Multi Dimensionalism


God, the universe and you

I am writing this to give some insight into the nature of reality and how universes are constructed, but particularly want to deal with the notion of god here.
In my travels with aizimir through the universes, I became aware that the universe “out there” is actually the universe “in there”, and, in fact, that is what aiazmir was at pains to explain to me.
The whole notion of god being “out there”, here, was promulgated by a variety of beings who have been the rulers of this particular part of our solar system, and beyond who have kept us blind and given us a belief system that god is “out there”.
In all religions here you have the good guys; god, allah, Buddha, yawweh etc. and the “bad guys”; devil, demon, djinn, baphomet etc.
Mankind didn’t come up with these concepts. They were given to man by the “good guys” who are in fact “the bad guys”. The intention of these beings in fabricating this system was to be able to feed off our energy, and they still do.
They want us to believe that there is a god “out there” who will rescue us from the “bad guys out there”, and so we keep giving our energy away to this notion that “out there”, there is someone who is going to rescue us, whereas the only ones we need recuing from is ourselves and our own stupidity and cognitive dissonance.
We tend to perceive space and time as being “out there”, and can’t see that it is just a perceived reality and concept, designed by the designer, so that manifest reality can be made manifest and that beings experiencing manifest reality will have an opportunity to participate in it, and engage with it, in order to progress through the process of soul evolution.How the universe works

As I take us through this process of understanding how the universe works, I should preface what I am going to tell you by saying that it is a process. I will begin by giving a summary of the bigger picture that should be understood and much more of the detail will be dealt with later. There is much to learn, but hopefully by the end of this process you may have a better understanding of the universe and your place within it.
Whether you grasp this information at first, or not, does not matter but perhaps “copy and paste” it into a “word” document and read, and re-read it, as it is going to be very foreign to what you have been indoctrinated with.
I will commence by given an “unadulterated” and “technical” summary, looking at the universe from the “outside looking in”. I will leave more detailed explanation for later, but suffice it to say, these basic principles may be difficult to understand at first. It may be like turning your head outside in.
I will post these teachings under the heading, “HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS”, so that you might differentiate it from my other posts. I will provide “small bites” over time so you don’t get overwhelmed by too much detail.
The only reason I attempt this is because I am assured that the recent heightened frequencies of energy that have entered into earth’s atmosphere will enable most to understand this over time. I know I am exposing my “madness” that I have had to live with, and perhaps if you understand this too, you might go through the “dark night of the soul.” Just know that I am willing to go through this together with you and it is not an ending but a beginning.
I wish you a happy and fulfilling process if you can stick with it.


The universe consists mainly of fields of energy.
Manifest physical forms consist of less than ,001% of the universe. This includes planets, moons, stars and manifest forms that exist on planets, moons and stars. Manifest reality forms a very tiny, but important, part of the universe. Manifest reality is perhaps the artwork produced by the Creator to best express creation itself.
The primary fields of energy are electric, magnetic and gravitation. They work independently, co-operatively, coherently. cogently and co-dependedly with each other. All these wave fields carry different types of information but more about that later.
The electric waves vibrate and express themselves as light when they step down their energy into manifest form.
The magnetic waves oscillate and express themselves as sound when they step down their energy into manifest form.
The gravitation fields neither vibrate nor oscillate, but hold the electric and magnetic fields intact and in balance, and express themselves as matter form. Gravitation fields are neutral and can mimic either the electric or magnetic fields in order to retain balance. In other words, gravitational fields are like the glue that holds the magnetic and electric fields.
They exist simply as expressions of the universe.

HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKSThe light, sound and gravity wave fields can be measured by their frequencies that are unlimited, but they create reality fields in certain bandwidths. These are harmonic fields of light, sound and form (electric, magnetic and gravity). These are the manifest reality fields (that 0. 001% of the universe I spoke about). This process is also responsible for creating time, space and conscious expression but more about that later.
Each bandwidth of the frequencies and harmonics of the light, sound and gravity fields creates form in certain “densities.” This applies all over the universe and multiverses. The matter, physical form depends on the bandwidth of the harmonics, so “matter physical” form may be denser in the first harmonic bandwidth, and as the harmonic goes to the next octave, it becomes less dense.
This process fundamentally creates the dimensional system that I will deal with later.
The dimensional system only exists in the reality fields where conscious beings begin a soul evolutionary process. All conscious beings in this system are expressions of the light, sound and gravity fields.


How this process works depends on resonance and co-resonance of the magnetic, electric and gravity attraction and repulsion zones. Resonance and co-resonance depend on attraction and repulsion within harmonic bandwidths.
All of this happens at the same time and in the same space of no time and no space. There is only conscious awareness of time and space that is created by conscious awareness, that is, when conscious beings observe themselves and become self-aware. It is only conscious awareness that creates, through its awareness of self, time and space.
Between each harmonic bandwidth there is a magnetic, electric and gravity repulsion zone that separates one harmonic bandwidth from another they create time and space. This process holds the harmonic fields in coherency and in harmony, one with the other.


Each harmonic bandwidth is a reality field, that is, a field of electric, magnetic and gravity waves, in which conscious beings experience the expression of self in form, time and space, but more about this later.
This field of energy, the harmonic bandwidth, the reality field, is inviolate and it works throughout the universe this way, through syncopation.
At this stage, I should introduce to the notion of the heartbeat of the universe. The universe pulses its heartbeat.
You see, in order to create “motion of the conscious beings” in an harmonic bandwidth, it requires pulsing, or rhythm, like a drum beat. Each beat of the heart of the universe is like a “frame” in a motion picture, a moment in time and space. Time and space are experienced through this “theatre” of the heartbeat of the universe.
This may bring into significance the heartbeat of Mother Earth called here the Schuman resonance, and your own heartbeat. When the heart stops beating in syncopation with the universal heartbeat the end of the play has come.


You may be “lost at sea” at this point and as I told you, it is a process, a complex, but not complicated process.
Now, how do electric, magnetic and gravity waves create manifest form, in other words, us and the world we experience?
At this stage, you should understand soul evolution and what a “soul” is.
A “soul” being enters into a contract with the electric, magnetic and gravity waves and agrees to be supported by them and become a physical, manifest expression within a reality field, of the universal codes, and to become consciously aware of self in manifest form. All physical, manifest beings have done this.
This is called a soul contract and it cannot be revoked. Once we have made this agreement we are entered into the harmonic bandwidth within the universal template of the expression in matter, physical form of the universal construct, and we enter a soul evolutionary process by which matter, physical form is meant to mimic and express the Oneness of the non-physical universe. This is the evolution of the soul.
Once entered into this contract a conscious being simultaneously becomes an observer of their reality, and once becoming an observer, the wave fields change from wave form into particle form. It is through conscious observation that the electric, magnetic and gravity wave fields become matter, physical form.
I have referred you to the split-hole experiments before. In this experiment it is demonstrated that when particles are observed they become particle form, and when not observed they are wave fields of energy. In other words conscious observation of the wave fields transmutes them into particle form. Therefore, when souls enter into a reality field they create manifest particle form through self-aware, conscious observation of it. Souls create their own reality within a universal template and lattice of creation and manifestation. It’s like a TV set. It is wired in a certain way to deliver the picture you want to see by tuning the TV into a certain wavelength. Reality fields work in a certain and particular way as well, and I will tell you how they work.


