exchanged, but if money has no value, there is an unequal exchange.
Who produces the money?
Money is produced by Central Banks that are privately owned. They simply have to print more money. They have been licensed by their governments that they have an “agreement with” them to produce money, but if that money that is overprinted and no longer has any “worth” because it no longer represents any real value, except a value that represents some future production of goods and services, it becomes worthless, like after the Second World War, when people had to use a wheelbarrow to carry their money to buy a loaf of bread. The same happened in Zimbabwe.
Money has no real value, unless it is supported by production of human activity willing to support this system. The real answer is that value only has worth when those who exchange value recognize its worth.
Humans are slowly becoming aware, and it should be quite clear to them, that money no longer represents their worth.
When the supply of money exceeds the worth in the value exchanges between human populations, then money loses its value, and slowly becomes worthless.
Take China for instance. It began a process of forced labour and mass production in the early seventies, copying goods from the West in order to sell more of their goods back to the West.
They continued to “price control” by devaluing their currency to remain competitive and kept supplying replicated goods to the West at a reduced a fraction of the price.
This was very successful for many years, but now they face the truth that they have destroyed industry and jobs in other countries, who will not be able to buy and pay for the goods they produce, because their customers have lost their jobs and can’t afford to pay for their goods, because they don’t have jobs.
They have literally killed the goose that laid the golden egg. Now they have to deal with their own layoffs, and internal instability because they destroyed their customers.
This is total madness and insanity and almost looks like an agenda for world dominance, not by the Chinese, but countless other cultures and civilizations that preceded them. They all end up the same way and history illustrates this.
The real solution is the “matchstick”.
If you have a matchstick, you have a probable cause to light a fire, but without the matchbox, it is not possible. What I mean is that the “matchstick” is the value to cause a fire, or to create light, but without the matchbox, no fire will ensue.
Value is only created when the “worth” of the other is acknowledged, accepted and appreciated. It is the value of reciprocation.
Money has no value, unless it acknowledges the worth that each individual that gives money its worth.
It is that lack of acknowledgement that will cause the money system to here to fall, and that is, simply the lack of understanding of worth to the other.
One should not underestimate the value of being a “matchstick”, but equally, one should not undersestimate the value of the “matchbox”.
The economies of this planet will collapse due to a failure to understand this simple principle, and that is, a failure to recognize that worth far exceeds the value of money, and that the value is determined by the worth of each other, and what they, together, represent.
Value and worth is only created by acknowledgement of the worth of another.
Classical economics here has failed to understand that the one supports the other. They classify the factors of production here as capital, land and labor and give all kinds of stupid theories to support their existence, but have failed to understand the worth of each other, and the value to they bring to the whole, and to each other, and have instead have reduced these to theories and numbers without understanding their worth to each other.
Unless one supports labor, capital and land with real value, no value can be produced.
So let’s examine these ignoramus’s ideas.
They have produced capital (money) that is losing its value. They have produced a labor force, that no longer has confidence in capital, and they have occupied land and air that produces neither labor nor, capital.
These paid artisans of economics have failed to identify how the universe actually works. They are stupid, because they failed to observe the obvious, and thereby contributed to the enslavement of humanity.
Women will better understand this than men, but the universe works this way, including its economics.
When a new born is manifest, it needs to be fed, nurtured, cared for and integrated into its family. This, the mother, largely does. Men are there to protect their wives and their offspring.
So what has this got to do with economics?
Economies rely on nurturing and taking care of each other. No money is required. When your newborn baby is crying you stuff as much money into it’s piggy bank, it ain’t going to listen, it needs attention.
From a universal perspective, it is only the nurturing, caring and being attentive to the needs of those on whom you are co-dependent on that yields any real worth (beyond the value of money).
Capital (money) has no real value without its co-dependence on labor. Labor has no real value without its co-dependence on land.
All of these are present in our current earth economies, but what is lacking is co-dependence. The one simply cannot exist and function without the other.
In the universe, we are the fabricators and producers of our own reality. Each aspect of who we are, what we think, and feel is reflected back to us by the reality we are experiencing, for the sole purpose of creating our soul identity, and how we choose to be.

What might a new form of economics, based on a soul-centric theory, look like? (Part One)

Modern economics is based on the unlimited wants of mankind and the scarcity that exists to fulfill those wants, and the cost or price, is determined by the demand for those scarce resources.
If you can’t spot the incorrect premise of this, let me enlighten you.
Who has unlimited wants? To be precise, nobody. This is an incorrect presumption, and therefore modern economic theory is highly flawed by its very first presumption. This is an important discovery, because all modern economics is based on this flawed presumption.
The second presumption, that resources are scarce, assumes that there are unlimited wants that in itself creates a belief in scarcity because there is a belief in unlimited wants. This is simply not true.
Therefore, modern economics is flawed by design, and based on a flawed assumption.
Thirdly, the cost or price of goods, we are told, is determined by demand, and if there is a flawed belief in unlimited wants, it creates a profit driven market, where the demand is no longer driven by the consumer but by the marketers of products and goods.
This results in an unfulfilled consumer who actually has limited wants, but has to buy whatever trash marketers persuade them to buy because the natural order of limited wants is disturbed, and the wants of humankind are determined by those who will profit from these activities.

What might a new form of economics, based on a soul-centric theory, look like? (Part Two)

In Part One I highlighted a flawed assumption that modern economics as based upon, and in this Part Two, I would like to illustrate that flawed assumptions lead to flawed systems, and in the parts thereafter I would like to make the case for a soul-centric economic system.
Modern economics defines the factors of production, or the factors that are needed to fulfill the “unlimited wants” of mankind, and these are labor, capital, raw resources and land, and there is the assumption that these are “privately owned” that is an assumption I will challenge when I deal with a soul-centric economic system.
When all these costs are combined, a cost of production is determined by a manufacturer or producer, and demand and “market forces” will determine the price of the goods or services provided, and someone will profit from all of this activity.
Now consider that most of these factors of production; capital, land and raw materials are largely owned by a small group of people, on the macro level, it can clearly be seen that a funnel for profit is created where a relatively few, privileged capitalists will be the major benefactors who can begin to create barriers of entry for new technologies and products that they may not be able to “control”.

What might a new form of economics, based on a soul-centric theory, look like? (Part Three)
It can be seen that modern economics is based on a flawed assumption and is clearly driven to benefit a few at the expense of the many.
Soul-centric economics turns everything around, and upside down, and the price is not driven by scarce resources, and affordability, or demand.
Instead, all value is determined by the value of the eternal soul, and soul consciousness, not only of humans, but their fellow soul travelers; the elements, micro-organisms, minerals, vegetables, insects, birds, animals and humans, and their price is indeterminable, and the economics of this system is driven by co-operation and agreement, and common limited wants based on common values and choices, and souls are guided by their higher selves.
There is no money, or debt. How can invaluable souls be in debt, accept be grateful for each other? Indebtedness is replaced by gratitude and payment in kind, to the soul that is serving the other.
So the whole system works according to a principle of serving others, and the energy exchange is the value we ascribe to each other that is indeterminable, eternal and priceless.
Our soul brothers and sisters; the earth, the microbial world, elementals, minerals, vegetables, insects, birds, animals and humans; are in service to each other by agreement and realize that we are a gift to each other.
The result of this economic system is that all benefit from the activities of all.
Of course, this will not be accepted by humankind here but those who are preparing for ascension into the 4 – 6 dimensions may benefit from this understanding, that is how it is meant to work.

What might a new form of economics, based on a soul-centric theory, look like? (Part Four)
If the control of capital, land and raw materials and minerals is in the hands of a few, how are humans to survive here; poorly to say the least.
The secret is in labor. Human capital. We are not only the consumers of the products and goods that we manufacture and produce, but we are the slaves that create those products and goods, that were created by modern economics. We are slaves to a self-defeating cycle where we manufacture and produce the goods, get paid a wage or salary, and then have to pay the price for the goods and services we provide, with a “profit” added to it, so that we are paying more for the goods and services we provide, and this “profit” then goes to the owners of the enterprise. This is a sophisticated slavery system, if ever there was one.
We slave for wages that are not commensurate with our human capital and value. It is only when the slaves decide not to be slaves any longer, and realize their value to the economics and refuses to participate in the inequality here that we can change the system here.
I have often stated that we should be in service to others, but when we are in service to a system that no longer serves us, what are we to do”
That is where a soul-centric economy can be of use to us.
In a soul-centric economy the value is in the labor; soul beings of infinite value, and where this value is recognized by everyone. The land and raw materials are also of infinite value, and therefore capital is not required at all.
Soul beings, in a soul-centric economy, would recognize that all are part of one big soul, and that Mother Earth, together with the elements, micro-organisms, minerals, vegetables, insects, birds, animals and humans, form a cohesive whole, in which mankind plays the role of protector and steward of all soul beings.

What might a new form of economics, based on a soul-centric theory, look like? (Part Five)

How could our planet transition from a “modern economic system” to a soul-centric system?
Firstly, we would have to understand the way a few have captured capital, land and raw materials, and to some extent labor.
They did this surreptitiously and their first coup was to capture capital, money. They did this by creating central banks, owned by them, who lent money to smaller, private banks and governments. This was mainly done by the Rothschilds. They held smaller banks and large governments “over the barrel” and offered to lend them large amounts of money, IF they had the right to print the money.
Once the smaller banks and governments agreed to do this, they could control the economies of the countries and smaller banks by simply printing money “out of thin air”. If we were to do this, we would be arrested and put in jail, but central banks have a license to do this, and they do it with impunity, but these scoundrels are allowed to do it by agreement with our governments. Go figure.
The next thing they did was to create corporations. That is, they created non-entities called companies that had the same rights as individuals but had no voting rights but could affect the outcomes of elections through bribery and corruption. They incorporated governments as well, so that governments had dual identities. One a corporeal and the other an incorporeal identity, and these bankers owned the incorporated governments. Do your research and you will find your country has a corporate identity.
Then they started to incorporate ownership of raw materials like gold, diamonds, platinum, lead, silver and all other minerals, and they owned them, so basically humankind has been captured through a system of incorporation. They “own” us. They created a system of birth registry so that when you are born you could be incorporated into their system.
Through this process of ownership and incorporation of mineral and raw material extraction they were able to capture, not only the minerals, but also vast tracts of land on which they had been found. Pretty well defined system, accept that it only benefits a few.
Vast areas of land were also captured through “incorporated” governments whose accounts are never revealed or known. Unincorporated government departments act on behalf of incorporated governments departments, and so governments have lost their real identity and nobody but a few know the difference.
This disguising of the rights of real people and their “governments” is a great way for humans to be manipulated. You think you are being represented by your government but you are covertly being represented by a bunch of renegades who don’t give a shit about you. It is a great big charade but they masquerade through the media and you think your government is acting on your behalf. How can it when it is owned by somebody else?

What might a new form of economics, based on a soul-centric theory, look like? (Part Six)The way to transition to a soul-centred economy is to do 5 things, but it will not be easy to persuade everybody.
What I am going to outline is not a wishful thinking idea, but my own understanding of how other societies work in other reality fields and other dimensions and harmonic bandwidths. I know it will sound radical to most human minds, but if your intention is ascension then you may want to get used to these ideas.
The first thing to do is a worldwide declaration that we are all soul beings and part of one soul on a journey of soul evolution, and that we respect each soul being’s right to be, and that the true value on this planet is our souls and the souls who are our soul companions; the earth, the elements, micro-organisms, minerals, vegetables, insects, birds, animals and humans. None of us can have a “price”, and our value cannot be determined by money.
If the value is in the offering, then all such offerings should be respected and allowed. In other words, each soul; no matter whether the elements, micro-organisms, minerals, vegetables, insects, birds, animals and humans is offering something through its purpose for being here which is to serve each other in some way, and their offering is gratefully respected, received and accepted.
Each soul being has a place, a purpose and an offering, not only to mankind, but to all of created soul beings here. We are here to serve each other, and we are all of equal value through our offerings and service to each other.
The second thing to do is de-construct monetary value and monetary systems here, and to declare all value to be contained in the soul beings here, in service to each other; no money required. It will require a massive change of consciousness for most people to accept this because human value systems have been created upside down, and allowed to put a price on the infinite and themselves.
Everything will be free if we can accept the offering that our fellow soul beings offer and we accept them graciously with no payment required other than our service to others. Likewise our own offering is free and freely given with no payment received or accepted.
If we enter into a new service contract with all other soul beings then payment will not be required, accept what we offer to others and what they offer to us.
The third thing that we have to do is de-construct all non-human entities here, including corporations, companies, governments that are corporations, organizations that are not in service to all, and anything incorporeal that is not in service to all others, and doesn’t recognize the Oneness of All beings as being the One soul.
With this understanding, most of our organizations and institutions will have to be re-purposed here, including the military. Communities of soul beings will have to take responsibility for their own experiences, and work together to serve each other, and work will no longer be work, but service to others.
The exchange offering will no longer be money but service, not necessarily in what we do, but in the service and the respect we hold for one another.
The defenseless souls, like children, small animals, small birds, fish, and vegetation will be defended and protected, nurtured and allowed to express their soulness as they grow. This would be a good place to start an alternative society.
The fourth thing we will have to do is de-construct all re-legion. Religions are based on beliefs, and beliefs are based on the fear of the unknown.
In a soul-centric economy and society, the occult will be unmasked, and there will be a flood of knowledge so that the unknown is known and no beliefs will be required. The satanic rulers and controllers here will also be unmasked, and their self-centered purposes exposed. This can only be done by de-constructing all re-legion.
There is one soul and we are part of that one soul. There is no god to serve other than the one soul, of which we are a part. When we recognize that each of us and all other soul beings are in a system of soul-centricity, and our purpose here is to serve each other, for the good of each other, then we truly serve the nature and purpose of god.
A soul-centric economy is one that recognizes the expression of all beings, including themselves, as expressions of the one soul, that is god, and none is greater or lesser than another. We are all just on a soul journey back to source through all the dimensions, to reach our highest soul potential, and when we accept and respect that, and express it, soul-centricity becomes viable.
The fifth thing to be done is to de-construct maritime law under which our court systems operate. Maritime law was introduced to displace all humans from the Law of the Land, and made subject to the Laws of the Sea (“See” = Rome). Besides the displacement of humans from the land, the purpose of maritime law is to treat humans as sea cargo that must be “deliverd” to a destination (dock), for accounting and on-sale to the “owner” of the cargo. In other words maritime law, the law used in our courts, are purposed for us to be herded and “souled “ like chattel (cattle).
Natural law, or the law of the land, has 3 simple tenets; “Do no harm, cause no loss, and do not impede the freedoms of others.” The Law of One goes a step further; “When you harm another, you harm yourself. When you cause a loss to another, you cause a loss to yourself. When you impede the freedoms of others you impede your own freedoms. Respect all and yourself equally.”
Naturally, such a radical change cannot happen overnight, and what has been planned by the beloveds is a scenario of gradualism based on a sudden event. I will speak of this in another post.

