Soul Warriors

(This has been my only interview that I agreed to so far)

The soul warrior

The first thing to know is that our external reality is a fictional movie that distorts universal reality, because it is contrived by others and not ourselves.
We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places, and do their best to subjugate us to their diet of deception, and that is what I am proposing and am seeking those who have the will, understanding and determination to fight this battle with me.
We cannot fight this battle with “sticks and stones” or any physical matter, but we can with who we are and the energy that we have and respresent.
As for me not living what I speak of; ha ha ha ha ha.
I have been in this battle for a long time. I know how to fight this battle, and have done it with very few material possessions. I have found that possessions possess you you.
I live by faith and grace. I have faith in the unseen, and of what I know to be true, and am equally met by grace, unmerited favour.
I am trying to help you understand the nature of the unseen, so that you may also equip yourself against the forces of the unseen, against the powerless manipulators here who have but this in their favor. They have captured our beliefs, our imagination and they have got our attention, so that we can stay captured in their system.
Until we understand the extent of the delusion and illusion that has been perpetrated on humanity, and how to combat this, we will be “cannon fodder” for the magicians here who have captured our beliefs, imagination and determination.
We don’t need another hero. Either we are it, or we’re pretty much screwed.
I will keep giving my messages and postings in the hope that some may realize that they are the energy that brings the energy to their experiences and they are freed from their indoctrination and beliefs.

Using Our Innate Energies

Perhaps I should explain how to use your innate energies and abilities to fight the dark and evil ones, and how our energies and abilities are far greater than we can imagine.
The first thing to know is the fractal nature of the universe, and that we are a part of the universal order. What we see “out there” is projected from within us. Within us are all the things out there, and vice versa.
The second thing to know is what I call the “flash on, flash off” nature of holograms. Material, physical reality “flashes on and off” at a billionth of a nano second. At this rate, the changes are imperceptible to our senses.
It’s a bit like the old tube TV’s that just flashed little dots of light onto a glass screen that gave the illusion of a continuous picture.
If the focus of our attention is only on the “flash on”, external reality, that is all we will “see” and experience with our 5 senses.
In the “flash on” mode we are engaged with material reality. If we fail to notice, or know about the “flash off” sequence, its importance will be dismissed.
When the illusion we are experiencing is on “flash off” mode, that which we don’t see, or experience with our 5 senses becomes apparent, i.e. the unseen. What are these?
Our thoughts and emotions are the unseen. We cannot taste, touch, smell, see, or hear our emotions and thoughts. They are not a part of our sensual experience here, yet we do experience them, but with what do we experience them.
This is called the 6th sense.
It is through the 6th sense that we can project a new reality.
If our thoughts and emotions are fully engaged with the “flash on” sequence of our physical, material hologram, our 6th sense is disabled, because our thoughts and emotions are so affected by our external reality, that they are no longer a part of our authentic soul being, but are the subject of external control here, disengaging our 6th sense.
The way to develop one’s 6th sense is through the unseen; our thoughts and emotions, and taking back control over them, and not allowing how we think or feel to be determined by our external reality.