At this point, I hope I haven’t overloaded you with this information, but if you can “stay” this process, I am truly grateful.
When the magnetic, electric and gravity fields become self-aware, they imitate the universal laws of co-resonance and constant motion with gravity at the center and electric and magnetic waves spinning around the core of the gravity wave (now particle), and create a morphogenetic field, called quarks here, and begin their soul evolutionary process.
Depending on the attraction of “other” electric, magnetic particles that already may have entered the reality fields, they begin to organize themselves into mini-universes called atoms. Atoms are simply the expression of the universe at an atomic level of matter, physical form. They are, at this stage, both wave and particle form.
As these atoms burst with excitement they begin to vibrate uncontrollably and form the fundamental forms of first causal existence of life forms, called molecules.
It is at the level of the molecular structure that “memory” enters the equation through DNA that I will explain more about later, but try to remember this, as it is important. DNA manifests at the molecular level, but it is part of the universal template and lattice of creation.
Now given memory through DNA, the soul being enters into the self-aware particle form of matter physicality. At the molecular level of being, molecules begin to self-organize themselves according to the universal template and lattice of creation. All beings in all dimensional states and throughout the universe experience manifestation in a similar way.
Molecules create cells and that is what we observe in our manifest, physical form. Everything we are able to sense with our 5 senses is a cellular form that we can see, hear, taste, touch and smell.
So in manifest form physical beings have experience of existence at many levels, i.e. from quantum, to quark; from quark to atom; from atom to molecule and from molecule to cell. It is best you gain some appreciation of this so you can understand the construct of the universal template and lattice of creation. You see everything in creation is connected to some other aspect of creation, and navigating through the many expressions of creation in density (physical) and dimensional form is a little tricky unless you know how it works and all fits together.


The soul evolutionary process may take billions of years in earth time to come to the stage of human consciousness and form.
In truth, when conscious beings were entered into contract with the universal waves of energy, they are, at a first stage entered as microbial forms in a universe of non-matter. From there it may have taken them billions of years to evolve into mineral form but only with the support of other “souls” that agreed to enter into “soul contract.” Souls are meant to support each other in the soul evolutionary process.
Microbial forms would enter into matter form by becoming minerals. From there they would transition and transmute through the microbial mineral kingdoms and become “leafy” vegetable forms and by combining their amoeba state, they would evolve into insect forms, by the process of attraction and repulsion.
Over billions of years, they may evolve into animal forms, and eventually into human form. All this soul memory is held in the DNA of manifest forms that have progressed from quantum form into molecular form. A single strand of DNA holds more information than all the computer chips existing on this planet at the moment.
On this planet our soul history and memory has been suppressed and we have been “locked into” a limited field of reality that is based on physicality only. Most of our remedies for our experience here are based on “physical” solutions. We do not marvel at the wondrous creativity that created manifest reality and that physical beings are a construct at many levels.
If the medical profession would acknowledge and understand this there would be no diseases, sickness and maladies that afflict humans in any way. I can testify to that. Since I learnt this information I have not had any sickness in my body for the last 13 years.
If I do feel ill in any way, I go through a process to examine at what level I am feeling unwell. Is it at the level of the cellular (physical) level, the molecular (energetic) level, the atomic (chemical) level, the morphogenetic (quark) or the quantum level. Usually it is at the molecular or the atomic level and this is quite easy to fix.
I have tried to make you aware that physical, manifest reality occurs on many levels and it is a construct, as I have explained.
The non-physical realms also work according to a template and lattice that are interconnected with the physical reality fields and work in a co-operative, coherent and cogent way.
I have not spoken or posted about this much before and I was always “testing the water” to see how this information would be received, but there were few who could receive this information. It is bit like a TV set. It is wired only to receive certain transmission waves. I have now been told that the human TV sets have been wired to receive this information.
I am now going to explain the non-physical universe that creates co-operatively the manifest forms within reality fields. For every expression of physical matter throughout the universe there is a supportive structure of creative wave forms since matter, physical forms emerge from the wave forms.
I am not telling you this to confuse you, but rather I hope it informs and enlightens you.


Now here comes “the rub” that most humans will struggle with understanding.
In order to create a manifest form, the universe creates a balance, and creates an equal and opposite of whatever is expressed in the universal lattice. This is known as parallelism in the universe. For every manifest particle form there is a wave form.
In other words, there is a parallel expression in the parallel light, sound and gravity wave fields, equal and opposite to the expression of manifest from in the particle fields. It is as “real” as the world you are experiencing. It is a mirror facsimile of this reality field and mimics and relates all that is being expressed here back to the universe. It is the gateway to our connection to the first order of the universe.
This is difficult to describe, but the one description that you may understand is a mirror. When you look into a mirror you are looking at your equal but opposite reflection. The mirror mimics everything you do but in reverse. That is parallelism.
Humans have been affected by this because they are firstly ignorant of this, and secondly, those who are less ignorant can attack humans in the parallel form without humans being aware of this, because humans are unaware of the consequences of their actions, unaware of the nature of parallelism and how this is related back into the universe, and that they can be controlled through their parallel reality fields.
Now imagine that you begin to speak to your mirror and instead of it mimicking you, it speaks back to you. “Mirror, mirror on the wall?”
The universe is a unified field of energy, and I am simply trying to make you aware of how it works. The nature of the parallel fields forms a vital integral whole of the universal template and lattice of creation.


