Soul Warriors

(This has been my only interview that I agreed to so far)

The soul warrior

The first thing to know is that our external reality is a fictional movie that distorts universal reality, because it is contrived by others and not ourselves.
We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places, and do their best to subjugate us to their diet of deception, and that is what I am proposing and am seeking those who have the will, understanding and determination to fight this battle with me.
We cannot fight this battle with “sticks and stones” or any physical matter, but we can with who we are and the energy that we have and respresent.
As for me not living what I speak of; ha ha ha ha ha.
I have been in this battle for a long time. I know how to fight this battle, and have done it with very few material possessions. I have found that possessions possess you you.
I live by faith and grace. I have faith in the unseen, and of what I know to be true, and am equally met by grace, unmerited favour.
I am trying to help you understand the nature of the unseen, so that you may also equip yourself against the forces of the unseen, against the powerless manipulators here who have but this in their favor. They have captured our beliefs, our imagination and they have got our attention, so that we can stay captured in their system.
Until we understand the extent of the delusion and illusion that has been perpetrated on humanity, and how to combat this, we will be “cannon fodder” for the magicians here who have captured our beliefs, imagination and determination.
We don’t need another hero. Either we are it, or we’re pretty much screwed.
I will keep giving my messages and postings in the hope that some may realize that they are the energy that brings the energy to their experiences and they are freed from their indoctrination and beliefs.

Using Our Innate Energies

Perhaps I should explain how to use your innate energies and abilities to fight the dark and evil ones, and how our energies and abilities are far greater than we can imagine.
The first thing to know is the fractal nature of the universe, and that we are a part of the universal order. What we see “out there” is projected from within us. Within us are all the things out there, and vice versa.
The second thing to know is what I call the “flash on, flash off” nature of holograms. Material, physical reality “flashes on and off” at a billionth of a nano second. At this rate, the changes are imperceptible to our senses.
It’s a bit like the old tube TV’s that just flashed little dots of light onto a glass screen that gave the illusion of a continuous picture.
If the focus of our attention is only on the “flash on”, external reality, that is all we will “see” and experience with our 5 senses.
In the “flash on” mode we are engaged with material reality. If we fail to notice, or know about the “flash off” sequence, its importance will be dismissed.
When the illusion we are experiencing is on “flash off” mode, that which we don’t see, or experience with our 5 senses becomes apparent, i.e. the unseen. What are these?
Our thoughts and emotions are the unseen. We cannot taste, touch, smell, see, or hear our emotions and thoughts. They are not a part of our sensual experience here, yet we do experience them, but with what do we experience them.
This is called the 6th sense.
It is through the 6th sense that we can project a new reality.
If our thoughts and emotions are fully engaged with the “flash on” sequence of our physical, material hologram, our 6th sense is disabled, because our thoughts and emotions are so affected by our external reality, that they are no longer a part of our authentic soul being, but are the subject of external control here, disengaging our 6th sense.
The way to develop one’s 6th sense is through the unseen; our thoughts and emotions, and taking back control over them, and not allowing how we think or feel to be determined by our external reality.

“Projecting” our Reality 

Conscious reality is a strange thing. Aiazmir explained it to me this way, and I found it a very useful metaphor.
He said that conscious reality is like the projection room in a movie theatre. He said that humans keep projecting a “made for you” movie onto the screen and are captivated by the fiction that is created there, as it further externalizes and endorses their fictional reality. What they are seeing is a picture of light together with sounds put together in a sequence of “frames”, except they had nothing to do with the scriptwriting, the production, direction, editing or the acting.
He told me that we can change the movie if we take control of the projection room, and start projecting our own movie. That means we have to take back control of the scriptwriting, the production, direction, editing and the acting.
I had no idea how to do that so I asked him how one might do that? He said the key was in understanding the energy involved in the projector and how it works. Without the projector, there would be no picture.
He said that we are the potential projectors of our own reality, and that there were four things we can do and if we do them in a coherent and persistent way, we can override the “made for you movie.”
The four things are imagination, intent, thought, and emotion; through visualization, choice, intelligence and love.
What he taught me to do is use my imagination and to visualize the “picture” I wanted to “see”. Then I was to create a strong intention with full responsibility for the outcome, then I should think about what I had created in my mind and is this really what I wanted to experience, and once I had contracted this information between myself and the universal wave fields, I should then begin to infuse that visualization with the emotion of love, and no other.
This is a skill and an art, and only mastered with practice and inner guidance.
The energy of the projector is the soul and we can give this “image” energy by projecting through the lenses of our pineal gland (thought=light) and “heart chakra”, and projecting a beam of indigo light from the pineal gland (thought=light), and green (emotion=sound) onto the visualization we have created, and exuding a strong outward breath to give it impetus.
We have no need of material weapons against the dark forces. We defeat them with the same energy they have used against us. We just have to learn how to use them properly and appropriately.
The universe uses these same techniques in the creation process, if you have paid attention.

Refining the 6th Sense

How do we develop and refine the 6th sense?
This is not easily done, because humans are still struggling to deal with their first 5 senses, and to combine them in a synesthetic way.
This is because most are not consciously aware of their sensual experiences, and are not appreciative of what they are experiencing through their first 5 senses, and learning to combine them together in a unified sensual way.
Our 6th sense is non tactile, unseen, not heard, not smelled, or tasted. It is our awareness of the unseen, unspoken, unheard, not smelled, and untouched, but it becomes a part of our synesthetic experience but is a part of who we are.
The 6th sense resides in the nature of thought, imagination and visualization, and emotion, feelings and empathy (the way we relate to emotions).
To develop those aspects of our non-sensual selves requires a lot of awareness of what one is feeling and thinking. Very few will actually engage with their thoughts and emotions and interrogate them.

Thoughts and emotions are waves of light and sound and come from the universe. They are intelligent and carry vast amounts of information. They come from somewhere and they are going somewhere in a unified way.
They appear and then disappear and in each moment of time we are capable of vast amounts of thought and emotions.
These waves of thought and emotion are just there; information, not to be judged because they come and go through our minds and hearts.
If we are still we can hear them and feel them, and then we can pick and choose which we want to attach to our soul identity; a kind of smorgasbord of thought and emotion. A feast for the soul.
We have to free our thoughts and emotions from the conditioning and indoctrination here and that is only done on the individual level because we are all unique expressions of the One soul.
I cannot tell you what you must think and feel. That is for you to decide and take responsibility for. I can only take responsibility for my own thoughts and feelings, and my own resultant actions.
If one is so attached to the unnatural conditioning and indoctrination here then no amount of wishful thinking will enable your 6th sense.
Freeing oneself from the system here is very difficult for most and impossible for some, but it just depends on one’s choice and taking responsibility for those choices.
However, when we can bring our thoughts and emotions into harmony and coherence with each other, and “see” the immense possibilities of our own unique thoughts and emotuons, can we begin to explore the nature of the 6th sense that we can either use for the benefit of all, or for our own selfish wants. That’s right. Not all who have developed their 6th sense use it for the benefit of all, but it still works the same way, whether for good or bad, it just depends on the choices a soul makes.

What is the “glue” that holds the soul body attached to the physical body?

I used to wonder about this and so one day I asked aiazmir, “What causes the soul body to be attached to the physical body?”
He said, “That is a very good question, and worthy of an answer. The soul body is a system of energy that has a template. It recycles electric and magnetic energy through the physical body, and it does this through DNA that is crystalline and able to send signals through the body and to the universe. The soul cell signaling system is centered mainly in the two main energy centers of the body. These are two tiny crystals contained within the pineal and thymus glands.
“The pineal gland sends electric (thought) energy to the universe, and the thymus, magnetic (emotional) energy to the universe. Each thought emotion “form” is energy and is at a certain frequency. You get high and low frequency thought and emotion forms.
“The pineal gland is in the brain, and the thymus near the heart. Every one of your organs has a corresponding crystalline energy center in your endocrine system (glands) sending either electric or magnetic frequency signals that are received in a co-responding way by the soul.
“The soul then refines or declines the signals, and sends a co-responding signal back to the physical body.
“This system is meant to be eternal, but in the human body, the cells are attacked by free radicals, unattached oxygen electrons that are excess to requirements that attach themselves to other cells leading to their deterioration. When these cells are replaced by the process of apoptosis (cell replacement) these deteriorated cells are replace by new deteriorated cells that lead to ageing, and eventual death of the physical body.
“So the “glue” that attaches the soul to the physical body, is, firstly, the DNA in the body, and secondly, the energy transfer from the physical body through the various energy systems in the body and the soul, to the universal wave fields.
“There are 7 energy centers in the human body, but there are 15 energy centers in the soul body, because the signals the soul receives must also be “processed” though the soul of the earth (its secondary major energy center) and the sun (its primary major energy center). These energy signals are in the form of frequencies of light and sound, electric and magnetic waves.
The soul body is as much alive, if not more so, than the physical body. It has an identity and personality, and a very long history. I hope this gives you some understanding of how it works.”
I further interrogated aiamzir on this and discovered an elegant and cohesive system of energy between the universe, the soul and the physical body.
How is the soul body connected to the physical body?
In our DNA we have both genetic and “junk” DNA. Our genetic DNA contains our genetic (familial) history, and our “Junk” DNA contains our soul history.
As you can imagine, this history goes back thousands, if not millions of years.
Our DNA just contains information, like a computer program, both of the genetic and soul history.
So why doesn’t DNA get “information overload?”
When the soul leaves a body, the genetic history gets stored in the ackashic records, and the soul history gets echashic records. The “acka” is the physical domain, and “ecka” is the soul domain.
When a child is born, a soul being with a soul body contracts and agrees to fulfill and refine, not only its own soul, but of many souls that are connected to each other through their soul history, and so it gives personality to the foetus.
This soul being is responsible for the further soul evolution of the group of souls, as well as its own soul.
Unfortunately, these evolving souls’ identity is hijacked. They are given an identity that is not their own, and entered into a demonic system that harvests their soul energy, but I don’t want to digress with that, I would rather tell you how the universe works, so we may all break free from the lies we have been told here.

Why does the soul have 15 energy centers and the human body 7?

I guess this is the inevitable question.
The short answer is that the physical body is a construct of the soul body. In other words, the energy contained within the soul gives life to the physical body.
As the soul evolves it provides more “on body” physical centers.
In the lower domains of physical reality here that are contained within the 1st harmonic bandwidths of a reality system, 7 is the number of “man” or physical reality in the 1st harmonic.
As a soul evolves and progresses though the harmonic bandwidths the nature of physicality changes to semi-etheric in the 2nd Bandwidth, to etheric in the 3rd bandwidth. So the physical body goes from 7 to 8 and then 9 energy centers.
In the 4th bandwidth, physical reality ceases to exist as we know it here. Physicality becomes fluid and ever changing, like globules of mercury floating in space that emanate light and sound, and are able to shapeshift into any physical form they choose.
I know this may not make any sense but I am just telling it like it is.
So, would you like to know what a soul looks like?
It looks pretty much like you, or a plant or a tree, like a bird, or a lion, or an elephant, or an insect, or a fish or a whale or dolphin.
Souls are not distinguishable in physical form but the physical form is an expression of the underlying soul form.
We are surrounded by soul beings in different expressions of a multitude of souls.
If you really want to know how the universe works, you should understand this one thing.
Physical manifestation is just an expression of the underlying electric and magnetic energy, and its peculiar harmonic resonance that manifests in physical form.
Everything is connected to everything else. Separation is a peculiar human understanding that is a “lie from hell.” There is no separation. It is quite scientifically and logically impossible.
Until humans get this, they will have no understanding of how all things work together in a coherent and cogent way in the universe, and to their benefit if they choose.

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A lesson from my higher self

In my interactions with aiazmir I very often didn’t know what he was showing me. He was able to conjure up holographic 3D pictures in mid-air in response to questions I asked without telling me what I was seeing and what he was showing me. They were picture grams.
Of course, I was always stunned into silence by what I had seen and was dissolved into silence, and could not even ask questions, because my questioning would have been unreasonable and unintelligible, so we went through a process something like this.
We would be having a discussion of something, like the wave fields, for instance, and then he would remain silent afterwards and not explain what I had seen, and I had no idea what I had seen.
Then one day I asked him about this. “Why don’t you explain what you have shown me? All I see is colors and shapes and hear strange sounds.”
He looked at me compassionately and then said, “If you want to attach words in your language to what you have seen, then I cannot assist you, because your words are from a low vibrational understanding. You have to engage your imagination, and interpret what you have seen into words that you can understand. You are the interpreter. I am the shower, so you have to take responsibility for interpreting what I have shown you, and put that into your own words.”
This, at first, was maddening, but I became aware over time that I was continuously being guided to the answers for what I was being shown, thanks to the internet and the vast amount of information that exists.
I began to research each pictogram to understand what was being shown to me. I had to learn a lot of new stuff that had been foreign to me before, like electricity, magnetism, waves of light and sound and how they work, quantum physics and mechanics, physiology, biology, history, law, economics, and the laws of the universe, and slowly I was able to bring words and understanding to what I had been shown.
I now try to draw word pictures for others to try to understand as well, and I know it can be confusing because the way the universe actually works is quite opposite of what we have been taught and indoctrinated with.
Our words have an effect on our consciousness through our DNA, and putting words correctly as an explanation of how the universe works, will hopefully activate your DNA responses in a positive way.

The Soul has a particular resident, resonance tone

Through the processes I went through with aiazmir, I began to understand words, and sounds, and began to learn to listen to the sounds within me.
Words are just a means by which we are captured and enslaved here. Even our silences are filled with words, some representing thoughts and some representing emotions.
Our words have no meaning to the universe. What the universe hears are the resonance of our thoughts and emotions; our souls. It is not fooled by words.
So how does this work for us?
It is as clear as a bell. When a bell rings it resonates according to its design and will ring consistently at the same resonance. That is called integrity.
The trouble with our “bell ringing” here is that there is no consistency. We so easily attach to new ideas and thoughts and emotions, that we resonate different sounds to the universe that confuses the hell out of the messages we are sending.
What I have learned is to be consistently me whether in good or bad circumstances. Circumstances should not affect the resonance of our souls. Circumstances often try to bend or restrict our own authenticity of resonance. That is a trap.
Be who you are consistently, and refine your own resonance in confidence, because that is comprehensible to the universe, and will be met with a loving and kind response.
Have you ever been in a household that delivers consistency?
I haven’t, but I have seen families who do this and are rewarded with fulfilled lives.
My only means of creating consistency was to go within, discover what was there, to like who was there and eventually to love who was there.
I had to also recognize my own inconsistencies that were related to my familial inconsistencies. I tried to find it in other partners but couldn’t so I tread the path of the loner.
Fortunately, I, through this process, discovered my soul family, and I will be forever indebted to them.
Now that I have found and grounded myself into relative consistency, I can be integritous, and “ring like a bell”
Our inconsistencies arise because of the discrepancies we are taught and then experience, that are not aligned with our DNA.
Our DNA is intelligent. It contains information and when what we experience and are taught is not aligned to the DNA contained in our bodies it creates dissonance between the physical body and the soul body, so there is a communication gap and dissonance, and there is a communication breakdown.
That is why we can’t enter a satisfactory relationship with the universe, with each other and our environment.

The Universal Template

I have some good news. I have been cleared to tell you about the universal template, but to understand it going to be a challenge for all of us because it involves so many aspects of education that we have not been educated about.
In its essence the universal template is about geometry, of angles (angels) and form.
There are specific mathematical relationships between one form and another that are defined by the universal template.
The first thing to grasp is that nothing that appears in holographic reality is not part of a greater design. Everything is designed according to the purpose of the universal template.
The second thing to understand is that everything is part of the greater design and there is nothing that appears outside of this, except in distorted versions of the One design and I will get to this later.
The third thing to understand is the order of the universe. The universe is not chaotic, but it allows for chaos, because in the universe of order, it must allow for opposites and duality otherwise physical manifestation could not occur. Physical manifestation only occurs because the universe has made provision for it to occur. It creates both chaos and order, because both of these create manifest reality. It is just an expression of the Oneness that allows for the opposite to exist and to manifest itself in free will.
The fourth thing to understand is that the waves of light and sound create our physical form, based on the geometry of the universal template.

The soul is an energy construct
Yesterday I introduced some of you to the notion that mind is electrical and the heart is magnetic. I would like to explore this notion further so we understand the universal principles of energetics and how they work.
So today we are going to explore further the definition of mind as far as ir pertains to the energetics of the universe.
The truth is we are all double minded. There is the carnal mind that is indoctrinated with pre-thoughts; the voices in our heads telling us what to do, what our obligations and carnal responsibilities are, and directing our minds in a certain direction to achieve the goals of the indoctrinators here. This mind is not and cannot connect to the universal wave fields because these thoughts are pre-thoughts; the thoughts that come from others and our indoctrination here.
All these carnal thoughts are carefully scripted by the fallen ones so that our thoughts are pre-directed towards achieving their outcomes in our holographic experiences here.
When I speak of “mind”, I am not speaking of the carnal mind that is blocked with over-thought; too much thinking; too much pre-thought.
In our current paradigm we call our two minds the conscious and unconscious mind. When we are awake we are in a pre-scripted, indoctrinated mind. When we are asleep our minds are the unconscious mind, and this is the mind that connects us to the universal wave fields.
So the trick to learn is how to be consciously unconscious. This is very difficult and takes a lot of self-interrogation of our thoughts and where they come from; the carnal mind or the unconscious mind, I call the self-mind; those thoughts, imaginations that we experience when we are asleep.
I call this the state of “no mind”, where our thoughts, visualizations and imaginations are able to wander through the labyrinth of time and space unshackled and unfettered by pre-thought and are free.
Early on in my awakening, I was being ushered in dream state through the various aspects of universal consciousness that I marveled at, so I asked my mentor “Is this all a dream?”
He replied, “No this is how the universe works. In your current state on planet earth you are actually unconscious dreaming a controlled dream that is controlled by the fallen ones that doesn’t free your imagination or your thoughts. They are largely controlled where there possibilities and probabilities are managed by the indoctrination system there whereas the human mind is capable of amazing creativity and possibilities and probabilities.”
So the fallen ones conned us into thinking that what we consider to be conscious is actually unconscious and controlled by them. Hard to get your head around that one.

