Innocent until proven guilty?

I thought I should make us all aware of the biggest crime committed against humanity by the fallen ones here, and that is the presumption of guilt that keep us enslaved to their regressive matrix of fear, guilt and inadequacy. You see, they knew that angelic humans were seeded here on earth, with a 3 strand DNA structure with a 12 strand DNA potential in their soul bodies, and were angelic, sinless and guiltless with its own system of cleansing and repairing that they misappropriated. Fully angelic humans still hold the 12 strand DNA potential in the structure of their soul template lattice. So how did they keep us on a presumption of guilt trip? They did a number of things to throw us off-balance. They cut off our soul energy connections to our twin flames, soul families, soul mates, soul communities, soul societies and galactic connections by creating a frequency fence around our planet so that we feel disconnected from others by setting up their BeaST system (blank slate technologies). They imported their slaves, the Nephilim giants, and together they raped women to produce devils among us to reinforce their system of evil by living among us to alter our genetics. They also had a program of seeking and hunting humans and abducting them and altering their genetics by removing a single strand of DNA to make their DNA 2 stranded double helix DNA. Then they indentured humans to be their slaves and entered them into a system of slavery and became our demi gods; kings, priests, ministers, representatives, senators, judges, mayors, and a whole panoply of subservience where we are guilty by association and by class. Then the gave us indoctrinated minds and hearts through religion (RE-LEGION get it?) and fairy stories, education, and confusion. They separated us from the holistic nature of all things in the universe and singular co-dependency into a system of duality plurality and reinforced and forced their separation consciousness upon us. That is a lie from the pit of hell. Then they gave us laws to further their control and separation that lie, where we are told we are innocent until proven guilty, but we have to prove our innocence. Their laws are intricately woven into a mixture of good and bad so we can’t tell the difference. When it suits the lawyers, judges and courts we are presumed innocent or guilty by their statutes, regulations and laws. Why do we put up with this? The truth is we are innocent – period. It is only the evil ones that are guilty because they invented this evil system. I have met many people who carry their guilt around with them when they have done nothing wrong. They have done no harm, or caused any loss, or impeded the freedoms of others, yet they still feel guilty. That is how their system works. Perhaps when we get in touch with our feelings of innocence, and that is quite an achievement, we may rid ourselves of this evil system. Guilt is more often than not just a feeling.
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Written by Colin Joe