“Projecting” our Reality 

Conscious reality is a strange thing. Aiazmir explained it to me this way, and I found it a very useful metaphor.
He said that conscious reality is like the projection room in a movie theatre. He said that humans keep projecting a “made for you” movie onto the screen and are captivated by the fiction that is created there, as it further externalizes and endorses their fictional reality. What they are seeing is a picture of light together with sounds put together in a sequence of “frames”, except they had nothing to do with the scriptwriting, the production, direction, editing or the acting.
He told me that we can change the movie if we take control of the projection room, and start projecting our own movie. That means we have to take back control of the scriptwriting, the production, direction, editing and the acting.
I had no idea how to do that so I asked him how one might do that? He said the key was in understanding the energy involved in the projector and how it works. Without the projector, there would be no picture.
He said that we are the potential projectors of our own reality, and that there were four things we can do and if we do them in a coherent and persistent way, we can override the “made for you movie.”
The four things are imagination, intent, thought, and emotion; through visualization, choice, intelligence and love.
What he taught me to do is use my imagination and to visualize the “picture” I wanted to “see”. Then I was to create a strong intention with full responsibility for the outcome, then I should think about what I had created in my mind and is this really what I wanted to experience, and once I had contracted this information between myself and the universal wave fields, I should then begin to infuse that visualization with the emotion of love, and no other.
This is a skill and an art, and only mastered with practice and inner guidance.
The energy of the projector is the soul and we can give this “image” energy by projecting through the lenses of our pineal gland (thought=light) and “heart chakra”, and projecting a beam of indigo light from the pineal gland (thought=light), and green (emotion=sound) onto the visualization we have created, and exuding a strong outward breath to give it impetus.
We have no need of material weapons against the dark forces. We defeat them with the same energy they have used against us. We just have to learn how to use them properly and appropriately.
The universe uses these same techniques in the creation process, if you have paid attention.

Refining the 6th Sense

How do we develop and refine the 6th sense?
This is not easily done, because humans are still struggling to deal with their first 5 senses, and to combine them in a synesthetic way.
This is because most are not consciously aware of their sensual experiences, and are not appreciative of what they are experiencing through their first 5 senses, and learning to combine them together in a unified sensual way.
Our 6th sense is non tactile, unseen, not heard, not smelled, or tasted. It is our awareness of the unseen, unspoken, unheard, not smelled, and untouched, but it becomes a part of our synesthetic experience but is a part of who we are.
The 6th sense resides in the nature of thought, imagination and visualization, and emotion, feelings and empathy (the way we relate to emotions).
To develop those aspects of our non-sensual selves requires a lot of awareness of what one is feeling and thinking. Very few will actually engage with their thoughts and emotions and interrogate them.

Thoughts and emotions are waves of light and sound and come from the universe. They are intelligent and carry vast amounts of information. They come from somewhere and they are going somewhere in a unified way.
They appear and then disappear and in each moment of time we are capable of vast amounts of thought and emotions.
These waves of thought and emotion are just there; information, not to be judged because they come and go through our minds and hearts.
If we are still we can hear them and feel them, and then we can pick and choose which we want to attach to our soul identity; a kind of smorgasbord of thought and emotion. A feast for the soul.
We have to free our thoughts and emotions from the conditioning and indoctrination here and that is only done on the individual level because we are all unique expressions of the One soul.
I cannot tell you what you must think and feel. That is for you to decide and take responsibility for. I can only take responsibility for my own thoughts and feelings, and my own resultant actions.
If one is so attached to the unnatural conditioning and indoctrination here then no amount of wishful thinking will enable your 6th sense.
Freeing oneself from the system here is very difficult for most and impossible for some, but it just depends on one’s choice and taking responsibility for those choices.
However, when we can bring our thoughts and emotions into harmony and coherence with each other, and “see” the immense possibilities of our own unique thoughts and emotuons, can we begin to explore the nature of the 6th sense that we can either use for the benefit of all, or for our own selfish wants. That’s right. Not all who have developed their 6th sense use it for the benefit of all, but it still works the same way, whether for good or bad, it just depends on the choices a soul makes.

What is the “glue” that holds the soul body attached to the physical body?