What you can do to help yourself through ascension

I am not through posting about the mechanics of ascension. There is still much to learn, for those who want this information. It is of no use if you have no understanding of the process and I have given enough information about the process and the mechanics for us all to understand the mechanics and the process but there is more to come.
Now, I will start providing you with the tools you need to navigate through this process.
The whole process and mechanics of ascension is about how energy works in the universe and being able to navigate through it.
We have the wherewithal to navigate through the universe but have never learnt to use it properly. Instead, we have allowed our soul being to be captured into a temporal reality designed to ensnare us. We are eternal beings and we can choose where and how we wish to spend this eternal state; either reincarnating our souls in the temporal reality created by demonic beings, or escaping it and regaining our position and status in a welcoming and loving universe.
The only way to engage with this information is by understanding our own invisible, but ever present thoughts and emotions, and learning to command them as navigating instruments. If we don’t command our own thoughts and emotions we are like a rudderless ship wandering around this planet and being commanded by others. We have to take back control and command of our thoughts and emotions. This is not easy because we are so thoroughly brainwashed here,
The starting point for me was to gain an understanding that “I am”. I puzzled over this for many years. What does this mean?
In the end I concluded through many interrogations of what this meant and had gotten to understand the universe as the expression of the One Soul.
“I am an eternal soul being within the expression of the greater One Soul. I have a right to be that expressions of the greater One Soul, and I choose to know that that means and I choose to be a part of the greater One Soul”
That was the greatest discovery I ever made. I could choose to opt out of this stupid temporal system, and I did, and that opened my mind and emotions to the discovery of the All-that-is, the greater One Soul.
I am the captain of this vessel I journey in, and I have taken responsibility for that, and to take responsibility for that, like all ship’s captains, I must know where my destination is, I must equip myself to get there, I must navigate my vessel through various waters, some still and some treacherous, and I have to command my vessel and crew, but the most important thing is to leave a seemingly “safe and comfortable port” and DO IT. That is where most of us flounder. We will not make the commitment to do it. Instead we flounder in the waters of complacency and mediocrity, afraid of the journey into the unknown.
So, how so we do it?
The vessel we command is not our physical bodies; it is our soul bodies, made of the energies of electric thoughts and magnetic emotions. Those are the oars we need to navigate our way and which we must command.
If we give over our thoughts and emotions to reactions to circumstances we lose control of our vessel, our souls, so by commanding them and not reacting to circumstances we remain in control of our vessel. Think of it as a journey of the soul navigating our way back home. Where the heart is, there is home.
The opposite of reactions is not non-action. The opposite to reactions is responding with love, kindness and all her sub-harmonics and recognizing that we are all souls who just want to go back home.
The soul body is a field of electromagnetic energy, populated by our thoughts and emotions. That is who we really are, and so are all the magnificent other manifest beings in our earth experience. We are all a part of the One Soul. We have just forgotten that and how it works.
Commanding our thoughts and emotions is a tough task and in order to do that requires us to “abandon ship” from the course we are following if it is not directing and navigating our soul vessel.
The physical world here is an illusion and fills our minds with thoughts and ideas and pre-conditioned thoughts, values and emotions, and “appropriate pre-conditioned” reactions to situations so we feel vindicated in our reactions that sometimes conflict with our genuine thoughts and emotions that fills us with remorse.
We have to take back command of that, and the only way to do that is to realize that there are controllers here who only wish “appropriate responses” that they designed.
Many of you know this already but I had to say this for others who may be uninformed. I am trying to help us all navigate out of this morass.
Most of the thoughts we have are pre-conditioned and designed to make us followers. We are largely a bunch of automatons following the dictates of others. These thought dictates and patterns are designed to enslave and control us.
Energetically, what this means is our thoughts are ring-fenced. We are unable to “think out of the box” so we limit ourselves.
Similarly, our emotions are ring-fenced, and held captive by “appropriateness”.
Knowing how to get out of the demonic system requires knowing how it works.
Whose thoughts and feelings are you processing, yours or others. Do you know how you think and which thoughts are your own? Do you know how you feel and which feelings are your own?
It takes a brave soul to have original thoughts and ideas, and recognize their own feelings, and to decide on which side of the fence they sit. Pre-conditioned or original.
We cannot defend the rights of others if we can’t defend our own rights, but worse still, if we do not know what our own rights are as universal soul beings.
In the universe, this is very clear. We are an eternal expression of all-that-is, the One soul, we have a right to be and we have a right to express that however we choose but the universe will moderate that with “karma”, that is taking responsibility for that expression if it does not benefit all in the One Soul. There are no individuals in the universe but just individuated expressions of the One Soul.

The stupidity of believing

I would like to explain to you why believing in anything is stupid.
The whole notion of belief can create duality, and uncertainty, and therefore insecurity. The reason is because believing requires optionality. One either believes, or one doesn’t believe, so belief creates a division between those who believe and those who don’t believe, in whatever the thing is that is being believed.
Belief, in the universe, is meant to be held as an energy form based on knowledge of what is. It was never designed to create a way of life. It was meant to be a flexible and expanding form of energy as one’s knowledge grew. Beliefs are meant to change as one’s knowledge grows.
Can you see that when belief is combined with dogma and tradition, it creates an extremely limiting form of being? Dogma (a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true) when combined with belief, limits the expansion of knowledge and therefore beliefs, and that is why humans get stuck into believing, and create systems and religions based on limiting beliefs.
Humans have confused dogma with belief.
Belief is meant to be the energy one expresses in that point in time that one holds a belief, with the understanding that as one’s knowledge grows, one’s beliefs will change also. Beliefs are not meant to be cast in stone.
However, if beings with evil intent wish to capture the consciousness of humans they should create a system of limiting beliefs and they then capture the minds of believing humans. That has happened here on this planet.
Beliefs are meant to be like links in a tapestry that is woven to produce an expanding fabric. When those links are stifled, and knowledge is suppressed, then the fabric creates a repetitive pattern, and expansion is limited. Beliefs are meant to create the tapestry and not be stifled by it. When beliefs limit the creation of the fabric, they should be questioned, and discarded, if necessary.
The whole consciousness of believing on this planet is totally distorted from what it is meant to be.
If one looks at the etymology of the word belief, it is “belie (f)”. The whole notion of belief is meant to belie and undermine the believer. If one looks at the etymology of the word believer, it is “be (the) liver.”
If one simply looks at how belief on this planet has caused war, death, murder, rape, destruction, hatred, jealousy, anger, loathing, pride, greed, envy, manipulation, and a whole host of self-defeating systems of being, you will begin to understand how belief when combined with dogma (limiting beliefs) is a very destructive force on this planet.
Belief is meant to be an energy form that is meant to nurture and grow knowledge, so that the believer grows, and expands, into new knowledge, and tests and holds that knowledge until it is believable, and then begins to expand that knowledge and belief, into new beliefs and knowledge.
On this planet belief stagnates into systems of dogma that are divisive and limiting.
So I would encourage you to examine what you know to be true (you) and your beliefs.
When these two things; who you are and what you believe, are at odds with each other, go with who you are, and change your beliefs.
I put myself through a process of self-examination of examining what I believe in.
In the end it came down to this one thing.
I am, and I am what I am experiencing, and the experience I am having is caused by me, and I should take responsibility for that.
I exist. I am a conscious being in a human body. I am here on a planet called earth. I have other conscious beings that I share this planet with, and I should love and respect them too, as they are a projection of “I am”.
I don’t necessarily have to believe in anything. I just have to take responsibility for who I am and what I do and say.
I should learn of the nature of everything, and respect it, as it also is.
If I have one central belief, it is this. I am and I am irrevocably connected to all the other expressions of I am, out there. No other beliefs are necessary.
Belief is the way to either be one with the universe or to separate oneself from the universe. If some take the view that “belief” is cast in stone, and is not just a transformational energy form that is meant to change with the gaining of new knowledge, then it is like ice and water. They are made of the same thing but with a different temperature. Temperature is a also a function of energy.
As long as the temperature (energy) is held at below 4 degrees C, ice will be separate from the water though they are the same thing. As the temperature rises so will the melting and melding of the ice become water.
It works pretty much the same here. As long as beliefs are held as dogma, then the “temperature” remains in a low energy maintenance cycle to sustain the ice. When dogma’s are challenged and the knowledge of the universe is accepted and grows, so the ice of dogma melts and the ice can then become water again.
This is just an analogy, but I think it describes accurately how beliefs create a self-maintenance system, so as to sustain their current form, “ice”, by ring fencing ones beliefs, and setting them in stone, so as to maintain a system of beliefs that are self-defeating, and so prevents the ice from becoming water again.
I hope you understand this, but please ask questions. It is vital that humanity understands that we are the same energy form as the universe, but belief can prevent us from being one with the universe because we maintain our energy in the same substance but a different temperature, and prevent the metamorphosis from ice to water, and we do that by limiting beliefs.
Another effect of limiting belief is probability and possibility. If you enjoy roller coaster rides, you will probably understand this.
If one limits one’s beliefs to what is known only, then all other probabilities are blocked and can only be opened by intervention. This intervention can come from 2 sources. One is the controllers here, and the other is our higher selves.
The controllers here use “belief” to control and limit humans, so that natural probabilities and possibilities are “blocked”. This creates a collapsing spiral of energy, like a black hole.
In a sense, humans are limited to the beliefs of the controllers here and they become mini universes within the universe. The controllers set out to create their own mini universes within the universe, but found that in order to do this they have to find a source of energy that they can feed off.
That is where you and I come in. In order to feed off of our energy they need to cut us off from the universal probability and possibility lines so that we become immobile, and a ready “meal” for them.
So they created a limiting belief system here through religion and education so that humans became their feedstock. Limiting beliefs was their main weapon as these separated humans from their true nature (water in my previous post).

Changing from beliefs to knowing
More recently, our higher selves have been intervening here. In April 2013, they destroyed the Blank Slate Technology system created by the controllers here. They cannot, and do not, intervene directly here because they respect our own universal templates, and if they harmed that, they themselves would be harmed. I have explained this before so I hope you understand.
Our higher selves have created the energetic conditions for mankind to melt their beliefs and enter an expansionary phase, but it requires the volition (choice) of humans here.
This is going to take us by surprise, as there are many energetics like me, working to create the climate for change here, and the probabilities and possibilities offered will become endless.
All that humans have to do is stop limiting their potential probabilities and possibilities through limiting beliefs. This will require a period of examination of by all of the beliefs that limit them.
What was the process I entered into once I began to understand this, and it was radical for me at the time.
I began to develop a creed. What do I believe?
It began with, “do I exist, or am I just dreaming this experience?”
For me, personally, this was the most difficult question I had to answer, because at the time of awakening, nothing seemed “real” anymore.
This led me down the road of holographics and the nature of reality and as I began to understand the science behind this I became aware that my mind was being drawn into a path from which I may not be able to escape, once I discovered the truth. Truth has a habit of doing this. Once discovered it becomes irreversible and inescapable if one remains true to oneself.
So I made a choice. I would go headlong down this ‘rabbit hole’ and see where I landed.
Ironically, my next significant experience was a series of dreams, too “real” to discard them. I was now in the rabbit hole and there was no escape. If I dreamt something, it became apparent in my reality here. So I concluded I was having a dream about a dream. I had no idea that I had detached from the reality system here. I was only going to learn this later.
Then I had a dream about meeting “me”, my higher and pre-incarnational self on a planet called SiriusB. I figured I must be becoming insane, and was quite cool with that because it was so trippy and that is the way I wanted to depart this planet. My former beliefs had been seriously challenged and I was becoming a little weird.
Again, I had to make a choice. “Do I run back to the comfort of the life I was living, or did I go mad and go with this experience?”
By any standards, no one would understand what I was going through. It was pivotal and the point where I decided to go further down the rabbit hole. In every sense, I began to lose my mind, but at the time I decided, “What the hell, this is just a dream, so dream on. How crazy can a dream get?”
The truth for me is that it got a lot crazier. I was learning stuff from aiazmir daily. How to raise my energy fields for instance, and when I arrived home my light bulbs blew when I switched on the lights. My computer wouldn’t work. My car wouldn’t work. I burnt myself seriously, and 3 days later, I was completely healed. I realized that this was a seriously different experience of reality from what I was used to. I realized I had a lot to learn, and aiazmir was laughing his head off as I was going through all this. I was going mad and he was laughing.
Over the ensuing months, aiazmir taught me how it all works and it was nothing like I had been led to believe. I realized that I had been limiting the probabilities and possibilities of my experience of reality, and that I could co-create my own reality.
But of course, this required some serious thinking and introspection, and after this serious thinking and introspection, I would let aiazmir know what I had been thinking and introspecting about, and if I was on the right track he would engage with me seriously on the topic and if I was “off the radar” he would fall about laughing. This used to hurt my feelings, but he was toughening me up to face my own stupidity, and I was very stupid at times, and still at times. I leant that it was OK to be stupid, and facing my own stupidity led me into greater understanding that I was not be going to be stupid about everything all the time.
You can be stupid about some things some of the time, but to be stupid about everything all the time is, well frankly, stupid.

Beliefs limit possibilities and probabilities

The truth is there is a universe of probability and possibility out there and these unlimited probabilities and possibilities are being limited by belief.
If we wish to enter into the corridors of unlimited probability and possibility, we have to detach from limiting beliefs.
I cannot pre-determine how you can do this. There is no recipe for success, but I will offer some guidelines how I worked my way through this.
I can warn you that it gets very weird and crazy, and challenges everything that we believe.
There are some things that you should cling onto that are true. They are that you are, and you should build on that and what that means. You being, is inviolate in the universe. The right to be for conscious beings is the most powerful experience we will ever have. From that probability all possibilities emerge.
So the only thing I could believe in and from which all my other beliefs emerged is, I am, and from that emerged my choice as to how I chose to express that. That is also a choice we all face.


I enjoy biographies and have read the biographies of many actors, some of whom were stars but they had little acting talent and just played themselves in all their roles, but had good looks, and others who were exceptional at the craft of acting, and understood their craft well.
Two abilities that really distinguished great actors from the stars was an ability to “become” the characters that they played, and “get into, and stay on character” in their roles. Their second great ability they have is to listen and see, and interact fluently with their surroundings and other actors.
Very few of us realize that we are just actors, yet all around me I see actors who don’t know how to act. We are bit players and extra’s on a movie script that someone else created and so we play our part in this elaborate movie, the movie of our lives. We don’t know the script and who wrote it and we won’t dedicate our time to writing our own script, producing our own movie of our lives, or acting with others.
We are all just “stars”, and accept that, without developing our own skill to write, produce and direct our own movie, the movie we are all involved in is just an acceptance of control over us.
What we are involved in is just a hologram, a movie. That is the reality field, or matrix, we find ourselves in, but we give over our will to circumstances that we perceive is beyond our ability to change.
That goes against all principles and laws of the universe.
An, “I don’t know”, is equivalent, as far as the universe is concerned to, “I don’t want to know.” As far as the universe is concerned, this is neither accepting responsibility nor culpability, and the only solution in the universe is black hole status, a failure to progress in one’s soul evolution, and a revolution of the soul.
To those who are fastidious students of their own soul evolution I would advise them;

1. Recognize who you are in the universal scheme of things.
2. Recognize your right to be. If you are, you are nothing short of god, the All Oneness.
3. Stop buying into the script of others who want to impose their script on you.
4. Write your own script of what you want to experience that is your sovereign right to do,
5. Act in accordance with your own script. If you don’t know how to do this, learn.
6. Accept full responsibility and culpability for that.
7. And when your hologram begins to change take no credit for that you are simply doing what you were meant to do.
8. Grow in knowledge of how things work in the universe
9. Never give up. Don’t give up your right to be who you are,
10. Learn who you are, write your own script, and stay in character of who you are, and see and listen to others around you.

