Human Potential

A brave new world

Just imagine if the whole world became aware that physical reality emerges out of a process and construct based on the frequencies of light and sound (electric and magnetic) waves.
This would change everything here. We would no longer be in the process of survival but could feed, heal, and educate ourselves through a new system.
There would be no need for war and physical aggression so organization of communities would be left up the communities and there would be no need for central governments. Everyone would be a part of communal council where participation would simply be through a yay or a nay.
Food could be abundant for all. Those communities without food could simply transmute the holographic food from the air. Other communities could grow and harvest food for their taste, but the need for food would disappear because we could draw energy from the earth and the sun. There would be no hunger.
Likewise, our holographic bodies could be repaired through frequencies, and we could all enjoy abundant health without the need to visit a doctor, hospitals or clinics.
We would be able to harvest the energy of light and sound through the elements to drive any holographic devices that we may invent for our purposes. Fossil fuels would remain where they were meant to be, “under the ground.”
Schools, universities and colleges could be repurposed as research centers, and where the curriculum could be set by each individual as they are guided or drawn to, and there would be no need for qualifications because communities will be able to direct resources as they are needed, and there will be no work. There will only be activities; social, playful and constructive.
There will be no money as money, as a resource and energy exchange, will no longer be needed. Everyone will be self-sustaining, and exchanges in energy will be free under the universal law of grace.
The law will be common law, “do no harm, cause no loss and do not impede the freedoms of others”. A jury to adjudicate the extent of harm, loss or the loss of freedoms will be appointed by communities, and these jurors will be independent with no connection to the plaintiff or the defendant.
It could be a brave new world, based on real science, real economics, real commerce, real environmental protection, real clean energy, real medicine, real community affairs, real safety and security and the protection of the sovereignty of all, including the elements, vegetation, insects, birds and animals.
Once humans can accept that their world and reality experience is a hologram and they begin to understand how they can master the hologram, all these things are possible but it will take a major consciousness shift here.

Most of us may remember the day we have just experienced, and the time and circumstance thereof. Very few will reflect and create an inner remembrance of what we thought and how we felt and how we responded to those circumstances.
We build up a memory bank of outer circumstances without discovering the inner meaning of that outer, external circumstance, and this is because, as Echhart Tolle explains, we are not consciously present in the moment.
He, like I, advocates conscious living and the reason for this, I am going to explain, and I have explained before but in a different way.
To understand this, we have to remove all indoctrinated notions, of knowledge, religion and education.
Our conscious presence here is for a reason and the reason is this.
Within our soul template we have a blueprint of the universe that is replicated in our bodies. However, you envision the universe, it is all inside you.
The soul is an energetic body that mirrors the outer man, so the outer man is just a projection produced by the inner man, the soul man or woman. The soul of the man or woman creates the outer circumstances. It is a holographic projection of the soul.
So what is the soul? If you want to know I have written extensively about this before, so I will paraphrase it. The soul is a divine construct that is an energetic field of mind (electric), emotions (magnetic), and will (gravity). It is a beautifully contsruct of 12 layers of kundalini energy.
The interaction of the mind, emotions and will create activity, what we experience in our outer reality. What we do.
It is the inner, soul man or woman that creates the outer circumstance.
So what is the reason or purpose for our conscious presence on this planet.
It is this.
Our purpose is to take responsibility for our “soul realm”, the inner person, our thoughts and emotions, and what we do willfully.
Our purpose, therefore, is to change our outer circumstance, by changing our inner man or woman, to reflect back to the soul what it is, so the 2 become reconciled, and become 1 again.
As I stated the soul holds the universal template, and bio feed-back of energy, (thought and emotion), and we can begin to discover who we are and who we represent; the All Oneness through this inner process.
In a sense, we are here to save ourselves by becoming our true inner selves, and we are saving ourselves from ourselves as we now are, and becoming our divine selves.
As more and more people wake up to this truth, we can focus our combined attention of creating the world we wish to experience.
I know this may seem confusing, but just reflect and meditate on it, because this is how it really works in the universe.Creating Reality through Thought and Emotion

How do we create “light and “sound” pebbles to create the reality we wish to experience?

If you now have some understanding of dimensionality and how it works and if you have some understanding of the way the way wave fields work, the next objective will be simple and that is to create a co- resonance between the “waves” of light and sound.