What might a new form of economics, based on a soul-centric theory, look like? (Part Seven)

To really understand soul-centricity, it may be worthwhile to juxtapose the values of the soul with the values of the physical being.
What is the value of your soul compared to your physical body, and this is where most get it wrong?
Our souls are energy forms, and the human body cannot exist of operate without this energy.
The human physical body is dependent on the energy that the soul body provides.
There are 3 main energy centers in the physical body, and each generates a lot of electro magnetic energy and they are the heart, the brain and the stomach. Remove any of these organs from the body and the rest of the body dies. It is the energy of the soul body that gives life and experience to the physical body.
Does the physical body really generate energy? Its own energy system is dependents on what it eats and/or drinks, and this cannot be processed without the energy in the stomach.
The human body is like a “glove” of the soul body. The energy comes from our soul bodies and when the physical body dies, the soul body continues.
The real value that is given to humans at birth is their soul bodies. When the soul body enters the fetus, it gives life and energy to the fetus, and it also gives it soul identity, and a soul history.
So, it is a “no brainer”, that the soul offers a lot more value to the individual physical being, than the physical being offers to the soul.
So why humans are so obsessed with their physical bodies and pay so little attention to their soul bodies is a mystery? Their entire identity and the gift of life comes from their soul bodies, and yet they pay little attention to their soul bodies.
We humans are not only ignorant we are also stupid.

Human Capital

The last 4 or 5 days have been pretty hectic for me energy wise, both during the day and night. I normally sleep solidly and seldom find myself wide awake in the middle of the night, but on a few nights I have woken up wide awake after some vivid, apocalyptic dreams and having taken walks in the garden at 1 or 4 am to ground myself.
I have been trying to make sense of all these visions and dreams I have been experiencing and this is my conclusion.
In April 2014, I explained how the off-planet fallen ones had been defeated and been invited to leave our conscious space, which most of them did, but a few chose to remain and had to be rounded up and paced in a crypt in a far off planet.
The on-planet fallen ones, the satanic cabal suddenly found themselves divorced from their off-planet power base and have been progressively sinking into the insanity of trying to wield power that they no longer have. Power is swiftly slipping through their grasp.
These people are power hungry sociopaths and psychopaths who have carried on their activities in secret, and they live among us. They are desperately trying to assert their satanic influence here and as sociopaths and psychopaths do, they are trying to lie their way out of their dilemma but are becoming more delusional and insane and maintain a hold onto their illusion of power for as long as they can.
So what I have been seeing and dreaming about is what I term, “the final point of insanity” for these satan worshippers. What I saw in these visions and dreams was too vivid and emotionally disturbing to share with you, but they are not a portend of what will happen here. I was just a personal message from my higher selves to alert me to where I should focus my energies so that I understand the level of insanity these people have reached, so shields up everybody, the level of insanity has reached epic proportions.
The presentation of the omnibus bill package presented to the president of the USA at the end of last week is an indication of this. The deep state satanists in both the Republican and Democratic parties presented president Trump with a de facto package that will ruin the US and world economies. They are entering a period of total insanity where they will do anything to destroy human lives, even if it means destroying themselves in the process. They have are deluded that they can hide from this devastation in their underground bunkers and doomsday camps.
My higher selves have been telling me that, though it is not going to be pretty, they have contingency plans in place, but human populations should prepare themselves for the worst. They showed me a picture from the movie the Wizard of OZ where the wicked witch from the east shrivels up under the weight of Dorothy’s house and all that is left of her are the red slippers, and they told me not to do what Dorothy did, and to wear the red slippers. That is an analogy of continuing to “walk in the shoes of the evil ones”.
What the evil ones here are planning is grotesque, violent and destructive, but our soul families are in control but we should be prepared to witness the demise and “shriveling” of the evil ones, some of whom may be friends and family, and it is not going to easy to witness, so prepare for this,
We should understand the nature of the insanity here that many humans are inflicted with.
The definition of insanity, often quoted is that “insanity is doing what you usually do and expecting a different outcome.” That may be possibly true but I will tell you what the true nature of insanity is.
Insanity is abandoning your own sovereign rights and handing that over to some person or agency, like government, outside of you, and believing that they have your interests at heart.
Insanity is abandoning those values and feelings (intuition) that we know are true, and handing those over to some person or agency outside of you, like religions, and believing that they have your interests at heart.
Insanity is abandoning our own sovereign power to be, to do, to feel, and doubting these in favor of dogma’s, rules and regulations, laws and legal systems, and believing that they have your interests at heart.
Insanity is believing all the lies and indoctrination here when these lies and indoctrination clearly conflict with what is apparently natural and normal in our observable world, and ignoring that, in favor of lies and indoctrination., and believing that they have your interests at heart.
In my view, most people who consider themselves sane on this planet are patently insane. When I went through the “dark night of the soul” I had to wrestle with this, and still do. The fallen ones introduced this here and are going to suffer the consequences.
But ultimate insanity believes the inversion of good and evil, where evil is good and good is to be damned. That is the nature of the insanity of the evil fallen ones, and this is going to become more exposed and apparent in coming weeks and it ain’t going to be pretty.
They are going to do a neat little trick by accusing those who are doing good with doing the things they themselves are guilty of, hoping to divert attention to their own evil deeds.
I have said this many times before but say it again, there is nothing outside of you that is greater than you. The only truth that you will ever experience is your experience of who you are and how you choose to experience that. “I am that I am”.
Reclaim your rights over the territory of who you are, how you choose to be and how you choose to express that. It may be a long process but we owe it to ourselves to do this service to ourselves.
The patent evidence of the insanity that prevails on this planet is the economics that currently serves our planet that was first invented by Adam Smith who is best known for his classic works: An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations (1776).
The evil ones seized upon this work that carried a lot of credibility because Adam Smith was a highly credible humanitarian and they further advanced his work through others, like Milton Friedman who defined economics with his 3 inputs, capital, land, labor to produce outputs, and from there they produced these models of supply and demand, and the monetary system that conveniently served the purposes of the evil ones.
What none of these economic dimwits ever thought of, is that the creation of systems of economics serve to enslave people, in a system that does not recognize the intrinsic value of the energy of capital, land and labor.
The true capital on this planet is human capital. The true worth on this planet is human beings who are fashioned and designed to be an intrinsic part of the universe.
These idiots narrowly defined land as the ground that people “owned” and from which outputs could be achieved. How dumb were they? Mother Earth, land, cannot be owned. At best there is only tenancy that demands custodianship. When land custodianship is not in harmony with the environment, it is land invasion.
The biggest mistake that these economic idiots made was labor provided by humans. Humans are the value that gives value to capital, land and labor and by diminishing the value of human capital they revealed their utter stupidity.
The real value on this planet is humans. We work. We think. We love and produce children in families. We co-operate with this slave system, we are inventive, we are creative, we have imaginations, we can solve problems. We laugh. We cry. We entertain each other. We dance, sing and produce wonderful music.
So please explain to me how anything besides human capital has any greater value here.
It is time for an overhaul of this stupid economic system.

Evolution vs RevolutionThere are those who advocate for a revolution of the people here who have been misled, lied to controlled and manipulated by the fallen system. I understand this.
However, I advocate for an evolution; an evolution of the power of our souls.
Revolutions must be centrally organized and inevitably lead to bloodshed and chaos, and the result of a revolution is that the system that caused the revolution just re-organizes itself to accommodate the revolutionaries, and provides more of the same. In my view there have not been any truly successful revolutions on this planet.
In my view, unless a revolution is preceded by an evolution, the revolution cannot succeed.
What do I mean?
An evolution comes from within whereas a revolution comes from without. We can cause and control an evolution within, but we cannot cause and control a revolution without. An evolution evokes whereas a revolution provokes. An evolution within requires no external energies because we are connected to the universal sound and light fields, and this supports our vision and imagination of the world we would perceive to be the one we would like to experience. A revolution would cause confusion within and create false hope and fragment our souls, and enable the system here to re-organize itself to accommodate those souls who are fragmented.
Evolution comes from within whereas a revolution comes from without. We have to evolve ourselves and reconnect with our inner knowing, and stop believing. Our destiny is in our own hands in evolving.
We can use our inherent power of the mind and imagination, combined with our heartfelt emotions and love, to re-create and evolve into the soul beings that we are.
We have a right to choose between revolution or evolution, but a real, lasting and meaningful revolution must be proceeded by our inner evolution because it matters what will be evolving into, not what we are revolting against.
Our only choice is to evolve our own soul being, spirit, and to learn to trust the power of that, and learn how it works, otherwise we will fall into the endless trap of control.
How effective will an evolution be?
In my own experience over the short time I have entered into my own evolutionary process, I have seen and witnessed amazing changes in human consciousness on this planet. This has led me to understand that in order to change the external world we have to change the world within us.
It is futile trying to change the world unless we change ourselves first.
For my sins, I understand how this works, and offer this piece of advice for your considerarion.
Now what do I mean by saying we need to evolve our souls?
We have been incessantly lied to here, and the lies have been designed to make us feel weak and powerless, so we feel inadequate, powerless and hopeless. We have been presented with a landscape of lies that asserts that we are physical bodies in a physical world. That is a lie from the pit of hell.
Our physicality emerges from waves of energy that are particles when observed and we have had no education about the waves of energy that form our physical world that create the particles.
Instead, we have been duped into thinking we are just physical bodies that inhabit our physical planet without understanding the waves of energy that create our bodies, and the physical world we experience. We have missed a whole education by a biased education here that has failed us.
Our energy bodies, our auric fields that surround our bodies, belong to a system of energy exchange that we have forgotten and don’t know about, that connect us to the rest of the universe and our soul families. If we learn about and understand this and it’s not that complicated.
In a sense, we have been captured in a bubble of parochial lies, that has forbidden us to connect to the universal energy fields, and the only way to re-establish our connection to our original soul energy bodies and the universal template, is to evolve.
If we would gain some understanding of the power of this, and the power that we inherently hold and are, we would switch channels, and stop beings victims of our own ignorance.
We can evolve, and I am willing to tell you how. It is all about energy and frequency, and how that works. So stay tuned.
Join the evolution.

Guilt, fear and low self-esteem

I’m afraid this is going to be a long one, but an important one.
A dear friend on FB has asked me about how to deal with fear. I have dealt with this before, a few years ago, but am happy to repeat this as it is a very important thing for us to understand.
Fear is a member of a “gang of emotions” that are self-supportive. In other words, the one feeds off the other, and create a spiral. The spiral is either a descending (self-defeating) spiral, or an ascending (self-fulfilling) spiral.
One cannot deal with one alone, as they “feed off” each other.
The 3 main culprits, and they have many sub-harmonics of the same thing, are, fear, guilt and low-self-esteem.
Fear is the fear of the future. Guilt is the guilt of the past, and these 2 collaborate to distract us from our present, drawing us into our present that which does not exist, creating our self-loathing and low self-esteem.
We all have a propensity to be either guilt ridden; fearful or self-doubting that creates the downward spiral of self-defeat.
We cannot deal with one, if we don’t deal with all three, as dealing with one will enable the other 2 to resurrect the other two to reinforce each other, and reproduce the spiral.
It’s a bit like trying the change the spin of the spiral in your bath as it empties. The most effective way to end the spiral is to plug the bath, and put a stop to the spiral.
The self-defeating spiral uses the guilt of the past and the fear of the future to project a present that is neither present, nor aware of what is happening to the conscious self, so the conscious self is “awol” dealing with a non-present past or a non-present future.
I would like to make it plain to you. Neither the past nor the future exists in the conscious present. All that exists as we traverse through the consciousness of time and space is the present.
The present offers a whole variety of possibilities. Dealing with the present without the presence of guilt and fear creates enormous possibilities, if we can leave behind the past, and move onto a future created in the present.
Energetically this is how it works.
Each present moment is a contribution to a memory to the vast memory of the universe. That wave of energy that is created in the present becomes a memory that is carried forward into a possible future, and will replicate itself, if allowed to unless the consciousness that created that memory exercises its free will to create a new present. So by our free will we not only change our future but we change what we experience in our present.
Life is just a series of “frames” in a hologram, like a movie. It just depends on who is writing the script, “your present you, your future you, or your past you”.
If we allow the guilt of the past, the fear of the future, to transform our present selves, we will become the victims of circumstance and open to control because we have lost control.
The universe demands us to be present, and to take responsibility for that but if we allow our present to be corrupted by guilt of the past, or fear of the future, we will surely become victims of our own making.
Guilt, fear and low self-esteem are energy forms that, if we feed, will result in what is happening to this planet. It is time to accept the “present” (gift) of the present and to be fully present in its presence.
I have largely described the downward (self-defeating) spiral but you should learn about the upward (self-fulfilling) spiral, and how to reverse it. This in my next post.

The self-fulfilling spiral

In my last post I described how guilt, fear and low self-esteem create a downward, self-defeating spiral. Now I would like to tell you about creating an upward, self-fulfilling spiral.
The energetics work like this.
In the wave fields, time is momentary, and happens in a fraction of a second. All actions, feelings and thoughts, are like frames of a movie in high definition, and they move on through time and space, carrying the energy forward, faster than we can act or perceive.
As I have told you the wave fields are intelligent and carry memory. They replicate themselves in many ways in the fields of probability and possibility.
They provide “more of” what they carry in their energy fields and in the case of the downward, self-defeating spiral, they create “more of” what they carry, and create a future that contains “more of” what they carry, and that is why we tend to replicate “more of” the past.
The only way to get out of this spiral is take control of our present, of what we think, feel and do with the present. This is called responsibility, i.e. to respond authentically, with affection and love, and to use our god given intellect to reason and interact with our feeling self, and to realize that those moments in time are what we project into our future.
In each moment of time, we have many opportunities to project into our future, by taking responsibility for our responses in a moment of time. The present, unbridled from the past, projects our future, and creates “more of” what we choose to think, feel and do in the present.
If we choose to be bound by a past or a possible future that does not exist, we become dream carriers, but that is a different topic.
Taking responsibility in each moment in time for our thoughts, feelings and actions (including our words) we can create a self-fulfilling future, as the carrier waves anticipate “more of” what we create in our present, and create “more of” what we have created by our present responses.
That is what is required to create and change a probable and possible future.
It is not our past that defines our future, but our presence in the present.
The most difficult thing that we face is deciding who we are, authentically.
There are bits of us that seem like a “bat out of hell”, and there are bits of ourselves that seem to be angels.
The way I resolved this was to invite my “bats out of hell” to meet my angelic self and to dialogue. It was an interesting meeting.
After observing this dialogue, metaphorically, I came to the conclusion that it was me who had to accept both, and to make a choice without denial and appreciation of the other, and to make a choice, as to how I would express these 2 diametrically opposed characters living inside me.
Both are acknowledged and not denied, but I made a choice and I am glad I did. I have the potential to be a “bat out of hell” and an angel, and I have to choose in each moment of time to which I identify myself with.
Acting out of character is not a denial, necessarily, of who I am. It is when I realize that I can be whoever I want to, be but choose myself to be by my own choice that gives me the most satisfaction.

