I have been thinking over the “holly daze” about where I should concentrate my efforts in my posts to best serve and benefit the collective of humanity in 2018, and I have been led and decided to concentrate my efforts in the area of the mechanics of ascension. 
If one understands the processes of soul evolution and the dimensional nature of holographic reality, ascension is a natural part of the soul evolutionary process. It happens all over the universe and is the means and processes that conscious soul beings undertake together to progress to their next station of conscious awareness in the next higher frequency bandwidth in the next 3 higher dimensions (reality field in a new harmonic bandwidth of consciousness). 
Many humans are under the misapprehension that it is only human souls that ascend and it only affects them. That is only because we don’t understand the processes involved. All soul beings are affected and they all ascend together and are supported by each other, by our soul families (the midwives), and by all of the universal systems and energies, except the fallen ones here, and if we all successfully ascend their whole evil empire will have been taken apart. 
Firstly, we should understand that ascension is a cyclical thing according to something called the Cosmic Clock. In earth years it happens about every 25, 000 years, and since 21st December 2012 we have been in an ascension cycle where the frequencies that our Mother Earth, humans, animals, fish, birds, vegetation, insects, minerals, the microbial forms and the elementals, all begin to experience a higher vibration released from the galactic center and where the soul bodies of all of the soul beings (those that I mentioned before included) begin to increase their vibration in preparation for ascension. 

Mother Earth ascends to star status and lends her energy to all the soul beings that she has been hosting so that they may ascend into a New Earth. It’s very much like the birthing process and is accompanied by much trauma. Mother Earth births us and all the soul beings here, into the next harmonic bandwidth, and next reality field, and similarly when we are born here we are taught new things and have new experiences in a different reality field. In a sense, we are born again and go through the next Cosmic Cycle which is not 25,000 earth years but has a different timestamp that I will later explain because time compresses when it is at a higher frequency. 
So as we go along, if there is something you don’t understand, please ask questions, because the asking of the question opens your consciousness to possible answers. That is the only way to learn. 
All of this information has been hidden from mankind by the satanic beings here in an effort to thwart this process but I am going to tell you how it works. I was given this information and saw how it works by my higher selves in the 2nd and 3rd harmonic bandwidths, our soul families, and I hope I can pass it on as well as they did. 
At first, I was skeptical, confused, anxious and unbelieving but once I could put all of the pieces of the puzzle together, I was awed by how magnificently and beautifully the whole universe works together.
I hope to convey that to you all over the next while, but we’ll take it one step at a time. 
The next thing we ought to understand about ascension it is all about energies and the energies of our soul bodies. Our physicality owes its existence to the energies that have been accreted over time in our soul bodies according to the universal templates of soul evolution. 

We live in many realities simultaneously and all of them are holographic projections that I will tell you about later. 
For instance, we consider our bodies to be physical, solid state. They are not. When we look into our mirrors and observe what we perceive to be ourselves we are not just looking at a physical state body, we are looking at a magnificently crafted being that consists of about 80% liquid, 10% air and some solid state minerals, held together by a thin film of membrane, we call skin. We don’t really acknowledge that because we are so caught up in the physical world. The world that we can see, but we don’t see beyond what we see. 
Likewise, we can’t see that the person who inhabits this body is real but unseen. 
We are, through our souls, what energizes and animates the body. We get to know this person that we are through our thoughts, emotions and choices. 
To truly understand the ascension process we have to learn about the parallel nature of reality. We live our lives on 2 different levels; the unseen soul energy level and the physical level. Who we are, is an unseen energy form that inhabits a physical body. 
We cannot see our thoughts or our emotions, we only experience them. We know they are there because they can cause us to do harm to ourselves and harm to others, but we hide them and disassociate our thoughts and emotions (that are soul energy)from our physical experiences. 
We have been thoroughly dumbed down by false education, false religions and false beliefs. 
If any of us want to assist in raising the consciousness of this planet and assist in our planetary ascension, we have to understand and embody these things. We should understand that the physical owes its form and animation to the unseen soul, and who we are is not an individual but a member of the soul families of all of the universe and multi verses. 
All energy works together and it is not directed by us. We are only participants in it, either voluntarily or involuntarily. We have to choose which we want to experience. 
You are either a volunteer and lend your own energy to the efforts of ascension, or you are a passive observer. 