Active meditaion

Here’s something that I am going to posting about quite a lot lately and that is meditation, or as I call it “active meditation”.
Most people think of meditation of going into a quiet tranquil place within and there is a place for that and is necessary sometimes.
As I was trained, meditation was of little value to the soul. It satisfies the mind but not the soul.
I was trained that meditation, active meditation, was meant for re-connecting the soul body with the physical body, and not just for calming the emotions and the mind (our thoughts) and it can sometimes be quite raucous and noisy.
So, I spent many hours connecting my soul body to my physical body through active meditation.
When I first experienced this, I had not idea what was going on. I was being guided by mentors whose only interest was in raising my frequency to prepare me for the work I had to do here so many of the active meditations went sailing over my head, at the time.
They taught me later what I had been doing that I did in good faith at the time and sometimes a little faith can move mountains.
I have never posted about this before.
There are ways we can connect our soul bodies to our physical bodies and it is all about how energy works in the universe and there is a divine template on which it works.
I’m going to take you on a course of active meditation for those who want to pay attention. It will take quite a few posts and I don’t want to confuse anybody or cause energy overload to anybody so read, discern, and take your time to absorb this.
The purpose of active meditation is to reconnect the physical body to the soul body. It is not to be confused with the quiet meditation that draws one into a space of tranquility that calms and quietens the heart and the mind so that one can connect with one’s inner self for self-evaluation and introspection.
Active meditation involves 3 things. Visualization and intention, toning and sound and breath and how one breaths and how one uses one’s breath to create an energy impulse from the physical body to the soul body.
The soul body is an energy field in, and around, our physical bodies. It has many layers of differing ranges of frequency and vibration, and this energy is both electrical and magnetic, and draws its pulse from the pulse of the earth called the Schumann resonance.
Sound waves are the manifestation in our manifest reality of that part of the magnetic field of energy around us. Light waves are the manifestation in our manifest reality of that part of the electric field of energy around us. Our soul energy.
Our soul body has 3 primary connections to our physical bodies. They are, in no particular order of importance, the heart, the mind (thought the pineal gland) and the lungs (the thymus gland). The heart is the magnetic/sound center. The mind is the electrical center. The lungs are the rhythm center.
So in active meditation, we use the electric (the pineal gland in our brain), magnetic (the feeling heart) and rhythm centers of our physical bodies to connect to and communicate with our soul bodies.
It is quite important to understand this because I may use the terms light, mind, thought and electric energy inter-changeably, or sound, heart, emotions, and magnetic energy inter-changeable as well, so it is best you acquaint yourself with the terminology and which aspect of the spectrum they represent.
The reason they are the same but manifest differently will become more apparent but suffice it to say that this is how light and sound waves step down their soul energy into the manifest physical reality of heart and brain, that gives the heart and brain the abilities to coherently respond with emotion and thoughts.
There is a constant inter-change of energy signals between the physical body and the soul body, and active meditation is about learning how to consciously, coherently and intentionally command this exchange.

Do we think with our Brains?

Humans have the misconception here that their brains think. Our brains do not think. They are just processors like the pre-programmed ROM, read only memory, in our computers. The universe thinks. We don’t think.
All we do is have the ability to make choices. It is called volition or free will which is a misnomer here because from the moment we are born here we are bought and paid for into a slavery system, and the way out is the way in through our imagination and visualization and to connect to the universal mind where all knowledge and thought comes from.
Dr Erik Kandel won the Nobel Peace Prize in the year 2000 in Medicine and Physiology and later wrote a book, “In Search of Memory” that I read in one sitting sometime almost hoping that he would have found where our memories reside in our physilogy. At the end of the book, tears filled my eyes. This great man had meticulously followed scientific protocol of research for 30 years and in the end concluded that we only have the ability to store short term memory in the hippocampus in our brain, and he had no solution for where long term memory is stored. I honor him for that.
Thought and memory are universal phenomena. It is sometimes called the “god mind” where our incarnational memory is stored in the Ackashic records and our soul memories are stored in the Eckashic records.
There is a “one mind” out there that we should aspire to reconnect to, where all knowledge and information is stored. That is the “mind” that is the universal mind.

Active meditation!

I would like to describe the spectrum of emotions and how they work in the universe.
If you know anything about magnetics you will have observed that magnets have opposite polarities and that magnets have drawing and repulsion properties.
Likewise emotions have the same properties. They go from the one polarity of love to the opposite polarity of fear and they also draw or repel the opposite polarity of thoughts.
Magnets don’t only attract or repel other magnets (emotions), they also draw and repel electric (thought) energies.
Probably no one has ever told us that at the center of the magnet there is a zone that is neutral that neither draws or attracts opposite polarities. It is neutral.
What this implies is that magnets are useful in attracting or repelling opposite polarities of both thoughts and emotions.
In other words, emotions are a very powerful way we can either draw or repel.
Magnetic and electric waves together are what create what we call gravity. The one works off the other. If only our scientists understood this.
So I am going to suggest to you that the way to use this powerful energy is to understand how magnetics (emotions) work.
In active meditation, one has a responsibility to understand these mechanics and to responsibly use them to either draw or repel what is desired from what is not.
The trick is to learn to be in neutrality emotionally and only to use magnetic (emotional) power wisely when required.
One of the biggest lies on this planet is that “we should let it all hang out” and just from one of the greatest powers they possess, their emotions.
Emotions, if used wisely, are very powerful but when used responsibly together with its opposite polarity of universal mind is just wow!
The information humans receive here through education and indoctrination is largely false information.
The information we receive is largely designed to keep us enslaved in a system that designs our thoughts and emotions in order to confuse the mind and the heart because when we look at how perfectly designed nature is, it confuses us because it works and is magnificently sculpted, and the information and indoctrination we receive is also deigned to separate us through gender, race, culture, religion, language, nationalities and philosophies.
All these differences and confusion add up to a people divided against themselves and each other. The fallen ones are pretty smart aren’t they to have devised this system?
Well, I know that the information I offer doesn’t appeal to everyone. I accept that.
I have been posting about how the universe actually works since 2006 and have gathered a fair amount of attention, and I thank those who have the patience and “innerstanding” to go down that rabbit hole.
The universe is a field of creative electric and creative magnetic waves and how they work together to create reality fields (holograms) that we have our conscious experiences in.
So we have two realities. The one is the experiential reality, the hologram, and the other is understanding how the wave fields work that has never been explained to us and the fallen ones never want us to learn about or their reign of terror here would be over.
So I am going to explain how they work, again.Active meditation!

My last post dealt with some background that I hope will create the “hooks of innerstanding” so you next understand what I will tell you.
The universe consists of waves of electric (thought/mind) and magnetic (emotion/heart) energy. The universe is so designed and is complex but not complicated. It works.
When doing active meditation, I am aware that I, through my choices am, connecting to these universal waves through my thoughts and feelings. That is how we connect to the universal mind and the universal heart.
This implies that I have to take responsibility for my thoughts and my emotions. We are not trained to do that here so it is very difficult but once you get some understanding of how this works, it is a lot easier.
We can either stomp on a beetle, or pick it up and admire it and send it our love. We all have a shared experience, so we have a choice to offer love and admiration or be destructive. That is the whole point of the universal construct, to go out into reality fields and refine our choices. The universe expands and contracts, and that is how soul beings, us as conscious soul beings, evolve. It is all about our choices.
The one thing that I have found to be very contentious among humans is the notion that we can make a choice about our feelings, particularly among women but also men too.
“I can’t help how I feel,” I have often heard and this is true because we don’t get into the driver’s seat of our own sovereignty, because it was designed so by the fallen ones to be so, to feel helpless and unable to control how we feel, when all it takes is new choice, not to react in a way we are educated, indoctrinated and conditioned. The height of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. We have to take back our soul sovereignty and make new fundamental choices based on the universal principles and the Law of One.

Active Meditation!

So how does this all work in the universe? I will describe it as it was described to me by my mentors.
There are two central waves of energy that emerge from Source.
The one is “Love” (emotion/magnetic) and the other is “I” (electric/identity). The one is magnetic and the other electric.
As they move out from Source and go further into space, they begin to sub-divide into sub-harmonics of themselves as the universe expands and have a causal effect of creating reality fields where they intersect and diffuse into different expressions of themselves. These multiple intersections and diffusions cause shapes based on the frequency of these waves, as well as creating soul identities; conscious soul beings, expressions of Source.
These waves coagulate together into specific harmonic order to create reality fields. How do they do that?
These waves, once they are become soul beings after intersection and diffusion, they become consciously aware and able to observe and once they are able to observe through conscious awareness they create a particle form of their wave expression, so they are both particle, manifest form and wave form at the same time.
These interesting particles, we call quanta, cause a field of energy we call a quarks (standing scalar waves) that begin to rotate around a neutral nucleus, to cause atoms that begin to vibrate because of their spin speed that create things we call molecules (that hold the identity of the original waves) that create cells, and hey presto, we have manifest reality, and it is caused by the universal wave fields.
So active meditation is about understanding this system and how it works. When we step out of the matrix, we have to take back love and the identity of who we are as soul beings in the universal order of things.
I have basically explained how creation works and it’s not too difficult to understand and as I have said, it is complex, but not complicated. It works very well.


I had a strange and significant experience when I was about 19. I had other experiences there that taught me many life lessons.
I was an avid hiker, and vowed to hike the Drakensberg, in South Africa from top to bottom before I died.
I would go every other weekend and hike the Drakensberg, observing each and every aspect of the twists and turns of Mother Nature. The fauna and flora, the shapes of every landscape, and wondered at the hidden history that it all represented.
I was a real fan of mountain hiking, and still long for the beat of my boots along a mountain trail.
One day, when I had traversed a particularly difficult incline of a few hundred feet at an 80 degree angle (I didn’t always stick to recommended pathways), and fell exhausted in a field of sparse grass. Plants don’t grow very high at that altitude, and fell asleep.
What awoke me was the movement of something close to me. I opened my eyes and close to me was a piece of grass, and there was an ant climbing up its stalk. My awakening had seemed to stall its ascent, so I found myself eyeballing an ant.
We stared at each other for a while then it decided to continue its journey up the stalk.
In that moment, I was transfixed, realizing that I could either squash this ant or just observe it. I am glad I chose the latter.
It moved up the stalk then moved down, and as it descended, it stopped at the same point that we had stared at each other before, as if asking my approval for it to continue. I smiled at the ant and it continued.
Over the years I have often asked myself, “How can an ant teach you such an important lesson?”
We can often squash the progress of others that we perceive as lesser than ourselves, or we can smile and let them on their way.
I had no idea of what happened to my “ant friend” but I knew what it had taught me.
There is no greater or lesser among us. There is just what is, and we can get along, if we just respect each other’s pathways.

The Intelligence of Ants
I have a great relationship with ants.
Two years ago, I had an ant “problem “in my kitchen. The ants seemed to be everywhere devouring every crumb of food that was left on my kitchen counter and particularly, my preparation counter. They seemed to be everywhere. It was, at first, annoying.
I thought about this and just observed them and decided that I would not resist them but rather feed them. I bought a jar of honey and punctured a hole in the top and lay it on its side on my window sill.
It took them about 9 months to devour all the honey, but there were no ants in my kitchen during that time.
When I weighed up the cost of all the recommended “ant disinfecANT” sprays and disinfecANTs”, I decided that feeding them was cheaper than destroying them.
Now I don’t have ants anywhere in my kitchen but I kinda miss them. I love ants.Awakening the Mentor

Some people have been asking me about the soul body and the light body, and asking me to post how to activate the merkabah.
I have in the past made reference to the light and soul bodies and the merkabah.
However, I am reluctant to post about how to activate them, as for some reason, I feel that this too solemn a journey to be undertaken alone and on this stage and forum.
When I went through that process I was accompanied by a mentor, and a friend, both of whom were very important in the process.
For me it was a profoundly life changing experience, and I would not have survived it emotionally without a mentor and a soul connected friend who was voluntarily going through the process with me.
You may have some inexplicably strange experiences, like I did. You may think you are losing your mind, as I did. Your whole understanding of what life is will change, as mine did.
I would not advise that you to go through that alone, because the nature of the experience is such that the meaning is lost without the reflections (the mirror) of a mentor and a friend, because they help to ground the information and the energy of what it represents into the soul’s energy fields (the aura).
I can give you detailed information of how it works but I cannot give you, or have your experience, as that belongs to you, and you should take ownership of, and responsibility for that.
When you truly do, that which you seek will be immediately apparent to you, like when you look in a mirror, what do you see?
We are the solutions we seek. It is all within us, we just have to do some housekeeping within and know what belongs where and how the energy works.
Where do you find your mentor?
It’s a funny thing but you are your own mentor but it is that higher part of you in other dimensions and he/she sits on your right shoulder. So awakening the awareness of the mentor is the first thing you have to do. This might help.

Become like water – Bruce Lee

Many years ago, I think it was around 2005, when I was in the process of waking up, I saw a video of Bruce Lee where he made the statement that “we should be like water”.
At the time, I had no idea what he was talking about so I asked aiazmir if there was any significance to that statement.
He looked at me with that quizzical look as if to say, “Will you never get it?” and then in his usual way answered my question with a question to make me more observant and cognizant.
“What do you know about water?” he asked.
I thought about it for a while and then answered, “I know that water is made up of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen.”
“Go on,” he said, “What else do you know about water?”
I thought some more, and then said, “Sometimes water is liquid when it is at an ambient temperature, and sometimes it is ice when it is cooled, or steam when it is heated up.”
“Go on, “ he encouraged me.
“Well! All living things on this planet require water to survive; the plants, insects, birds, fish animals and humans are all dependent of water.”
“Where do you find water?” he asked.
I figured that this was a leading question, so I thought about it some more. “Ah!” I exclaimed. ”About two thirds of the earth is covered by water. About 80% of our bodies is water. It is everywhere. Sometimes in small particles that create humidity and sometimes dense like rain, or ice and snow.”
“So what do you think Bruce Lee meant by his statement?” he asked.
“Well I’m not sure,” I stated. “Perhaps he meant, and he said this, we should be formless, like water, neither liquid, or steam and cloud, or ice and snow. Perhaps we should be more adaptable, and in service to all things. We should realize that water is the sustainer of all living things. Water is everywhere, in the rivers, the sea, the clouds, the atmosphere, in the snow and ice, in our bodies, in fact, we are water.
“Water transcends form and is intelligent, not human intelligence but universal intelligence, and is adaptable, and sustains life, so I suppose to be like water means to be at one with all things and in service to others. We should flow, like water.”
“Good,” he said, “You have answered your own question but only because you asked the question. Keep asking questions, because the answers are always preceded by an intelligent question. Ask an intelligent question and the answer is revealed if you pay attention, you just have to keep on asking the questions. You need no teacher or leader. You are your own teacher and leader, just keep questioning.”
Questioning is the way of the awakening being, so keep asking questions.


I don’t expect that many of you will understand this but I will try to explain this in a way that you might understand it, and it concerns the CERN hedron collider in Switzerland that cost R 7,8 billion to construct and employs about 2,500 physicists from around the world.
I won’t go into what they are doing as this is well documented but what I would like to address is what they don’t know about what they are doing.
They are projecting protons around a 17 mile circular pathway, and they are monitoring and observing what happens to these protons at higher and higher speeds, as they spin around this circular tube undergound.
As the split hole experiment showed particles (of which a proton is one such particle) when observed is a particle form and when not observed, it is a wave of energy, as I have explained many times before.
So when interjecting in the wave patterns by interfering with particles, scientists, like all of us, can change wave patterns, except these idiots are doing it on a grand scale.
Ultimately this can only create interference in the universal wave patterns that can have the affect of changing particle form and thus interfere with the hologram (or movie) we are observing.
So while they are observing their proton particle spinning around their hedron collider, they are interfering with the waves of energy and affecting changes in our manifest particle world, that they may or may not be observing, like weather changes, earthquakes, the tilting of the earth’s magnetic poles.
Their nano particle protons that they are spinning around the hedron collider may have unintended consequences.
They are experimenting and we are the experiment and the experiment is this.
The hedron collider can affect wave patterns, and the wave patterns affect human experience of their outer, observed reality.
Do they understand this, or are they trying to create a way to control our outer experiential reality by affecting the wave fields.
You decide.
I can say with absolute confidence that the purpose of CERN is to control human consciousness, and the subject of their experiment is us, and the end purpose of this is control on human consciousness. It is just an experiment and we are the subjects of this experiement.
I guess they didn’t count on my understanding of the universal wave fields to expose what they are doing. They have a few surprises headed their way.

Cutting the roots.

I have recently read the biographies of Jim Morrison of the Doors, and am now reading the biography of Kurt Cobain, of Nirvana fame.
What has struck me about them both is how there early familial backgrounds affected them in later years, and haunted them, until their ends.
It conjured up many images and remembrances of my own early childhood, and how that had once affected and haunted me.
I remember thinking deeply, as an adult, about this one Sunday night many years ago. I was in a lot of turmoil and compromised by my family.
At the time there was a psychological environment that said, we are products of our environment. I baulked at this notion and refused to accept that, and thought that there must be another way. Surely, one can self-determine one’s own destiny?
My solution was to cut the root of my family tree and to no longer be “a product of my environment”, and to find my own identity, separated from the “environment” that I was brought up in.
Now I have a sibling, my brother, Kevin, who has been “dumped on me” by his family when he had a hip replacement operation, and is living with me. Initially, I had told his wife, Paddy, that I could accommodate him for 3 weeks (that was in November), as that is what I am allowed in terms of my lease in the commune I live in.
He left after 4 weeks to go spend christmas with his sons in Durban, and I thought that that was the end of that.
Instead, after new year he called me and said, “I am coming home tomorrow.” I said, “But this is not your home.” He ignored that and showed up at my door the next day. Obviously I had not cut the roots deep enough.
He is still squatting with me.
In a sense, I am both fascinated and appalled by this.
I am fascinated by the fact that he assumes that his “home” is with his brother, his sibling, but I am appalled by the fact that his wife, sons and daughter have abandoned him
This got me thinking about the conundrum that we all face.
In our old age, as parents of, now economically active children, what right do we have to expect our children to support us?
Our former mistakes come back to haunt us, don’t they, and our earlier mistakes haunt our children.
Should the solution not be for us to re-evaluate and re-educate ourselves, and to begin to take full responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, words and actions in every thought, feeling, word and action, from an age when we can accept that responsibility.
At some stage we all need to take this responsibility for ourselves, but how do you deal with loved ones who have no sense of responsibility? It is not your fault. The fault lies with them but how do you get them to recognize that?
Although we might share a genealogical relationship with someone, we mostly don’t know their soul history, so cutting the genealogical roots are to be balanced with an understanding of the soul genealogy of the being, and when cutting the genealogical roots, we can deal with living souls in our families.
There is a difference, so get your axes out and start chopping away or you may end up like Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain. Haunted by your past and unable to deal with your present.