Our relationship with nothing

Growing confidence in our own state of being is important, so I am trying to help us all in understanding this.
Imagine if you are in an empty space with literally nothing, and I mean nothing, around you. Nothing. Just darkness, empty space.
All you can hear are your own thoughts. All you can see is what you imagine to be. All you feel are the emotions that you feel.
That is the blank slate that the universe offers us.
Nothingness, where we are the progenitors of our own reality, where thoughts emerge and then disappear, and then re-appear at our will, if we will.Where these thoughts coalesce into ideas, and then wander down the road of imagination, where anything and everything is possible, then meet the tidal wave of emotions that form our values, if we will.
Mastering this notion, is what truly distinguishes the free from the slaves.
What it takes, is for the individual to walk the path of nothingness, and to formulate their own reality based on their own choices of thoughts and emotions, and to use their own unlimited imagination and to formulate their own values, based on how good it feels to them.
Humans are so indoctrinated by “stuff” that is created for them so they miss the whole point of being. They can no longer hear their own unique thoughts; can no longer use their imagination, because they are so complicit and tied into a system created for them, so they can no longer feel their own emotions or create the values that serve them best.
So it is best that we visit the room of nothingness, and begin to listen to our own thoughts, feel our emotions, and begin to imagine the new. The reality we wish to experience is created in this way, and not by “buying into the lies” that abound around and outside of us.
Imagine being in a dark room, or sit in a dark room, and hear your thoughts. Feel your emotions. Listen and feel. Stay in that “space” until you begin to hear your own thoughts and feel your emotions. I do this, and frankly, it can be a scary space, because our own authentic thoughts can be illogical, and our emotions can “bounce around the walls of this space” until we don’t know what we really feel, but stay in that space until you can truly “hear” and “feel” your own authentic self, because that is who we really are.
Once discovered, the true, authentic self, is capable of recreating their own reality and attracting everything that they imagine into experiential existence.
It all starts with nothing and our relationship with it


I once asked aiazmir whether my destiny was pre-determined, and what lay in store for me in my future. This what he told me;
“The whole notion of pre-destination, as you understand it here, is flawed, and the reason for this is, firstly, humans suffer from a notion that they are separate from each other, whereas pre-determinism is based on the collective energy of a family, a local community, a national community, and an international community, all of whom are served by your planet and who is part of this earth community. That is its soul contract.
So the whole notion of an individual pre-determinism is not possible, as the “future” is determined by the consciousness of the collectives.
In the ether world, individualism is known as the individuated conscious experience of the whole. This may be difficult to understand, but it works like this.
Each individuated bit of consciousness is a whole that contributes their energy to a greater wholeness. They have their own unique experience and insight into the awareness of the whole, but their experiences will be linked to the conscious awareness of the souls around them. That may be very difficult to grasp.
Nothing is pre-determined in the universe. In fact, the universe allows for many alternatives that “play out” simultaneously through what are called “probability lines”.
In other words, if you make a “mistake”, the universe will create, through the parallel universe, the probability that you did not make a mistake, and that will create a reality field, so that the alternative probability will also exist, simultaneously. All of these probabilities are an expression of the individuated bit of consciousness, but you have been “locked out” of this knowing.
The important thing to remember is that you are all connected to each other. There is no separation of consciousness in any form. Each one’s destiny is linked to each other, and it is a matter of individuated choice.
Don’t underestimate the power of choice, because the field of energy around all of us is vast and has an equal reaction to every thought, emotion and action.
What you think, feel and do goes into the field as a wave form, the vast vacuum, and it gives you “more of” what you think, feel and do. So guard your thoughts, emotions and actions, like an angel.
The universe, and the field of energy in which you experience your reality, is supportive of everything you think, feel and do, and it gives you “more of”.
At the center of your consciousness is your own unique experience of who you are, and this is experienced uniquely by each bit of consciousness in the universe, and it is dependent on the choices we make.
There are no individuals. There are only contributors to the collective experience of manifest reality, as observed by the individuated consciousness, and each individuated bit of consciousness therein.
You are an observer of your own reality, and you contribute to to your own reality and the collective experience of the community, by the choices you make, consciously or unconsciously, so try to stay consciously aware, of what you think, feel and do.”


I know I may get a lot of criticism for this but I would like to tell you how relationships work in the universe, but I won’t speak of why they don’t work here. I will only speak of how they are meant to be, and work in the universe.
Universal beings know that they are in relationship from the moment of first conscious awareness. It is programmed into their DNA as are humans here.
They are nurtured in their environment like seeds in the soil until they reach incarnation and fullness of expression, and are consciously aware of their inter-dependence on each other. The wholeness must work together in an expression of relationship. That is what relationships means.
When it comes to seeding, or pollinating, again the wholeness must work together and again, it is a random process for some, but a choice for others.
With this understanding, the universe recognizes the rights of all beings and respects all choices, but it demands respect for the wholeness.
The random, or conscious. choice does not affect the outcome of, or for, the soul being.
All conscious beings have a soul contract negotiated prior to incarnation whether elemental, mineral, vegetable, insect, avian, animal or human, and the contract is to experience one another, and have a relationship with each other.
At the 3rd dimension of evolution human beings, not just here, but all over the universe, beings in the 3rd dimension have choice, so they may make a choice to have a certain experience that they agreed to pre-incarnationally, and this refines the choices that a soul being makes.
In the universe, choices are highly respected and they have a naturally evolutionary backflow of consequences.
These are not viewed in a judgmental way but are rather viewed with respect and acknowledgment as part of the evolution of the soul being.
Mistakes we make are all a part of this system, and a part of the soul evolution, and should be viewed from the universal whole, and not from revenge or judgment.
In the universe, if one is able to love and respect all other conscious expressions of the wholeness, then that is what one will experience.
It is us as a wholeness that determines what we will experience as a wholeness.
So what is a relationship?
It has different meanings on earth and the universe. So we have to choose whether we want to remain captivated by singularity or alternatively choose plurality. It is not an easy journey.

WHAT ARE “relationships” IN THE UNIVERSE?

In the universe, relationships are not called “relationships” they are called “covenants” and are not entered into lightly.
On this planet the meaning of “covenant” has been forgotten or distorted, so the whole meaning of “relationship” and “covenant” with another has been lost.
On this planet “covenant” has been confused with “contracts of agreement”, so when you have your motor vehicle serviced you enter into a contract of agreement, not a covenant, or when you marry, you enter into a nuptial agreement.
Unfortunately this is not how the universe works. I wish I knew this when I was younger.
I am going to back engineer this so you understand it better.
A covenant is an irreversible agreement that leads to the privilege of procreation (to be like god).
Marriage is not the only time this happens, but every time two soul beings copulate, they are entered into “covenant”, the right to “seed”, and this has consequences.
The human body is just a mirror of the soul, and when two souls, negligently or consciously copulate, they create a reverberation, a wave of energy that goes out to the universe, and then returns.
The human bodies of men and woman are constructed and wired differently from each other, and just like batteries, when the penis (electric pole) and the vagina (negative pole) contact, it sets up a wave of energy.
The energy that is created and released is similar to the way the observable universe was created.
It requires electric and magnetic energy, and copulation creates the rhythm that explodes in electrical wave fields, and for a woman magnetic wave fields, and the two together simulate the way the universe was created.
Humans don’t particularly understand this. They are more interested in the outer beauty of the other, and don’t understand their soul being.
This is why relationships fail on this planet and why so many people feel “trapped” in a relationship. They just don’t understand how it works energetically and what their role in it is.
Come on people. Take responsibility. Recognize your soul value, and stop bleeding your energy to vampires whose only goal is to feed their ego’s and to feed off your energy (soul), and stop believing that the way to fulfillment is to be sucked out of energy. That doesn’t work.
You cannot be “god” to others. You can only be “god” to yourself. So get to know how it works in the universe.


It is a primal instinct in men that they create territorial rights and they do this in relationships. It is not only historic, but it exists today too. They own their territory, including their spouse and family, and will fight for their territorial rights.
I have no argument with this but what I do have an argument against is that men do not “own” their own interior territory.
Men who do not own their own inner territorial territory are acting as proxy for someone else. If they wish to “own” the territory that I have alluded to, they must own up. Are they acting as a proxy on behalf of someone or something else?
That is how males have been acting here. They are owning their territory, spouse and family as proxies.
Who gave men territorial rights here to do whatever they wish to do?
This is a fundamental question.
A right doesn’t exist existentially. A right is given to all beings equally and it is in the exercise of that right to be that determines one experiences here, and it is the choice of the being whether they wish to be the “owner” or the “owned.”
Ownership is a long established tradition here on this planet and has been filtered through time into human consciousness.
I have learnt that the only thing you will ever own is a moment in time and how you experience it and the values that you give to that experience; your responses.
Do you respond through affected responses, or do you genuinely, authentically and lovingly.
Get used to it. No one owns anything or anybody. All we ever own is who we are and how we respond.

Broken relationships 

I guess the reason you want my input on this post is to give a universal and energetic perspective on the topic.
Let me say from the outset that the breaking of relationships here is all too common. This scenario play out many times in everybody’s lives.
Is it meant to be this way? Are people who once loved each other meant to despise and hate each other once a relationship turns sour? It happens all the time, but is it meant to be that way?
In my universal view and perspective, it was not meant to be this way, and unnatural. The reason it works this way is because humans firstly, don’t understand what relationships are, and with whom they are entering into relationship. Secondly, and this is a causal effect from not understanding the first reason, human enter into relationships lightly, irresponsibly and with “an agenda” of what they want from a relationship, whether it is sex, maintaining an “image” or prestige, companionship, being of service and being serviced, and there are many reasons.
Because humans have forgotten what relationships are and how they are supposed to work, they try an unnatural pathway to the “perfect” relationship, and as long as both partners conform to the rules that they set up between themselves about how the relationship is meant to work things work pretty well, but when one partner doesn’t abide by the rules then “heaven turns into hell”.
So how do relationships work in the universe?
They work pretty much like we see in nature. Every natural manifest being knows instinctively that they are in relationship with each other. The sunlight, air, water and soil know they have a wider responsibility to each other to sustain each other. Humans seem to have forgotten that.
In this analogy, humans seem to have forgotten the interdependence of the way nature works, and instead enter into relationships without thought and try to create relationships, sometimes independent of family, friends, communities and a larger society. On the flipside, because humans don’t understand this, family, friends, communities and the larger society don’t assist and respect relationships as they should, and take responsibility for ensuring that two beings in relationship are also in relationship with them, so they will not participate as a unified whole, as nature does.
I don’t take sides in relationship break-ups. There is no one to blame except ourselves for not understanding how the universe works, and creating a society that understands this.