I used to wonder about this and so one day I asked aiazmir, “What causes the soul body to be attached to the physical body?”
He said, “That is a very good question, and worthy of an answer. The soul body is a system of energy that has a template. It recycles electric and magnetic energy through the physical body, and it does this through DNA that is crystalline and able to send signals through the body and to the universe. The soul cell signaling system is centered mainly in the two main energy centers of the body. These are two tiny crystals contained within the pineal and thymus glands.
“The pineal gland sends electric (thought) energy to the universe, and the thymus, magnetic (emotional) energy to the universe. Each thought emotion “form” is energy and is at a certain frequency. You get high and low frequency thought and emotion forms.
“The pineal gland is in the brain, and the thymus near the heart. Every one of your organs has a corresponding crystalline energy center in your endocrine system (glands) sending either electric or magnetic frequency signals that are received in a co-responding way by the soul.
“The soul then refines or declines the signals, and sends a co-responding signal back to the physical body.
“This system is meant to be eternal, but in the human body, the cells are attacked by free radicals, unattached oxygen electrons that are excess to requirements that attach themselves to other cells leading to their deterioration. When these cells are replaced by the process of apoptosis (cell replacement) these deteriorated cells are replace by new deteriorated cells that lead to ageing, and eventual death of the physical body.
“So the “glue” that attaches the soul to the physical body, is, firstly, the DNA in the body, and secondly, the energy transfer from the physical body through the various energy systems in the body and the soul, to the universal wave fields.
“There are 7 energy centers in the human body, but there are 15 energy centers in the soul body, because the signals the soul receives must also be “processed” though the soul of the earth (its secondary major energy center) and the sun (its primary major energy center). These energy signals are in the form of frequencies of light and sound, electric and magnetic waves.
The soul body is as much alive, if not more so, than the physical body. It has an identity and personality, and a very long history. I hope this gives you some understanding of how it works.”
I further interrogated aiamzir on this and discovered an elegant and cohesive system of energy between the universe, the soul and the physical body.
How is the soul body connected to the physical body?
In our DNA we have both genetic and “junk” DNA. Our genetic DNA contains our genetic (familial) history, and our “Junk” DNA contains our soul history.
As you can imagine, this history goes back thousands, if not millions of years.
Our DNA just contains information, like a computer program, both of the genetic and soul history.
So why doesn’t DNA get “information overload?”
When the soul leaves a body, the genetic history gets stored in the ackashic records, and the soul history gets echashic records. The “acka” is the physical domain, and “ecka” is the soul domain.
When a child is born, a soul being with a soul body contracts and agrees to fulfill and refine, not only its own soul, but of many souls that are connected to each other through their soul history, and so it gives personality to the foetus.
This soul being is responsible for the further soul evolution of the group of souls, as well as its own soul.
Unfortunately, these evolving souls’ identity is hijacked. They are given an identity that is not their own, and entered into a demonic system that harvests their soul energy, but I don’t want to digress with that, I would rather tell you how the universe works, so we may all break free from the lies we have been told here.

Why does the soul have 15 energy centers and the human body 7?

I guess this is the inevitable question.
The short answer is that the physical body is a construct of the soul body. In other words, the energy contained within the soul gives life to the physical body.
As the soul evolves it provides more “on body” physical centers.
In the lower domains of physical reality here that are contained within the 1st harmonic bandwidths of a reality system, 7 is the number of “man” or physical reality in the 1st harmonic.
As a soul evolves and progresses though the harmonic bandwidths the nature of physicality changes to semi-etheric in the 2nd Bandwidth, to etheric in the 3rd bandwidth. So the physical body goes from 7 to 8 and then 9 energy centers.
In the 4th bandwidth, physical reality ceases to exist as we know it here. Physicality becomes fluid and ever changing, like globules of mercury floating in space that emanate light and sound, and are able to shapeshift into any physical form they choose.
I know this may not make any sense but I am just telling it like it is.
So, would you like to know what a soul looks like?
It looks pretty much like you, or a plant or a tree, like a bird, or a lion, or an elephant, or an insect, or a fish or a whale or dolphin.
Souls are not distinguishable in physical form but the physical form is an expression of the underlying soul form.
We are surrounded by soul beings in different expressions of a multitude of souls.
If you really want to know how the universe works, you should understand this one thing.
Physical manifestation is just an expression of the underlying electric and magnetic energy, and its peculiar harmonic resonance that manifests in physical form.
Everything is connected to everything else. Separation is a peculiar human understanding that is a “lie from hell.” There is no separation. It is quite scientifically and logically impossible.
Until humans get this, they will have no understanding of how all things work together in a coherent and cogent way in the universe, and to their benefit if they choose.

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