Defeating the fallen ones

The first thing to know about the fallen ones is that they were once higher dimensional beings, some even call angels, although they have no idea what that means.
I have described before the evolutionary journey that all conscious soul beings undertake on their own soul evolutionary journey, and how we pass from one conscious form to another as we accrue a higher frequency that changes our form from one form to another (cymatics) to another and how we progress through the various harmonic universes of harmonic frequencies, to become the form we currently experience.
Well the trick to learn about the fallen ones is they rebelled against this system of soul evolution and soul integration and recognized that they could energize themselves by feeding off the energy of the universe by feeding off lower dimensional beings and they try to create an alternative universe. What a dumb bunch.
When they did this and various religious books to describe it as the fall of satan but they don’t tell you what this means.
What It means is that these fallen ones have no power. Their only “power” comes from deception, lies and trickery (magic) and they feed off the ignorance and energy of others.
They are a bunch of “woozies” who have no power except their ability to deceive, lie and trick. They are wanton bunch of bundled energy that only draws energy from others, and they are the rulers of this world by deception, lies and trickery.
They prey off human ignorance, and have been deceiving humans here by setting up systems here that deceive, lie and pull tricks.
They rely on their own self-importance and their skill at deceiving, lying and trickery and they gaily feast off human energy every second of every day because humans so easily submit to their deception, lies and trickery.
Well, there time has come, and the many soul warriors here know what they have been doing and we are going to get them the hell out of here, and I will tell you how.

Defeating the fallen onesIf deception, lies and trickery are the only arms in their armoury how did the fallen ones capture human consciousness here. How did they get into this position?
There is a long history to this and it is best we understand the history. What I will share with you was what I was told by aiazmir, from an energetic perspective that seemed to correlate with many others who have written about this or have made video’s with this information.
This planet has a long history and in the early years prior to the year 26,000 BC, humans was in control of this planet. Earth was a beautiful, vibrant and thriving planet, connected to the universal energies, and trading between earth and its neighbors was very active, and they welcomed a cosmopolitan group of extraterrestrials to our cities and even our homes. Atlantis and Lemuria still existed and earth’s leaders were still in existence. The earth landscape looked quite different than it does today.
The human angelic leaders, at the time agreed to welcome a group of higher dimensional beings who appeared to be benign. They consisted of many different shapes and forms but their leaders were reptilian and dracos in form and they were welcomed and offered sanctuary here. They wanted to buy gold (and I will later explain why) but they had nothing of material value to offer in exchange, but they could offer technologies from higher dimensional perspectives.
The human leaders welcomed this and traded various technologies for gold with which the earth had in abundance for new technologies
Then this group, I will call them the annunaki, wanted to show their gratitude and told the earth human angelics that they could draw into earth’s orbit, a second large celestial body, a moon, that could provide extra light that could reflect the rays of the sun and provide extra illumination at night. The earth leaders agreed.
Little did the earth human angelics know that a diabolical plot had been brewing for thousands of years to capture all the planets in our solar system, and to turn it into an annunaki stronghold.

Defeating the fallen ones

I won’t go into the detail right now, but will post the detail later of the technique and technology that the annunaki used to achieve their goals. They had already established their blank slate technology through Venus, Mercury and Mars, and used directed magnetic pulse technologies to draw an asteroid from the asteroid belt that was once a planet before the annunaki destroyed it, and their goal, they told the humans here was to place this asteroid in a precise orbit around the earth, like the moon. They lied.
Instead the asteroid collided with earth and wiped the continent of Atlantis from the face of the earth. This cataclysm resulted in the tilting of earth’s rotational spin from its magnetic alignment thus separating it from the natural energetic flows through the planets in our solar system from the sun.
It also resulted in the cooling of the earth that caused the Ice Age.
They also activated their blank slate technologies that wiped out the memories of humans, who suddenly lost their ability to telepath, and couldn’t remember who and what they were, and they scattered into caves to avoid the cold and lived underground to avoid the cold but most died together with most animals and creatures on the surface of the planet.
Many humans lived in caves during the ice age and when the earth’s temperature normalized, humans began to emerge from the caves and were rounded up by the annunaki, and there followed about 10, 000 years of genetic experimentation on the angelic humans to make their physiology denser and physically stronger so that they could work in the mines to produce gold, silver, precious metals and other minerals for the annunaki.
The annunaki also decided that humans should never discover the truth about who the annunaki were or the truth of their history, and vowed together on pain of death never to reveal the truth to humans. Instead they created belief systems based on lies and half-truths that formed the basis of the early pagan religions here, and they told the humans these lies that most humans still believe today. Their rule by deception worked very well.

Defeating the fallen ones

At first the annunaki let the early humans see them as they were, dragons and reptilian forms and presented themselves as the gods of this world, and humans believed it.
They created mythologies and star and planetary gods but as their stories evolved they could see that humans were terribly confused and often this confusion led to rebellion, riots and strikes, that led to a reduction in the production in the mines, so they knew that thy would have to concoct and new doctrine that humans could believe and thus they concocted a more monotheist belief system with the one god, the sun, and a second, selectively distributed belief system in a satanic religion.
Those who believed in the satanic system were drafted into the slave keeper class and became the slave keepers and captains of the ship, but they had to keep their beliefs “under wraps” and not let the slaves know. Thus the ruling class were born, but more about this later.
This sun god was born of a virgin on the 25th December, 3 days after the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere where he resurrects life. The sun god also dies 3 days after the summer solstice in the summer solstice and so birth, death and resurrection played an important part in the belief systems the annunaki indoctrinated humans with.
If one researches the various mythologies of the Greeks, Romans, Vikings, etc and the histories of all the religions, one can find the stamp of the annunaki, “The gods are outside of you and you must believe in them,” whereas the truth is we bear the universal imprint and template of god within our souls that the annunaki do not want us to discover or know about.
How come humans struggle to survive yet nature flourishes without an education? Humans believe but nature knows what’s inside of them.

Defeating the fallen ones

So what are the fundamental teachings of the fallen ones that created this powerful satanic energy on this planet?
Their number one teaching to their human minions who formed and became a part of their energy gestalt here and became the slave keepers, and who co-operated with them was to predate and become a predator on others weaker than themselves was through manipulation, exploitation and sacrifice ot their flesh and eating it as a symbol of the power of their beliefs and domination over others.
All of this was done through secrecy and identifying those who had nothing to lose because their soul energy was so compromised that all they had to gain was dominion over earth beings. Their DNA was so compromised that they had no hope in hell of ascension and all that was left to them was dominion over a tiny planet in the solar system, and the inhabitants thereof.
In a sense they were replicating their own position of self-imposed destruction of their soul essence for a few temporal rewards by being predators on other soul beings.
So these predator minions, satanists, will gain a few moments of temporal and carnal glory at the expense of their own eternal salvation.
So all of these predators created a predatory system where they could extract as much of human energy as they could. They used law contrary to the law of One and created maritime law, the law of the sea, and discarded and created a new “person” in their law they called a corporation or company, whose role was to exploit human consciousness and further drag humanity away from the earth consciousness and into the predatory lies of mystical corporations that would provide humanity with solace and material benefits, where the most powerful and tentacled corporations are owned by a handful of satanists. Nice one Charlie.
They created an economy based on money where they had the license to print as much as they wanted and could lend for interest through their reserve banking system and predated on humans where the humans were the value that create the money based on their ability to repay.
They operate on mostly the higher echelons of society and parade their material wealth as if it has any value at all compared to the eternal value we hold in our own soul templates.
So what do these satanic beings do on a day-to day basis?

Defeating the fallen ones

So what do these satanic beings do on a day-to-day basis, as they live among us?
There main goal is secrecy in order to deceive. They are driven by secrecy from human consciousness and awareness by pain of death and we have examples of those who dared to tell their secrets who suddenly and mysteriously died. No Satanist that I am aware of has lived to tell the tale.
I have over the years accumulated a lot of information about them. When I was in my early 20’s a high school friend came to visit. He had been drawn into their web of darkness and deceit. He told me about his experiences that, at the time, I found incredulous but he hoped that I could lead him to some kind of salvation. I listened intently, but it made no sense to me, then.
He told me that at first it was a drug experience and he thought it was cool, so he got his drugs and chicks for free but it led to sacrifices of animals and drinking their blood and in his drugged out state he was “cool” with that.
Then one night he went to their temple that was actually a church where the vestiges of Christianity were draped in black material, and it was attended by many suits of higher station, like doctors and lawyers and people of “higher station”, and women finely clad in jewellery and fashioned robes and everything was as usual, but then they brought in a human baby who was crying, and he said everyone else laughed and clapped and the more this baby cried the more their crescendo of clapping and laugher grew.
The baby was stabbed with a knife by the satanic priest and held aloft for all to see, their blood falling to the floor. At this stage my friend said he vomited. He said that this baby was dismembered and passed to the “congregation” to eat.
At that stage he left with his girlfriend and they fled.
As he recounted this story to me my heart sunk and I was totally nonplussed and I found this story totally unreal.
He left soon after and was found dead two weeks later of “multiple organ collapse.”
This information made no sense to me then but it does now.
There is a coven of satan activity going on all around us but we are too shocked to acknowledge it. I was, then and went to my shell of cognitive dissonance and forgot all about it, until I learnt the truth.
The trick is to recognize the predators.

Defeating the fallen ones.

This series is primarily about how to defeat the fallen ones. I cannot condense into a few posts the long history related to this. I expect and hope that you will do your own research on this.
In the end, it is an energetic war and an information war because the energies of light and sound carry information. Just look at your TV and listen through your cellphones. Light and sound carry information.
We live in an information highway and just like there is an internet, there is also an intranet (our own private thoughts and feelings) and an “ultranet” (the universal sound and light fields that exist in the universe) and they are beginning to harmonize so that the information within begins to resonate with the information without and above.
It is up to us to discern and understand this information in harmony with what we think and feel within, with what we observe around us and what we know from observation of nature.
Deception is only possible if facts are veiled by lies, so it is up to us to gain knowledge of truth. And that is our personal responsibility. On this planet, this more easily said than done because we have a long history of being lied to, deceived and tricked.
The good news is that the truth is being revealed within us. Just pay attention to this new information. It is coming down in loads.
The greatest argument that the fallen ones created here was whether humans were good or bad and they have kept up this argument going for thousands of years. They created religions that tell us we are bad but if we believe in their gods (them, the fallen ones) we will become good, and so many humans follow this path.
They never created the argument of do you exist, and if you do, who are you, what are you doing here, and who are all these people?
They keep us embroiled in their argument of whether we are “good or bad,” and create inherent systems around that keep us embroiled in an argument that makes no sense.
The point of being is not whether I am good or bad, but whether we can begin to recognize who we are and what we will do with that.
It is not what I believe that is important but who I am, and the legitimacy of being that is important and what I do with that.
The fallen one’s system has worked for them for a long time but all is takes is for humans to recognize that, “I am” that will break the back of their system.
The argument is not about whether I am good or bad but rather whether “I am” and how do I express that.
Those who recognize their “I am” will begin to master their own destiny outside of the argument that was created by the fallen one’s.
It will no longer be a question of whether I am good or bad, but rather a question of who am I, what am I doing here and who are all these people?
When we ask the right questions, the answers will appear. That’s the way the universe works.

Defeating the Fallen Ones

What do lies, deception and trickery do to human consciousness?
It fragments human consciousness. What this means is that it confuses the human rational mind because facts don’t “hang together” as they would in a rational world, so the human mind is kept guessing, is highly confused and largely ignorant of the truth.
This is becoming less so, to a degree, in our current time because we have access to the internet and can do our own research and begin to connect the dots on our own, and begin to make some sense of this stupid system we have been offered as a reality system. In my own case, my feeling is that aiazmir would not have been able to do with me and communicate with me in de-fragmenting my own mind, if it had not been for the internet. He always demanded that I do my own research first, after each interaction with him, to improve the agility of my rational mind in putting all the puzzle pieces together, so that eventually all the pieces of the puzzle fell into plae and I could make sense of the bigger picture.
However, those who accept the usual narrative of their indoctrination and brainwashing will remain confused and ignorant.
From an energetic perspective this system not only fragments the rational mind but it also plays havoc with the feeling heart and so our thoughts and feelings bounce around our head and hearts like “flubber balls.”
The physical universe is a time space continuum where everything is interconnected and all those interconnections make rational and emotional sense.

Defeating the Fallen Ones

How did the fallen ones get us into this condition?
It’s a long story and even goes back to before the earth came into being, but I don’t want to get into that too much. Earth was once a part of another much larger planet in another solar system that was blown up and its fragments “fell” or were attracted into an orbit around our sun that are now the planets in our solar system, and from there earth began to evolve. That was the first “Fall”.
At that time many of the inhabitants of Tara who had previously been evacuated petitioned their new hosts to launch a rescue mission on these planets (fragments of Tara) so to some extent earth owes its present condition to what happened before on Tara. Their hosts agreed and this rescue mission is ongoing.
Over the 550 billion years since then there have been 3 re-seeding’s of earth and we are a part of the 3rd seeding here.

The rescue missionaries had many problems to overcome in terms of re-constructing the consciousness of the beings of earth, particularly in weaving the strands of their DNA and educating the evolving soul being here how to manage their own DNA.

So, when the 2nd “Fall” happened approximately 26, 000 years ago, when the fallen ones engineered the separation of conscious awareness here, humans lost their memories of what and who they were, and a program of genetic re-engineering of human DNA began by the fallen ones.

The “bad news” is that one of our 3 strands of DNA was removed from our physical DNA, and some of the sub-harmonics of each strand also removed, rendering us as 2 stranded genetically modified soul beings.

The “good news” is that the fallen ones are not able to interfere with, or distort our soul “DNA” template. Remember we are made in the image of god, so we all still have our 3 stranded soul template intact, and that is why the fallen ones want to distract us from discovering this and keep us drawn into their manufactured external drama’s, so that we don’t learn how to restore ourselves back into our 3 standed selves which we can do but it requires a lot of work, focus and attention.
That is their “big secret” and first weapon against us.

Defeating the fallen ones

It is time to speak plainly about what we can do to overcome the fallen ones and their energy matrix through which they control us.
We should always remember that we are energetic soul beings first and that we can control what happens in our own energy “bubble” and how we feed our own energetic soul being.
We do this through our thoughts and feelings and actions. We have been taught that we are not in control of our thoughts or feelings and so we believe this lie.
We can control our thoughts and feelings by practicing good attitudes and values and it does take a whole lot of practice because we are trained like animals to react to our thoughts and feelings and not take responsibility for them, so the natural person is a reactionary and reacts to thoughts, feeling and events whereas as the “supernatural” person is a “responsionary” (my coined term) and takes responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and events.
Thoughts and feelings are energetic forms and create the energy in our personal energy “bubble” and what we experience. Our attitudes and values are likewise energy forms and if we espouse and practice good attitudes and values we project and direct our energy outward toward the universe, instead of just absorbing energy inward when we are in reactionary mode and create more “loosh” in our soul energy fields for the fallen ones to feed off that keeps them happy but makes us miserable.
If we have never done so before, I would encourage all of us to examine our attitudes and values, and to begin to short-circuit the matrix energy system by practicing good attitudes and values. It will have an amazing transformational effect on our lives.
What this practice does is to awaken and energize our soul bodies (who we are in essence) and it activates our soul fields that then activate our soul codes and this sets up the interaction between physical you and soul you where your soul energy begins to feed your physical energy and it has amazing health benefits. This is a universal design that was corrupted by the fallen ones. Since I learnt this trick in 2003, I haven’t been to a doctor or dentist. I self heal.

Demand and command

Oft times we are too busy and challenged by life’s challenges, to give ourselves time out to be who we are.
The demands of our business and social lives the many relationships we have with family friends, and trying to find expression of what we are, and trying to make sense of this will lead us away from just being.
Over the years as I have pondered the gift that I have of life, and the gift to experience and appreciate it, I have chastised myself that I spent so many years in doing without being.
The gift of being who you are and only doing those things that give expression to who you are, are quite liberating and make living effortless.
It frees one from demand and command. No one has the right to demand from one for more than one can give, and no one has the right to command one to do something that is contrary to what one chooses to give expression to.
You see, the soul being is really limitless and is only be limited when it gives into the demands and commands of others.
To avoid this “trap” of demand and command from others requires a great sense of self; of establishing boundaries, and those boundaries establish and reinforce the sense of self.
This requires great humility. Humility is not a weakness. It is a great strength, as it sets the boundaries for the unlimited self, and protects the unlimited self from demand and command.
The trick is to learn about and know oneself, firstly, and secondly, to protect the borders of the unlimited self against demand and commands that compromise the unlimited self.
Once the unlimited self, accepts and recognizes their own potential to be like the unlimited universe, and that demand and command of others require boundaries, then the real self can grow, and begin to express and release the unilimited potential.
In truth, the only experiences we will ever have in the multi-dimensional reality fields are of self.
So being who we are, expressing and setting the boundaries for self to be unimpeded by demand and command, will unleash the unlimited potential for the expression of self.
It is not our weaknesses that we are afraid of. It is is our power that we are truly afraid of.