The Big mistake males make in relationshipsIf I may, I would like to offer an energetic perspective on why many relationships “go sour” after a time, and what energetically goes wrong, and the role that males play in this failure in their relationships. I will steer clear of conventional thought and doctrine and just give an energetic perspective, so we may understand the processes involved in sustaining relationships.
From an energetic perspective there are many reasons for the attraction that occurs between males and females, but it is principally this and many men fail to understand it, and that is that there is a co-respondent, co-resonance that occurs between the male and the female.
Unbeknown to either partner, relationships are about this first attraction, and what causes the attraction in the first place. This is often called, “love at first sight”. It is a strange phenomenon, but it is what I might call “first love.” This works the same throughout the universe.
This first love is the “battery” that provides the spark for the development of the relationship.
Now remember that males are primarily electric and females magnetic, and that each has certain innate qualities, or properties, and that when ‘first love” creates an early bonding between male and female, this “first love” relationship is what sustains the energy between them.
To sustain this “first love” energy requires the spark of male electrical energy, as this spark is the initiating energy, and the female is the magnetic responding energy. Males somehow forget this.
In the early part of a relationship, the female magnetic energy places a whole lot of trust on the male electric energy to keep sparking, and the male seeks a response from the magnetic female energy to keep responding. To keep this balance the male needs to spark and the female will respond. The spark is the initiator of the energy between them, and the response is what manifests from the spark.
These two different energy types then engage in a relationship that might lead to friendship, courtship and marriage.
The problems that occur in relationships, in my view, are often that the “male partner” fails to understand their role in sustaining their role in maintaining the “first love” as “initiator” and therefore doesn’t maintain the “first love” connection.
These roles may not be gender defined, and apply to same gender relationships as well. It is a question of balancing the energy between the “initiator” and “responder”, and retaining and sustaining the “first love”. This is the role of the male energy, and this is where males fail to understand the “energetic contract” with their female partners. From a gender perspective, these roles could be quite reversed, and I have witnessed this where the gender male is the “female responder energy” and the gender female is the “male initiator energy”.
The whole point is that whoever chooses to be whatever energy, the role of the male energy is to be the spark and sustainer and retainer, and the role of the female is to be the receptor, responder and nurturer, of the “first love”.
When these opposite energies enter into any kind of relationship, they should be aware of the roles they play, but is primarily the responsibility of the male to keep sparking to evoke a response from their energetic opposite.
This is the wider energetic picture and keep that in mind, but how does it play out in day-to-day relationships here.
This is what I call the “bounce back” energy.
When the male energy fails to illicit the same response from the female partner, they blame the opposite female energy for “failure to respond” without understanding that they are the initiator of the energy that creates the response, and therefore they should examine their own action that resulted in a flawed reaction.
It is therefore up to, and the responsibility of, the male energy to prompt and “spark” in a “first love” way to solicit an appropriate response from their partner.
That is why males play a major role in the failure of relationships. They either enter into a relationship with ulterior motives where love is not the motivator, but rather sex, control over, or deception, is the motivator, and then their relationships fail and they scratch their heads and wonder why? That is the reason why “first love” cannot be sustained.
I do not absolve females entirely, as they will often enter a relationship with ulterior motives as well like extraction, protection, and security.
That is why “first love” needs to be defined between them, and responsibility taken by both, for sustaining this balance.
Many males and perhaps females, I guess will have little understanding of what I have just told you, but for those that do, I salute you.
As most of you know, I don’t give advice, especially about money. I am primarily an energetic.
However, I can also see that role that money plays in the energy exchange, so I kind of see the energy that money represents. As I have learnt money is the conductor, or conduit, through which the energy is exchanged, so that human energy can be siphoned off by the illuminati through the conduit of money.
The real energy comes from those who want and those that need. The greater the want and need, the greater the energy supply of money. It is the perception of lack that gives money its energy, or the need for greed to have more.
I also spent 20 years of my life in the banking industry, and I got out when something that was being devised, called a derivative crossed my desk, as a senior research and development officer, and I was asked for my opinion.
My opinion at the time, and still is, that when banks introduce derivatives, they are entering into dangerous territory, and are overstepping their mandate to provide a means of exchange.
I saw then what is emerging now.
So what is a derivative in the financial markets?
If you want to really want to understand derivatives you have to understand the betting industry, like horse racing, or gambling. At the time they emerged, I got out of banking because banks were becoming gambling shops and bookmakers.
There was an explosion of information and technology at the time. Information was easily and instantly accessible and available to traders. This meant there were more “players” in the markets. This was the difference between 2 horses running a race and a million horses running the same race at the same time, and provided traders had an ability to “hedge” their bets, depending how the odds (= price, changed).
If you had an algorithmic model that could evaluate the chances of your horse winning or coming last, you could take a position and place your bet, but could “off load” your bet, depending on how the odds changed, before the race happened or during the race, and still make a handsome profit.
This whole system became monetized, based on their algorithms. Almost everything became a “betting game” whether commodities, interest rates, foreign currencies, loans, stocks, shares, bonds, weather, sports etc. So traders are “betting” on probabilities. Banks were instrumental in introducing this to world markets. It is a ponzi scheme, or bubble that depends on ever more things to bet on to cover the losses you made from the last bet, and as long as the market keeps expanding and growing, you can recover losses that are hidden in the growth of the market. This growth is called a “bubble” and it is about to pop.
Derivatives are a means of “taking a risk I cannot afford if things go wrong”.
A recent valuation of all derivatives in the market is estimated to be about 600 trillion dollars. These are both “buy” and sell” positions but even halving $600 trillion is ridiculous.
Unfortunately, this risk-taking has introduced a new financial risk to the world’s financial markets, and some countries are waking up to this.
The feedstock for this whole betting system is US treasury, and other government bonds that underpin most pension funds around the world. A government issued bond is supposed to be the safest investment you can make.
Bonds are debts that governments owe to buyers of their bonds. They are issued in the currency of the issuing country, and have a pre-determined yield, or value.
So for any country to keep their currency stable they have to keep their economies strong to support the value of their existing bonds and to make the price at which they issue new bonds manageable. It is all a “betting game”. Bonds are a “long position” that can be off-set by trading (selling or buying) these bonds in the market prior to maturity, thus the bond market.
The US has been issuing bonds over a long period of time, and they were gobbled up by buyers (including the US) all over the world us an underpinning of their pension, and other, “safe” portfolio’s. Good thinking at the time, I guess, but something has gone wrong with the system.
The US is no longer able to meet its obligations under the bonds they have issued. In other words, if they issued a 60 year old bond, 60 years ago, they cannot repay these bond because the US market is contracting. In small amounts, they can, but to big holders, they can’t. They are “ducking and diving” as best they can, but they whole deck of cards is about the fall. The US treasury is unable to meet its debt obligations, as designed by the Federal Reserve which is not a US government owned institution.
China, and other, Eastern countries, have been the biggest investors in US bonds and pegged their currency to the US $, and have begun a major sell-off of US government issued bonds at a discount. So what does this tell you?
China no longer has any confidence in the US treasury bonds, because the US is not able to meet its debt obligations under these bonds. Other non-awake traders are happy to snap up these bonds at a discount, and sell them to your pension portfolio managers who are still asleep, but when they wake up, they will panic and begin to sell these bonds themselves at a discount.
In the meantime, the illuminati will be watching this with glee, because, to them, you and I don’t matter. They will sell the bonds at a higher price in the morning and buy them in the evening at a lower price, thus making a “profit”.
They will do this until the “market stabilizes” or equalizes, which means there are no more buyers or sellers, and in the meantime, they have accumulated hordes of wealth (numbers in banking accounts) to the detriment of you and I.
Although it is a lot more sophisticated that is basically how their system works.
So where does that leave us?
The banking and financial system is designed to reward a few (in the know), to the detriment of the whole. They have “foreknowledge of which horse wins the race” because they devise it so and will go to any extreme to make it so.
It is all about control of the “sheeple”. These satanic beings feed off of our fears and the greatest fear we have right now is not being able to buy food, electricity, water and to provide for our loved ones, and it was created through derivatives; betting on something that doesn’t materially exist.
Well, I have news for them. They can stick their satanic aspirations up their asses. We are waking up to their game, and if it doesn’t benefit all, it benefits nobody, not on this planet and not on my watch, so I will watch them destroy their system, but know that you and I, and all of us will step up to the plate and “bat out the innings”.
We can recreate this system if we choose, and if we participate. It is just a question of whose side you are on, how much courage and determination you have, how you choose to view things and how you value others relative to yourself.
There is nothing more valuable in the universe than you, and there is nothing in the universe that has less value than you. It is all about equity and balancing our worth against all other things, and seeing them as being of equal value.
If they put themselves in a position above you, bring them down. If they put themselves in a position below you, bring them up. We are all equal.
Now I would like to explain the diabolical situation that has occurred since 2008 when the mortgage derivative market “bubble” collapsed.
The US Federal Reserve came up with a new program called “quantative easing” which is a fancy term for “baling out the banks”.
At this stage, we should understand that governments have no money. The money that is printed and that you and I use, is printed by the Reserve banks, and not by our governments. They are just worthless pieces of paper that have “perceived” value, the conduit through which our energy is siphoned off.
“Quantative easing” is just the controlling masters of the reserve banks agreeing to “buy” more treasury bonds of governments, putting them further into debt, and then “printing” more money, and giving that money to banks to prop them up, and guess who has to repay the debt?
So they put more “money” into the system so that it doesn’t collapse, but it becomes unsustainable, if having done so, markets cannot expand, to support their Ponzi scheme.
So the chinese see their opportunity to expand their own Ponzi scheme and devalue their currency, so that the price of chinese goods are reduced and they can expand their market. This infuriates Washington because their own markets are contracting and this threatens their own Ponzi scheme, and causes a reduction in the value of the chinese and other stock exchanges.
The illuminati are so angered that they launch a cyber “star wars” attack on china the next day in Tianjin that creates a huge explosion and kills and injures many, potentially launching the world into WW III, but the chinese are smart. They will bide their time and await the collapse of the dollar before taking any pre-emptive action. The US is not the only country with “star wars” capability.
These wars over worthless pieces of paper called “money”, issued by banks that have no accountability to governments, and only to their stockholders who are not the governments, is diabolical. It is all designed to keep humans in debt.
So what is the solution for humanity to get out of this Ponzi scheme?
For me, the solution is for humans to realize that this Ponzi scheme is “backed” by the value of humans, and what they collectively contribute to the wellbeing of others that is unfortunately being siphoned off by the illuminati. No real value comes back to humanity. Only a small minority benefit because they subscribe and understand how the scheme works and they master the slaves, to keep them working.
Number 1 priority is to not allow Reserve banks to print our money. Money is just a medium of exchange. They are just numbers. If our governments refuse to print their own money, we should seek another medium of exchange backed by our value. One we can trust and subscribe to.
Number 2 is to recognize the value of our resources, human, animal, mineral, vegetable, insect, fish and elemental. Each is of infinite and equal value and contributes to the wellbeing of the whole. There is no greater or lesser in the universe. There is just a chain of energy where one form of energy transfers and transmutes to the other.
Number 3 is to re-educate and transform. Knowledge is energy, and we have been “dumbed down” so that we have no idea of how the universe works, and this has been systemically kept from us. We have to take back control of the media and education.
Number 4 is we have to know and understand our history that has been denied us and re-written for us, so the history we have been given is a lie. When our true history is revealed, we will awaken to the truth that we are part of a greater whole; that we have been manipulated and controlled by a few who seized control of everything on this planet, and have lied and distorted our history.
Number 5 is we have to know who and what we are, in the universal scheme of things, and our place in the cosmological universe. We will have to learn about the soul body and how it relates to the soul body, and the universal template and lattice of creation, so that we function in a way we were intended by god to be.
Number 6 is we would have to learn how to relate to one another in a more transparent way, and the beings around us, in a more productive way. We will have to learn about values, not as a “standard”, but as a means for transferring meaning and intent to another, and what this means and how to take responsibility for it.


Tonight I wish to address the issue of sex and non-sex, but particularly, non-sex.
I have been celibate since October 2006. The reason I became celibate was because I came to a realization and understanding of how much sexual abuse there is on this planet.
I am especially appalled and demeaned by the sexual exploitation of young women, as young or 2 or 3 years old. I am horrified by the sexual exploitation of young boys by men in positions of power, no matter how this power is perceived to be. I also became aware of how my own father was a sexual predator.
My position became that of a “conscientious objector” as I was during the apartheid government’s oppression of the country that I love, South Africa.
Make no mistake, I am still sexually aware, and alive, and still attracted to females. I am not dead to sex. My position however has changed and gained a new understanding, because I have gained a new understanding of its place in society, and how it has gained a status and value, that frankly, now disgusts, me.
Being celibate for 10 years has taught me a lot about me, the sexual society within which I live, and how different it could be.
Sex has taken on a pre-eminence here that is disproportionate to its importance in the universe, so the values of men and women here have been diminished by it.
Sex, like money, is a value exchange, where we trade our values for the pleasure of sexual excitement. I understand this, but unfortunately when sex misrepresents love and love is replaced by sexual excitement, then sex no longer has no validity in the universe.
Sex without love is an abomination in the universe. I am speaking of universal love where we all recognize each other as being of equal value energetically, and honor and respect that love within each other.
When sex supersedes genuine affection, caring for another, and love, it has no place in my life or yours, or in the universe.
It is a funny thing, but since I realized this, I am more fulfilled, content, happy and enjoy my attraction to women without the feeling of domination over them, controlling them or submitting to my sexual prowess.
If I told you about the place of sex on SiriusB, you would have an apoplexy, but I will tell you later, but first, you should know about that precious gift you have within you to be sexual, but don’t exchange it unless it is exchanged for genuine love.
There are 2 powerful energy exchange systems here on this planet, and the one is money and the other is sex. They are both a means for obtaining and exchanging what we have for the other that we want, whether it is goods or sex fulfillment.
Mostly humans can’t figure out what money is about, or sex is about. So they are exchanging their ignorance of energy exchanges. They trade in a game of monopoly, where the only winners, are those who monopolize, so that both their money and sexual behaviors are exploited to the benefit of the monopolizers.
This is not true for everybody, but is true for the majority.
Neither is an exchange for love, so this begs the question that humans don’t recognize or understand.
How do we create an exchange of love? How do we move this planet from exchanging money for goods and sex for love?
To understand this you should understand, what is the opposite of money? Do you know what that is? It is something of infinite value, and cannot be gained by merit, achievement or enterprise. It is called, “grace”.

Grace is love in action.
In the universe, grace is the means of exchange. This means that when grace is given, grace is returned. The next harmonic below grace is generosity and I tell you this so you might understand grace better. Generosity is a great thing but it is usually given conditionally. The conditions are the means to give and the will to give.
Grace is the will to give goodwill unconditionally. No means, only the will to give, and this can only come together with the energy of love.
People often misunderstand what, “When you give, you receive” means, and is often associated with money or goods of perceived material value. This is not its meaning. Its meaning is that one should adopt a posture, attitude and a willingness to give and fore give. This energy goes out into the universe, and is then returned to the purveyor of grace with a greater measure of grace.
How does one access the energy of grace?
As I have stated before, grace is love in action. It is unconditional. To be gracious means having a posture, attitude and a willingness to give and fore give.
To understand the creation of the universe, one should understand what grace means.
The whole of the creation process is a posture, attitude and a willingness to give and fore give. This may go against some of the indoctrination here. It is not an “eye for an eye” but rather it is saying, “Here take both eyes.”
Humans suffer to understand that creation happens with or without their consent or understanding.
The universe is an ever giving force that provides life and the means to live it. Just look at nature, and you might understand this. I fail sometimes to understand all this striving here on this planet. I live a simple life and have been dependent on grace for 10 years now, and provision always arrives on time and appropriate for my needs. Nothing more and nothing less, so I am always well, and always feel fulfilled.
The means to access grace is by faith, hope and love. Faith, hope and love are not what you do; they must become what you are. You do this by abandoning all previous notions of what they mean, and experientially become their meaning.
Unless we understand the meaning of grace, we will never really experience the meaning of sex.Energy Exchange

Today I wish to explore the notion of energy exchange further, as they pertain to money, sex, values and our auric fields (the soul body) that creates the hologram of the reality we experience here. I am going to reveal some information that very few here know about, and if you don’t understand this I won’t blame you, as it took me a long time to get my head around this.
As I have previously explained money and sex are energy exchanges in the reality fields (the hologram within which we experience our reality here). The hologram is the theater of reality in which we have a conscious experience of being manifest reality (the outer form).
Our attachment to money and sex is inversely proportional to our attachment to, and the value we give, to material form, over the soul form (the inner form). The material form is materially apparent but the soul form is invisible and non-apparent to the 5 senses. That is why I am explaining this.
I have explained many times before that the soul body is a geometric form of energy that surrounds the physical body. It is the soul body that produces the material form, and gives the material form the manifest experience that the conscious soul being wishes to give itself here. In other words, the conscious soul being is the projector of their own reality.
The soul body emerges from a toroidal (donut-like) structure that is produced by 2 counter-rotating polyhedron (pyramid-like) structures, inverted on each other with their tips opposite each other that kind of look like the “star of david”. The universe is filled with these and form the basic geometry of the universe.
As these polyhedrons spin against each other they create a toroid. In energetic form they create a tear drop shape, dependent of their spin speed differential.
The structure of the all matter is determined by this basic universal principal.
The counter rotating polyhedrons, are what creates the continuous expansion of the universe.
However when the polyhedrons spin in the same direction, then energy contracts and compresses. That is basically what the annunaki did here to this planet, and all the merkabahs here, and therefore all manifest forms on this planet that created mortality here and disconnected us from the infinite universe of infinite possibility, and therefore from the natural cycle of soul evolution.
What this has to do with value exchange (money and sex) here is this.
On a soul level we are continuously exchanging “codes”. These codes are the “sparks” or interaction of the electric (thought/male) and magnetic (emotion/feminine) fields of energy as the intersect one another that create a certain geometry that represents the exchange of these 2 opposite energies. Our soul bodies are filled with these codes, and I will tell you more about them later.
The geometry that these codes form, represent the exchange that we experience in material reality. In money and sex we exchange codes in the soul bodies, particularly in sex during orgasm.
On this planet we don’t really understand this because of our indoctrination here and because the truth has been hidden from us.
The exchanging of these codes is a soul exchange, and you can elect to “sell your soul to the devil” or you can elect to bring your understanding into proper alignment with the universal exchange system, because that is how it works.