To allay some fears, and before I take us further through the mechanics of ascension, I should state that there is nothing to fear about the ascension process. It is a natural process. 
In a sense, it is like entering a shower with uncomfortably hot water, where our bodies are cleansed of all impurities, and once this process is complete, we step out of the shower with a semi etheric body, and where we next have to go to school to learn how the semi etheric worlds work in the context of the universal template, and where we review past lives and experiences we had, and mistakes we made, without judgment, This process is called quarantine and takes place in the area between two reality fields, called the void, it’s what the Christians call purgatory. 
When we are ready, we are introduced to our soul families in dimensions 4, 5 and 6, and re-unite with former members of our soul group, including family members and sometimes, even former animal friends, who have ascended as well. 
The ascension process we will experience is not normally what happens during an ascension process. A normal process would be that those who are ready to ascend would ascend through a stargate gate after a stringent vetting process. The stargates would be activated by those who have been trained to do so, by activating corresponding cue sites around the planet. Those whose conscious souls enter stargates would be transformed by, and transported through the Halls of Amenti 
Unfortunately, the stargate and cue site systems around the planet have either been damaged or are under the control of the fallen ones, including the Halls of Amenti, and it would be unsafe to use them. 
A special dispensation has been created for our Mother Earth and her earth family, and the natural stargate and Amenti systems have been by-passed, and an artificial energy passageway created by among others, the gatekeepers, gridworkers and our off-planetary soul families. The on-planetary work had to be done by those on planet and they were successful. 
Our off-planetary brothers and sisters are working to create the specific energetic conditions to activate ascension that is often called, “the Event”, but the fallen ones are trying to thwart their efforts and will have to be dealt with first, so that we can get on with this, and it is all happening now. 
The fallen ones, their cohorts and consorts, will not ascend, but be left behind to their own devices, where they will fight among themselves for the meagre resources left behind on what is left of the old earth. It is not going to be pretty. 
For those of us who go through this process, it will be necessary for us to keep an open mind, keep hope and faith alive, and be willing to be transformed. Those unwilling will be left behind, but those will be far and few because there is a plan in place to persuade everyone to go. 

I am going to describe the dimensional nature of the evolutionary process as it pertains to the various states of consciousness in each dimension. I never imagined that I would ever be doing this in language that is largely and mostly inadequate because it was designed to describe a material, physical world. 
I can see it through the lens of the energetic, non-material world, where physicality doesn’t exist and it stretched my imagination, and I hope it does yours. It gets quite technical so I hope you will be open-minded, and just go through the process. 
Truth, they say, is stranger than fiction, but that is only because we have never really explored the possibilities of fiction. 
I am not saying that what I will be posting here is fiction but I am saying that truth will only be found when fiction has been examined and explored, and found to be true, if it is true. 
Truth is not carried in the mind only, it is carried in the heart also, and when heart and mind can come together, so I appeal to you to open your hearts and minds to discover truth. 
Try to objectively absorb this information through the lenses of both your intellect and emotions. 

It is quite important to understand the wider context of the mechanics of ascension, not that “not understanding” will inhibit your own ascension process, but it will make it easier so that you can go through the thought and emotional processes beforehand and ready your vessel for the journey. This will also assist the necessary critical mass of consciousness that will assist in moving this process forward. 
As I have already stated, ascension should be understood in the context of the evolution of the soul consciousness, and the dimensional and harmonic nature of the universe, and how harmonies synchopate with each other. I know that sounds like a mouthful so I will try to explain. 
A conscious soul emerges when two particles of quanta of opposite polarity, positive and negative, intersect in harmony with each other in the universal wave fields of light and sound. This harmonic convergence and attraction creates a charge, like a spark on a battery when its poles are joined. This creates a conscious awareness of self for the first time, and a conscious soul begins its conscious journey of soul evolution. 
This conscious awareness of self gives the soul “observer status” and a holographic version of itself begins to emerge and through the universal template of creation and order, it begins to attract other quanta particles that interact and swirl and spiral around each other’s positive and negative energies, creating a core. This is the morphogentic field, or quark as it is called here. The morphogentic field creates an atom that gains speed and momentum and begins to vibrate very fast (a speed wobble) and separates again creating molecules that re-organize themselves creating cells. 
This creates the first dimension of creation, physical matter or cellular observable bodies. In its primal form of physicality it does not hold the other dimensional fields or properties, thought and emotion. 
Bodies in this first dimension, include amoeba, bacteria and elementals. They are primal physical forms of non-matter that evolve later into matter forms, like minerals, water and gasses. All of these are found in our physical form and in the context of ascension, we are their hosts in their ascension process. Just like Mother Earth hosts us through her own ascension. 
That is the first dimension; material matter. 
Matter is very dense in the first harmonic bandwidth, but becomes semi-etheric in the second harmonic bandwidth, etheric in the third harmonic bandwidth, liquid light in the fourth harmonic bandwidth, and pure light and sound in the fifth harmonic bandwidth. 
Third dimensional beings, like us, host first dimensional beings through their first evolutionary cycle, called the primal cycle, and once these first dimensional beings have been processed through the first to fifth harmonic band widths they evolve into two dimensional beings and begin a new evolutionary cycle. 
The first cycle takes about 25,000 years and I will explain how we host second dimensional as well. Each evolutionary cycle takes less time because time compresses as it is subjected to higher harmonic frequencies. 