I would like, if I may, to discuss the nature of freedom, and why humans are largely not free.
Freedom, is not freedom from physical chains or jails, that bind you, and for those of you that may think this is a good news message, it is not, unless you wish to unbind yourself or unimprison yourself.
Before I say anything about freedom here, you should know about the systemic nature of your own incarceration on this planet. When you are born here, you are incarcerated. In fact you are presumed to be “dead” by the system. This happens by your parents “registering” your birth. From that moment you are entered into a system. The nature of the system is to indoctrinate you, by education by the system, and the media. If anyone does not abide by this they are excluded by the system, and won’t enjoy the “benefits of the system”. So the only things that humans can experience here is death and incarceration, because they abide by the rules of the system.
The only way out of this system, is to understand that it is just, after all, a system, and to know how the bigger system works. The bigger system offers more freedoms, within limits, but it offers more freedoms.
“Freedom is a word, I seldom use, without thinking, aha” by Bob Dylan says you have to think in order to be free, and I agree. The first thing you have to do is think. The second thing you have to do is divorce your emotional attachments, but since humans are getting better at this, this is a good sign. The third thing you have to do is the “rub of the road”, and that is commitment to your own freedom, and that is where humanity is in such self doubt. It is like the black slaves who were given their freedom, after the civil was in America, they didn’t know how to act, because they were still emotionally attached to being slaves.
In the universal construct, freedoms only come from 2 things and that is, you recognize the freedoms of others (no systems), and your own freedom (from the system you are currently in). Concious beings, whether human, animal, vegetable ot mineral are meant to be free in the universal domain, and its a pretty huge domain, allowing for all expressions, and within that vast arena of consciousness, you and all conscious, manifest beings are allowed expression of who they are, and the universe responds to all shifts in consciousness, and keeps the balance.
But if you agree, whether consciously or unconciouly, to remain incarcerated, you have expressed your free will to remain incarcerated. So it is up to you. The chains that bind you are subject to your free will. You can stay bound or you can liberate yourself. It is up to you.

I am

Someone has asked me to explain what is the “I am”.
The short answer is that everything that exists expresses the “I am”, the Creator of All things, and there is no single Creator but everything that exists in our holographic experience is an expression of the Creator and is expressed within the confines of the Creator and it works in a fractal way. Everything is a part of the One Thing and a part, or fraction, of each other.
Humans suffer from the illusion of separation because they know very little about the universe and how it works and this has been hidden from them.
The “I am” is an expression of identity and how all of manifest creation manifests the “I am.” You could be a flower or an insect. Your identity would be, ”I am a flower” or “I am an insect”, and you would express that according to the laws of the universe.
Humans on the other hand have free will and can choose whether to be an expression of the great “I am” or they can take on their own individual identity, and considering that they largely don’t know how the universe works, they choose the latter option.
As individuals we have many identities. I am mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister, infant, child teenager, adult, student, apprentice, worker, manager, director, rich. famous, poor, destitute, hungry, well fed, happy, sad, sick, healthy, loved, nurtured, hated, despised, and the full gamut of human experiences. The universe allows for all expressions, but humans have the unique ability on earth to choose their identity and expression of that, at any given moment.
Our identities change over time and it depends on how we choose to express our identities that will form the next future identity because the present identity and how it is expressed through our thoughts and feelings, will create future possibilities and probabilities, that based on our choices will create what we experience here.
The way it works energetically is that our thoughts, feelings and actions create sound and light waves that reverberate in the universe creating patterns of energy in a fractal way that go out and then come in again. The universe always delivers in the future what we express in our present. It does this through possibility and probability waves.
We open these possibilities and probabilities by our thoughts and feelings in the present, and then they return to us creating more possibility and probability waves of potential. When we take responsibilty for creating these waves we can adapt to them. If we don’t, they just “roll over us” and we start from scratch again.
We have to learn to “catch the wave” on their back flow and realize and take responsibiliy for their creation.
There is no separation between the Creator and the creation. We live in a ‘god soup” as David Bohm, Einstein’s protégé, once expressed. We live in a never ending universe of waves of possibility and probability and we determine who “I am” by our choices in the present.
There is always a back flow of the energy we express. It is a gift to us to create new possibility and probability. We have just forgotten how it works.
So catch the next wave you have created and learn to create the waves you want to experience in the future.

A Meditation

I, as an expression of first cause energy
Acknowledge my origins as an expression of love and source identity
And give thanks and express my appreciation for my identity as Source.
I therefore, pledge to be faithful to my origin and to express that as best I can.
I revoke all attachments to earthly contracts and enter into a new contract.
I will be faithful to Source, and myself, as an expression of Source as best I can.
I agree to enter into a new understanding of “all things”.
I agree to reclaim my sovereignty as an expression of Source.
I hereby revoke all attachment to former earthly attachments that no longer serve me, whether real or perceived.
I choose rather to think, feel and act as I am, as an expression of Source
And not to be conflicted by an outer reality that is compromised by duality.
I am who I am.
I am an expression of all that is and choose to live in harmony with that.
I revoke all prior knowledge, education and indoctrination that conflicts with this.
I choose to pursue love, and sovereignty above all else,
So I might discover my true identity,
And with that the identity of the rulers of this world,
Who I choose not to follow because they have no power over me.


I haven’t said much about this Planet X phenomena because it is quite complex, and because it has been the subject of much “fear porn” on the net.
What I have said is that Planet X, or Nibiru, was a planet in our solar system that was “blown” out of the solar orbit when it’s neighboring planet that is now the asteroid belt was destroyed and itself blown up, by the annunaki. It cycles around in another orbit, and has “partnered” with and attached itself to the orbit of a brown dwarf star, Nemesis, that is the binary partner of our sun (most star systems are binary in nature that revolves each other).
I should emphasize that all this is in the realm of the bandwidth of our currently reality. Let’s call it HB1 (Harmonic bandwidth 1 that is a matter form of reality). This is also a “natural” phenomena begun by the annunaki.
In April 2013 I was told that our higher selves were going to intervene here, and had “invited” the annunaki to leave, and their plan was to create a planetary ascension into a higher bandwidth of harmonic frequency. Many of the annunaki agreed to leave, because they could see (although we cannot see it) the earth was surrounded by “starships” blanketing earth.
There were many star wars that preceded this in order to bring down the blank slate technology (BeaST) of the annunaki that keep human consciousness rotating in many lifetimes, disconnected from their higher selves.
That is the background.
So we have two realities forming here. The one is the one formed by the annunaki, who want to reduce the world’s population again so that they can continue to rule over the “sheeple” here, and the other is a plan by our higher selves to ascend earth into a higher state of consciousness. That is why many people are waking up to the corrupt system here.
I have advocated that people go within and find their authentic selves with integrity that changes their frequencies, and to engage with, but detach, from the 3D reality here. It is just a holographic projection provided by the annunaki. This will enable them to ascend seamlessly into the new earth.
On a 3D level, Nemesis and its 7 planets will pass between the sun and the earth which is their natural orbit with Nibiru about 20 million miles away from the earth, but seeing that it is about 7 times larger than the earth, it could have gravitational consequences that I won’t go into here. The real “danger” If one is attached to the 3D) to earth is that Nibiru is trailed by a lot of “debris” it picked up from the asteroid belt. These affects are unpredictable, not only to ourselves, but by our higher selves.
We will pass through this unpredictable zone twice. Once when Nemesis, comes in and once when it goes out, as it slingshots around the sun, dragging Nibiru with it. By that time, humans will face an energetic choice. Raise your vibration by being authentic with integrity and ascend with earth into a higher consciousness, or remain attached to the holographic projection? That is the choice.
This scenario is likely to be played out over the next 36 – 60 months, so be prepared.

Protection against negative energy forces.

Some have over the years asked me how one can protect themselves against negative energy forces.
There is no simple answer unless you understand these three things.
One is, do you know who you are energetically?
Two is, do you know how the energetics work?
Three is, if you understand the first two, you will know that you don’t need protection from anything.
I cannot deal with this in a single post, so I am going to do a number of posts about this, and deal with them one at a time, but if you really want to know pay attention.
I should preface this with telling you that this applies to all manifest forms whether elemental, mineral, vegetable, insect, bird, animal and human forms.
The first thing we should fully grasp in order to be fully protected against negative energies is to know who we are? Not what “am I, but who I am”, really.
This goes to heart of the matter, and deals with identity, and with what, and with whom, we identify ourselves to be.
If we are fully identified with, and by our bodies, and the circumstances in which it finds itself in, this does not truly identify who we are. Our identity is far greater than that.
Occupying the body is a soul that has a certain resonance, like a chord in music, that has the gift of infinite expression.
The soul has an essence, the ingredients of which make every soul unique. Every soul being whether elemental, mineral, vegetable, insect, bird, animal or human has the essence of soul, and is unique.
The physical expression of the soul being is its manifest form, and in its manifest form it carries the essence of the soul being in its DNA, but it is the soul being that manifests the physical being through the construct of material reality from quanta, to quark, to molecules to cells. Physical beings are just expressions of the soul being through a magnificent construct.
The construct of the soul being is consistent throughout the universe, in that each soul is unique. It may experience its reality, that I will explain later, in different harmonic bandwidths, and it all has to do with resonance.
In the physical reality of all manifest soul beings there is something called, “DNA”. DNA plays an important role in understanding of who we are as it carries, not only the seeds of our genetic history, but of our soul history, as well and both are contained in our DNA. Genetic DNA has only recently been discovered and analysed, and more recently, in the last ten years, have Russian scientist begun to look into the non-genetic DNA (called “junk DNA”) and have made some remarkable discoveries that I won’t go into here.
The soul is made up of the resonances produced by electrical energy that carry the blueprint of thought represented by male energy, magnetic energy that carries the blueprint of the emotion and the female energy, and rhythm (pulse of the hearbeat).
Each produces their own unique pattern of divine, unlimited ad infinite expression of the soul.
According to the divine blueprint of the soul, the soul has a template that is the same throughout the universe. The soul structure is not visible to us but it is programmed into our DNA, and is known by us intuitively, but not apparent. As above, so below.
These energies that I will call thought, emotion and rhythm determine the semi-etheric version of us in the astral, non-visible planes, the realm of the soul being. It too has a construct that I have also explained before , so I won’t go into here, but this energy body, that I have called “soul” is divinely connected to all things, and in all planes, and all dimensions in the universe.
It is like a pebble dropped into water. It ripples and reverberates through many spaces, time zones and dimensions, and the ripples created come back. It just takes time and patience to hear and see the ripples return.
All thoughts and emotions are wave forms, light and sound, and the pulse determines their geometric form, though they are all inter-related.
A drum beat does the same, and so do our thoughts and emotions. We are just not aware of it because we have lost our soul identity and have forgotten how it works in the universe.
We are souls, that have a body, and we have become “watchers” of our reality, without realizing the power of the soul so we just argue among ourselves about the reality we are watching, without understanding that we create our own reality by taking responsibility for our soul being, our thoughts and emotions, and the rhythm and pace we wish to experience this in.
The second thing we ought to know in order to protect ourselves against negative forces is how this all works together so that we have a cogent, coherent way of protecting ourselves, and these are just the basics of understanding. It gets deeper and more sophisticated than this when one refines one’s own abilities.
How this all works together stems from our understanding that we are unique soul beings in the fabric of universality having a soul experience in order to experience soul evolution to a higher state of being.
The first thing to understand is this irony. We are all unique and sovereign, and independent, yet at the same time we are all a part of the fabric of the universe. Just on rose in a bunch of roses.
Now we can start an argument about which is the brightest, biggest, and most perfectly formed rose, but the fact remains that in the universe none of this matters because we are all unique and on the same progressive soul journey of soul evolution.
The truth is that sovereignty is the way that one chooses one’s own path through the soul evolution so that every thought and emotion is self-tested and examined according to one’s own standards. Thoughts and emotions, not self-examined and taken responsibility for, become loose cannons, and lead to self-sabotage and self-destruction.
In a nutshell, All-that-is gives us the responsibility to imitate and be like it. The universe provides for infinite expression of its one central resonance, that is love. It has many sub-harmonics but the closer one can draw to the central core energy of love, the sooner one can draw from, and benefit from, its energy.

Protecting yourself.

If you have understood what I have told you about identifying yourself as firstly, a soul being who has a body that is participating in a physical reality field, and that the other souls around you are doing likewise and creating the collective matrix of reality that you are participating in, where are you in all of that?
We have first to understand the first two principles before we can understand the third.
Firstly, what beings seek protection from is their own ignorance of who they are. That is why I am telling you this.
Secondly, because of their ignorance, they don’t know how the universe actually works. They are souls in a vacuum of space and time, totally ignorant of how ignorant they are, so in order to gain protection from one’s own ignorance we need to inform ourselves.
Death here is like switching off the TV. One only moves one’s conscious experience from one to another.
The problem is if we become watchers of reality instead of participants in reality, we keep switching channels and programs, so we don’t participate responsibly.
Do our thoughts matter, and are our emotions of any consequence?
Of course they do and are. They are the substance of the fabric of the reality we are experiencing.
In a sense we seek only protection from our own ignorance and stupidity, and our own subsequent consequences from this.
So how does one basically protect oneself from negative energies?
If I can do this in reverse order, then perhaps one ought to recognize that there is nothing to protect oneself against, except one’s own ignorance and stupity.
Then there is no recognition that we are the guardians of our own souls, of our thoughts, emotions and resultant actions. There is no one “out there who is going to save us”. We are it and unless we take responsibility for the consequences of that our scope for creating a new reality is doomed.
The basis of all our protection is the understanding that we are not male or female, we are not large or small, we are not fat or slim, we are not clever of dumb, we are, firstly, souls undertaking a soul journey together, and this soul that we are is intricately weaved into the tapestry of the universe, and each soul is a unique expression of who we are, the All that is.
This may be difficult to understand but unless we understand these basics we will not understand the alchemy of life.
If you understand this I can tell you many secrets, but if you don’t understand the basics there will not be any way you can benefit from what I tell you.

Psychedelics and Drugs

Over the years I have sometimes been asked by people whether they should stop taking drugs or whether I think that drugs are bad for you.
This is a difficult question to answer because we are all so different from each other and have different metabolisms, physiology and neural path ways.
I used to take drugs before my awakening; mainly ecstasy, cocaine and occasionally LSD. At one stage I used to take ecstasy at least 4 to 5 times a week. I was a real “party animal” in those days, and enjoyed the euphoria and heightened feelings of awareness. Marijuana didn’t really appeal to me because it would soon make me sleepy and since I had no sleep problems, I saw no need to do it. I used to take the occasional drag recreationally with friends to be sociable, but it had little effect on me other than to make me lethargic.
After, and during, my energetic training I began to wonder about this and one day asked aiazmir that question.
He explained that our energy fields, our aura’s and soul consciousness, and are meant to be a unified field of consciousness where energy is passed from one nodal point to the other. I understood that already so I asked him what effect does taking drugs have on our energy fields.
He seemed a bit hesitant to give me an answer so I pressed him because I wanted to know.
He explained further that in the universe, there is no moral judgment on those who take drugs, and he understood why humans want to have a heightened experience of reality as a form of, both an escape and a form of discovery of their true selves.
“The real problem,” he told me, “was that drugs can either increase your vibrational frequencies or they can reduce them. When they do so they can create a “disconnect” between the nodal points of energy of our soul consciousness and therefore create ‘black holes’ in our energy fields. ‘Black holes’ are points of inversion where our soul energy can be ‘inverted’ and reversed, making electric waves, magnetic and vice versa. This can be repaired by those who know what they are doing but they have to be aware of how energy works.
“It is not an easy landscape to navigate, so taking drugs or any consciousness altering substances can be helpful, or can have devastating consequences. It is best that those who do be aware of the possible consequences.”
Since learning of this, I became aware. However, I cannot be a hypocrite and can honestly say that taking drugs enhanced my experiences and, in fact, helped me navigate through the waters of this earth reality but I did heed the warning of creating black holes in my energy fields and had to deal with them which we can if we know how that is a whole different topic.
I do not encourage or discourage people from taking drugs or consciousness altering substances. I simply make them aware of the consequences and let them make up their own minds.
I was fortunate but others may not be so fortunate. I don’t do drugs or any other consciousness altering substances anymore, as I feel no need to.
Life has become so crazy that most of the time I feel like, “Man, this is some good shit.” Who needs drugs when you have knowledge.

Raising ones frequencies?

Many have asked me this question, “How do I raise my frequencies, or the frequencies of my energy fields?” and I suppose I have told you many times, but will do so again.
The universe is an integral space of energy. These energies are created by a wave field. The wave fields create a reality field in which we experience our reality.
So here is why we are so dumbed down, from an energetic perspective.
Do you really want to raise your frequencies?
How about honesty? You might say, “What has honesty got to do with raising my frequencies?” Well, it works like this.
Frequencies in the universe are co-resonant. When we are dishonest, we lie. This lie sets up a whole chain of possibilities in the universe and creates dissonance that reverberates around the universe.
So being honest is a fairly basic way to raise one’s frequencies. Without this base there can be no raising of frequencies.
Honesty is hard to be when all and everything around you is dishonest. The very premise of honesty is being true to oneself and the way we experience conscious being, and how one interprets that and if everything around you is a falsification, how is it possible to be honest?
The key is to know oneself apart from any learning or indoctrination, or religious teachings. Who am I, and what am I doing here? Are questions that philosophers have asked for eons.
From an energy perspective, you and we, are just soul energy forms experiencing soul evolution in a reality field. The reality field we are experiencing has been pretty ‘fucked up” by a cycle of dissonance created by a bunch of “goons” who have nothing better to do with their time (that is fast running out).
Being honest is a novel idea for humans in an environment where everything is dishonest.
But honesty, no matter how small, or misguided, is an energy form.
I see this from a different perspective; from the perspective of energy, and how it works, and how one can raise one’s frequencies by it.
Here’s how I dealt with it with aiazmir.
I said to him, “I am pretty fucked up, aren’t I?” I recognize how dishonest I, and everything around me, is.
He just sat there without saying anything, but with a look of compassion on his face, and I wept a torrent of tears. With a snotty nose and tears pouring down my cheeks I asked him, “What can I do?”
After many snorts and grunts, and wiping away of my tears, he said. “Just be honest.” And I tried. How does one be honest in a system that is fundamentally dishonest? And I cried some more.
Then he told me how it works
Honesty and integrity work together, as energy forms in the pathway of all soul evolution.
The human form is a mixture of the DNA of a multitude of beings, as is our planet on which we reside.