Gender and sexuality on SiriusB

Some have asked me about “sex” on SiriusB, and that is why I have given my previous explanation.
On SiriusB, beings there don’t have genitalia. They are androgynous.
They do exchange codes, and do it all the time (and experience a kind of orgasm). It is customary there. They do it through a strange phenomenon that may be difficult to understand here. They are etheric (non physical) bodies and they “walk into each other”.
In other words, they merge their etheric bodies into one, and choose the codes they wish to receive from each other. They are always respectful of each other, and aware of the responsibility that this represents.
Code exchange to them is like money and sex here but they have a better and more conscious understanding of the exchange that takes place but it does take careful selection of codes. Like careful shopping and budgeting.
Like we may see another person of the opposite sex and get “turned on”, they have a deeper and more fine-tuned selection of whom they want to exchange codes with.
You see, beings in higher dimensions have a greater sense of responsibility to their soul family in lower dimensions and disperse grace through careful selection of codes with other beings.
I guess few, if any of you, may understand this, but I am willing to give you a more detailed explanation for those who care to understand this, but as I said, it is not common knowledge here and I have only released this information because it can do you no harm whether you understand it or not, which was not the case a few month’s ago.
Understanding the “code exchange” in the universe is like understanding money and sex here. They are intertwined. You cannot understand the one without the other.
I will tell you about procreation there too. Another mind blower.
I thought I should tell you about procreation on SiriusB, but before I do that, you should know something about the society there.
Like any society they have had their “ups” and “downs” over their more than 900 billion years of existence. There Neighboring star, SiriusA, is 33 times larger than SiriusB. Both of them were once planets around an ancient star not yet named by our astronomers.
In the soul evolutionary system, planets that are evolved souls evolve to become stars over time and process. They commence as bits of consciousness that form over a long period of time, evolving from amoeba to eventually form water. Earth is the most advanced planet, from a soul evolutionary perspective, in our solar system.
Sirius A (that is 10 times larger than your sun) was more advanced than SiriusB, and became a portal for inter-dimensional teleportation, and over time became a highly cosmopolitan society to the extent that it had no real homogenous identity.
In order to preserve the secrets of their advanced manifestation capabilities, the Sirian Council, sent a party of their most advanced beings to establish a colony on SiriusB, under the leadership of Enki and Enlil, and it was decreed that SiriusB would become a cloistered society, that is, there would be no immigration there.
Under Enki and Enlil, the consciousness and teachings of the original Sirians were preserved and grew to become guardians of the ancient teachings and guardians of our universe and eventually the Sirian Council was moved to SiriusB.
The beings on SiriusB are humanoid in form, but have blue feathers on their body. They remained cloistered for millions of years, assisting in the evolution of thousands of other planets and stars.
One of the star systems they were assisting was invaded by beings, the Nephilim, from a higher dimension (dimension 10-12). The beings on SiriusB are etheric (dimensions 7-9). The Nephilim are fallen angels of liquid light with no form at all but can transform themselves into any form they choose. They arose from the Lucifer Rebellion.
Anyway, when these beings were invaded they were so compatible with the beings on SiriusB that they were invited to seek refuge there, and agreed to be part of the cloistered ones. The codes they carried in their auric fields were compatible with the blue feathered being of SiriusB.
Procreation on SiriusB is serious business (excuse the pun).
It is highly intentional and discussed between members of the community who communally take responsibility for this. Although beings there engage in “code sharing” on a regular basis, perhaps like casual sex here, procreation there is more responsibly undertaken. The discussion and debate is around the soul being that is going to be manifest in their community.
It is usually about a soul from a lower dimension that has attained a higher resonance in their DNA, but can also be about a soul from a higher dimension who wants to go through “soul retrieval” to recover bits of their soul they left behind, and so they feel “incomplete.” Responsibility for one’s soul being is well understood there.
Procreation there takes place as a communal endeavor. Once approval is given the Council announces it and the entire community willingly participates.
On the given day, communities gather and arrive forming a curious geometry of intersecting diamond-shaped intersections around the couple.
The couple agree beforehand who is the bearer and overseer, because they are androgynous. The “bearer” agrees to hold the energy form and the overseer agrees to be the protector and provider, pretty much as the feminine is the bearer here and the masculine is the provider and protector, except that On SiriusB, once a being is manifest, their “family” is not the mother and father but the entire community.
The beings who wish to conceive another conscious being into their reality space, have to make a compelling argument about their intentions and these intentions have to be accepted by the community, but once agreed by all, a date and time is set where the communities gather and form their geometric formations around the couple.
The communities then begin to intone, and the first intonation is accompanied by a drum beat. The drummers are all a part of the community they represent and create the rhythm for the energy to disperse and diffuse. Pretty much like a heartbeat. As the drumbeat increase so do the musical notes into higher octaves and intensity,
I can’t say for sure at which this point happens, but as the incantation that sounds like “we are” arises, a wave of energy engulfs everybody that is overwhelming, and everyone is overwhelmed and falls down in an orgasm that is hard to describe. The couple glow in a brilliant white light for several minutes, and there is an overwhelming feeling of love. Conception then takes place and a new being is born into the community.
Once you have experienced this, sex here is “old hat”. Nothing like it was responsibly intended to be.
You see, a sexual experience is not just a physical experience; it is deeper than that, particularly for women. Women as more aware of the deeper exchange than men are, because women are more emotionally invested in the sexual experience than men are. Men here don’t get this.
Dr Eric Kandel, who was a recipient of the 2000 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his research on the physiological basis of memory storage in neurons, wrote a book, “In Search of Memory”, and spent 30 years methodically tracing the neural pathways of the body to the brain. He discovered that males and females were literally “wired” differently.
The neuron pathway to the brain, from the spinal cortex was different for men and women. The female brain connects the nerve impulses from the spinal cortex to the amygdala, whereas the male brain is connected to the hippocampus.
Further studies of the neural pathways of the brain have shown that the female brain activity covers more left to right brain, and more centered to the frontal lobes, whereas male neural pathways are more centered in the left brain and to the rear of the brain.
Even the physical experience of sex here is experienced differently by men and women. In fact, they have totally different “viewing points” of the same thing. Physically, this cannot be changed, but internally, in the soul body, things can change.
Neural pathways are just the responses that the physical central nervous system conveys “messages” to the brain. If one is captive to these responses that is all that one can experience.
However, in the brain there is a gland that acts like a radio that both receives and transmits signals from the body to the universe, and vice a versa. It is our connection to the universal “neural” pathways, and humans are largely unaware of the power of this little, pea-sized, cone-shaped, gland.
At its center, it has a tiny, powerful crystalline structure, that is a powerful transmitter and receiver of the universal frequencies. The satanic beings here are fearful of it, so they have devised many ways to try to “dumb down” this powerful aspect of human capability. This is the pineal gland.
The pineal gland works in tandem with the thymus gland that is located below the top of the breastbone. The thymus also has a crystal, not within it, but just behind it, when viewed from the front.
The one is the “battery” (the thymus) and activates the (transmitter/receiver) the pineal. Our bodies are filled with tiny crystals. Each organ in the body has a crystal, or many crystals that connects signals to the pineal.
The way it is meant to work is that complimentary to the physical neural pathways, there is meant to be another “neural” system that connects to the universe. The universe then sends responses to neutralize any disresonance there might be in the physical body.
If we can begin to understand this we may master the way we experience reality here.

The pineal gland
I had many debates with aiazmir about how humans might activate both their pineal gland and their “god spark”, as he called it, behind the thymus gland.
The debate went backward and forward and during the debate I learnt that each one is different and resonates at a different frequency, so I asked him how I might activate both my god spark and my pineal gland. How could I do it?
I didn’t hear from him for a while then one day he asked me, “Do you know who you are?”
I was a little nonplussed by this and was torn between by what I thought and had been taught, to think of whom I am as I supposed who I was, as I perceived me to be.
He then told me that I was like a “tuning fork” and because I am a musician, I understood this. He said that I have a unique resonance in the universe and everyone has a unique resonance that connects to the “tapestry” of the universe, and that each resonance is connected to the whole, and that within each of us, there is a unique resonance that contributes to the fabric of the whole.
I asked him again. “So what are you telling me?”
He said, “The only way you can activate your god spark and pineal gland is to know and accept and be authentically who you are, however that manifests.”
I was a little confused by this so I asked him, ”So once I have accepted who I am, how do I activate my god spark and pineal gland?”
He fell about laughing, as he often did, and replied, “Don’t you get it? Who you authentically are, is what activates the god spark and the pineal gland and the more you are who you authentically are creates a wave field that begins to activate your god spark.
Mastering the god spark and the pineal gland is what you have to learn. Mastering this is by visualization and intonation and I will teach you how, if you pay attention.”
I then began to pay attention to my inner sounds and voice. This was very hard at first because when I first began to listen to my inner self, I heard a lot of noises that seemed to be compelling and driving.
Intermingled in these inner noises were the noises of the “news”. There were also voices from the past; siblings, mother and father, teachers, friends, catechism teachers, priests, events, successes and failures; some triumphant moments and some embarrassing ones. This was a kaleidoscope of the past, and I began to realize that that is not who I choose to be now.
So I began to pay attention to these “noises” and began to realize that they were trying to imprison me into my past.
This began to give me hope that I was not a prisoner of the past, but a victor of my present. I could make new choices and in each present moment I could make new choices. I decided then to be present in each moment and not to be defined by my past.
Of course, I deliberated whether I should to and try change the past
We “buy into” or invest our energies all the time, and most of my friends here on FB recognize that, but I am not sure that you have made this connection, so I offer it to those who may not have understood this, or those who seek affirmation of it.
Everything and everybody that you perceive to be ”real” is projected by you into your manifest realty .
When we stop investing and buying into a “made for you” reality we can change the reality system here.
It kind of works like this.
We are in a movie house watching a movie. Our point of observation is from the seat we occupy, but then we become curious, so we begin to explore the theatre. There are a lot of people observing the movie.
We see that there is a screen, and there is light coming from above, so we go have a look to see where the source of the light is coming from. We head up to the “projection room” and we see a strange “machine” that has 2 reels spinning in opposite directions . We see a guy who is the projection operator, and we ask him, “How many times have you seen this movie?” and he replies, “I don’t watch the movie. Only those suckers who pay watch the movie. I am just the projectionist.”
We then ask him, “Why don’t you watch the movie?”
He says, “Because they’re all mostly the same. Good guy beats bad guy. Girl falls in love with the wrong guy, and has to be rescued by the good guy. Once you’ve seen a few, you’ve seen them all.”
And so we wander back to our seats confusedThe Pain Body

As most of you know, I describe things from an energetic perspective and not by conventional thought, ideas or propaganda, so I have been preparing a paper on what some call, “The pain body”; what it is; how it works energetically and how to understand and deal with it.
I have pointed out that dead people don’t feel pain, and neither do those parts of the body that have been anaesthetized with anesthetics.
There is a correlation between what we experience here as pain in the physical body and the soul body, that is immune to pain, that I will describe in more detail.
To understand this correlation, it is important to understand what pain is; where it comes from and how it works.
No one is immune to pain in this 3D reality unless one anesthetizes oneself mentally and emotionally, to its effects.
It is a deep subject and goes to the heart of our experience of this distorted reality, and I am going to offer a solution to pain. I am simply going to tell what pain is; where it comes from and how it works energetically, so I don’t write this with any glee or joy.
Where does pain come from?
In the universal order pain is not generally experienced by the creation.
It is generally only experienced in reality systems that are controlled by the archons, satanic beings and fallen angels that have perverted the universal order in order to control, manipulate and render powerless those whose energies they feed off because they have lost their connection to the universal exchange energy system.
In this context, when I speak of soul beings, I am also referring to all other soul beings here, like us humans on a soul evolutionary journey that includes the elementals, micro forms, minerals, vegetables, insects, birds, fish, animals and humans. All of these beings experience pain, in one form or another, and none is immune to it.
The archons have done this by disconnecting all other soul beings here from Source, and wiping out their eternal divine memory of who they are, where they come from, and what their purpose is.
Instead, they have connected us to cellular memory that limits our remembrance of whom they are, where they come from, and what their purpose is.
Most people consider that memory is contained in the brain, or central processing unit. This is not true here on earth.
Memory is stored in the cells of our physical bodies. Only short term memory (a few minutes) is stored in the Hippocampus in the brain.
It is called cellular memory. That is where our memories are stored. This is a perversion of the universal order, where memory is stored in the Ackashic records (our thoughts) or Eckashic records (our emotions) and is a randomly accessed memory just like computer RAM.
So pain comes from our cellular memories stored in our bodies.
How does pain work here?
Because pain is located in our cellular memory, we easily feel it, and experience it, because it is stored as memory in our cellular structure, that is why anesthetics work. When the cellular form is “deadened” no pain is experienced.
It all starts at birth, where the birth process is not only painful for the birthing mother, it is painful for the incoming incarnate, and because the incarnate is physical, this pain is stored in the cellular memory of the incarnate soul being.
Over time, our cellular bodies are “loaded” with pain memories, and so we begin a process of avoiding pain, and the whole societal and social structure here is designed to avoid pain, i.e. a re-occurrence of previous pain. That is understandable and also sensible, unless one understands that it doesn’t have to be that way.
It works this way. Once we are thoroughly indoctrinated with the notion of pain we avoid pain, and feel it before it has actually occurred. Many people, under hypnosis, have expressed grave and traumatic pain, even though their bodies are completely unharmed.
Pain resides in our cellular memory and we can feel it before it occurs or our bodies are subject to any kind of damage.
Most of us can remember some pain or other from our past, and don’t know where that memory comes from, how it is stored in the cells of our bodies, why we try to avoid a re-occurrence of it, and why it is there.
I am not saying that we will ever be able to overcome this injury but knowing where it comes from, what it is and how it affects us may be able to strengthen our soul resolve to overcome the avoidance of it.
Fear here is largely the avoidance of previously stored pain and the memory of it. That is how the archons have captured, captivated and controlled us like sheep. We exist, mainly to avoid pain.
How do we free ourselves from this system of pain?
The first step is to know where it comes from, how it works and what its effects are in our day-to-day lives.
Without that one cannot take the next step.
Understanding that all species here are similarly afflicted by pain, and that our pain sometimes causes us to inflict pain on other soul beings, as we do, may provide us with the basis for overcoming pain.
Pain is essentially a memory that is carried in our cellular bodies, so that we can feel the pain and recall the memory, even if we are not under any duress or affliction.
We all remember some pain or other, and we spend most of our lives, and doings, avoiding that emotion and the memory of that pain.
Knowing that it is a memory may assist us in re-writing our memories by remaining in our present moment and not allowing memories of the past subdue our experience of the present.
One can only do that by staying present in each moment, realizing that the past no longer exists, and recognizing when we give credence or recognition of our past as a valid present moment experience, that it is not a valid claim within the context of our present.
The 3 things to avoid like the plague
Past memories condition us, and try to imprison us into a captivated present where the present is not wholly experienced but is colored by memory or pain.
Past memories create 3 memories we should try to avoid; memories of failing (guilt), memories that we might fail (fear), and memories of perceived inadequacies (low self-esteem).
These 3 memories will cloud our experience of the present and prevent us from fully engaging with the present in a powerful and assertive way.
When we are able to disassociate the present from memories, we are able to fully engage, re-write and create our own history in the present, and create new memories based on our powerful engagement with the present, devoid of past experiences.
This builds new memories, and can override the system of imprisonment to old pain in a past memory, and the ability to overcome pain, by being free from memories that no longer serve us.
Energetically, it goes much deeper than this but understanding this will equip us all to not only overcome pain but to transmute it into an energy form that not only serves us but serves others as well.
How to systematically free oneself from the pain body?
There is a lot to be explained in this connection, so I will take it one step at a time.