The second and third dimensions emerge from the nature of light and sound. 
Light and sound waves, down step their energetic forms, and opposite polarities into our manifest experiences as what we call thought and emotions; information. Light and sound waves carry information of thoughts and feelings, and they manifest as opposite polarities of male and female. 
Second dimensional beings are capable of complex thought information and design, and complex geometry. They create the design we see in nature. They carry the information of the universal information of geometry and fractals. We owe the design of our world to the complexity of the information they carry. 
Second dimensional beings are all around us; in the insect world and the vegetable world. Each holds the capacity for complex information. 
Third dimensional beings have the capacity to not only hold thought and design but also have emotions; to a greater or lesser extent. 
They include animals, fish, birds and humans. 
Humans have this illusion they are above the animals, fish and birds. That is an illusion. The only advantage they have over their fellow souls is free will and the capacity to rebel against the natural order of things that came from our own corruption by the fallen ones. 
This dysfunction will be purged from the human psyche when we are quarantined. 
We host second and third dimensional beings through the ascension process by our thoughts and emotions and our attachment to them and our gratitude for them. 
We have a lot to learn. 
We owe our design to our own journey through the light (design and form) wave fields, and sound (emotion and feeling) wave fields and we owe it back to give it back. It’s called equilibrium. 
Ascension is a process of hosting other energy forms in our own dimensional fields (physical, thought and emotional) just as we are being hosted by Mother Earth through this process into the next harmonic bandwidth so that we can progress through our own soul evolution. 
These are the processes that are created as we move through one Cosmic Cycle to the next. 

Ascension is largely about cycles within cycles. Wheels within wheels. At different angles with different timing. All aimed at assisting all soul beings assisting other soul beings and lifting them through these cycles and relying on those who came before us to lift us to the next level of consciousness too. 
In the universe, we usually have knowledge of who they are but on this corrupted planet we don’t, so I can only speak from my own experience. 
My higher selves have gone to extraordinary lengths to tutor, nurture, mentor and train me, and explain how things are meant to work in the universe, and I am passing some of this knowledge on but I am sure that many of you already intuitively know this but if you don’t, here it is. 
One only has to look at the self-organizing ability of nature to understand this. This planet, in a sense, is a microcosm of the way the universe works. We humans have gotten so used to our manmade “toys” we fail to recognize the self-organizing ability of nature. Each organism and micro-organism on this planet works together for the survival of the each other. 
Ascension will create a greater awareness of this in the human psyche. 
When we are in quarantine in the void we will learn how to be better universal citizens and we will be taught how it all works together. It is a multi-dimensional landscape that will challenge the very fundamentals of how we perceive reality. For many it will be most uncomfortable because in the universe belief does not exist so expunging our minds of all precepts of beliefs will be necessary. In the universe there is only certainty and everything works in a certain way. 