I sometimes wonder how differently my life would have been if I had known then what I know now; if I could travel back in time more equipped to deal with the challenges and experiences of life.
My life would probably have turned out quite differently, and how differently I may never know.
However, I don’t regret being such an ignoramus and making a myriad of bad decisions, because I had the wonderful companionship of other ignoramuses around me, and each of us were a part of the landscape of my life, and we were all doing the best we could, so I wouldn’t change a thing.
Each bad decision was a lesson learnt. Each bad experience was an opportunity to be real and feel what I felt, and most often I denied my own feelings, and tried to sculpt a life of acceptability to others.
Now I live each day and each moment as a gift and look back and embrace the fond and happy memories of my past with a smile, and the mistakes and bad decisions I made, as guides that I sometimes or mostly ignored, as my mentors.

Soul attachments and “shadow dancers”

I can’t make any pronouncement about motivations or reasons about your condition, but I can tell you about the energetics of attached spirits/souls.
When an entity attaches to our auric field these are called “shadow dancers” (I don’t know why they are called that but it might be because they may go from one soul when they die, to another), or “spirit or soul dancers”.
They attach to other’s auric fields for many reasons, primarily because they can. They can do they because they have some historical soul attachment.
Souls tend to travel in groups through the reality fields and try to assist a soul with their soul evolutionary process. These can be soul groups or even soul families.
In this lifetime, we have no awareness or consciousness of our soul history, but when we die, the soul remembers for a short time, until they go through the “blank slate technology” where our soul memories are wiped before we re-incarnate here.
We usually choose familial associations from past lives to become associated with them again in a new lifetime, but this is not always so. You see, before we choose our parents with whom we have remembrance of our association with that family, but when we incarnate we lose that memory through the BST technology, so sometimes when a person dies their soul remembers who they are and who the souls of others around them, and for whatever reason they choose not to go their “death journey” but remain here and attach to the souls of others with whom their soul essence is compatible, and depend on the soul onto whom they were attached for their “life energy”. If that person dies, the shadow dancer may attach to another member of their soul group, or otherwise, to a soul who has an auric field somewhat compatible, but not part of their soul group.
These are usually called “demonic possessions” and by trying to exorcise that “demonic” soul it may make them aggressive because they don’t want to continue their “death journey” or they might not feel that they have not fulfilled the purpose for which they were incarnated. This can lead to problems.
All souls here are in danger of not just having one departed soul attaching to their auric fields, but ,many. You see, dead persons when they are on the “other side” may pacts and agreements (soul contracts), of which they may not have any memory of in this lifetime. So a departing soul will remember their soul contracts, and decide not to go through their death journey, but to fulfill these contracts by attaching their soul essence to the souls of living beings. This will cause many emotional, psychological and physical problems for the living souls.
I suggest revoking all prior contracts with all souls and Andrew Batzis has an excellent soul revocation process you can choose, if you wish, to do this.
All contracts we have entered into here are energy “soul contracts”, and when combined with contracts that were entered into prior to incarnation here, may “weight down” our souls and keep the “shadow dancers” happy, and us carrying they weight of these agreements, without our knowledge, weighing our soul energy down.
The contracts we enter into here begin at birth. Our parents on our behalf agree to “register” our birth and enter us into the system of proxy contracting. In other, words, we don’t consciously enter into these contracts, but are entered into them as “minors”. These contracts may include, schools, religious systems, family associations, gender associations, cultural association, language associations etc. By the time we reach majority we are entered into many contracts of which we are not aware, but then give our agreement to continue these contacts because we don’t want to “buck the system”.

Sex and soul codes

One of the reasons, in my opinion, that sex becomes unfulfilling in unions of souls here (it may be marriage, or just an agreement to live together) over time, is that too often the power of the orgasm is misunderstood in the context of soul energy and union of souls.
Single orgasmic sex may be appropriate to keep a partner happy, but both partners needs to be aware of “soul hopping” and protect themselves from it.
It is best however, for both partners to orgasm together. It is a good way to rid oneself of “soul attachments”.
if one understands this, sex can be exciting, fulfilling, and not just a physical experience, but a true contract between two soul beings to rid themselves of their soul attachments. This is the true contract of marriage.
It may put a totally different “spin” on sex, as a spiritual experience, rather than just a physical one but his requires a whole new understanding of the soul being.
During sex, partners share soul codes as well that, over time, will unify the two beings into a union that is truly fulfilling and lasting. One day I will tell you about the soul codes and how they work.
Because I am aware of this, I have chosen to be asexual since I became aware of this, some 10 years ago.
Sex can be very damaging to our energy bodies, but at the same time, if one is aware of how it works, it can be quite liberating.
Our soul codes are connected to our physiology in the form of our DNA but there is a problem with our DNA, in that our DNA was tampered with by the annunaki and instead of having 12 strand DNA we only have two strand DNA.
So, on the one hand, we have 12 strand potential through our soul bodies, and on the other hand, we have 2 strand actual, in our physical reality. This creates a misconfiguration for the soul to fully experience its reality.
However, the potential in our soul bodies can override the limitations of our physicality. It is just a matter of choice. Are we souls who make the body, or are we physical bodies that may or may not have a soul?
That is why learning about the soul, its construct and how it works, will assist in creating an “oversoul”, and changing our DNA to create 3, 6, 9 and 12 strand potential, and change the structure of our DNA that is just a physical phenomenon, subject to the soul.
Clinging to a physical reality and wholly associating with it, is not what was intended by source.
Instead, source carefully designed, patterned and created a universal template and lattice, in which souls would fluidly and seamlessly experience reality and evolve through the dimensions, becoming ever more like the creator that created them.
I do not attach any blame and refuse to enter into the victim, victimizer game being played here.
I take full responsibility for my own soul being, know myself as a soul being, learn more and more of what it means to be a fully integrated soul with All that is, and just be the best soul I can be.
The soul is a very powerful force if we would just recognize and acknowledge ourselves as not being just physical bodies, but we are the person inside the body, our soul; a universal and eternal being. We just have to walk into and put on a new robe of soulness.
If you can fully accept that you are a soul being, I will tell you how it works.

Testing and trials

So if we are being “tested” in this way who is testing us, why are we being tested and by what standard are we being tested, in the universal order?
I ask these uncomfortable questions. The only way to learn is to ask questions, because by asking the question, a gateway is created for you to receive the answer, so keep questioning.
Humans have been thoroughly lied to and indoctrinated with “separation consciousness”.
They see their lives and others, and things around them as being separate from themselves, from one another and each other, and from the Creator One.
This is a lie from the “pit of hell.” We are no separate from each other than the air we breathe.
With this consciousness, what I am going to tell you will not stick because of the thorough indoctrination of separation here.
The truth is we are “the One being” in manifest form, refining itself, the “One soul”, and an expression of that Oneness.
In other words we are god experiencing god in a never ending swirl of creation in many forms, and of many persuasions and different manifestations.
So who is testing us? We are testing ourselves to be expressions of the One.
Why are we “testing” ourselves? We test ourselves because that is what we agreed to do pre-incarnationally to become, in our souls, more conformed to the great Oneness.
By what standard are we being tested? By our conformity to, and acceptance of, the Oneness.
When we begin to imitate the nature of the All Oneness, and mitigate our responses through that lens, we become more powerful than we can imagine, and conformed to the “image” of the Oneness.

The Dark Night of the Soul

I’m afraid this is another long one, but one perhaps you ought to read. This is a very personal story of my own journey through the ‘dark night of the soul”
Shawn Ferrel has asked me to elaborate on the “dark night of the soul”, on what it is and what the process is.
I can only speak from my own perspective but did read about others’ experiences as I was going through this, and it did shed some light for me on what it is and what the process is.
At the time I experienced it, I had no idea what I was going through, as has happened to many others. I suppose one can only really speak of it, if you have some experience of it.
In a nutshell, the “dark night of the soul” is when the self, the personality that you represent, transitions from being attached to the external order of reality and ascends into a higher understanding of the inner soul self and what it is and what it does, and what the external reality system represents. Of course it is more complex than that but it would take many pages of a book to really explain this.
As I experienced it, I was a happy, go lucky single guy, partying my ass off, and a devotee to fun, and into sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. I had a background of being a musician, a successful banker, but I had become disillusioned by religion and the stupidity I saw around me.
I had “confronted” the so-called “devil” and challenged him, and told him that if he exists he should come after me, for by god I was going to go after him. For me, at the time, it was real, but now I just see it a metaphor for the deep anger and hurt I felt at the time at not being able to make sense of what I was experiencing in this lifetime, and I was blaming a non-existent “devil”.
Then I started to have a series of strange and remarkable dreams. It was almost nightly for a while, and I became a willing participant in these dreams, as they began to make more sense to me than what I was experiencing in my external reality.
What made me pay attention to these dreams was that after each dream there was some synchronous event the next day that made me begin to think that I was “inventing” my future in my dreams. Of course, this wasn’t true, but I began to be intrigued by these dreams where I began to learn about the nature of reality.
Like in one dream I was told that all conscious experience is a hologram. I had no idea what a hologram was, apart from the one found on my credit card. The next day, I was sitting chatting to a lady friend at her office, when a friend of hers popped in and said, “I have just read this book. It’s called the ‘Holographic Universe’ (the late Michael Talbot). It’s amazing.” On another occasion, in my dream I had seen fields of moving energy waves, and the next day while having coffee with someone, and I told them about my dream, they asked, “Have you read the book, ‘The Field’ by Sally McTaggart?” of course I hadn’t but I subsequently read both books.
There were so many others almost on a daily basis that I felt as if everyone could read my mind and were giving “pointers” to the next step. I would think of someone, and they would call me in the next instant.
I was curious but also alarmed. How could this be happening to me? But I decided to “go with it.”
I began researching mysticism, the occult and even quantum theory. As I began to learn and dream, I was astonished to find I had a heightened form of intuition, and I slowly began to lose my mind. In my dreams I had learnt some meditative techniques to heighten ones consciousness, and I had been doing them.
I was having drinks with friends at a favorite pub next to the sea to watch the sunset. While watching the sunset, what I saw briefly, was not what my eyes were seeing. Instead of seeing the sun, sea and clouds, I saw translucent colorful waves, coming from the sun, surrounding me and everyone else. It happened in an instant, and made me begin to wonder if it was the drugs and drink.
A few evenings later I arrived home after being in a really good space all day, and after meeting some friends for drinks after work, I switched on my entrance hall light and it came on briefly then “blew”. I walked to my passage light switch and switched it on and it also “blew”. I had the same result with my bedroom light. My laptop wouldn’t work either.
By this time I was angry, and ready to tell my “dream people” to piss off and to stop intruding into my life. I went outside onto my verandah next to my pool and sat down at looked at the stars, and had a serious dialogue with my “dream people”, but it began to dawn on me that perhaps I was being given a message.
Life began to get pretty strange after that. I was driving to work a few days later, and my car’s engine stopped on a busy highway. After numerous turns of the key my car’s engine had no response. After a while someone stopped behind me and asked me what the problem was and I told them that my car’s engine was not responding. They then got into the car and the car started first time. He gave me a strange look and then left.
There were numerous instances after that made me begin to doubt my own sanity. I kept asking, “What the hell is happening to me?” and the dreams continued, and by this time I was very confused. I even contemplated not taking drugs anymore, or whether I should just take a trip on the “magic swirling ship.” I was pretty desperate.
Then one night my dream companion, Ma’a, asked me if I would like to meet my pre-incarnational self and I thought, “Fuck. It can’t get any crazier than this”, so I agreed.
The next night, I was off to a memorable journey through dimensional space, after doing some hectic meditative techniques. I had no idea what to expect. I was a frontiersman going to meet myself in a higher dimension. At this stage, not even the most agile and intelligent mind could contemplate this. I think my flexible mind was what got me through this experience.
I have described my meeting with aiazmir so I won’t go into that. I will deal with my state of mind and body.
The next morning when I woke up, I was so weak I crawled to the bathroom, stuck my head in the toilet bowl and puked my heart out. I knew I was being purged. As I held my head up over the toilet bowl, I began to think, “Col. You have lost your mind totally. Time to be a ‘faithfully departed’. Nobody’s going to notice anyway.” I felt lower than dog shit in a sewer.
Life had not been real during this time. I was caught between two paradigms and I couldn’t tell the difference anymore. I had confronted the devil and had flirted with angels “My? What a shithole I have dug for myself.”
Then I began to contemplate what aiazmir had told me, what I had experienced and what I had learnt through my own research and slowly it began to make sense to me. I began to be responsible and to take responsibility for what I had experienced.
During my next “encounter” with aiazmir one of the things he said was, “I will be your mentor, and teach you and you have much to learn. I have decided to do this because you are learning to respond to the energy fields. You have researched well and ventured through a ‘dark door’ without expectation and judgment. This was brave of you, and took a lot of faith in your own abilities. I understand, know and feel what you have been through, after all you are me and I you, and I will teach you what this means.”
I can honestly say that the “dark night of the soul” is not only one of the most disorientating and confusing experiences I have ever had, but it leads to the “light day of the soul” and that is what I have been sharing with you.
Not everyone will step through that “dark door”, but if you step through it, it will expose your brave heart where fear no longer exists. It is a journey through the soul being that we are to discovering a new world and universe you never imagined existed.

The Deep State

Let me give you my take on what is happening in politics worldwide.
In April 2014 I received a huge download of information from my higher self, and it took some time for me to make any sense of this information that I shared with you at the time.
Our galactic family began the dismantling of the blank slate technology that has existed here for thousands of years, by invading and destroying the archons’ broadcast stations on Saturn, Mercury and Mars, and destroying them. The archon’s only broadcast station that is left is on the moon. This still remains because the destruction of this station would bring a sudden shock to humanity, so this weak beam remains.
Many of the archons, particularly the annanaki races, were offered sanctuary elsewhere and left our planet, but those who were still here in human form, and some of their handlers, remained and are determined to continue their agenda but without their broadcast stations. However, they can’t get their energy “fix” from their higher masters who have fled.
So what this remnant of the satanic forces is trying to do is pursue an agenda of “raiding the pantry” before they also flea, and then render a “scorched earth policy” so they can escape. This is typical archon strategy in warfare.
So what this means is that the kings and queens on this planet, and the “rulers of this earth”, are quite desperate, and want to get out before they are locked up, but they are determined to raid as much energy on this planet as they can, and they are good at that, before capitulating and fleeing.
This is going to introduce a lot of instability here; politically, socially and economically, so buckle up and hold onto your seats.
We are not alone in this battle, and are supported by our higher selves, if we wish to invoke their support.


Some over the years have asked me what difference one person can make to the overall landscape that we find ourselves in.
I understand this and had asked myself this question many times in my early awakening.
I can only explain this from an energetic point of view and how I have come to understand this.
Firstly, we should understand that everything in the universe is connected to everything else in the universe. So our feelings, thoughts and actions have a direct impact on everything else in the universe. That is our divine given responsibility.
Secondly, the divine blueprint and mapping of the universe is encoded in our DNA. Earth scientists have yet to discover this; our soul and genetic history. It is all there but we have forgotten how to access this information. If you go within you will find it. It does not follow earth logic, but follows soul logic and we all know it intutively, but are too afraid to break the patterns of earth logic.
What this means is that we have access to unlimited data and unlimited power to execute our hopes and dreams. No limits. Limits are things we impose on ourselves.
Thirdly, in the universe there is no such thing as “me” and “I” that are derived from a false sense of identity, as if “me” and “I” are actually real probable cause.
In the universe there is only “we”, as a unified whole that create the fabric and tapestry of the universe.
When we can get a sense of that, we have access to unlimited causality. When we act alone, we act powerlessly. When we act together we can create or re-create unlimitedly.
It is just a matter of choice.