Pain is the “system” of imprisonment here

The pain body and system here was specifically designed to control us, and to keep us subjugated and imprisoned in a system and a prison with no bars, and of our own making.
This is done by building a memory base stored in the cells in our bodies (and I will explain this further on) that “punishes” us when we don’t conform to their system of control, and we feel “pain”, when we don’t conform.
It’s a bit like being in a prison with electrified iron barriers, and if we try to get out of the prison we are given a shock. That is the role that pain has in the archon system.
The archon system is designed to keep us enthralled in their system and ignorant of how the universe (that I have been describing to you) actually works. They don’t want us to know this information, because if we did, we would walk through the prison bars and free ourselves from the prison.
In our essence (that which is essential that brings life to the “skin suit” we call our bodies) we are highly charged, concentrated fields of conscious, electric and magnetic particles, that I refer to as the soul body that exists in a universal creation system designed according to a specific template of creation, where souls enter into a soul evolutionary journey designed to refine their souls by participation in a holographic reality field of manifest, physical expression that expresses itself through its manifest form and that is programmed into their DNA.
The archons removed one strand of our physical DNA to “make us forget” who we are, and to keep us imprisoned in their “pain system”.
We therefore have 2 strands of DNA in our physical bodies, but with a 3 strand corresponding encoding in our soul bodies.
Their whole system of indoctrination here is designed to make us forget who and what we really are and to make us remember our painful experiences, including our physical, mental and emotional experiences that are then stored in our cellular memory in our bodies, and manifest as pain in the body, mind and emotions.
Undoing the miasms and pain programming in our DNA
As far as I know there is not any proven method for removing miasms and for re-programming here, apart from the process I have been using over many years, and it is a process, and I am happy to tell you about it.
The process is, to summarize it; accepting responsibility for the experiences we have had and are having; re-identifying ourselves as soul bodies that have a physical body and cutting all familial, societal and emotional attachments from the past that define us as physical bodies here; strengthening and re-programming as soul bodies; and re-programming our memories.
I will deal with all of these separately.

“Cleaning house”

Caught and trapped in our cellular bodies, are all the pain and trauma of the past that are held in our cellular memory.
This pain and trauma caught and trapped in our cellular bodies can lead to things like back ache, tooth ache, head ache, aching bones and muscles, diseases and auto immune diseases and infirmities.
When I began this process I had to deal with all those pain and trauma memories, and own them and then release them. It is constant and ongoing and I accept that it may take a lifetime to succeed but at least I have begun the process, and as I have told you, I very seldom experience pain or any form of illness or ailments.
I went through the “hoop o’ ono” process of recognizing the memories that were causing pain and trauma, and began to release them thus, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you,” and when I say those words I am speaking to myself and offering an apology to myself, for having been so unaware that I allowed myself to be trapped in this way.
I then ask myself for forgiveness and forgive myself and take ownership for my inappropriate responses at that time.
I then re-affirm my self-love as a sovereign soul being, and release all those memories by letting them go and bringing healing to those memories.
It might also involve saying sorry to another, asking them for their forgiveness and re-affirming that we love them, and then releasing the memories of that event or memory.
The next step is staying in the present, that I have already written about.

Staying in the present and what is Presence?

I would commend you to this article written by Kathy Juline in an interview with Eckhart Tolle for further consideration.

Strengthening and re-programming our soul bodies

It is most difficult to describe this process because it is personal to each soul being, and it is necessary to understand how “mind” and brain are not the same thing.
In this context, “mind” is the universe of thought and emotion combined into imagination. Imagination, as its name implies, are images, but more than that. They are images combined with emotion, “emotionations”, if you like.
To access imagination, one has to be in soft focus, where we see, not with our physical eyes, and when we hear but do not hear with our physical ears, but with our “third eye”, the eye of understanding and intuition, and we feel content, transparent and open to new understanding.
It is a bit like when we daydream, when we allow thoughts, images and emotions to flow over us.
Imagination does not deal with what is in this physical reality, but with soul energy potential (potent = power); the frequencies of light and sound.
When we become fully identified as soul beings, imagination has a new potency.
Did you know that most physical ailments can be corrected and healed through frequency? R R Rife knew this and invented a frequency generator that was able to heal most ailments. Unfortunately, the archons here destroyed his equipment and confiscated his experiments and findings (just like they did with Nicolai Tesla), but I digress.
As soul beings we have the power to generate frequencies and be our own frequency generators.
We can do this through visualization and sound tonings. There was an excellent website that was able to give guidance on this ( but this was also taken down by the archons.
What I do is listen to the sounds within (there is a constant high pitched sound) and “see” the many possibilities (there is a constant stream of colors, shapes and movement), and I just stay and feel at home with that, and often receive guidance from my inner soul being.
This process is reciprocal one so I have to stay out of egoic mind, and just receive from the universal mind in an unattached and nonjudgmental way.
The most powerful thing we have is our imaginations, and knowing how it works, can be enormously useful.
Our imagination is an off-body stream of waves of information that, if we pay attention to it, opens our souls to the wave fields of light (thought) and sound (emotion)
In this we can draw from these energy forms, and strengthen and re-programme our soul energies.
Does this make any sense to anybody?

Our cellular memory

I incredulously learnt about our cellular memory from aiazmir, my higher self and found it difficult to accept so I began to research memory and came across a book by Dr Eric Kandel, an Austrian-American neuroscientist and a University Professor of biochemistry and biophysics at the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University and a Nobel Prize winner for his research into memory. It was called, “in Search of Memory”.
Dr Kandel spent 30 years carefully researching, documenting and discovering the role of memory in physiology. His book is worth reading if you want to discover how our physiological communication systems work.
At the end of his research he concluded that he could not really identify where memory was stored in the brain, other than short term memory that is stored in the hippocampus in the brain.
After my own research, I had more questions than answers, so after accumulating some knowledge on the subject I asked aiazmir, “Where are our memories stored?”
He described a complex system of memory exchange in the universal wave fields, but what I could relate to at the time was, he said that time and space, and memory are like a series of frames in a movie, that record and store physical, emotional and thought information.
He said that our physiology “processes” and releases this information into the universal Eckashic (emotions) and Ackashic (thoughts) records through the organs in the body.
The organs around the head process and hold memory of thought. The organs below the heart process emotion.
“Aha!” I thought, “I’ve got you,” so I asked him about the legs and arms, “What memory do they hold?”
His answer was simply that they are the part of our physiology that provides the rhythm and frequency, or rate of information exchange. He asked, “Ever wonder why you click your fingers and tap your feet in time to the rhythm of music? The legs, feet; arms and hands, are like a micrometer that provide the frequency for the information exchange.”
Pains in the head are related to our thought energy. Pains in our abdomen are related to emotional energy, and pain in the arms and legs are related to disharmony between our thoughts and emotions that cause a rhythmic imbalance.
While it gets a bit more complex than this, these are the basics.
There is still the bone structure, nervous, arterial and cellular systems and how they work together, to form a complex network of information and energy exchange in the body that we have to consider.
In our near future (give or take 40 years or so), we will be offered solutions to our ailments and diseases that are based on energy exchange and how it works that will deal with the causation of our ailments and diseases and not just dealing with the symptoms.

What is the origin of pain?

Painful memories are experiences of emotional and thoughts that are in the lower vibrational spectrum.
The cycle of pain is set up firstly by our emotions. This happens at birth.
I once asked aiazmir if he could regress we through various experiences I have had, and explain them to me. He asked me whether I would like to remember my birth experience, and I said, “yes”.
Oh my! Nobody wants to go through that and remember it. For an incarnate soul being here it is horribly terrifying.
There I was enjoying a warm comfortable feeling inside my mother’s uterus; being fed, and enjoying the rhythm of her heart and the breathing of her lungs, and hearing distant voices, and wondering what the hell was going on, when all hell broke loose.
The first thing that happened was this warm fluid around me comforting me, suddenly drained, and I had these strange smells and sounds around me. The quiet rhythm of my mother’s heart and lungs began to increase into a cacophony of sound and before I knew it I was upside down and being squeezed out of my comfortable environment like being flushed down a toilet.
The pressure on me was immense, and I remember thinking, “Oh god, I’m going to die.” I was scared out of my wits. This is the most terrifying experience we all have.
There was me, a newly contracted gentle soul being, being wedged through a pelvis and vagina, and into space without the comfort and warmth of the fluids around me, and as I passed through the vaginal canal, I remembered thinking, “Oh my. What now?” when my head was wrenched out into the light that blinded me and human hands grabbing me, turning me upside down (again) and smacking me on the bottom, so I could breathe my first breath of air, and while I cried, they all seemed to be so comforted.
At that point, I knew I was in some seriously deep “poo” and had no idea how to get out of it, until aiazmir showed up.
When I came out of this regression, I still felt the pain and terror of it, and it was horrifyingly scary.
Aiazmir allowed me some time, days in fact, to recover, because the memory of that experience was excruciating.
Once I felt recovered enough, aiazmir commended me for my bravery and willingness to remember, and said, “That pain and that experience forms the basis of all the pain you will experience here. There is no pain, except the memory of it, and when you can stop reliving your pain, you can overcome it.”

Pain memories – what are they?

While most people associate pain with their physical bodies and the pain it feels, the pain actually comes from the memory of emotions and thoughts that is stored in the cellular body.
The pain felt by the body is simply a re-play of prior painful memories of emotions and thoughts experienced since birth. If I told you that the body is incapable of feeling pain without the memory of pain, you would think me looney, wouldn’t you?
The birth experience for the incarnate soul being is a frighteningly horrible and painful experience and following on from that there is the pain of dependency, human frailty and being thoroughly human (shitting, peeing and being fed other energy forms). “Ugh,” as aiazmir would say.
All those memories are stored in the cellular body, as I have described, and remembered and rekindled when the circumstances of the memories are again encountered.
The human experience is not natural in the universe. It doesn’t work this way in other reality fields and other dimensions, but at least we know why and can do something about it.
When we were born here the archons created a system to scare us to death, and it is called pain. And it began at birth.
It’s a funny thing but a study done in the 60’s in the USA (I forget which university) concluded that the average human only experienced pain for less than 1% of their lives. Most of their lives are pain free.
The same study showed that humans will spent about 80% of their lives in fear of pain and avoiding pain.
What might that reveal to us?
It shows that for most, pain is just a memory, but a memory so profoundly horrific and traumatic that humans will spend a significant part of their lives avoiding it.
isn’t that sad?
We have happy, pain free experiences for the majority of our lives, yet we allow the memory of pain color our daily lives with fear.
Just saying.
You might ask, “Why are those memories of pain so powerful?”
Well, its because the archons played a trick on us, and stored those memories in our cellular bodies, so we think they are in our brains but they’re not.
They overlaid a pain body, a cellular storage unit, over our physical bodies, so pain is not forgotten, it is ever present in our pain body.The Power of emotions and thought

We think we can feel, yet actually we have no idea what our emotions are capable of
Growing up, I was a sensitive child, but my emotions became less sensitized as I experienced life here, and my heart became more hardened to the extent that I didn’t give a shit about anything or anybody, except me. I was not aware of emotions, how they worked, and how powerful they were.
I became a “doing” being, and boy, could I do. I did many things and was gifted with many talents, so I achieved, but the little boy inside me kept reminding me that he was there, but I ignored his voice because the “doing” me was being rewarded, so that the “feeling” me was silenced.
I could not feel love as I do now. Love to me then was providing for the other and for my own needs that fed off each other. I thought that love was doing; as long as I provided I would be loved. That is a huge illusion here.
In my transformational process, aiazmir explained this to me, and I told him that I was not unfeeling and insisted that I knew how I felt. We had a long discussion about this and eventually, he said, “Would you like to really know how you “feel”?”
I said, “Sure. I am up for this. Show me.” He looked at me for a long time, I guess to examine how stupidly I was out of touch with reality, then he said, “OK, but be aware of who you really are and hold onto that.”
By this time I had had quite a few adventures with him, including my voyage to SiriusB, so I trusted him.
He motioned with his hands and then hummed a tune for a while, and as I listened I was hypnotically transformed, and entered the energies of emotion.
It was kaleidoscopic. I experienced my emotions at pre-birth, patiently waiting my entry into this world, comfortably nestled in my mother’s womb, comfortable, secure, and asleep most of the time, but very secure, and then the birth, passing and being squeezed through the vaginal canal, into a bright-lighted space that was far from the space of my earlier consciousness, and then being smacked on the bottom, and crying and hearing my own voice for the first time, crying.
I progressed through the morass and landscape of the life experiences here and saw my emotions mature as a child, from progression to regression, and admired the innocence of my child, and saw it regress into a quagmire of suppression, of servility, and desperation to survive. I was no longer the baby that was born into this world. I had been conditioned into a system of control and controlled emotions. As I progressed through this landscape I became desperately sad. It happened so fast like a fast forwarding of my whole life, but in “emotionalascope”.
I was pulled out of this quagmire by aiazmir when, as I awoke and became conscious, I was kicking and screaming. I didn’t want to know him or anything else. He spoke kindly to me, but my only thought was to go home wherever that was, at the time. I just knew that this world was not me or my home.
What I had learnt through this experience was that I had abandoned that little baby and child that I was, and had given in to the conditioning here. I had stopped feeling, and given into the “labeling” of my feelings into a hierarchy of feelings that were invalidated by the system here, to the extent that my feelings were no longer my own, but were conditioned by a system that no longer recognizes feelings and in fact invalidates them. I was feeling as something else wanted me to feel that was appropriate to them I was no longer feeling my own feelings.
I was inconsolable for 5 days and cried my heart out. Tears just continued to pour out of my eyes, as they do now.
I could not believe, at the time, how my emotions had been so corrupted and had become so conditioned that what I thought were genuine emotions, were just conditioned responses.
That is why I was inconsolable. How was I ever going to genuinely feel again? My recovery thereafter was a process and took a lonf period of time, and through that process I learnt to feel again and learnt how powerful genuine authentic feelings are in the construct of the soul being are.
Feelings, thoughts and actions are inter-active. Each should be explored, interrogated, examined, given consideration, meaning, identity, and put through a process of examination, as to how they measure up to the ‘god self’. That which is unequal to being god self, should be discarded, but in the end that which is not measurable with the resonance of love should be discarded.
In the universe, anything less than love is not acceptable. I understand this now from the perspective now from the perspective of how the energetics work, and they work inter-actively.
The reason I have spoken about the dangers of being too invested in the past and future is for this reason.
We all have the potential for godlikeness, and for communicating with our higher and lower selves, in the universal template, and this is done through resonance. Like how short-wave bad radio works. We “tune into” them.
We do this through a process of attenuation, increasing or decreasing the frequencies of our auric fields. This can be done consciously or unconsciously.
Most humans are attenuating their frequencies unconsciously, and tuning into their past and future, as I described, instead of having unpolluted attenuation ability.
This is a bit like not having a TV aerial, or radio mast. Signals just aren’t picked up, so the universal frequencies can’t be “picked up”.
How does this work?
Our core, central, vertical energy fields of the auric fields act as the mast or aerial, to receive and transmit the frequencies of all the many frequencies that are around us. They flow around us continuously but cannot find a “homing signal” inside of us, because of all the our core, central, vertical energy fields. This is because we are too busy receiving and transmitting guilt and fear into our core, central, vertical energy fields, so the signals are lost or even transmuted. There is no way to “ground” those frequencies, so they escape us.
The core, central, vertical energy fields (the aerial or mast) receive and transmit the frequency to a central crystalline structure in the center of the brain, we call the pineal gland. This little “crystal radio” broadcasts this information into our central memories called, DNA here.
Souls are meant to work this way, but humans are too busy tuning into their “local radio” of “past guilt” and/or “future fear” so that their universal “aerials” are simply decaying in mist (mysticism) because they can’t receive and transmit the truth of who and what they really.
This may be an over-simplification but I hope you “catch my drift”.Transmutation of thoughts and emotions