Now that we have established that “matter state / manifest reality” is a construct that is devised to give the observer a holographic representation and experience of the wave forms underlying their matter state / manifest experience, is it not possible that there may be higher dimensional beings who are feeding the waves of energy on which we based our reality, and experience?
He who controls the money controls the law, and therefore the people who must obey the laws. But there is another idiom that has been true here for thousands of years. “He, who controls the wave fields, controls the manifest experience, and the perceptions of it.”
I hate to tell you this but this is what has happened here, until April 2013, when our higher states of consciousness, our soul family, dismantled the Blank Slate Technology (BeaST) technologies we were under control, not only in our matter state / manifest experience, but also the wave fields that “deliver” the matter state / manifest experience . Our soul family want us to evolve into our natural soul progression and soul evolution, and see this time period as pivotal to the survival of our Mother Earth, and the souls that inhabit her. I will explain the concept of the soul family later.
We have also established that 99.99% of the universe is empty space, by our own reckoning, and that matter state / manifest reality is a miniscule portion of this, .001%.
We have analyzed matter state / manifest reality to the tenth degree. We are totally confused aren’t we? We have placed labels on all the information. We have tried to “connect the dots” to try to make sense of all this, but to no avail, not so?
To clarify then, matter state / manifest reality that we experience here exists within the construct of matter state / manifest reality, and is designed to keep us in the consciousness of matter state / manifest reality.
It is based on our observation and beliefs that matter state is the only state of consciousness, but now I am telling you this is untrue. There is a much bigger “picture” that I would like to share with you, because I am assured that the wave fields have been purged of the control mechanisms that previously existed and that we may all begin to understand who we truly are and what our place in the universe is.
To go through this process that I had to go through many years ago, we have to lose all the “labels”. Labels, like quanta, quarks, atoms, molecules and cells. There are many others too, like dark matter, anti- or ante matter, elctrons, photons, electrons, neutrons, and many “scientific” terms. All these terms and labels simply don’t exist in the rest of the universe. They are terms and labels confined to the matter state / manifest reality.
The universe simply doesn’t incorporate them and they are confined to the matter state / manifest reality by the universe. So if we want to know how the universe works, we have to understand that these terms and labels apply only to our experience of matter state / manifest reality. The universe works quite differently but since matter state / manifest reality exists in the wider universe they should not be completely dismissed but confined to the understanding of matter state / manifest reality.
As I have explained before the universe and the air around us is intelligent and works quite differently to the way we are used to. We are being integrated again into the wave fields of non-matter and they work in a particular way and far less complicated but are different.
So if we can lose all notions and labels of matter state / manifest reality we may discover how the “other half” lives. It is a lot of fun really, when you get into it. I guess this is the “rabbit hole” where you meet the “Mad Hatter”. This is a process, and not an easy one. One I had to go through to understand this, and one I would only wish on my worst enemy. Ha ha ha.
If we begin to let go of preconceptions, perceptions, beliefs and labels this may begin to make sense us. The universe is a big space, and I am unable to describe all of it, but I can tell you with authority, it doesn’t work the way it works here.


Before I get into the nature of the wave fields there is something that we have to understand, and that is the nature of eternal beings and immortal beings, and knowing the differences. Eternal beings still hold a contract with the universal order. Immortal beings have broken their contract with the universal order. Universal contracts cannot be broken unless a being knowingly and consciously chooses not to be a part of the universal order. They then get “locked into” matter /manifestation state, and cannot enter into the wave fields of pure light and sound.
Mortal (death) beings exist only in the matter / manifest states of consciousness. This is anathema to the universal order of consciousness.
Most humans still retain their original contract with the eternal universal order and some give themselves wittingly or unwittingly over to the order of immortality.
So what is the order of mortality and immortality?
It is a new contract and agreement to be “locked into” matter / manifest state and to renew, accrete, accumulate and vampire off other energy forms.
To give you some universal history on this, there were some higher dimensional soul beings who entered into matter / manifest state and progressed into higher dimensions (that I will explain what they are later), and decided that they liked the matter / manifest state, and chose rather than to progress into liquid light, they decided to remain in matter /state, and to vampire off the lower dimensional energy forms. This created what we call immortality.
Over time (that only exists in the matter / manifest state) they created a formidable following of a collective of marauding vampires we call the annunaki who have inhabited lower density matter forms to feed off their energies.
Most humans still retain their original, eternal soul contracts but agree to be “fed off” by these energy vampires who have created a system of domination and control over all the earth. Remember that agreement is contract and as long as we agree to be the victims of their domination, we are in contract with them.
So understanding the eternal nature of our position in the universe, and the nature of immortal beings who feed off our energy, don’t you think it is time we tell them to “go away”.


The particle manifest forms and reality fields do not exist independently of the rest of the universe. In fact, manifest reality emerges through a divine template and lattice that exists throughout the universe and exists and works the same, in all reality fields.
The basic tenet to understand is, that reality fields of manifest particle form occur within bandwidths of co-resonant frequencies of electrical (light), magnetic (sound) and gravitational (neutral) fields that create densities of plasma fields.
These bandwidths are ordered into densities. In other words, if we call the light, the sound and the gravitation fields, “dimensions”, these 3 dimensions together create a density of reality. We are souls who have a plasma body, made up of electrical, magnetic and gravitational fields, and the soul manifests its manifest reality form through the paradox of the science, that when waves are observed they are particle form and when not observed they are wave forms. All matter is held together by these 3 fields with unlimited expression of them.
If we call our current reality field a “density 1” reality field of low vibration that creates dense matter (and sometimes intellect too) for discussion purposes, we may not be observing our reality from density 1. Our consciousness must be outside of density 1 in order to observe it.
In fact, our consciousness is stationed in density 2. We are only aware of our conscious state in density 1 because the station from which we observe our reality is stationed one dimension above the next lower dimension of which we can be consciously aware. Dimensional beings cannot observe their reality from within the dimension they currently occupy. It must be observed from one dimension above. That means we are observing our 3 dimensional reality from density 2. Conscious beings in higher dimensions, say the 11th dimension (density 4), can observe their soul family in all dimensions below the station from which they are observing reality. So, our soul family in the 4th density (dimension 11 -12) are fully aware of their connection to ourselves in density 1.
I have not told you this before because I had no way of making this relevant to you, but now that seeing flying sauces and other UFO’s are becoming quite common place, you might wonder where they are from and what science they are using to get here.
They are using the technology of inter-dimensional travel and the universal technology of plasma fields (fields of electrical, magnetical and gravitational fields) to travel inter-dimensionally into our reality field of density 1.
If we are able to escape from our current thinking and understanding and can begin to understand that there are “versions” of ourselves whose consciousness is stationed all over the universe, in different forms, dimensions and densities, and that we share a common space and place in the universe, we might find ourselves in a completely different paradigm.
I hope this has not blown a few fuses in your brain.