This may sound like a mystery and on earth it is a mystery because so much knowledge and truth is hidden from us, and we have been raised on a diet of fear of reprisal; “if you do something wrong you get whacked.” It doesn’t work that way in the universe. The universe is built and pervaded by love in all its forms and reprisal comes from karma, self-created. The only one to fear in the universe is oneself and one’s own inability to express love. Anything less than love brings its own reprisals with certainty. This will be a big mindset change for us humans. 
I have been through this cycle and know how it works. It wasn’t very comfortable for me then and I was on a fast track learning curve. In fact, I doubted my own sanity and spent many nights doubting, haunted and sometimes in tears thinking, “If this is true. Everything here is a lie.” I didn’t like those feelings but I persevered to get through my own cognitive dissonance. 
In fact, I not only ascended to the next harmonic bandwidth, I also experienced the 3rd harmonic bandwidth where I was shown the 4th. I will tell you about it in my next post.  

In order to understand the mechanics of ascension we have to first of all, say what it is not. 
Ascension is not being yanked off the planet, or floating off into space, floating on a cloud and going off into the wild blue yonder to another planet called heaven. That’s not how it works, and many have that perception. 
Ascension is going into a realm with a higher frequency domain. 
Let me illustrate it like this. The frequencies on our radio’s and televisions come to our radio’s and televisions through a certain frequency and we can listen and watch because our radio or television is able to tune into those frequencies being broadcast by radio and television stations, and when we tune into those frequencies we can hear music, or talk, or watch and listen. It is all based on tuning into a specific frequency. 
Well, our consciousness here is tuned into a certain frequency or harmonic bandwidth, so we are watching a holographic live broadcast where we are in the television. We are the show, the actors therein, and the owners and producers of the show are a bunch of renegade vipers who want to control every aspect of the show, especially the information and dialogue. 
We are in a live show. A holographic show. A “Truman Show”. We are the characters in the show, bringing our conscious soul energy into the show and we are being “played”. We are tuned into the show but the show is produced, scripted, managed and directed by the “holographic station” that is under the control of vile, vampire predators who hijacked the “show” 25,000 years ago. 
So we are going to tune in, tune up, and tune out, and go into a new holographic show where we produce, script, manage and direct the “show” co-operatively. 
We don’t go anywhere when we ascend. Our consciousness simply tunes out of the “bullshit hologram” into a higher state of consciousness and a new hologram of truth, and the collective of soul beings here collectively enter a new cycle of soul evolution, each on their own cycle and progression of conscious awareness. 
The way the hologram works is that the frequency of sound and light waves flow though us, and depending on our DNA and soul DNA the props are set for our own production, script, management, and direction, and all the other “actors” in the hologram are aspects of us. There is no separation of consciousness. 

Some are concerned about whether when we ascend we will leave this planet with all its beauty and diversity, behind. 
I don’t really know, but what I have been told is that when we go through the ascension process, our soul Mother Earth will ascend into a star and the conscious soul beings here will be hosted by another planet similar to earth but not as advanced in soul evolution as Mother Earth. I don’t really know what this will look like, or be like. 
What they showed me was a terrain very similar to earth with the same diversity and beauty, but more intense and vivid colors and more unified where birds came and sat on my shoulder, unafraid. 
Most don’t understand soul evolution. No judgment. I had no clue either until I learnt this stuff. All the manifest things around us are soul beings, in different progressions through soul evolution, so when we ascend they do too. 
In my own experience of transforming and being transported into higher realms, I had to learn all of this. 
It blew my mind and put me in a state where I found it difficult to recognize things around me, and I would sometimes shake my head and wonder what the hell was happening. 
That is when I learned to live in two states simultaneously. One was the physical and the other the metaphysical. That was a big hurdle for me to jump. I had to learn to guard my thoughts and emotions and to only express genuine thoughts and emotions, and not pre-conditioned thoughts and emotions. I had to let go of old precepts and thought and emotional patterns. 
So no matter where we ascend to, that experience will be determined by one’s own consciousness determined by their thoughts and emotions, but don’t be concerned we will all learn this in the quarantine. 
It won’t be as evident in the second harmonic bandwidth, but in the 3rd harmonic bandwidth you have to learn to be in neutrality, but that’s another topic. 
I can only conclude that ascension will be better, brighter, more harmonious, informative, and a better experience than we have had here, but it will require us to take on more responsibility for our thoughts, emotions and actions. 
In the 2nd harmonic bandwidth, justice is our own karma; what we do with our thoughts, emotions and actions and the instant rebuttal and consequences that follow.  