Some have asked me how this information can be of any assistance to them in their current experience of daily living.
I call it transmutation.
Most of what we experience is driven by a past of indoctrination that creates a foreboding future of conformity with the past, so that the carrier wave of the present is projected into our future, creating more of the past.
Transmutation on the other hand, transmutes the indoctrination of the past into an ever-present present.
If we examine our lives today, how many times were we faced with any real threatening event. The truth is we are marginally threatened, but we live in a perception of constant threat. The “threat” is the energy that is transmuted by being fully present in the “now”.
This mass paranoia and hypnotism, is created because we fail to live in the serenity of the present. Instead, we live in a consciousness of ever-present threat that is created by the indoctrination of the past, and its resultant enslavement of humanity.
Since I have understood this, I live in an effortless world, where my participation in this mass hypnotism is minimal. All my needs are met, on time and in right order.
Through this I am able to experience what it means to be truly sovereign. I have transmuted the energies of the past into a glorious present. I am becoming one with all. I am transmuting.
The process of transmutation requires dedication, and a “letting go” of all past contracts (agreements) that do not serve one.
I refuse to be who I once was. I agree to be who I am now, and to create a future of uncertainty, but a certainly me.
The reason I highlighted how we “transform” and pollute our “blank slate present” with “memories” of the past that creates a fear of our future is because I understand the energetics of this, and how it works.
It is with a lot of compassion that I tell you this.
In each moment in time we are meant to experience that moment of time in innocence and freedom, for what it presents, not what it represents. That is how the universe works.
By “dragging” the “our past” memories of the past into the present, the present moment escapes our attention, and is colored and influenced by the past. So we continue to recreate a “past future”.
Let me tell you how it is meant to work.
Our memories are stored in the ackashic and eckachic records of the universe that serve as a feed-back system into our present moments to guide and refine our souls on our evolutionary journey within the universal templates of reality.
In other words these memories of the past are fed back in a benign and complimentary way, giving us experiences that refine and guide the soul being. They are meant to be “food for the soul” and to guide us along our evolutionary journey.
The collective of fallen angels often called here the annunaki “ring fenced” this planet and set up their own version of “blank slate technology” (the BeaSt), so that our memories became limited to only our experiences here on earth, and we were separated and disconnected from the ackashic and eckashic records that hold the universal records.
They did this to limit our memories of who we are and enslaved us into a system where we “feed-back” our own memories into our present, thus separating and disconnecting us from our universal “soul memory”.
In April 2003, our galactic brothers and sisters began to dismantle the “Beast” system here. It was a war of note between them and the annunaki, and is still ongoing as we speak. Aiazmir told me that it had to be done in a way that would not create a “shock” to humans here that would harm their universal templates, and was done with great sensitivity.
So the good news is we can begin to reconnect to our soul records and memory and begin to have an experience that supports the evolution of our souls, as it was meant to be.
We can begin to do this by “switching off” the old play-back, repetitive systems that we are used to, that do not serve us and that will only pollute our present with memories that were created for us by the annunaki.
Forgive the past and set on a new future, not a play-back of what was, but a new future of unlimited possibilities.The Sleeping Indigo’s

The satanic forces here are in disarray, and this an understatemeInt but that is not what I want to speak of. I want to speak of the “sleeping indigo’s and starseeds” here.
There are many millions of them. There are many starseeds and indigo’s here that are awake and I grateful for all of them, but I wish to make you aware of the sleeping indigo’s and starseeds.
My first journey with aizmir into the astral was a mission to awaken the indigo’s and starseeds here. We were accompanied by many others who I could not see starkly but I was aware of their presence and we went to the bedsides of sleeping humans and did energy dance around them. Then we chanted together, a special sound tone and chant, and then started to take deep, rapid breaths, and exhaled these breaths over the sleeping human body, mostly children of all ages, and I could see the energy reverberations around the bodies.
I was a novice then and had a lot of questions afterwards. We were not able to awaken any of the sleeping indigo’s or starseeds that night, and I sensed the resolute sadness among the group as we left each sleeping body.
Afterwards I questioned aiazmir about this and he told me that it was necessary to awaken the indigo’s and starseeds here, because they volunteered to come here, and faced mortal danger here because of their energetic chatacteristics.
He explained that the indigo’s and starseeds had a higher vibrational energy than most humans and would have great difficulty in fitting in with a dysfunctional society here, and that we had gone on a mission, that is ongoing, to “wake up” indigo’s and starseeds.
I naively asked him, “Why don’t we just shake them awake?” and he gave me one of those glances that said, “You just don’t understand.”
And then he said, “We must awaken them for their own safety as much as for the good they can bring here.
“You see, as the population of the earth began to grow exponentially, it gave the galactic federation an opportunity to introduce new souls into the earth system. So beings from higher dimensions that have soul connections to earth beings agreed to incarnate here, at great risk to their own soul evolution, and they would have no memory of who they are because of the Blank Slate Technology (BeaST) that surrounds the earth.
“They are characterized on earth as misfits who do not ‘fit in’ and are given drugs, like Ritalin, and are diagnosed with bi-polar disease and ADD and ADHD.
“So what we did tonight is not only to awaken these brave souls, but also, to fortify their energy fields.
“We will not abandon them.”
Over the years since that night I have a deeper understanding of what is happening here.
There are 2 rescue missions going on. The one is for humanity and the other is to waken the “sleeping” indigo’s and starseeds. When both awaken it will create a huge consciousness change on this planet.

The transition April 2016

I am not sure I should tell you this, but I am going to stick my neck out and tell you anyway because i love you.
The information I receive does not come to me in words. It comes to me in wave frequencies, so I “see it” as pictures and sometimes get the sounds too.
When I first began to wake up I had no idea what this was or what it meant, so I was given moving pictures accompanied by sound tones, and asked if I could interpret them.
I could not because I related my entire experience of reality to how I had been indoctrinated, so I
was given a “crash course” in energetics.
I was a reluctant trainee at first, but was compelled by all the synchronicities that were so powerfully being demonstrated in my life.
I then began to pay more attention. After a few months I experienced what others have called the “dark night of the soul.”
For me, it was a point in time, where I felt the very fabric of my external reality was dissipitating and becoming mirage like, not to be trusted.
I was no longer a solid being, and no longer in a framework where I felt comfortable.
I was blowing light bulbs, my computer and the engine in my car, and I was having miraculous things happen to me, like instant healing, and all sorts of other things. Gratefully, I learnt how to ground myself.
All the while I was being mentored and instructed by my higher self. It was the closest I have come to insanity.
It was a point in time where i could either resist or submit. I chose to submit, even though those near and dear to me could not understand what I was going through. Some thought I had gone mad. I also thought so at the time.
In my submission, I was asked if I would be a gridkeeper, and I agreed. I had to be a beacon to receive and transmit energy through my conscious being, however I perceived that to be.
This would mean that for 8 years of my life I would give myself over to “holding the earth’s grids”. The earth has grid lines, axiotonal lines, similar to acupuncture.
There were specific grids that I was to serve. It has to do with stargates and cue zones that activate stargates that create “wormholes” for extraterrestial travel to other parts of the earth, the galaxy and universe.
I know that most don’t understand this, but it is the way wave fields converge, and create reality fields. I have explained this all before so won’t go into it now.
The point of this post is to make you aware that there is a convergence taking place on this planet, that from a wave field perspective is inescapable.
There will soon be a separation of the 3 dimensional wave fields into the next harmonic of wave fields in dimensions 4 – 6, often mistakenly called D5, but no matter.
During this time of separation into higher dimensions many will be challenged to resist or submit, and will find this madness quite unpalatable.
You see, as much as our higher selves are orchestrating this, they are sensitive and aware of our universal templates and its vulnerabilities and would wish no harm on them, There are also the demonic forces here who are resisting this and will try to hold us captive into dependence on them.
The only advice I can give you is to hold onto the resonance that you are, your authentic being. If you have no authenticity you will probably go through the “dark night of the soul”, as I had to go, but it is survivable. I perceive that mankind as a whole is already starting to go through this, but fear not, our higher selves are going to be there to guide us.
Letting go of this 3D reality is the hardest part, because we are so emotionally and intellectually invested into it.
We are one, and we hold hands together through this transition. Happy transitioning.

The Universe inside you

This is another long one and a true story. I have never told anyone this before because it seems rather incredulous, and perhaps ridiculous, but is worthy of consideration in understanding how the universe works. It certainly jolted me out of my attachment to the external world and drew me into the notion of “going within”, so I offer it to you for your consideration. I have also been reluctant because as it is mindblower, and not for the unimaginative.
As I have told you before, I had had a series of dreams in 2003 where I met aiazmir on SiriusB and where I was being shown many things that made no sense to me at the time. I would wake up in the morning exhausted and sometimes unable to get out of bed.
In this one dream, I asked Aiazmir, because I was curious about a previous dream where he had shown me our solar system and our galaxy and I wanted to understand the universe, “Will you show me the universe?” He gave me a quizzical look, and said, “It’s inside you.” I didn’t understand and was a bit perplexed by what I thought was a dismissive answer. I said, “No I want to know about the universe out there.”
So after a considerable pause, he said, “Okay. Do you really want to know?” and I replied with a resounding, “Yes,” after all how many people get to see the universe.
He did his thing, closed his eyes and conjured up a kind of holographic ball that began to expand and I was soon enveloped in it too, and in a few moments I was seeing a myriad of stars, and observing galaxies, stars, and planets, and I was amazed. After a few minutes of observing, I asked aiazmir, “Are you here?” as he had previously told me that he would accompany me on this journey I would undertake. He said “Yes”, then I asked him to explain what I was seeing.
He said, “You are seeing the universe.” Then I asked, “Where are we. Are we watching this from earth?” He gave me a “you don’t get it” look, and I had no idea what I was seeing, so he said, “Do you remember that I told you the universe is inside you?” and that confused me, so I responded, “Yeah, sort of, but I don’t understand.”
He then dropped a major bombshell into my lap. He said, “You are inside your body that simulates the universe. Whatever is outside of you is part of the universal template of what is inside of you. Everything is a fractal. All those galaxies, star systems and planets you are seeing, are inside you, so the notion you have of the universe being out there is incorrect, it is also inside you.”
He could see my consternation, and my physical asleep body began to convulse and I woke up in a sweat and in shock. I sat up and began to cry, but laugh at the same time. I don’t know why. Tears streamed down my chest, and I was laughing at the same time. I had done drugs before but this was a trip on the “magic swirling ship.”
In the subsequent dream he took me through a tour of my anatomy, and explained that every planet has a brain system, a processing system (the stomach), a heart system, a liver system, a kidney system, a bladder system, an arterial system, a breathing system, a viewing system, a hearing system, a tasting system, a physical sense of touch, a sense of airborne senses (smell), but the intuitive system is left to individual bits of consciousness through volition (choice).
We are part of a universal construct, and I wish they would teach this stuff at school but they don’t. The whole purpose of the universal construct is soul evolution and self-fulfillment, and as you progress you expand the universe. Is there a limit to expansion? It just depends on your dreams, I guess. If I had to tell you it is expanding and contracting at the same time, in a parallel way. That is another discovery, as you may discover the nature of duality. The parallel universe and it how it works, but that’s for another time.

The uselessness of war

I have not spoken about war here before and the enormous damage it does to the human psyche.
For me the tragedy of war is that the makers of war do not fight the war, and instead enlist men, and now women also, to do the fighting, or murdering for them.
When young men and women return from fighting a war they are scarred, not only physically, but emotionally and mentally, as well.
War should have no place in constructive societies.
Because the perceived necessity for war has changed, we now have what are called pre-emptive wars; that is, a war to protect against a perceived threat, so strike another just in case they might strike against you. That is not honorable, that is criminal.
I am concerned about the enormous collateral damage done to both the innocent victims of war, as well as those enlisted to fight it on both sides.
There is an ancient saying that, without soldiers there would be no war, and this is true. If young men and women weren’t conscripted or didn’t volunteer to be soldiers, there would be no war.
So the conscripted and volunteer soldiers are as complicit in the making of war as the makers of war themselves.
In my view, war is just an excuse for bad leadership or greed.
The makers of war here, are either incompetent leaders, or are greedy for profit.
What the world needs now, is competent leadership, and leadership that will exclude war on their agenda. The ideologies of war are largely based, coined and phrased in terms of “good guys fighting the bad guys,” when in truth there are only the “bad guys” who will make a profit from the war on both sides, and will lead to the destruction of many lives, families, communities, societies, cultures and identities.
War is stupid. There are far better ways to resolve disputes than what we have here.
I grieve for the many soldiers who are sent into battle to murder other human beings, and then return home scarred, and many scarred for life. When will human leaders start to rely on reasonable argument, debate, research of facts, and commonality.
War is in nobody’s interests accept for those that profit from war, and when will soldiers begin to realize that there is no noble cause in murdering, or planning and supporting this cause to murder other people. It is sheer insanity.
When I was 17, and had completed my high school education, I was conscripted into the army. It was what we were required to do as young, white boys who lived in the apartheid society of South Africa in those days. I was a young boy and most of us didn’t know any better, but I did.
When we went to do our first target shooting, to adjust the sights of our rifles (and as an infantry man we are called upon to treat out rifles as our “wives”). I was cool with this until I saw the target that was an outline of a person. I just shot off my 10 rounds with my eyes closed. I confused the hell out of the gunsmith afterwards who asked me if I was blind. I was transferred to the transport section where I drove army trucks even though I didn’t have a civilian drivers’ license.
I completed my basic training that I didn’t really mind because I was very fit, and enjoyed the camaraderie of my fellow solders, but after my basic training I was required to do an annual “camp” of about 3 to 4 weeks. I was OK with that until the riots of June 1976 in Soweto, after which army training became a civilian repression training. At the stage I became a conscientious objector.
After pitching up to a military parade in “civvies” I was dressed down, and chased around and made to do push ups, and threatened with “Spikes Farm”, a camp where conscientious objectors were sent, our Commandant asked my platoon commander what he should do. Fortunately, my platoon commander was a chritian and had some sympathy for my views, and they made me do administrative work instead. There was no way I was going to repress or suppress fellow South Africans, no matter what color of their skin.
It was that stage of my life when I began to understand the stupidity of war.
Does war benefit countries or anybody?
Hell no.
When people, buildings infrastucture and soldiers, and their families and relationships, are destroyed, who the hell benefits? No one.
The only people who benefit from war are the elite who own the arms industry, the banking industry, and governments.
So for what purpose do soldiers become murderers?
That is the debate we ought to be having.
No matter how noble the cause, a being who wittingly and knowingly kills, or supports, or endorses the killing of other people and beings is a murderer.
Think about that for a while.