There is so much I would like to tell you about but as long as this is perceived through the lens of matter state / manifest reality you just won’t get it, but I am going to tell you anyway.
That stuff that you exist in that you perceive to be “air” is the space of the universe. When you begin to label it as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon and hydrogen, and condense it to limiting states of consciousness, you, as the observer change its nature to fit in with your perception of what it is. That is the role of the observer. It defines the reality it is observing.
Have you ever noticed that there is some “distance” between you and most other matter state / manifest reality forms around you (except when you get up close and personal, ha ha ha)?
Everything around you is created by a “lens of perception”, even for blind persons. What you focus on materializes into reality. The observer is indeed a powerful being. Focus can sometimes ignore the rest of the picture, and it is this wider picture you should know about.
All energy forms emerge from a single Source but because this Source is vastly expressive and creative it is unconscionable to manifest forms to how it really works. It takes a “dark journey of the soul” to begin to understand a tiny part of it. I had many journeys to the extent that I thought I was going insane. Black became white, darkness became light, wrong became right, and all the paradoxes I could think of were quietly resolved, and gradually a unified understanding of how it all works occurred to me, but I diverse.
The most difficult thing to understand is that the air space around us is intelligent and is a conductive force that carries information, much like telegraph poles carry information but in non-physical form. Tesla was correct in surmising that electricity could be carried through the air. Humans have already discovered that information can be carried through the air. We mostly all have TV’s and cellphones and we take that for granted but don’t know how it works that the connectivity is carried in the air around us. It is carried through the empty space we call “air”. It was Tesla who tutored Marconi and explained how to do it and Marconi was credited with inventing the radio but Tesla explained how it works. I think Tesla understood all of this better than I do, but again I digress.
With its first heartbeat (pulse) Source created sound, light and gravity, as well as time and space and manifest reality. This is the “big bang” but it didn’t occur as science tries to explain here as they don’t understand the bigger picture.
These elements of first cause light, sound and gravity step down their frequencies and cause reality fields. They do this through parallelism. First cause light, sound and gravity are reflected at a 90 degree angle to the first cause light, sound and gravity, the purpose of which is to create identity and self- awareness. This reflective purpose is meant to reflect the character, nature and purpose of Source.
These are the parallel light, sound and gravity fields. These light, sound and gravity fields are then reflected back by the other light, sound and gravity fields that were simultaneously set off by the first heartbeat. They return to the center from which they came. It has a certain geometry that I will describe later.
When the parallel light, sound and gravity fields pass through “the passport control” of the identity of Source at their center, they create the parallel reality fields on the opposite side.
When the parallel reality fields go out they are then reflected back by the other light, sound and gravity fields that were simultaneously set off by the first heartbeat, and they return to the center where they then pass through the zero point and are reflected down at a 90 degree angle to create the reality fields we experience.
It may look like a cross in 2D. At the top “staff”, you have the primary light, sound and gravitation fields. On one arm you have the parallel light, sound and gravitation fields, and on the other arm you have the parallel reality fields. Then the “rod” emerges from the zero point
The purpose of this is to create a gradual “stepping down” of the frequencies of the first cause light, sound and gravity fields to create manifest forms. Pretty neat don’t you think? I will explain how this works later.
That may give you some understanding of the map of creation, and how to navigate your soul being through it. I didn’t invent it, I am just the messenger.


Reality field dimensions are made of emotions, thoughts and physicality, and these 3 dimensional structures create the reality fields we experience here.
The emotional, thought body, emotional body and the physical body exist through co-resonance with each other and are held in this symphony of collaboration, in a certain bandwidths. Each “body” has its reciprocal in science. Each body is a wave field. The emotional body is a magnetic wave field.
Each bandwidth represents a certain harmonic. Each harmonic bandwidth of the co-resonant is held within this bandwidth. There are 4 harmonic bandwidths that represent a certain density of matter. The first 3 are dense physical, observable matter. The first is dense physical mater of which we are made. the next level is semi-etheric matter and the third is etheric matter. These are all expressions of matter. When one goes to the next bandwidth, matter doesn’t exist. So in dimensions 1 – 3 we have physical matter, in dimensions 4 – 6 we have semi-etheric matter, in dimensions 7 – 9 we have semi-etheric matter. Now once you understand this, let me answer your question. In the 1st harmonic you have 12 soul maters. In the next harmonic you have a 144 (12 x 12) members of you soul family, and in the 3rd harmonic you have 1728 (144 x 12). of yourself as a soul group in physical manifestation. You probably didn’t expect this detailed explanation, but this is how it works.


A quick glimpse of what I saw.
I asked my higher self, aiazmir, in my early journeys with, to show me what the universe actually looks like. He fell about laughing and guffawed, and with tears streaming from his eyes, said, “Do you really want to know as it will make no sense to you?”
I said, “I would like to know anyway,” and this is what, after some thought and consideration he showed me, and it made no sense to me at the time but I have come to be able to recognize some of it since.
This is a deeply personal recount of what I saw, but not only what I saw but felt emotionally, and it changed my perceptions forever.
I saw waves like an ocean but not quite like an ocean. A kaleidoscope of colors and forms like I can’t describe, but each color and wave brought memory, not only of this lifetime, but of many lifetimes, and as I was observing this I was also feeling it.
All the emotions I have ever felt seemed to sweep over me and the waves crashed on the shores of a harsh reality. All this happened in an instant, almost in a second but even less. If I was photographing it I could not be able click the camera to capture it.
This was my first introduction to “no time and no space”, and the concept that all is instantaneous and that time and space as we experience it here is slowed down, or frozen to create a perception of time and space. Neither of which exists in the universe. They are just capsules of reality; like going to a movie.
This is really what differentiates matter state / manifest reality and the rest of the universe. The real problem that we face is the restoration of our universal memory and the reconciliation of these 2 states that are seemingly impossible to reconcile. This is the paradox of reality that we called upon the engage with.
When you have been on the “other side” of this equation it seems quite simple, but I had to let go of my labels of indoctrination first.
What I have learnt about time and space, is that they are just “theatres of reality” in the continuum of the dogma of matter space / manifest reality fields.
“He who controls the wave fields creates the reality”, so please take control over your own wave fields now, as you are enabled to do, and let’s get on with creating a different reality. I am so, so bored with the old one.
I hope to tell you how to do that, but you can’t fight an enemy unless you know that, and who, they are.
So how do we mortal beings want to re-integrate with our eternal soul families? The question is, “Do we really want to?” This could require a different interpretation of what and who we are, not defined by the matter state / manifest reality, but something else that we all feel deep within is but we can’t define.

HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKSWhen the electric, magnetic and gravity fields enter into manifest form, they express themselves through the molecular structure as electric male, magnetic female and neutral gravity form. They also manifest in cellular form as electric light, magnetic sound and gravity expression of light and sound that holds the memory of both. They are all just expressing the universal order.
What this means is that the universe created duality (light and sound; male and female; good and evil depending on how one views this) and a means of resolving and reconciling this duality through the gravitational (attraction and repulsion) fields of neutrality.
When in manifest form, electric, magnetic and gravity forms allow for all expressions of themselves however expressed. In other words, all matter physical forms have choice, or volition.
Choice is a game breaker in the universe. Choice in the manifest form is when conscious beings choose to flow with the all-consciousness of the universe or “set sail” against it. The universe allows for all expressions of itself without judgment or prejudice. It does not change the way the universe works that is inviolate, but allows for all expressions of form within the universal templates and lattice.
However, choice results in consequence, and consequence requires responsibility. It is at this point that manifest beings are challenged. In its wider interpretation, a rock may be held accountable for holding its form, or a star for its brightness. Humans may be challenged to understand this but every action results in an equal and opposite reaction in the universe.
The universe is a cogent and coherent space in which conscious beings are able to express themselves, and it all depends on choice and taking responsibility for that choice, not necessarily suffering the consequences of that choice, but it is a matter of agreement and fulfilling one’s soul contract which, after all, is our purpose here.

HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKSI would like to tell you about something that is probably going to break a few fuses in your brain and that is about the holographic nature of the universe.
I wish to remind you at this point that 99,99% of the universe consists of waves of electric, magnetic and gravity wave fields. The space around you is not empty space. It is a full space. It is filled with waves of energy. Ionized fields that you cannot see but they are there.
In all the dimensional reality systems, in all the dimensions and harmonic bandwidths, manifest reality is created holographically. It’s a movie.
Nothing is real, except your conscious observation of it. In other words, you create the movie you are watching.