I have a great quandary and it relates to people accepting they are a unique soul being and the conflict that they have with their external world because they are so identified with their external reality and so ignorant of their soul identity. 
I have for many years wrestled with the notion of releasing to people the structure of their soul bodies because it would be meaningless unless one understood one’s own soul identity, but I think it is time, because when we ascend it is our soul body, primarily, that ascends, but the soul body fashions, manufactures and identifies the physical body, and that is who we will be, physically, when we ascend, our true selves, living eternal souls, whose bodies reflect the nature of our souls. 
What makes each soul unique in the universe, and there is none like you in the universe, is the alchemy of the resonance of your soul that is made up of the symphony of light and sound waves of different frequencies of light and sound, and your unique experiences, determined by your choices that make up your unique consciousness and unique soul identity, and any understanding of the light and sound fields is premised on this one thing about the properties of light and sound, and it is this. 
Light and sound waves are waves. They come from somewhere and they are going somewhere. They all originate from Source but as they traverse the universe they are diverted, interfered with and diffuse, so when they reach your soul consciousness they have a unique identity in the recipe in the “fruit cake” that is us. 
Even the notion that everything in our physical manifest world is an eternal soul being on an evolutionary soul journey is going to be completely foreign to mankind and quite a revolutionary thought. 
If you can get your mind and emotions around this thought and the accompanying emotions then you are making progress. 
I am going to be posting about the structure of the soul, at last, but it has to be understood in the context of the One Soul, and the universal template of all souls, and the nature of the soul evolutionary journey of all soul beings and how souls evolve through the frequencies of the light and sound fields. No 2 journey are the same. We all have a unique soul experience. 

Some basics to understand. 
Light waves carry information in the wave fields. The information they carry has primarily to do with the physical experiences we have. They down step their energy into electric particles in our reality fields, and manifest as male in our physical manifestation. 
Sound waves also carry information in the wave fields. The information they carry has primarily to do with the emotional experiences we have. They down step their energy into magnetic particles in our reality fields, and manifest as female in our physical manifestation. 
The process used to down step their energy into reality fields is called “frozen light and sound”. The down stepping is a process that creates space and time. 
Understand this and the rest is easy. Understanding that we live in a universe of frequency of light and sound will open us up to whole vista of new possibilities. 

How will the understanding of the light and sound waves change our reality? 
The rulers of this world are terrified that we may discover this. 
From the moment we are incarnated here we are carefully herded into the corral of a “physical” world; given a NAME and number that identifies us that is entered into a registry that makes us their property, and from then on we are only taught about the physical world. 
We are then herded into their corrupt religions to satisfy the longings of our souls. These religions are purposefully filled with contradictions and anomalies, and so we are further herded by the “good shepherd” and we live our lives ignorant of who we really are, what we represent and are stripped of all soul identity, so we become surrogates of a system that does not serve us or each other, and “herds us” through their soul processing system. 
That’s how it works here. It is all bullshit. Even the science they evoke on this planet. Science here is totally controlled. Free thinkers are quickly pounced upon sponsored and controlled. Like Nicola Tesla and even Einstein, but he was easy to control. 
If we really understood how the light and sound waves work, and if these technologies were released and made commonly available, nothing would be impossible. 
There would be no need for money, for health services, for government as it now exists here. We would discover our own sovereignty and our non-reliance on these artificial forms of control. We would discover that the only enemy is the enemy within and we could overcome that once we understood how it works. 
This whole satanic system would collapse but the universe is a larger space/time continuum and it is better that we understand how it works. 
We will only understand this when we understand the light and sound fields and how they work. 

I don’t why but I feel compelled to tell you about the void; the vacuum that exists between reality fields. 
I have been through them a few times and when we ascend we all must pass through the void. I am used to them so it is not so scary for me but the first time I did it was really scary. 
You see, we are so attached to the notion of time and space, we can’t imagine passing through a space where all time and space is suspended. There are no waves of light and sound passing through the void and it is an empty space where time and space are suspended, like the zero point of a torus, a portal. 
The void is a kind of “sorting” of information that has no judgment or existential relationship to reality fields, it just processes information where information is forwarded or not and is suspended and “hung” for further processing. Many human souls are suspended in the void. 
In the void time and space do not exist.Souls there only exist as information that are recorded in the eckashic and ackashic records. It is situational void too. 
There is no identity. It is just information. 
Passageway through the void is only granted when a soul has the requisite “passport”, the information that grants them passageway. 
So when I went through the void I had done the required energy work beforehand that granted me passageway through the void. 
When we ascend we will all go through this same scrutiny. 
We have to do the work beforehand but there are many beings who will vouch for us but I urge you to do the work beforehand or you will be halted. 
In the void there is no time and space and it is all about information, and personal responsibility. No one passes through the void if they have not accepted personal responsibility. 
It will be easier for a suckling child to pass through the void than someone who has not owned up and takes responsibility for their own thoughts, emotions and actions. 
Ownership of who you are, what you think, feel and do 