The Energy of Grace

I am going to tell you something you should know and understand. Most have some knowledge of it, but very few understand it.
It has to do with grace.
In its religious and etymology here it is defined variously, but means, “unmerited favor”.
That doesn’t sound very dramatic or even interesting, because there is little understanding of what it really is and what it does, or how it is practiced, so I hope to put it into its true perspective from an energetic point of view that might explain it for you.
In its energetic context, grace is the way the universe solves problems. It becomes the solution to problems and is offered freely. If the power of grace is accepted then problems dissolve, if not then they will persist.
It is a resonant tone of frequency, second only to love.
When the universe was created it was created through the resonant tone of love, and from which all sub-harmonics were created. The 2nd tone was grace, “unmerited favor”, the problem solver.
When love was created, it was given the knowledge of allowing of all possibilities, including its opposite. That was when grace was created as the second harmonic. To solve and resolve the issue of all opposite possibilities, so it is useful to know its relationship with love, its purpose and how it works. Without grace there would be no resolution of conflicts in the universe, but it works in an interesting way and co-resonant with love.
As the creation process evolved, lower harmonics began to form in accordance with the expression of the universe as a unified form of expression. These were thoughts, emotions and actions of faith, joy, peace, patience, kindness, wholeness, gentleness, wisdom, etc. together with their sub-harmonics, to the lowest harmonics of anger, jealousy, envy greed, covetousness, deceit, ego, hatred, fear, etc. All of these are harmonics of love, at a lower vibration.
Grace was designed to solve and resolve these various apparently opposing harmonics. While it is freely given, it has to be freely accepted to be operable in conscious beings.
It kind of acts as the “glue” that holds the various harmonics together.
So if you have a problem, grace is able to solve and resolve it. While it is able, it has to be enabled by the conscious observer. It will be freely given, but must be freely accepted.
This is the nub of the problem here. We fail to freely accept grace; unmerited favor, and doing so is very humbling, because we all want to be the solver of our own problems, because of the demands of our ego’s.
I have understood and lived by faith for most of my life, with little appreciation of the power of grace. Over the recent years I have worked with and developed a relationship with grace, and now understand the relationship between grace and gratitude, better.
The way it kind of works, and I am still an apprentice at this, is, we create our reality by faith, by the process of bringing our hopes and dreams into substance. Many, and most of us, do this, but having done so, we don’t know or understand the next step. Often, our hopes and dreams are brought into manifestation, but they also create situations that create problems for us. Some small and some massive.
That is where grace, the problem solver, comes in.
You see, we are not only the creators of our problems; we are also the solution to our problems. It is important to know, accept and understand this. Inasmuch as we created a problem through our thoughts, emotions and actions, we also have the power to solve and resolve these problems.
That is where grace comes in. Grace is able to solve and resolve all dualities from which all problems arise.
If you understand this how does one get the power of grace operable in one’s life? That is the question.
Grace is our gateway back to who we really are. Because it is unmerited, it has no respect for ego, achievement, qualifications, looks, history, birthright and all the external trappings that we give value to.
Grace gives favor irrespective of merit.
So, in my experience, it has been a question of surrendering my ego self to my true inner self, “warts and all”, and being grateful and acceptance for that.
It is the act of surrendering the egoic self to the true self within, and acceptance of the many contradictions within that that implies, and requesting the power of grace to resolve this, and allowing grace to resolve and reconstruct it as it chooses. As I have said this is very humbling, because it begins to reveal the many contradictions and dualities created by the egoic self.
In the end, I feel so free and happy to be me, without contradiction, and it also motivates me to no longer be in these contradictions and dualities, and to surrender these to grace, so I can just express who I really am.
We have begun to gain a true appreciation of love and being love on this planet, and that is a great thing, but I encourage you to also express grace on this planet. Most often our “favors” are given based on merit.
To be grace means to allow grace into ones experience and then to imitate grace in one’s actions towards others.
Unmerited favor.
Grace transcends physical realms and physicality, and is an energy form of very high resonance, and it may be useful to examine its opposite sub-harmonic, of deserved favor, in order to understand grace.
Its opposite is the epitome of the life system here, and it may be worth examining and understanding this, as often the opposite will reveal the truth of what is its opposite.
The life system here has been imposed by indoctrination, and is opposite to grace, and the indoctrination here is this; “you only get what you deserve. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. You only get what you work for. By the sweat of their labor shall they survive. If you don’t work, you get no reward. The wages of sin is death,” and a whole litany of threats that oppose the order of the universe, and the energy of grace. It is the most misunderstood energy form here, in my opinion.
There is love that is allowing of all expressions, and grace the balancer, solver and resolver, of opposites and imbalances in the universe. If one just takes a look around one, one will see love and grace in action. Plants don’t strive to grow. Stars don’t strive to shine. The earth revolves effortlessly, and revolves around the sun. Birds fly, animals care for their young, insects work tirelessly without effort. They just do what they are meant to do. It is grace that keeps them doing what they were meant to do. Grace is the resolver of all antitheses.
To be in a state of grace, is the recognition that the universe is an allowing and a unified space, time continuum, and that worth is only expressed and not earned, and the expression of worth is the responsibility of the responding energy form. In other words, worth comes from us and we should exchange that worth for grace, whereas on this planet we exchange our worth for money. There is a subtle difference that it is worth noting and understanding.
We tend to think of money as a fixed value but it is not. The value of money is subject to exchange rates and interest rates, and balance of payments and a whole elixir of variability’s, and so the system here keeps us as slaves to their system of “hoping things get better”. Better than what? There is no “better” in a slavery system. The entire monetary system here is in danger of collapse as it is based on debt, and the debtor’s ability to repay the debt. If the planet owes trillions of dollars, who does it owe it to? That is the question you should answer.
The universe does offer “better”, and it is called “grace”. Unmerited favor, and will give “more of” what we choose to feel, think and do, if are willing to take responsibility for it, so that grace can rescue us from all our “fuck ups.” That’s what it does and was designed to do. No money required, as the value comes from grace and not the individual.
Are you beginning to “get this”? There is nothing of worth in the universe except everything, and everything is of equal value because of grace, the giver of unmerited favor. Worth is not measured by money, status or perceived value, it is measured by grace, unmerited favor given by the universe to those who wish to receive it.
I have dual citizenship. I belong in a state of grace, but can venture out into the state of slavery. Grace though, is the passport of choice.

The Kharzars and the Jesuits

We are, as humanity, confronted, with a formidable enemy and problem. The Kharzars and the Jesuits, who masquerade as jews and piously religious members of our society.
The Khazars are not hereditary jews but adopted Judaism, as a program to achieve world domination. They infiltrated the roman catholic church too, and now work together for the sole purpose to establish Satanism as the new world religion and new world order.
The Kharzars were originally a bunch of vampiric gypsies in eastern Europe, who were hated and persecuted wherever they went because they practiced satanic occultism. They travelled around in their horse-drawn carts, seeking to convert the populations with their satanic agenda, and when successful, converts were drawn into a mystical world of occult sexuality including pedophilia, and extreme confidence in their adopted god, satan that they believed that taking an oath to forward their agenda through any means, including murder and assisnation
The Khazars and the RCC both established secret organisations, a web of influential control over humanity since the 15th century. This included the monetary system, control of education, entertainment, news media, inorganic medium like computers, telephones, cellphones and even governments. They have controlled everything for a long time.
It may be best you research this while you can, as one is only deceived through ignorance and complacency.
If you haven’t noticed there is a small group (by comparison to our numbers) who reign above us. They are all connected into this web of deception.
While this may all seem too “formidable” to oppose, it is all a world of “smoke and mirrors,” and the point I wish to make, is that we cannot confront them on their own choice of weapon and battleground. We have to confront them with our own weapons and choice of terrain, and get our timing right.
There are many ways to do this but we should understand that their major weapon is deception and lies. Believe the deception and the lie and we are hamstrung. They are no greater than us. Their only defense is a lie, and we are in the process of dismantling and unraveling all their lies. We have to awaken out of slumber and dreamscape and dismantle all their lies.
We also have to know the nature of the satanic beings who control them. Arm yourself with the truth.
Satan is a collective of beings, a pathetic cowardly bunch of deceivers. They survive in conflict and death. Human blood is what they feed off, and as long as they can keep us killing each other, they can survive here.
They keep their adherents mesmerized by this power of killing. They kill babies and drink their blood. They abduct small children and rape them and then kill them. They create and fight wars where innocent soldiers and civilians are killed and spill their blood.
These are the so-called leaders of our society and governments. They are a power hungry bunch of cowards who hide behind their satanic god who only promises them one thing, and that is immortality.
What is immortality? It is nothing in the universe where all beings are meant to be eternal. What the Satanists offer is the ability to revolve around a small part of the universe, and retain their bloodline connection so that the next incarnation here will be a comfortable one through a bloodline covenant.
Just like in the movie, “The Matrix”. They will give you “privileges” that seem comfortable and real with a few added benefits but from a soul evolution is just all a hoax, a lie, a deception. That is how they entice humans to become part of their fantasy of reality.
Until we both become aware of this matrix of deception and lies, and do something about it, we will be powerless against it.
So the road to “salvation” is in our own hands. Do we believe the deceivers or do we begin to hold them accountable for their deception?
How about starting with the deception of 9/11? That was a bold act of desperation and deception by the khazarians and Jesuits, and until we hold them accountable, they will escape and continue to maraud and create our reality. They believe that if they can get away with this, they can get away with anything.
Those are the odds. Be subjugated by satanic beings or stand up for our rights to be like god. That is really the dividing line.

Understanding the esoteric dictionaryMany, like myself, are struggling to sculpt a dictionary that accurately describes the unseen world and this can be very confusing for a newbie. We are all on unfamiliar terrain here. The English language hasn’t quite accommodated or defined many of the inadequate words we use, so we articulators are not always using the same diction to describe the nature of the unseen and the universe.
For instance we use the words “dimensions, densities and domains” and they don’t always agree with each other or convey the same meaning. We usually know what meaning we give to those words, but those words don’t always have the same meaning to our audience, so it can create quite a bit of confusion.
The words, sound and light, magnetic and electric, female and male energies are used interchangeably leaving most pretty confused, so I thought I might bring a bit of clarity to all this mumbo jumbo. In fact, our science hasn’t yet understood it either.
To start off with, the universe is a field of electric and magnetic waves. Electric waves are mono directional; one direction at a time, while magnetic waves are omni directional and go out as concentric waves of energy. They both spiral outward and spiral together because the one keeps the other in balance. They are not singular but multiples, and they mingle and intertwine concentrically.
When electric and magnetic waves are observed by the observing soul, they manifest as light and sound, so when the electric waves are observed they are light and when the magnetic waves are observed in manifest reality they are sound. So electric waves transmute to light and magnetic waves transmute to sound.
When these waves are stepped down into dense manifest form they appear as male and female forms here because they are not in balance with each other( the form does not determine the energy, the energy remains what it is despite the form). So the electric mono directional electric waves become and manifest as light in the reality fields and create the male form, and the omni directional magnetic waves become manifest as sound in the reality fields, and create the female form.
Hopefully this will explain the nature of the electric and magnetic waves and how they appear in manifest reality.
Then other terms that are confusing are dimensions and densities that are often used interchangeably and I will give you my take on their meaning.
The term dimension generally describes the measurement of height, breadth and depth around which most of the forms we experience can be measured in or against. So it is used to describe the perceptions of what we observe in our 3 dimensional reality.
The term density refers to the nature of the mass, or thickness, of matter. Many use this term incorrectly, and sometimes refer to dimensions as densities. I know what they mean because I have a broader understanding of it, but I can imagine that it can be quite confusing to a novice.
What most of us are referring to is that the nature of reality is created by 3 things. Electric waves that appear as light in the reality fields and create the male form. Magnetic waves that appear as sound in the reality fields and create the female form. The 3rd aspect is not yet quite ever articulated or expressed and that is pulse, or rhythm that determines the frequency of the electric, light, male forms, and the frequency of the magnetic, sound, female forms.
In the universe these 3 aspects are the creative nature of all things.
I have coined a phrase “harmonic bandwidths” to describe when the electric and magnetic waves are in harmony with each other, and co-resonant with the pulse and rhythm of the universe. Some call this a density, and many other nomenclatures that confused the hell out of me, when I was trying to learn how to describe it.
Anyway, when the electric (light) and magnetic (sound) waves are in coherence with each other that creates a reality field, a movie of sorts that is holographic, is created.
I was never given the English names for what I saw and experienced, but did hear the sound tones, and they are not in any language we have on this planet that describes the nature of the unseen world, so forgive us as we flounder to describe something that has been kept secret from us for many years.

Unraveling the lies

After I write my first book, I’m going to write a sequel and it’s going to be called “Unravelling the Lies”.
We cannot unravel the lies here unless we understand who we are as soul beings, and the power that we have, if we would just step out of our current consciousness and into whom we really are.
So the first book is about who and what we really are. The second book is going to about how we can unravel all the lies we are told here.
From the moment we are born here we are stripped of our very nature as soul beings and lied to and forcefully made to conform to the big lie.
When we are born we are entered into a system that is designed to lie to us.
Our birth is registered and we are given a NAME that has nothing to do with the energy we hold and our unique frequency signature in the universe. Once we are registered into this system we are either forced or coerced into complying and conforming to the lies that have come before us. So we are GIVEN an identity and forced into the system of slavery and lies.
After that we are forced to, by coercion and enticement, to eat other soul beings. We are baptized into the culture of vampirism, eating other soul beings, and told this is “good” for us and nourishes the body.
Once baptized into a vampire culture we begin a process of learning and indoctrination to further the agenda of lies.
Everything we learn thereafter is designed to quell and defeat our true natural nature and being.
We are first taught to walk that is natural, and once we have been fed enough energy from our vampire activities we begin to grow, and then we learn to speak, and the language we learn is an occult language disguised as languish that is designed to cast “spells” so we learn to spell, so that we are firmly cast under this spell.
Everything we are taught thereafter is a lie. We are taught about fear and to fear those who are different from us, so we become so indoctrinated by fear that we begin to become suspicious, distrustful, easily angered , jealous, enviousness, greedy, murderous and gluttonous.
All because we are weaved into a web of lies, and become the lie we find so distasteful, yet our entire premise that we operate from is a lie.
It becomes a self-defeating cycle of lies.
So I am going to begin to unravel the lies, one by one, and if you join me in this journey, we may not find the truth unless we find it in ourselves, we can at least begin to unravel the lies. One by one and there are so many.
People and the natural surroundings are not the lies. It is the information we are given about them that is the lie. The archons create a filter in our consciousness about what is natural and exists around us then they twist it and give us false information about it.

What is the purpose of lies?

In our world the purpose of lies is to deceive.
In my world of energetics where the soul is infinite and indestructible and immutable, lies cause disharmony and dis resonance, and this dis resonance causes wave dysfunction of sight, sound, taste, hearing and feeling , so our natural senses are disturbed by lies.
If we are surrounded by a bodyguard of lies, our natural senses are disturbed and perturbed so that which is natural becomes like a mirage, so that we lose our real senses of sight, sound, taste, hearing and feeling .
This is a resonance and frequency thing. We are resonant beings. The universe is just filled with waves of light and sound, and if there is dis resonance of these light and sound waves, it creates disharmony.
And that is the purpose of the lies here; to harmonically disrupt our natural order and to detour us into a fake reality outside of the natural order.
So, if we are lied to from birth, and live in a fantasy of lies how can we ever expect any harmony, especially if we believe the lies and live them?
I understand the energetics of this but it is hard to explain.
We have been lied to about what and who we are. We have been lied to about our history, physiology, astronomy, biology, law, mathematics, science, geography, diet, identity, and the list is endless. It is all a big fat lie.
To understand the lies we are told here fully, we have to understand what truth is.
In the universe, truth is established by four pedestals of truth that hold up truth, and if one, or more, of these pedestals is missing, then truth collapses.
In the universe, truth is just a flow of information that flows co-resonantly, and has the following properties, the table that holds together the flow of information in a resonant way.
Firstly, information must be consistent, and this consistency is contained in the way information flows, and it is meant to flow in a logical sequence of information that informs, educates, warns of forthcoming changes, explains and educates the receiver of the information, the soul being. It must be transparent and logical.
Secondly, information is coherent in the universe. In other words, it follows a sequence of logical understanding that informs, educates, warns of forthcoming changes, explains and educates the receiver of the information, the soul being. Information out of sequence is incoherent to soul beings.
Thirdly, information is always contextual and relevant in the universe. Information that has no context is irrelevant and causes dis resonance in the soul. It may not be prevalently useful to the soul, but is, nevertheless, stored in the memory of the soul and is always contextual.
Fourthly, information in the universe is always cogent and is precise, clear, logical, and convincing.
This information is carried through the soul body, and being, by the light and sound wave fields. The light fields carry the information and the sound fields provide the impetus, and move the information through the universe.
Clearly, if one of these four is missing then the flow of information would be dis resonant and would collapse the energy and flow of information contained by the carrier waves of light and sound. The flow of information in the universe is constant and instant.
We are provided with information here that is inconsistent, mostly incoherent, with no real relevant context, and is no precise, clear, logical and convincing.
So when I say that everything here is a lie, and it is a deliberate obfuscation of truth, designed to control, misinform, miseducate, and deceive the soul beings here, that is why I say that. We can see that clearly through the many secret societies here who assume that they are the guardians of truth on this planet, and operate in secret, who believe that the truth is so precious, “it must be guarded by a bodyguard of lies.”
Tough shit to them. I am giving you the truth here.

Soul Essence

What the fallen ones have done here is to separate those aspects of the soul being and to capture their essence and to keep re-cycling them, as soul essence. In other words, they have the essence (ingredients) of their soul, as we have it in our auric fields, and the auric fields are what are re-cycling here, but not our soul. Our souls are safely and comfortably tucked away in the fabric of the universe, but they have been separated from that aspect of them that have conscious awareness here. This has been called “soul harvesting” but is not entirely accurate.
Our auric fields, as I have posted about before, is a field of energy, a highly charged field of particles that contain the original blueprint of our soul templates that create manifest particles through the DNA of the manifest form. This applies to all manifest creation whether, elemental, vegetable, mineral, insect, avian, fish, anima or human. I will remind you at this stage to bear in mind that particles are waves until they are observed and the soul is the observer.
There are many who are awake here and know intrinsically and intuitively, and some who have been shown this, like myself, but it very difficult to put it into language, which by its very nature, is designed to misinform through word spells, because the energy contained in the sound tones is uniquely a “confusion of tongues” and dis resonant. So I first try to feel the energy and then put it into words that is quite hard to do but those who can feel the energy of these words, and can interpret them in a resonant way, will know what I mean.
They are trying to hide the truth, but the many awakened beings here are looking for information that is consistent, coherent, contextual and is cogent, and truth is beginning to emerge here, Just look at the way the lies around the Las Vegas shooting are beginning to emerge.
Stay awake, aware and able.