How is this hologram formed?

It is formed by the nature of the wave fields and how they interact with each other and the way you conduct them, by your thoughts, emotions and actions.
The hologram is compellingly real and one can get lost in the hologram unless one knows about it, how it is formed, what its purpose is and how it fits into the universal construct.
It is formed by a process of wave diffusion, that is, the way electric, magnetic and gravity waves interact at the point of meeting when they cross over or traverse each other. It works like this.
If you drop a pebble (conscious action) into a pond there will be waves formed on the water, a wave pattern. If you drop two pebbles into a pond simultaneously, when the two waves interact with each other this creates wave diffusion. In other words, the pathway of the different waves interferes with each other and creates a different wave pattern.
The momentum, angle and amplitude of the interacting waves create various alternative wave patterns. In other words, they create different “pictures” depending on the mass of the pebble, velocity of impact with the water, and the density of the water.
Now if you equate the “waves” on the water to electric, magnetic and gravitational waves, the pebble dropped into the “water” creates a 3 dimensional field or “picture”, a geometric form. That is simplistically how the hologram is formed.
I should remind you at this point that light, sound and gravity have memory, so that what is expressed is created through the divine geometry combined with a flowing memory of all that is, past, present and future. The future is merely a reflection of the past and the past is merely a reflection of the present. The present is where the “action happens” and beings hold their soul contract as inviolate, or enter into new contracts depending on immediacy and expediency.
The angles and amplitude at which they diffuse are relevant. The angles are predetermined by universal law (if you happened to notice this) but relevant as is the amplitude. It is important to understand these principles if you wish to master your own hologram. Religions all over this planet are based on this simple process, but more about this later.


By now, I have probably boggled your minds but I was told that it was time to tell you this, so I am telling it as best I can and I have not even got to the early stages yet, but I guess that it is time that we all understand this and start putting it together into a coherent and cogent response to our Creator.
A hologram is a 3 dimensional “picture” that has dimensions to it. Height, breadth and depth. What gives it motion is the pulsing of the universe and the earth here in our experience of the hologram. This is just one aspect of the field of reality and there are many more, if you want to learn of them.
On earth, this process was hijacked by a “hodge podge” collective of beings from other and higher dimensions who know how this system works, and so they created an elaborate system of reality control and holographic inserts that is going to go crashing at their feet as more and more humans begin to understand how this works, or will they? I guess it all depends.
So the question is, how we collectively regain control of the hologram we are experiencing. The nature and form of the hologram depends on the conscious affirmation and the will of beings having a holographic experience.

How the universe works

I think I have told you all there is to know about the holographic projection here; what it is, how it is formed and our place in it.
Now, I would like to describe the nature of the universe, and how we find our way around it.
So for those who might like to know, here it is, and I will give you the unabashed truth so you can work it out for yourself and begin to ponder on this so-called mystery that is no mystery. We have just forgotten how it works.
The universe is a never ending, fractal of one thing that all hangs together through a template, and this template is the same throughout the universe. Our bodies, in fact all bodies and everything, carry this template.
The template is based on 3 things; the harmonics of frequencies of light and sound, the fractal geometry that the waves of light and sound create, and the pulse or rhythm that perturbs the waves of light and sound and provides the eternal energy for them to expand and contract.
It is important to understand the nature of the sound and light waves.
The sound and light waves are the carriers of information in the universe. That is what they do and is their purpose.
As we can observe light waves carry information to our eye gates and sound waves carry information to our ear gates.
They carry the information of the fractal geometry that created them, and so we “see” form and “hear” sound.
Sound and light do not have a straight trajectory but traverse around a central core that is the zero point of nothingness that holds it all together that is itself traversing another larger toroid, and all of this spirals around a central core, and this continues ad nauseam, and forms the core of what we call eternity, as this system of energy traverse and spirals around itself, that is self-sustaining, but it all spirals and revolves around nothing.
That is the central irony and paradox of creation. All reality eventually folds into nothing that originated creation through its super intelligence.
The harmonics of the frequencies of light and sound, work similar to our western musical scales, thus creating symphonies of light and sound.
There are 12 “notes” or frequencies of light and sound that harmonically respond and coalesce around each other and we call them scales, and naturally harmonize with each other, and they are the basis of dimensionality because each “scale of 12 notes” represents a different dimension.
In each harmonic universe there are 4 scales representing 12 “notes” of frequency, creating 48 “notes” or frequencies that are in harmony with each other.
These “notes” or frequencies of sound and light, as I have stated carry information.
Light carries the information associated with thought (ideas), and sound carries the information of emotions (values).

Are you ready for a mindblower?

The fractal geometry that creates form and shapes in the universe, are a result of wave diffusion, where waves of light and sound intersect each other.
The shapes they form also carry information of both the original light and sound wave, and form codes, i.e. specific shapes that carry information and have meaning related to their original light or sound waves.
In the hologram we experience, shape and form carry codes that are carried into our DNA, and so we are able to perceive them as shapes and forms that carry the original energy signature of the waves of light and sound that originated their form.
There is a misperception here that our DNA was tampered with here. That is not true. It was the light and sound waves that have been tampered with here, thus conflicting out DNA.
All the forms and shapes and colors we see here in animated form come from the geometric codes somewhere else in the universe and were seeded here specifically for us to experience our experiential heritage of where we originated from.
The vegetation, insects, birds, animals, fish, and humans carry the consciousness of the specific codes of their origin in their DNA.
It was clever trick by the fallen ones to interfere with the light and sound waves here to “block” our remembrance of our origins. All they had to do was change the light and sound waves which they did, and we became disassociated from our origin.
They didn’t need to tamper with our DNA, they just had to tamper with the light and sound wave frequencies, and “tune us” into a different channel that our DNA responded to.
I know that this may be a mind fuck for many of you, but just think about it.
What have they done since tampering with the light and sound waves (remember they are carriers of information)?
They have incessantly lied to us about the nature of our experiences here, and just feed off our energy, keeping us in the dark with their secrets and secret societies, and bullshit science.
Our DNA responds to light and sound wave information and if this is controlled then we are controlled.