The next “bridge” of understanding to creating co-resonance and harmonic syncopation in one’s reality fields is to understand that as much as you have a physical body, you also have a soul body. The physical, manifest body is a function of the soul. In other words, that which is contained in the soul is expressed in the physical.

The reality we are observing (the movie we are watching) is created by us, the observers and this is how it works.

The waves that diffuse (crash against each other) to create the hologram of manifest experience are light and sound. They work in perfect harmony with each other according to the laws of the universe.

Light is thoughts. Sounds are emotions. Both are carrier waves that diffuse into manifest experience and create the experience we are having.

The light within reflects the light “without” and correspondingly, the “sound within” reflects the sound “without”. We live in universe that has parallels. So what is this light and sound?

The light is our thoughts. How and what we think. The sound is our emotions. How and what we feel.

We are therefore the creators of the reality we are experiencing by our thoughts and emotions, and for most of us we don’t think our own thoughts, and we don’t feel our own feelings, and for those who do they cannot make any sense of this because they haven’t stepped into the experience of oneness.

The Sacred Codes

For those technically and mathematically minded.

In some respects, I am excited by blockchain, the system on which Bitcoin, and other crypto-currency are based.

Blockchain is computer programming code that is written in 2 dimensions, whereas prior computer code was written in one dimension, i.e. is a single chain computer language. Furthermore the encrypting techniques for one dimensional computer programming can now be used in two dimensional encoding.

So in two dimensions you have breadth and depth. So in two dimensional computer programming there are more variables, called blockchains, making it imminently more difficult to break the encryption, depending on how many more layers of depth are added.

This reminds me of how aiazmir explained to me our soul and DNA encoding in 3D.

He used the illustration of the screen shot in the matrix movie of ones and zeroes (binary code), running down a two dimensional screen. Then he showed me a hologram of a cube with ones and zeroes running away from the screen also, so it was three dimensional. He said that all the ones in a certain encoding, when added together, would always resolve to a solution of twelve.

Then he changed the shape of the cube to a pyramid shape, and again the ones in the various codes, when added together, would always resolve to a twelve.

He again changed the shape of the hologram to a circle as the two dimensional plain and then being cone shaped in the 3 dimensional plain, so I was looking into a cone, where again the ones in the various codes, when added together, would always resolve to a twelve.

Then he showed me a hologram of a cube, a pyramid and a cone shape all combined into one with the various ones and zeroes running as they did in the first cube, pyramid, and then he asked me, “What do you think all the ones in the encoding resolve to in all three shapes?”

Of course, I could only answer, “Twelve.”

“No,” he said, “nine.”

“Why?” I asked.

He answered, “Because in the first three harmonic bandwidths reality is experienced as solid, semi-etheric and etheric, and 9 is the perfect number to express manifest reality that expresses in shape and form. In the fourth harmonic bandwidth, consisting of thought, emotion and rhythm (pulse), there is no defined shape, but a constantly changing sea of shape and form, liquid light. A bit like the globules floating in your lava lamps. As the shapes constantly change, their encoding changes, and the sum total of all the changing shapes when added together always resolve to a total of twelve. Nine is the number of the shape and form fields. Twelve is the number of all and no shapes and forms. That is why 9 and 12 form the basis of the perfect geometry of the universe. Shapes within no shapes.

That is the DNA secret to your soul and DNA encoding.”

The reptilian know this, and added a one to the nine and came up with 1 and 0, ten, so there is no real resolution in their mathematics, and how they reduced us to singular, individuals, separated from each other. So instead of one being one with all, one became one as a singular individual separated from all, and they re-coded our DNA in this way.

Essentials for Mastery of the Soul Body

I have explained a lot about how energy works, and what one can do master the soul body, and therefore the theater of reality we live in.

There is one essential to master before all else, and that is integrity.

The bible says, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” Many interpret this as meaning that one cannot make up one’s mind about what to do. I don’t think that that was what was meant because over the years this interpretation made no sense to me, especially in the light of how energy works.

After many years of consideration this is what I think it means.

We have two minds. Firstly, the inner mind of intuitive knowing, and the outer, indoctrinated mind. In other, our inner true selves that we were when we entered this incarnation and expressed as children, and the outer selves that were twisted and distorted here through the body of lies we’ve been told. Perhaps the basis of all our schizophrenia here; the conflict between the inner true self of intuitive knowing and the indoctrinated self, filled with false ideals and values.

That is the double minded man. The man of integrity begins to eliminate within himself all perceptions and expectations of the self and begins to assume the mantle of the inner self.