As I have mentioned before, ascension is primarily about our soul bodies going into a new and higher vibrational field. It is the soul body that ascends and it forms a new physical body as it does so. 
What this means is; 
Firstly, the scope of our sensory abilities will be broadened. Our senses of sight, sound (hearing), touch, taste and smell will be broadened, and our 6th sense (intuition), which is dumbed down here, will be activated and broadened as well. In other words, we will retain our sensory abilities of dimensions 1,2, and 3, but our sensory abilities will be able to interact with the higher sensory abilities in dimensions 3,4 and 5. Our 6 senses are primal senses necessary for human souls to survive on this planet. We have 6 other senses that we will develop as we evolve more, and I have previously posted about them so I won’t go into their detail now. 
What this means is that we will have a heightened awareness of what our senses are and we will experience them in a different way. Light, sounds, touch, taste, smell and intuition (our ability to perceive the unknown) will be different. 
Secondly, our conscious awareness of who we are; the observer, moves its station of conscious awareness into the 5th dimension. At the moment, our station of consciousness of is stationed in the 4th dimension. Conscious awareness; the observer, is always stationed one dimension above the level of its awareness in whatever reality field it is in, and is thus observing from above (from a higher dimension). 
As our consciousness evolves through the dimensions 4,5 and 6, so our conscious awareness; the observer, moves through dimensions 6,7 and 8, raising each time we have evolved fully in each dimension. I will explain this further in another post. 
Thirdly, a healing system that exists in the void will enable and ensure that our soul bodies are adequately prepared and enabled to cross over into the second harmonic bandwidth, as we pass through it. The void is devoid of any waves of energy that create space/time, and space and time don’t exist there. 
In the universe, the void is a mysterious space. Where there is nothing and where everything exists simultaneously. To me this is the greatest paradox I have come across in learning how the universe works, and I once remarked to aiazmir, “I guess it’s gods’s hospital and repair shop where conscious soul beings stay over and get a makeover.” He just nodded. 
Fourthly, our physical bodies will be transformed. It is important to keep remembering that our soul body creates our physical bodies, so will you look like you look now? It really depends on how authentically your soul body is representing its integritous self in the physical body, so there will be small changes, but for some these will be big changes. 
Like the blind will see. The deaf will hear. The deformed will be re-constructed. The maimed will be enabled. All our physical and sensory abilities will be restored and transformed, after being in “god’s hospital and repair shop”. 
Fifthly, we will have a revaluation and restoration of our values. In our current reality, our values are largely determined by our attachment to money and the things money can buy. Our morality has been totally corrupted here by the monetary control systems and we are in survival mode. 
This will no longer exist in the 4,5 and 6th dimension. Our values will be “our value” of who we are; our integrity, trust, faith, love and authenticity. Differentiation on the basis of race, gender, culture, religion, language and preferences will disappear. 
Some might not be aware, but we have already entered this process, so keep on keeping on mighty soul warriors, we are getting there. 