Ascension I have been thinking over the “holly daze” about where I should concentrate my efforts in my posts to best serve and benefit the collective of humanity in 2018, and I have been led and decided to concentrate my efforts in the area of the mechanics of ascension.
If one understands the processes of soul evolution and the dimensional nature of holographic reality, ascension is a natural part of the soul evolutionary process. It happens all over the universe and is the means and processes that conscious soul beings undertake together to progress to their next station of conscious awareness in the next higher frequency bandwidth in the next 3 higher dimensions (reality field in a new harmonic bandwidth of consciousness).
Many humans are under the misapprehension that it is only human souls that ascend and it only affects them. That is only because we don’t understand the processes involved. All soul beings are affected and they all ascend together and are supported by each other, by our soul families (the midwives), and by all of the universal systems and energies, except the fallen ones here, and if we all successfully ascend their whole evil empire will have been taken apart.
Firstly, we should understand that ascension is a cyclical thing according to something called the Cosmic Clock. In earth years it happens about every 25, 000 years, and since 21st December 2012 we have been in an ascension cycle where the frequencies that our Mother Earth, humans, animals, fish, birds, vegetatation, insects, minerals, the microbial forms and the elementals, all begin to experience a higher vibration released from the galactic center and where the soul bodies of all of the soul beings (those that I mentioned before included) begin to increase their vibration in preparation for ascension.
Mother Earth ascends to star status and lends her energy to all the soul beings that she has been hosting so that they may ascend into a New Earth. It’s very much like the birthing process, and is accompanied by much trauma. Mother Earth births us and all the soul beings here, into the next harmonic bandwidth, and next reality field, and similarly when we are born here we are taught new things and have new experiences in a different reality field. In a sense, we are born again and go through the next Cosmic Cycle which is not 25,000 earth years, but has a different time stamp that I will later explain because time compresses when it is at a higher frequency.
So as we go along, if there is something you don’t understand, please ask questions, because the asking of the question opens your consciousness to possible answers. That is the only way to learn.
All of this information has been hidden from mankind by the satanic beings here in an effort to thwart this process but I am going to tell you how it works. I was given this information and saw how it works by my higher selves in the 2nd and 3rd harmonic bandwidths, our soul families, and I hope I can pass it on as well as they did.
At first I was skeptical, confused, anxious and unbelieving but once I could put all of the pieces of the puzzle together, I was awed by how magnificently and beautifully the whole universe works together.
I hope to convey that to you all over the next while, but we’ll take it one step at a time.
The next thing we ought to understand about ascension it is all about energies and the energies of our soul bodies. Our physicality owes its existence to the energies that have been accreted over time in our soul bodies according to the universal templates of soul evolution.
We live in many realities simultaneously and all of them are holographic projections that I will tell you about later.
For instance, we consider our bodies to be physical, solid state. They are not. When we look into our mirrors and observe what we perceive to be ourselves we are not just looking at a physical state body, we are looking at a magnificently crafted being that consists of about 80% liquid, 10% air and some solid state minerals, held together by a thin film of membrane, we call skin. We don’t really acknowledge that because we are so caught up in the physical world. The world that we can see, but we don’t see beyond what we see.
Likewise, we can’t see that the person who inhabits this body is real but unseen.
We are, through our souls, what energizes and animates the body. We get to know this person that we are through our thoughts, emotions and choices.
To truly understand the ascension process we have to learn about the parallel nature of reality. We live our lives on 2 different levels; the unseen soul energy level and the physical level. Who we are, is an unseen energy form that inhabits a physical body.
We cannot see our thoughts or our emotions, we only experience them. We know they are there because they can cause us to do harm to ourselves and harm to others, but we hide them and disassociate our thoughts and emotions (that are soul energy)from our physical experiences.
We have been thoroughly dumbed down by false education, false religions and false beliefs.
If any of us want to assist in raising the consciousness of this planet and assist in our planetary ascension, we have to understand and embody these things. We should understand that the physical owes its form and animation to the unseen soul, and who we are is not an individual but a member of the soul families of all of the universe and multi verses.
All energy works together and it is not directed by us. We are only participants in it, either voluntarily or involuntarily. We have to choose which we want to experience.
You are either a volunteer and lend your own energy to the efforts of ascension, or you are a passive observer.
To allay some fears, and before I take us further through the mechanics of ascension, I should state that there is nothing to fear about the ascension process. It is a natural process.
In a sense, it is like entering a shower with uncomfortably hot water, where our bodies are cleansed of all impurities, and once this process is complete, we step out of the shower with a semi etheric body, and where we next have to go to school to learn how the semi etheric worlds work in the context of the universal template, and where we review past lives and experiences we had, and mistakes we made, without judgment, This process is called quarantine and takes place in the area between two reality fields, called the void, it’s what the Christians call purgatory.
When we are ready, we are introduced to our soul families in dimensions 4, 5 and 6, and re-unite with former members of our soul group, including family members and sometimes, even former animal friends, who have ascended as well.
The ascension process we will experience is not normally what happens during an ascension process. A normal process would be that those who are ready to ascend would ascend through a stargate gate after a stringent vetting process. The stargates would be activated by those who have been trained to do so, by activating corresponding cue sites around the planet. Those whose conscious souls enter stargates would be transformed by, and transported through the Halls of Amenti
Unfortunately, the stargate and cue site systems around the planet have either been damaged or are under the control of the fallen ones, including the Halls of Amenti, and it would be unsafe to use them.
A special dispensation has been created for our Mother Earth and her earth family, and the natural stargate and Amenti systems have been by-passed, and an artificial energy passageway created by among others, the gatekeepers, gridworkers and our off-planetary soul families. The on-planetary work had to be done by those on planet and they were successful.
Our off-planetary brothers and sisters are working to create the specific energetic conditions to activate ascension that is often called, “the Event”, but the fallen ones are trying to thwart their efforts and will have to be dealt with first, so that we can get on with this, and it is all happening now.
The fallen ones, their cohorts and consorts, will not ascend, but be left behind to their own devices, where they will fight among themselves for the meagre resources left behind on what is left of the old earth. It is not going to be pretty.
For those of us who go through this process, it will be necessary for us to keep an open mind, keep hope and faith alive, and be willing to be transformed. Those unwilling will be left behind, but those will be far and few because there is a plan in place to persuade everyone to go.
I am going to describe the dimensional nature of the evolutionary process as it pertains to the various states of consciousness in each dimension. I never imagined that I would ever be doing this in language that is largely and mostly inadequate because it was designed to describe a material, physical world.
I can see it through the lens of the energetic, non-material world, where physicality doesn’t exist and it stretched my imagination, and I hope it does yours. It gets quite technical so I hope you will be open-minded, and just go through the process.
Truth, they say, is stranger than fiction, but that is only because we have never really explored the possibilities of fiction.
I am not saying that what I will be posting here is fiction but I am saying that truth will only be found when fiction has been examined and explored, and found to be true, if it is true.
Truth is not carried in the mind only, it is carried in the heart also, and when heart and mind can come together, so I appeal to you to open your hearts and minds to discover truth.
Try to objectively absorb this information through the lenses of both your intellect and emotions.
It is quite important to understand the wider context of the mechanics of ascension, not that “not understanding” will inhibit your own ascension process, but it will make it easier so that you can go through the thought and emotional processes beforehand and ready your vessel for the journey. This will also assist the necessary critical mass of consciousness that will assist in moving this process forward.
As I have already stated, ascension should be understood in the context of the evolution of the soul consciousness, and the dimensional and harmonic nature of the universe, and how harmonies synchopate with each other. I know that sounds like a mouthful so I will try to explain.
A conscious soul emerges when two particles of quanta of opposite polarity, positive and negative, intersect in harmony with each other in the universal wave fields of light and sound. This harmonic convergence and attraction creates a charge, like a spark on a battery when its poles are joined. This creates a conscious awareness of self for the first time, and a conscious soul begins its conscious journey of soul evolution.
This conscious awareness of self gives the soul “observer status” and a holographic version of itself begins to emerge and through the universal template of creation and order, it begins to attract other quanta particles that interact and swirl and spiral around each other’s positive and negative energies, creating a core. This is the morphogentic field, or quark as it is called here. The morphogentic field creates an atom that gains speed and momentum and begins to vibrate very fast (a speed wobble) and separates again creating molecules that re-organize themselves creating cells.
This creates the first dimension of creation, physical matter or cellular observable bodies. In its primal form of physicality it does not hold the other dimensional fields or properties, thought and emotion.
Bodies in this first dimension, include amoeba, bacteria and elementals. They are primal physical forms of non-matter that evolve later into matter forms, like minerals, water and gasses. All of these are found in our physical form and in the context of ascension, we are their hosts in their ascension process. Just like Mother Earth hosts us through her own ascension.