How does one achieve integrity then?


Knowing what it is energetically might help. Integrity is a constant resonance, like a bell or a musical note. It has a particular frequency that is the base resident tone of the soul being, and in harmony with its own soul codes (past incarnations and soul experiences).We all have a unique, harmonic, resident, resonance that is our true soul identity. It is made up of the many complex parts of our true personality.

In this world of dissonance, ignorance and confusion, it is very difficult to be co-resonant and integritous with the inner self as it usually leads to ridicule, disbelief, anger and separation from the human tribe because we are largely required to fulfill our roles that were prescribed for us, and to conform to the expectations of our earthly families, friends and associates, so I am not going to suggest that this is an easy path for anyone to follow. I am just saying how it works and leaving up to my soul family and friends to make up their own minds. I have been excommunicated many times and know how it feels. It can get pretty lonely and disheartening, so it is only for the brave hearts.

I have my own way of dealing with that and have seen and experienced the effects of being in integrity with my soul being and it is pretty awesome. I would rather be lonely and disheartened than conformed and crushed.

It works this way energetically.

We all have a unique, harmonic, resident, resonance that is our true soul identity. It is who we really are inside of ourselves, and that identity is who we truly are, and is the accumulation of our incarnate and soul experiences.

When we incarnate here we have this soul identity, and exchange it for an earth identity that is carefully formed into a slave to serve, not oneself, or families and friends and our associates, but the dark formers of this identity.

Our incarnate identity when we are born is knowledgeable, peace-loving, caring, observant, inquisitive, conciliatory and vulnerable, and it is this vulnerability we have to come to terms with.

Vulnerability comes from the nature of soul progression and soul evolution. Each soul as it progresses through soul evolution will have new experiences, and these new experiences will expose the vulnerabilities of the soul as they exist, and the purpose of this is the refinement of the soul, to “knock off the rough edges.”

When we reach into the depths of our soul being here, and examine our thoughts and emotion and actions, and interrogate where they came from and whether they truly represent the true nature of who we are, and change them to conform into our soul identity, we reach a co-resonance within our selves and the rest of the universe through the universal waves of light and sound, and our soul cries can be heard.


The dark forces here have been exploiting our vulnerabilities for decades, but the truth is that our vulnerabilities are more perceived than real, so they continue to bombard us with perceptions of vulnerability to keep us afraid.

Vulnerability is not how the universe exploits us. Instead it is a gift, a doorway through which we must pass through in order to refine the soul and progress through the soul evolutionary journey, and it is a challenge for us the uptake or remain, and there is no “trial that is presented that is not common to man, but god (the universe) is faithful and just, and will always provide a way to endure it, so that we may be able to bear it.” That’s the way it is meant to work in the universe.

We are afraid of the dark, height, snakes and spiders, diseases, hunger, rejection, being burnt, being cold, war and chaos, terrorist attacks, guns, buses, sickness, bacteria, viruses, etc. Some are even afraid of birds, of clouds and sunlight. Our fears here seem to have no end, but our fears are largely irrational and we seldom experience the thing we fear. How many of the things you fear did you experience today?

On this planet, men are more vulnerable to their vulnerabilities because to show their vulnerability is perceived as a sign of weakness, so they hide them and hide behind the façade of invulnerability.

Women, on the other hand are more accustomed and aware of their vulnerability from birth. They are impregnated with the idea of vulnerability, and carry their vulnerabilities with them all their lives, and are more accustomed to their emotions of being vulnerable.

That is why the dark forces here enforce the notion of vulnerability, so they can exploit our god-given vulnerability, not for our progression and evolution, but rather to control us. We are continuously fed a diet of fear and lies through the media. They stage massive destructive events; wars, terrorist attacks, 9/11’s, feed us destructive pharmaceuticals and vaccines that kill us rather than heal us, tell us lies through education and religion. They thoroughly exploit our vulnerability, and we either deny it, or fear it.

If we can get back to the understanding that we are eternal soul beings, indestructible, having a 3 dimensional experience in a universally created reality field, and we can reach back down into our own soul integrity and authenticity of who we really are, and learn the ways of the universe, rather that the ways of the fallen ones, we may be able to yank ourselves out of this cesspit here, and continue on our soul journey, uninterrupted, not interfered with and victorious over an enemy so diabolical, our hearts and minds could not conceive of.