Understanding the nature of the soul

We cannot understand the universal format and construct of the soul, from a physical concept as we were taught here.
We have to go deeper and view them as “bodies of energy” that vibrate (sound/emotions) and oscillate (light/thought).
We are taught that the body emerges from our mother’s womb, which is true, but where does physical matter come from.
It emerges out of quantum light (magnetic) and sound (electric) particles at the first level. These particles are only visible when observed by consciousness (us), beneath them lies a space field filled with light and sound waves that “project” matter into being by conscious observation of it. When we are not observing matter, it is a wave form.
All matter is a holographic projection of density made up from quantum, quarks, atoms, molecules and cells.
The density or mass of the matter is determined by the frequency (rate of vibration / oscillation) of the underlying waves of light and sound that form an harmonic field of resonance of light and sound, making material consciousness possible.
The harmonics of the vibrating sound and oscillating light form a density wave of matter. Light and sound waves are in constant motion, and so the universe has “templates of form” where an invisible soul being has a soul template based on certain codes in their soul bodies that correspond to their physical DNA. Souls are only invisible because they exist out of the visible spectra of light we are able to see with our physical eyes, but they can be viewed, for instance, with Kurlian photography.
So the soul body holds the template of our soul history (information encoded into it) and our physical DNA holds the template of information about our genetic history. These two work together, i.e. our soul coding and genetic coding, we call DNA (Which exists as a molecule in our physical bodies).
So, though we are physical bodies that appear as solid at the cellular level, even our bodies have different dimensions and layers of apparency.
A cell can “appear” as molecules, molecules can “appear” as atoms, atoms can “appear” as quarks that can “appear” as quanta, and so the human body is a construct of layers of different energy systems, so is it any surprise that the universe has a construct made of many layers and dimensions.
Our understanding of the universe has been deliberately limited here through constant indoctrination, false education and belief systems we call religion.
We understand matter from the cellular level and know very little about the other “layers” of physicality so it comes as no surprise that we are kept in total ignorance of how the universe is structured and how it works.

War and what it means

War from an energetic perspective is totally unnecessary; war is a sophisticated form of theft.
I have been shown how our higher selves are engaging in a war of restoration of this planet. They are fighting for our right to be the eternal beings we are, but they need our co-operation and this will require our volition and our voices and actions.
In the scenario that we find ourselves in, the beneficiaries of the wars we engage in are, are a small minority that use the taxpayers to fund their wars to pay for the weaponry that the produce and sell that they can benefit from. This is madness. Total and utter madness and until the whole world begins to understand this there will be war.
Firstly, you get the promoters of war, the ones who own the weaponry factories and weapons that have become more sophisticated than you can imagine. Then you get the lobbyists and sectarian thrivers and apologists for war, like George W Bush who invaded Iraq on the premise that they had weapons of mass destruction. They had no weapons of mass destruction. They have never shown them to us, have they? Yet about a million people (yes about a million people people), died violently, for a war.
So what were the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and all wars, about? It was all about money and profit. Who profits and lose, and it is not the people. If it was about people profiting from war, the people of the US would be richest people in the world, but they are not. A small minority profit from war. They advocate them, promote them and people die because of it.
Wars on this is planet is the biggest disease, and is the biggest killer; more than cancer, or any other disease, and it is all designed to kill people for the profit of a few.
There has been an off-planetary war that has been going on between the war mongers here and our higher selves since 2003. They fought a humungous electric war over Venus, Mercury and Mars. They can fight our outer-planetary wars but they cannot fight our intra-planetary wars. That is up to us.
Most of us don’t realize that we are being energetically controlled by the energies of our environment Media is designed to strip our senses of originality. The energy we use that we call electricity, pulses, it sends out pulse waves that further control our consciousness to be conformed. The microwaves around us are invasive through cellphones and mobile phones, and it is all designed to dumb us down.
Now here’s a thing. To fight this war of control of our external experience, we have to fight the war of our internal selves. It is messy, confusing, and hurtful but it is constructive. Nobody dies, not externally, and nobody profits but you. I would rather fight the war within than the war without.
External, destructive wars profit nobody but a few, so rather engage in the inner war. The inner war is a war to gain control of the consciousness that you represent; your soul identity and who you are. This war is fought on an unfamiliar landscape and terrain to most, for most do not give credence to, or realize that their inner self is far greater than their outer selves. This war is only fought by the truly courageous.
So let me describe the landscape and terrain of the inner war. Firstly, we are mostly blind to it. We are so pre-occupied with our external landscape and terrain, that the landscape and terrain of the inner self is unrecognized, acknowledged or given credence, yet the inner world creates the outer world. Is this not worth fighting for since the inner person creates what the outer person will experience?

So what is the landscape and terrain of the inner person? The landscape and terrain of the inner person is all about authenticity and who we are that describes our soul identity. The inner person creates both the landscape and the terrain. We mostly “give in” to the notion that we are who others, and society, perceive us to be. This is the first war.
We all know who we are but we do not recognize the internal landscape and terrain within us and we do not recognize the inner self as legitimately creating what we experience.
Instead we concede to scenario’s made for us.
So I am going to tell you about the inner landscape and terrain that the inner war within is being fought, and it is all about energy, frequency, oscillation, vibration, and rhythm or pulsing.
I may have lost many of you now, but I will tell you how it works. So harness the inner warrior within you and it is complex but not complicated
The first principle to know is that each of us unique in the way we resonate. The entire universe is about resonance, but our identity is in the way we uniquely resonate. This resonance creates a form of expression, us, and each one is different. No 2 combinations are the same and never can be because of the myriad way the universe chooses to express itself.
Our unique resonance fits into a universal fabric that expresses the whole, so each expression fits into the fabric of the whole. That is universal law no matter what. It is inescapable. Everything is but One thing expressing itself in individuated ways.
In the universe, differences are allowed, because that is the nature of the universe. Differences are not meant to create adversity, but the universe allows all expressions.
Now, within us we have a choice and that choice is to see that differences are part of the universal fabric and lattice of creation, and I am sure that most of those reading this will agree.
Now we come to the 2nd war. You cannot engage in the 2nd war unless you have engaged in the first. It is the preparation that is required for the 2nd war.
The 2nd war is detaching from the external reality that is being “fed” to you that has nothing to do with your soul being and identity. If you are lost in the external reality you are lost indeed.
The unique self that has nothing to do with the “fed” external person comes to a crossroads. Who do you trust, and in what context is that trust defined?
Do I trust in something that I cannot see, or have any representation in my external world or do I trust in something that I cannot see but what I know to be true?
That is called “faith”. Do you have it or not? “Faith is the substance of things hoped for. The evidence of things not seen” Hebrews 11:1

What is a self-defeating cycle?

Most humans suffer from this malady. It is like they can only experience a victory when they defeat themselves. That is why they make self-defeating choices.
This was well illustrated in a movie of Jim Carey where he wrestles with himself and throws himself out of a moving car. Did you get it?
That is what we do. We throw ourselves out of moving cars to spite ourselves or to prove we were right. We pay no attention to the consequences but we engage with this stupid act of making choices that are self-defeating.
The real problem with this is that it sets up a cycle of self-defeating behavior and I see it all the time. I do it too.
So I would like to share with you how we set up this cycle and perpetuate it.
It stems from the 3 most common elements of consciousness aberration.
These are fear, guilt and low self-esteem. Once one of these elements enter our consciousness that is us done. We cannot defend ourselves against ourselves. We will become our own worst enemy, and we will feel justified in doing it. We will throw ourselves out of a moving car for no other reason than we wretle with ourselves.
The way out of this conundrum is to set up an opposite cycle, and this stems from an appreciation of the life and consciousness we have been given and it is all about conformity, and how we conform to the expectation of others, so the non-conformed self is suppressed and becomes a carbon copy of conformity.
To get out of this self-defeating cycle is not easy as it requires a total appreciation and acceptance of who we are.
I will tell you how it works and how to escape it in further posts.
I should preface what I am going to tell, and explain that I did not understand this before I met aiazmir in 2003. As he began to teach me, he would often burst into laughter at my ignorance, not as an act of belittlement, but one of genuine caring and affection, as he patiently mentored and taught me. I hope you take this in the same spirit.
A self-defeating cycle is when we make choices that don’t work in our own best interests. We generally accept these cycles because we excuse and absolve ourselves with the notion, “This is just the way I am,” so we make a limiting choice about our human potential, and keep repeating self-defeating choices, based on the assumption that it is acceptable to self, to keep making limiting choices. This locks us into the cycle.
Instead we should examine how “just being my authentic self”, may conflict with one’s own best interests.
When our “authentic” self, conflicts and works against our best interests, is it really authentic behavior, or is it a capitulation to the notion that it is acceptable to be trapped into making self-defeating choices?
Sometimes our “authentic” behavior will bring us into conflict, with ourselves, as well as others, and lead to us to self-sabotage our own efforts, so one should question how this conflict arises. Are our “authentic” selves who we are, or does it lie in our latent potential, the ability to be “all potential” simultaneously?
Science is still puzzled by the notion that when “wave fields of potential” are observed, they “collapse” from a wave form into a particle form. However, one thing their experiments did demonstrate with certainty was that the particle form is in 2 states simultaneously, i.e, waves of potential and particles, at the same time.
We tend to experience ourselves as particle form only, but we have to deal with those aspects of ourselves that are not particle form, like our thoughts and emotions and we tend to dismiss them as “randomly generated”. They are waves of enrgy.
I would like to postulate that our authentic selves are as much contained in our wave form (soul) as in our particle/physical form that we experience from day-to day. Our soul selves are our authentic selves; where our thoughts and emotions come from.
The soul in its evolutionary path has a purpose and the purpose is self-fulfillment. In other words to experience self in all its interactions in a self-fulfilling way, and to think, feel and do in a way that fulfills the highest purpose of the soul.
So to be in alignment with this higher purpose of the soul we are required to act in self-fulfilling ways, and not self-defeating ways, so what we call, “let it all hang out and be who you are as a particle expression”, will conflict with the soul because it emerges from the solid state particle reality.
When our thoughts, emotions and actions are in alignment with the potential that exists in the soul, that causes self-fulfillment, we may revise our definition of authenticity.
Self-defeat and self-fulfillment are in conflict with each other. Self-defeat is an acceptance of the reality we experience here.
Self-fulfillment is to think, feel and act in a way that supports the thoughts, feelings and actions of the soul, and to know oneself as a wave form of energy with unlimited potential, and not the particle/physical expression of a self that is uninformed, disabled (as far as being a soul is concerned), and has lost their soul identity that is eternal and not temporal.
I know that this may be difficult to understand but when I explain how the self-defeating cycle works it may become clearer.
More to follow.

So why do we self-defeat?

Self-defeat has 3 primary components that work with each other. They are fear, guilt and low self- esteem. I will explain give simple explanations of what each one is from an energetic perspective, as this is how I best understand them, and how they work together, and I will explain how to get rid of them.
Fear is an energy form that keeps us afraid. It does that by keeping us ignorant of how the universe actually works. This ignorance keeps us afraid. This ignorance keeps us in suspense of the future, and circumstances that might arise. We are in a state of unpredictability and uncertainty, and we fear this state, and fear that something horrible will happen to us.
Guilt is also an energy form. Guilt is what keeps us looking backward at our past. Our religions, moral dogma, and judicial systems here enforce this energy. “You are guilty” are words we never want to hear. Our pasts are haunted by labels of guilt and we drag that past into our present, despoiling the present moment.
Low self-esteem is also an energy form. Low self-esteem is instilled and embedded here on this planet and we are all afflicted by it in one way or another. It has many forms. It also derives its power over us through our ignorance of how the universe works. We are all aware that we have a limited understanding of the unlimited potential that exists within us, in the soul, but this does not translate into our lives easily, because of the interactions between fear, guilt and low self-esteem that I will explain.
These 3 energy forms working together to capture the potential of humans and keep them entrapped in a world of self-defeat, and it is extremely hard to overcome.
When I first became aware of this “frequency fence” I had to do some deep “soul searching” and found that they were all prevalent in my consciousness, and I have been working to rid myself of them ever since. It is a process, probably one of the most important that I have ever undertaken.

How do fear, guilt and low self-esteem work together to defeat us?

These 3 things are quite easy to understand if we understand that we are only present, one “frame at a time” (the present moment).
Fear works to make us afraid of the future, guilt works to make us uneasy about the past, and low self-esteem works to make us feel inadequate to deal with the present, in the present moment. They work together but one has to raise one’s consciousness above them and begin to recognize that their purpose is to drain our energy and to render the human form immobilized.
In many situations in life we will be confronted by this nemesis, none of which is self-generated but are part of the “frequency fence” that the annunaki created here, but they are just a monstrous myth.
It is a fact for most people that for most of our experience here on earth is free from any danger. In 99.9% of our experiences here there is no danger. It is a fact that in 99.9% of our time on earth we act honorably and authentically. It is a fact that in 99.9% of our time here we are able to cope with our circumstances.
Yet we allow the 0,1% of our experiences to cloud our judgment, we become afraid, not realizing that universe is a safe space. We look back on mistakes of the past and become guarded in our spontaneous interaction for fear of making those same mistakes again. Why?
It is only when we confront fear, guilt and low self-esteem, and see them for what they are will be able reclaim the present self-empowered self.
I hope this has been helpful and understand.

Why believing is dangerous.To understand this, one has to understand how information if given to people by their leaders, their teachers, religious leaders, the media and their societies.
They lie, but their lies reinforce prior lies, the beliefs that people have, that reinforce their beliefs, so that their beliefs become the standard by which they live; a systematic lie.
The problem we have here is that system of lies works on people. Many others have beforehand said that people are more willing to believe a lie than the truth, when those lies reinforce the lies and beliefs they already hold as true.
That is the nature of the cognitive dissonance we suffer from here.
Few people will realize that believing is optional. You can believe or not believe, and for every belief there is its opposite, and most will cling to already established beliefs created by the liars, and so we are so open to manipulation by this system of lies that creates enemies, wars, disagreements and destruction.
Many of the lies we are told are simply not congruent with nature and the natural order but we believe them anyway, and we don’t question the lies.
So by believing we are perpetuating lies. It matters not what you believe in, it is a lie, because beliefs establish a proposition that the opposite might be true and therefore cannot be true.