That is the first dimension; material matter

Matter is very dense in the first harmonic bandwidth, but becomes semi-etheric in the second harmonic bandwidth, etheric in the third harmonic bandwidth, liquid light in the fourth harmonic bandwidth, and pure light and sound in the fifth harmonic bandwidth.
Third dimensional beings, like us, host first dimensional beings through their first evolutionary cycle, called the primal cycle, and once these first dimensional beings have been processed through the first to fifth harmonic band widths they evolve into two dimensional beings and begin a new evolutionary cycle.
The first cycle takes about 25,000 years and I will explain how we host second dimensional as well. Each evolutionary cycle takes less time because time compresses as it is subjected to higher harmonic frequencies.The second and third dimensions emerge from the nature of light and sound

Light and sound waves, down step their energetic forms, and opposite polarities into our manifest experiences as what we call thought and emotions; information. Light and sound waves carry information of thoughts and feelings, and they manifest as opposite polarities of male and female.
Second dimensional beings are capable of complex thought information and design, and complex geometry. They create the design we see in nature. They carry the information of the universal information of geometry and fractals. We owe the design of our world to the complexity of the information they carry.
Second dimensional beings are all around us; in the insect world and the vegetable world. Each holds the capacity for complex information.
Third dimensional beings have the capacity to not only hold thought and design but also have emotions; to a greater or lesser extent.
They include animals, fish, birds and humans.
Humans have this illusion they are above the animals, fish and birds. That is an illusion. The only advantage they have over their fellow souls is free will and the capacity to rebel against the natural order of things that came from our own corruption by the fallen ones.
This dysfunction will be purged from the human psyche when we are quarantined.
We host second and third dimensional beings through the ascension process by our thoughts and emotions and our attachment to them and our gratitude for them.
We have a lot to learn.
We owe our design to our own journey through the light (design and form) wave fields, and sound (emotion and feeling) wave fields and we owe it back to give it back. It’s called equilibrium.
Ascension is a process of hosting other energy forms in our own dimensional fields (physical, thought and emotional) just as we are being hosted by Mother Earth through this process into the next harmonic bandwidth so that we can progress through our own soul evolution.
These are the processes that are created as we move through one Cosmic Cycle to the next.
Ascension is largely about cycles within cycles. Wheels within wheels. At different angles with different timing. All aimed at assisting all soul beings assisting other soul beings and lifting them through these cycles and relying on those who came before us to lift us to the next level of consciousness too.
In the universe, we usually have knowledge of who they are but on this corrupted planet we don’t, so I can only speak from my own experience.
My higher selves have gone to extraordinary lengths to tutor, nurture, mentor and train me, and explain how things are meant to work in the universe, and I am passing some of this knowledge on but I am sure that many of you already intuitively know this but if you don’t, here it is.
One only has to look at the self-organizing ability of nature to understand this. This planet, in a sense, is a microcosm of the way the universe works. We humans have gotten so used to our manmade “toys” we fail to recognize the self-organizing ability of nature. Each organism and micro-organism on this planet works together for the survival of the each other.
Ascension will create a greater awareness of this in the human psyche.
When we are in quarantine in the void we will learn how to be better universal citizens and we will be taught how it all works together. It is a multi-dimensional landscape that will challenge the very fundamentals of how we perceive reality. For many it will be most uncomfortable because in the universe belief does not exist so expunging our minds of all precepts of beliefs will be necessary. In the universe there is only certainty and everything works in a certain way.
This may sound like a mystery and on earth it is a mystery because so much knowledge and truth is hidden from us, and we have been raised on a diet of fear of reprisal; “if you do something wrong you get whacked.” It doesn’t work that way in the universe. The universe is built and pervaded by love in all its forms and reprisal comes from karma, self-created. The only one to fear in the universe is oneself and one’s own inability to express love. Anything less than love brings its own reprisals with certainty. This will be a big mindset change for us humans.
I have been through this cycle and know how it works. It wasn’t very comfortable for me then and I was on a fast track learning curve. In fact, I doubted my own sanity and spent many nights doubting, haunted and sometimes in tears thinking, “If this is true. Everything here is a lie.” I didn’t like those feelings but I perservered to get through my own cognitive dissonance.
In fact, I not only ascended to the next harmonic bandwidth, I also experienced the 3rd harmonic bandwidth where I was shown the 4th. I will tell you about it in my next post.