It is largely our ignorance that is exploited here, so if we want to return to our natural soul state selves, we have to reconstruct truth, and that truth lies within all of us, in our soul being, we just have to go find it, and if one observes nature and one’s natural inclinations and personality, it is not so far from one. We just have to resist all the lies here.

More on Integrity

Over the years I have met many great integritous men and women, of all religions, christian, muslim, hindu, buddhist, jews, and Taoists, and also atheists.

I figured that integrity doesn’t come from religious persuasion, or philosophy but rather it comes from the soul of the soul being that inhabits that soul personality.

In the hearts of all us there is a persistent resonant tone, and it matters not what our religious persuasion or philosophy might be, but it is incumbent on us to supersede our own biases and prejudices and be who we really are.

There was one thing that was common among all those people of high integrity, and that was the values that they held.

The way back to integrity is not through religion or philosophy, but to be co-resonant with the values that we intrinsically and intuitively know to be the expression of our soul being, and to enact those among each other.

What is currency?

On this planet currency is money. The dark forces here “borrowed” this concept of “currency” from the universe and converted it into a narrow version of universal currency that we call money.

Currency is an exchange of energy, like we have electric current running in our electrical appliances here that cause our appliances to be activated and to do what they were designed to do.

Currency is just the way electric and magnetic forces interact with each other.

On this planet, this primordial energy exchange happens in an energy exchange of money that is primarily driven for us to exchange our labor for money. This was not what was intended by the universe by currency exchange.

Humans exchange energy all the time but it is mostly around the value of money. Love is exchanged for money and money for sex. That’s what makes the world “go round” here. The currency of this planet is exchanging labor for money, money for sex, and sex for security.

The universe doesn’t work that way.

In the universe, value is determined by resonance and frequency that have a corresponding manifest expression here. The highest frequency of the universe is love that down steps into lower harmonics and co- resonant frequencies like joy, peace, patience, kindness, faith, hope, honesty, integrity, humility, modesty, shyness, trust, curiosity, inquisitiveness, non-judgmental observation, appreciation, inter-dependence, oneness, and many others. These are the values that determine value in the universe, and there is no hierarchy to other expressions of the greatest currency of love. It is the expression of prime creator.

In the universe, all value is exchanged as expressions of the one value, and that is love. Love is the preeminent creative force of the universe.

So how come we experience fear, greed, hatred, envy, jealousy, anger and avarice here?

Well, to get into the mechanics of this may take a whole book, but the short answer is that the dark forces that run this planet, hijacked the energy fields here and inverted and ring fenced them.

How to make the most of your soul being.

If you are able to come to the realization that you are primarily a soul being, and that the physical construct that you experience your reality in is just a hologram, you have graduated yourself out of the very entertaining movie you are watching and into the reality of how the universe works. This is no mean achievement so congratulate yourself and give yourself some credit for being so perceptive.
The first thing a graduate has to do is reclaim their soulness and own it, and never let it go. That means leaving your “seat” in the “cinema” where you are watching your entertaining movie, and walking the stairs to the projection room and changing the “reel” so that you no longer just project somebody else’s movie but are the writer, producer, director, chorographer, stage manager, background manager, gaffer, grip, musical director and editor of your own “movie” of your life.
The second thing a soul being has to do is the take responsibility. Responsibility is just the “ability to respond” which ability, we intrinsically hold in our energetic soul fields of energy.
Our problems in the “made for you” hologram are that we deal with a moving target all the time. We are bombarded with “fake” information and news that occupy our minds and it becomes impossible to deal with all these things we are supposed to respond to, so we respond to a few and leave the rest. This is a deliberate antic and tactic of the fallen one’s; to keep us distracted.
That is why detachment is necessary. We have to acknowledge the “made for you” movie, but we have to detach from it, and know that it is just a “made for you” movie not of our own making. That is where most people, including me, can get stuck and undone.
Detaching from the current reality system is very difficult and that is why we have to get out of our “seat of comfort”, turn our backs on the current movie and make our own. That is the start of taking responsibility, and that is turning our backs on the “made for you” movie and owning and making our own reality.
Can we do it? Sure, and we can do it together, we just have to be able see beyond the lies we have been told.

How deep do the lies we have been told go?

It goes this deep, “Everything we have been told here is a lie.” Nothing we have been taught and indoctrinated with is true.
We are not human beings, we are soul beings. We are fields of energy in a wave field of energy and this manifests itself in a cellular construct of dense matter, we call physicality.

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