I just thought I should give you some feedback on the RV that was started last weekend. It is teetering on the brink of victory.
It is quite ironic that the very funds that have been funding the banks through the World Bank are now being opened to mankind through a debt relief system as a first stage, where all debt, individual and corporate, can be expunged, by the secret “White Spiritual Wonder Boy” accounts held by various banks in every nation of the world.
The “White Spiritual Wonder Boy” accounts in the World Bank Infinite Accounts are one of the collateral accounts in which the interest in the world’s debt has been accumulating for hundreds are years, and have given rise to the accumulation of an obscene amount on wealth.
The “White Spiritual Wonder Boy” accounts represent the collaborative wealth of a large number of royal families (dynasties) going back to the time of King Solomon. This group of royal families backed the Rothschild’s and their ilk, only to find themselves being held ransom by these imposters who represented that they were “creating a better world” for mankind.
Once these royal family dynasties backed the “wrong horse”, the Rothschilds, and their fiat currency system, they found themselves increasingly beholden to them. It goes back even further, to the Roman Catholic Church. It is quite an intriguing story.
So they set about trying to find a system that would indeed benefit this planet. Every time they devised a strategy to by-pass the Rothschild systems, they were thwarted. They are not very good at this.
All previous attempts have failed.
So now they have come upon a new strategy, that does not invoke the agreements of governments, so that all, and everyone, can participate if they choose, by creating a debt relief system, so that you may be able to use the funds in the “White Spiritual Wonder Boy” in your local bank to expunge any and all debts you may have with those banks.
This is a clever strategy because it can cause the “first crack in the dam.” I have followed their logic and can’t find fault except that I can’t find any connection between the owners of the funds and the current signatories.
If anyone can conclusively produce this I would be very grateful.
Ultimately the worth of one thing cannot be deemed to be worth more than another unless there is mutual agreement by those observing the thing, and even then their judgment should be brought into question.
In the universe all things are expressions of one thing. There is no greater or lesser in terms of value. Each expression of the One Thing holds within it the value of the whole no matter if expressed as elemental, mineral, vegetable, insect, avian, animal or human. Each part is a part of the whole, and owes its expression to the other.

It is a beautiful whole

When beings begin to trade one or more of one thing for another, they enter into dangerous territory, because they offer their opinion of the worth of one thing over another.
They only do this because of greed but defy the Laws of the Universe that results in domination that corrupts the order of the universe. This dissolves their freedom as well as the freedom of others, and creates incarceration that results in mass incarceration. When everyone and everything is incarcerated they will forget how they became incarcerated in the first place, so they enter a downward spiral of self-incarceration.
The universal order is not difficult to understand but it is flagrantly opposed to what humans currently experience and understand, so it may appear to be difficult to understand. Many soul beings are waking up, and those that are awakening will understand this.
Humans here suffer from an “illusion of separation.” Our indoctrination through breeding, social norms, religion, art, literature, theatre, media, science as it is taught here, politics and culture here, create this and we all go along with it. I am so grateful for aiazmir showing me how the universe is actually meant to work.
Separation of consciousness creates barriers. Once we deem ourselves to be separate from other beings we create the bars of our own prison. This is a profound statement and I hope you will give it some thought, as it applies to all our relationships whether to elemental, mineral, vegetable, insect, avian, animal or human relationships.
What we call “special relationships” are just our attempts to bridge this gap.
The truth in the universe is, that we all interconnected, an intertwined whole that give meaning and value to each other.
We are largely “separated” by the word spell that we readily accept and grow up with here. This is largely due to the grammar here. The word “I” becomes our predominant expression, as if the “I” is all that has meaning. This creates the predicate “”you”, as if “you” is separate from “I”.
There is a third option. The option of “we.”
We are accustomed to thinking in the “I” and “you” and seldom consider the “we”. This simple grammatical mistake is how the “word spell” is created. The notion of separation from the whole (holy).
I noticed that on SiriusB that the “I” and “you” were not part of their vocabulary there. Everything was talked, and described as “we.”
I found that curious and asked aizmir about it. He said that as much as I found it curious that they did not describe themselves as “I” and “you”, he also explained how the “I” and “you” are existentially non-existent in the universe. There is no “I” and “you”. They simply do not exist in the universe, except in the word “spell” of those who perceive them separated from the whole.
This planet is under a “word spell”. We easily accept this concept of separation, in its many forms, but it only perpetuates our own incarceration of separation.

What is meditation?

I guess this means different things to different people for different reasons.
For some meditation means spending time with private thoughts, hopes and dreams, in other words consciously recalling the unconscious mind, and reaching and bringing the unconscious thoughts and aspirations, into the conscious mind to make them conscious. It is to be consciously unconscious and observing the unconscious. This not true meditation.
For others it is the practice of spending time being consciously conscious, and bringing the conscious thoughts and aspirations into some kind of order according to the conscious mind. It is called “clearing the head” and gaining clarity. This not true meditation either.
True meditation is allowing oneself to be unconsciously unconscious and to enter the “field of dreams” where everything is possible, and one is able to engage with the universe with no attachment to any form of consciousness, or conscious expression. This is only attained by “letting go” of all pre-conceptions of what is, and entering a state of “all things are possible”.
Unconsciousness is not a non-entity. Unconsciousness is a state of “all possibllty”.
When one is consciously aware of limited conscious expression, then that is what one will experience. In the unconscious mind there is unlimited expression, and likewise with the unconscious emotions.
True meditation takes one into the universe of unlimited possibilities, and expression, unbridled by preconceptions and misconceptions, and away from the conscious mind.
To be consciously aware is just the pathway one must traverse to be unconsciously aware. Traversing from the conscious mind to unconscious mind is what many hope to gain by meditation, but it is pretty useless if one is holding onto precepts of limited mind, and trying to predict outcomes.
The universe is a pretty organized energetic construct and you can’t “fake it” there, so if you begin to meditate you must do it authentically and be willing to experience and confront who you really are, after all, the universe is just a mirror image of you. If you have a mindset of limited experience that is what you will experience. If, however, you are one of those intrepid universal souls willing to “go beyond” then welcome to the universe of possibilities.

What you should know about soul health and how to keep your soul healthy


This article is about soul health.
It will outline the nature of consciousness and how this takes place in the context of the universal wave fields that create reality fields within which a soul being experiences manifest, physical reality. It will explain the holographic nature of reality and the means by which a soul being experiences their reality.
It will explain the attributes of the soul and the true nature of all soul beings, including the human soul being. It will also explain “frequency fields” and harmonic bandwidths that form the dimensional structure through which soul beings pass during their soul evolution, and how the structure of the soul connects and communicates with human physiology, and the passageway and nature of this connection and communication.
Lastly, it will explain the structure of the soul being, and the means and methodology by which a soul being is responsible and should take responsibility for their own soul health, and thus, their soul evolution, and ascension to higher dimensions.
I am aware that there has been a lot of intervention and manipulation of the human souls here, but this article will not deal with that because often these interventions and manipulations drive the one to believe that these interventions and manipulations absolve humans from taking responsibility for their own soul health, and justify the “blame game” that has been going on here. I will try to deal with what exists beyond the mind and perceptions of the human soul.
There are certain unchangeable laws of the nature of the universe, and it is best we begin to engage with them and understand them.
When I use the word “certain unchangeable laws”, this does not apply to the individual laws, but to them in combination with each other. Each law has an element of uncertainty because it relies on the other laws for completeness or wholeness (“holiness”), so they should be understood in combination with each other. Human education and indoctrination here is little concerned with these laws, but they do, in collaboration with each other, affect everything we experience here. I will more fully explain this.
In our day to day activities and practices here, little regard is paid to this. I find this strange. If our planet, and indeed, we, are located in a universal construct, why do we pay so little attention to the laws governing the universe in which we are found? I guess we all get caught up in our own little “universes” and get so caught up in it, we can’t see the “bigger picture”
It is my intention to present to you some things we all ought to know and practice so that we may escape our education and indoctrination here because anything learnt out of context of the laws of the universe are nonsense and designed for no other purpose than to make us slaves to a system designed by those who wish to control us and be our masters. They just set up the cycle and momentum, and we follow suit. It is a repetitive cycle that denounces, and has no connection, to the laws of the universe.
Control is something that humans are accustomed to. It starts at birth, and it happens by love / hate relationships; love is followed by hate, and then love returns to be followed by hate in a never ending cycle of love / hate relationships.
A baby is lovingly born and then smacked on the bum to make it cry. The child is nurtured until the parent controllers, who have been indoctrinated into the system, want to control the behaviors of the child and so the cycle of love / hate continues. Our entire personal history is a history of love / hate failed relationships.
So if you wish to escape the system and create a new one, read on, as this may change everything you know about anything or anything you know about everything.
I will explain who the controllers, and so-called masters, are, but first you have to understand the construct of the universe and the multi universes and the nature of manifest reality to understand how the universe works to enable us to create a more congruent and cohesive world.
Have I lost you already? I’m not surprised because what I am going to tell you is contra indicative and intuitive to just about everything we “know”.
Our attachment to a physical, manifest reality that does not represent the way the universe actually works is largely our undoing, so this is what I am going to speak about to you.
We are eternal souls here, experiencing a finite, foolish system of control that bears no resemblance to the way the universe works.
Maintaining a healthy soul body is essential to navigating through this morass of love / hate relationships. Understanding what the laws of the universe are and how they apply to oneself and the experiences we are having, is the way.
This article is about the soul being and how to keep the soul distinct from, and maintain a healthy soul.
Interested? Then read on. I should remind you that it all works together and there are only 12 simple things to learn.
I write this in the English language, and though all languages are limited, I offer it to you for what it is worth to you.

Consciousness and energy

The first thing to understand is consciousness and energy.
Our science here has proven that consciousness is energy, and energy works in a particular way. What our science here has not explained is the nature of consciousness that I will explain.
Consciousness and energy is the same thing but have 2 different means of manifesting. Consciousness is invisible, and energy is the manifestation of the invisible consciousness. This has been ably demonstrated by the “split hole” experiment where it was deduced that when the invisible waves of energy are observed they become manifest as particles, and when not observed they are waves of energy. This inferred as well, that the observation of the wave form changed its nature, and interfered with them causing them to manifest as particles. This peculiar behavior of the wave fields is essential to the understanding that we are both manifest, physical beings and a energy beings, “at the same time”. It is the observation of the wave fields that causes them to manifest as particles.
The process of waves becoming particles that coalesce to create morphogenetic fields we call “quarks”, that begin to spin around each other separating the neutrons from the protons and electrons (photons) that form the basis of matter, and beginning to vibrate violently to form molecules, that form cells; is well known here. It is a fascinating process but the end outcome is that waves of energy form cells that we observe as our manifest reality, and all the time this process is continuing and continuous.
One has to ask the question, “Who is the observer that interferes with the wave fields causing them to become manifest as cells?” This is the perennial dilemma and question here.
I would offer this to you for your consideration. It is the soul, non-matter being that is the observer. The invisible conscious energy form that is given the gift of observation as part of its soul construct is the observer, and I will explain its construct later, but this is the only logical conclusion I can come to.Reality Fields, dimensionality, harmonic bandwidths and soul evolution

The universe and multi-universes are constructed in the same way, and all realities are contained within them in the same way. Knowing how they work is the trick to learn.
Now that I have proffered the possibility that wave fields are both particle and manifest form, and wave forms at the same time, I would like to offer another possibility and that is, that wave intersections and wave collections, in harmony with each other create “reality fields”.
There is no doubt that we experience our reality here as manifest forms. But how does this come about and who are we, “the observers”?
I am not going to try to convince anybody of anything but will tell you that you already know this and it is encoded into our DNA that I will speak of later. I will rely on your inner knowing to discern to understand and absorb this truth.
I will tell you how it works and leave it to you to decide whether this resonates with you or not. I saw how it works without words or explanation, and I had to figure it out for myself, that I did, when I researched it.
So here it is.
Harmonics work in a particular way, like music and movies. Movies incorporate both the visual and auditory whereas music is auditory but engages the imagination to create an image in the mind and soul.
Notes in music are in harmony with each other. They create an harmonic resonance with each other. In other words they combine seamlessly together. When one or two musical instruments combine in harmony with each other, they create a seamless expression in unison with each other. In our music here all instruments and the voices of the singers are in harmony with the music an attuned to a specific resonance that is itself discordant with the universe. This is not an accident. It happens by design.
The universe also works this way, though I can’t prove it, but the weight of evidence seems to suggest that that is how it works, so I will rely on your powers of observation to agree or disagree.
We live in a world of empty space that carries waves of light and sound that manifest in physical form in a certain way.

So here it is; my observations and conclusions.

Reality here is merely the way that light and sound waves intersect, interact and interfere with each other in an harmonic way, creating reality fields in which soul beings experience reality. The light and sound waves coagulate and coalesce at the speed of light creating form, and instantaneously translate themselves into “moving 3 dimensional picure” that we perceive as our reality.
As I said, each law is dependent on the others for completion and none is a law unto itself. So it is best we look at the whole picture.

Where is Home for me?

This is probably going to be the most difficult post for me to express, but someone has asked me, “Where is home, for everybody?”
If I am truthful, I should say that the universe is your home, but perhaps not this universe, but perhaps another, as there are multi universes.
When traversing the universe there are 2 things, you (your conscious expression of who you are) and the universe.
As I have told you and explained before, the entire universe exists within you, and if you don’t understand this, I suggest that you contemplate this for a long, long while. Everything in the universe accords with a template. it works within, as well as without.
“Home” is not “out there”. It is within you. What has happened to humanity is that many imagine themselves that the stars are “out there” to gaze upon, are “out of reach” and that we are infants in our soul evolution and dependent on something “out there” to rescue us. Forget it now. Wrong.
The stars “out there” are part of the soul evolutionary system. They are beings who were once amoebas that evolved into mineral, vegetable, animal, human, moons and planets, suns, galaxies and then stars.
So, as I said, there is a template of manifestation. It exists as a template, and it is time for you to acknowledge this, because of your acquiescence to be a part of the external world of manifestation, but you fail to balance this with the world within you.
In the world within you, you have a potential energy of resonance that is equal to all the stars “out there” (there is no differentiation by the universal template of matter and reality). It is up to you.
So to answer the question, “Where is home, for everybody?” I would have to say, it depends where you choose to place your consciousness, but the important thing is, “Wherever you choose to place it , is where you will be most comfortable, and there is home”
So choose wisely, and your most highest probability.

Something for us to consider.

If we are “disillusioned” by anything, this a double jeopardy, if we are solely connected to the external world.We are damned if we do, and damned if we don’t
You see there are 2 illusions here. The first illusion is a holographic projection of reality provided by the universe that works the same in all manifest fields of reality, in order that consciousness may experience itself as a manifest reality. This is a scientific fact.
All manifestation experiences of reality work in this way throughout the universe and multiverses. This is not a scientific fact, because science here doesn’t understand the universal template of manifestation that has been hidden from them, because the cabal control “science” here. Some scientists know this but their system doesn’t allow for wider expansion of this knowledge.
Because I am not a “scientist” I can tell you it works this way.
99. 9991 % of the universe is “empty” space that is filled by light and sound waves.
These are the “carrier” waves of thought (light) and emotion (sound), of which we are a part. We are like broadcasting and receiving stations. We receive and emit signals all the time; thoughts and emotions and we act on them. We do it through our crystalline physical structure. Every organ in our bodies has a signalling “station”.
Actions in manifestation are the neutral, non judgemental (acting out our thoughts and emotions) form of expression of how we think and feel.
The second illusion here is like watching a movie within a movie. The universe provides the first movie, a hologram, a template, if you will, of our thoughts and feelings, and then a 2nd movie is projected over that first movie so as to confuse the viewer, the observer, so as to make them observe their thoughts and feelings in a different way.
So if we are disillusioned, we are twice disillusioned. The second “disillusion” is an illusion within an illusion Somebody or bodies, is or are projecting over the first illusion (and i can tell you how they do it).
So how do we get out of this mess?
The first thing we should do is recognize that we exist in a reality field of energy, and it works in a particular way.
The second thing we have to do is to be able to distinguish which reality field or fields we want to experience. Believe it or not, most are stuck in the second illusion, in the movie over pasted by another, and how did they get stuck there? Because they believed, and were taught to believe, never realizing that belief is optional between dualities. They couldn’t “see” the first movie so they stuck with the first one.
So how do we get out of this syndrome?
The trick is to know how the universe works. It works in a particular way. The first thing to learn is that everything is an expression of one thing. What is that one thing?
It is whatever you choose because in a peculiar way, and I can explain the science of it, you / we are that one thing, and acceptance of this will not sit easily with us because we are so used to the notion of separation, of individualism, of ego,
If we are so based in the egoic world of separation from the universe and each other, then overlaying our consciousness within another movie is easily achieved, because when we choose that we choose to a god in our own universe, and divorce ourselves from the god within, and therefor exteranlize our reality, and watch the super-imposed movie and that becomes our “new” reality.
That is how we got into this predicament in the first place. Wake up.