The Mechanics of Ascension

In order to understand the mechanics of ascension we have to first of all, say what it is not.
Ascension is not being yanked off the planet, or floating off into space, floating on a cloud and going off into the wild blue yonder to another planet called heaven. That’s not how it works, and many have that perception.
Ascension is going into a realm with a higher frequency domain.
Let me illustrate it like this. The frequencies on our radio’s and televisions come to our radio’s and televisions through a certain frequency and we can listen and watch because our radio or television is able to tune into those frequencies being broadcast by radio and television stations, and when we tune into those frequencies we can hear music, or talk, or watch and listen. It is all based on tuning into a specific frequency.
Well, our consciousness here is tuned into a certain frequency or harmonic bandwidth, so we are watching a holographic live broadcast where we are in the television. We are the show, the actors therein, and the owners and producers of the show are a bunch of renegade vipers who want to control every aspect of the show, especially the information and dialogue.
We are in a live show. A holographic show. A “Truman Show”. We are the characters in the show, bringing our conscious soul energy into the show and we are being “played”. We are tuned into the show but the show is produced, scripted, managed and directed by the “holographic station” that is under the control of vile, vampire predators who hijacked the “show” 25,000 years ago.
So we are going to tune in, tune up, and tune out, and go into a new holographic show where we produce, script, manage and direct the “show” co-operatively.
We don’t go anywhere when we ascend. Our consciousness simply tunes out of the “bullshit hologram” into a higher state of consciousness and a new hologram of truth, and the collective of soul beings here collectively enter a new cycle of soul evolution, each on their own cycle and progression of conscious awareness.
The way the hologram works is that the frequency of sound and light waves flow though us, and depending on our DNA and soul DNA the props are set for our own production, script, management, and direction, and all the other “actors” in the hologram are aspects of us. There is no separation of consciousness.
Some are concerned about whether when we ascend we will leave this planet with all its beauty and diversity, behind.
I don’t really know, but what I have been told is that when we go through the ascension process, our soul Mother Earth will ascend into a star and the conscious soul beings here will be hosted by another planet similar to earth but not as advanced in soul evolution as Mother Earth. I don’t really know what this will look like, or be like.
What they showed me was a terrain very similar to earth with the same diversity and beauty, but more intense and vivid colors and more unified where birds came and sat on my shoulder, unafraid.
Most don’t understand soul evolution. No judgment. I had no clue either until I learnt this stuff. All the manifest things around us are soul beings, in different progressions through soul evolution, so when we ascend they do too.
In my own experience of transforming and being transported into higher realms, I had to learn all of this.
It blew my mind and put me in a state where I found it difficult to recognize things around me, and I would sometimes shake my head and wonder what the hell was happening.
That is when I learned to live in two states simultaneously. One was the physical and the other the metaphysical. That was a big hurdle for me to jump. I had to learn to guard my thoughts and emotions and to only express genuine thoughts and emotions, and not pre-conditioned thoughts and emotions. I had to let go of old precepts and thought and emotional patterns.
So no matter where we ascend to, that experience will be determined by one’s own consciousness determined by their thoughts and emotions, but don’t be concerned we will all learn this in the quarantine.
It won’t be as evident in the second harmonic bandwidth, but in the 3rd harmonic bandwidth you have to learn to be in neutrality, but that’s another topic.
I can only conclude that ascension will be better, brighter, more harmonious, informative, and a better experience than we have had here, but it will require us to take on more responsibility for our thoughts, emotions and actions.
In the 2nd harmonic bandwidth, justice is our own karma; what we do with our thoughts, emotions and actions and the instant rebuttal and consequences that follow.Accepting ascension

I have a great quandary and it relates to people accepting they are a unique soul being and the conflict that they have with their external world because they are so identified with their external reality and so ignorant of their soul identity.
I have for many years wrestled with the notion of releasing to people the structure of their soul bodies because it would be meaningless unless one understood one’s own soul identity, but I think it is time, because when we ascend it is our soul body, primarily, that ascends, but the soul body fashions, manufactures and identifies the physical body, and that is who we will be, physically, when we ascend, our true selves, living eternal souls, whose bodies reflect the nature of our souls.
What makes each soul unique in the universe, and there is none like you in the universe, is the alchemy of the resonance of your soul that is made up of the symphony of light and sound waves of different frequencies of light and sound, and your unique experiences, determined by your choices that make up your unique consciousness and unique soul identity, and any understanding of the light and sound fields is premised on this one thing about the properties of light and sound, and it is this.
Light and sound waves are waves. They come from somewhere and they are going somewhere. They all originate from Source but as they traverse the universe they are diverted, interfered with and diffuse, so when they reach your soul consciousness they have a unique identity in the recipe in the “fruit cake” that is us.
Even the notion that everything in our physical manifest world is an eternal soul being on an evolutionary soul journey is going to be completely foreign to mankind and quite a revolutionary thought.
If you can get your mind and emotions around this thought and the accompanying emotions then you are making progress.
I am going to be posting about the structure of the soul, at last, but it has to be understood in the context of the One Soul, and the universal template of all souls, and the nature of the soul evolutionary journey of all soul beings and how souls evolve through the frequencies of the light and sound fields. No 2 journey are the same. We all have a unique soul experience.

Some basics to understand

Light waves carry information in the wave fields. The information they carry has primarily to do with the physical experiences we have. They down step their energy into electric particles in our reality fields, and manifest as male in our physical manifestation.
Sound waves also carry information in the wave fields. The information they carry has primarily to do with the emotional experiences we have. They down step their energy into magnetic particles in our reality fields, and manifest as female in our physical manifestation.
The process used to down step their energy into reality fields is called “frozen light and sound”. The down stepping is a process that creates space and time.
Understand this and the rest is easy. Understanding that we live in a universe of frequency of light and sound will open us up to whole vista of new possibilities.

How will the understanding of the light and sound waves change our reality?

The rulers of this world are terrified that we may discover this.
From the moment we are incarnated here we are carefully herded into the corral of a “physical” world; given a NAME and number that identifies us that is entered into a registry that makes us their property, and from then on we are only taught about the physical world.
We are then herded into their corrupt religions to satisfy the longings of our souls. These religions are purposefully filled with contradictions and anomalies, and so we are further herded by the “good shepherd” and we live our lives ignorant of who we really are, what we represent and are stripped of all soul identity, so we become surrogates of a system that does not serve us or each other, and “herds us” through their soul processing system.
That’s how it works here. It is all bullshit. Even the science they evoke on this planet. Science here is totally controlled. Free thinkers are quickly pounced upon sponsored and controlled. Like Nicola Tesla and even Einstein, but he was easy to control.
If we really understood how the light and sound waves work, and if these technologies were released and made commonly available, nothing would be impossible.
There would be no need for money, for health services, for government as it now exists here. We would discover our own sovereignty and our non-reliance on these artificial forms of control. We would discover that the only enemy is the enemy within and we could overcome that once we understood how it works.
This whole satanic system would collapse but the universe is a larger space/time continuum and it is better that we understand how it works.
We will only understand this when we understand the light and sound fields and how they work.

The Void

I don’t why but I feel compelled to tell you about the void; the vacuum that exists between reality fields.
I have been through them a few times and when we ascend we all must pass through the void. I am used to them so it is not so scary for me but the first time I did it was really scary.
You see, we are so attached to the notion of time and space, we can’t imagine passing through a space where all time and space is suspended. There are no waves of light and sound passing through the void and it is an empty space where time and space are suspended, like the zero point of a torus, a portal.
The void is a kind of “sorting” of information that has no judgment or existential relationship to reality fields, it just processes information where information is forwarded or not and is suspended and “hung” for further processing. Many human souls are suspended in the void.
In the void time and space do not exist.Souls there only exist as information that are recorded in the eckashic and ackashic records. It is situational void too.
There is no identity. It is just information.
Passageway through the void is only granted when a soul has the requisite “passport”, the information that grants them passageway.
So when I went through the void I had done the required energy work beforehand that granted me passageway through the void.
When we ascend we will all go through this same scrutiny.
We have to do the work beforehand but there are many beings who will vouch for us but I urge you to do the work beforehand or you will be halted.
In the void there is no time and space and it is all about information, and personal responsibility. No one passes through the void if they have not accepted personal responsibility.
It will be easier for a suckling child to pass through the void than someone who has not owned up and takes responsibility for their own thoughts, emotions and actions.
Ownership of who you are, what you think, feel and do
As I have mentioned before, ascension is primarily about our soul bodies going into a new and higher vibrational field. It is the soul body that ascends and it forms a new physical body as it does so.
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