In each 3 dimensional reality field, like we are in now, harmonic bandwidth 1, there is an underlying process that creates cycles of existential experiences that all conscious soul beings go through, and it all depends on developing and coagulating thoughts and emotions.
On a soul level, it is about accumulating “codes” in our soul bodies. The “codes” in our soul bodies are like the DNA in our physical bodies. They exist and determine our physicality and carry the universal blueprint of the universal lattice of creation, but our DNA has been tampered with and distorted by the fallen ones by DNA manipulation that goes a long way back in our history. We no longer carry the universal blueprint of 3 strands of DNA in our physical bodies but they still exist in our soul bodies. That is why soul living is so important because we can correct and accumulate and activate more of our DNA, in phantom form and prepare our bodies for the transformation that will occur with ascension.
The codes we accumulate in our soul bodies are our responses to our existential experiences and not the other way round as most think. Our experiences, as we command our thoughts and emotions, instead of them being commanded by circumstances, build and activate the corresponding codes in our soul bodies. I call them codes because they look like squiggly geometric forms that are the “universal language” of a fragmented form of the “everything” of Source. We accumulate more of these soul codes as we progress through the dimensional structure of the soul evolutionary process, and as we progress they begin to “paint” a picture of the “everything” of Source, and we do it through commanding our thoughts and emotions, and our responses to them.
What the soul body does is go through its soul evolution to bring these “soul codes” into coherency and apparency in our physical bodies. DNA is just soul codes that have been brought into coherency to transform physical form before they were tampered with.
If we don’t do the work in our many lifetimes of accreting, activating and accumulating the soul codes in our soul bodies, by commanding our responses to our thoughts and emotions, when an ascension cycle occurs, we have to pass through the “void”, god’s repair shop. 
The void is an interesting place. I have been there. It is not a vacuum of space, but it is devoid of light and sound waves, so there is no time and space that are created by the light and sound waves, so there are no thoughts or emotions, just an examination of soul codes, and where those soul codes are deficient, they are repaired. This doesn’t take “time” because “time” as we know it doesn’t exist there, and neither do memories. 
In the void, nothing and everything exist simultaneously and that’s why I like to call it “god’s repair shop”. One may spend hundreds or thousands of earth time years there but when one emerges from there one is restored energetically to move on, so it is best to do the work here and now, but for everyone it will seem instantaneous.
I know that these concepts may seem strange or outrageous to many but if you want to know about how ascension mechanics work, this is how it works. I will post more on the void but can assure you that it is not a scary place, because in it you will have no emotions. It just a place of “isness”, unlike anything we have experienced before, where our soul codes are repaired in preparation for our next evolutionary journey, as we choose it. 

This is mind bender and only for the potentially insane.
The void is like a paradox. Nothing and everything exists there simultaneously without thought and emotion, or time and space, so it’s hard to describe.
When we pass through the void, all that consciously exists is our soul body, and our will, volition and choices, and the repair work being done while we are there.
In it, we are constantly offered shapes and forms, and sounds, that we are cognitively surveilling, and on a sub-conscious level recognizing and as we do so our soul codes are restored for the next stage of our soul evolutionary journey.
The real paradox of the void is that if you want to know everything, you must know nothing because everything emerges from nothing, so knowing everything about nothing qualifies you to know everything about everything.
That’s what makes the void very weird. We know everything in the void, but on a conscious level, we know nothing, but on a sub-conscious level we know everything. That is why we need to develop our 6th sense, our intuition.
I came to the conclusion after passing through the void, the first time, that everything is nothing and being nothing is everything.
That sounds crazy doesn’t it, but if you can wrestle with, and understand this paradox, you are on your way.
In this whole process of soul development it is the false ego and false identity with “things”, possessions, status, looks, earning ability that gets in the way, so when we identify with nothing but who we internally are, we become the nothing that is everything; the universal lattice of One.
That is the paradox.
So we must lose the false ego and false identity with “things”, possessions, status, looks, earning ability etc, because underneath the layers of false ego and identity, there is an eternal soul being who has the potential to know everything about everything. 

People often ask me when this event of ascension will occur and what is the timing on this? 
I don’t have precise the timing, I only know about the process, but the timing is dependent of two things. 
The first is, when our solar system has done a full rotation around the galactic plain and passes through the center of the galactic plain. This process can take anything between 25-29, 000 years if measured by earth time. Naturally, no humans have been keeping track of this time, but the Mayans figured this out by careful observation and measurement of the stars, and they figured out that in 2012 the earth would pass again pass through the center of the galactic plain, based on the alignment of all the stars, and the patterns they formed in the sky. 
Obviously, this may or may not be accurate, but one thing is certain; we passed through the galactic center in 2012, and the earth’s energies have begun to change. 
Human beings seem to think that an ascension only affects them.n our soul bodies. 
An ascension cycle is a very important event throughout the universe. It is when soul bodies are able to transition from one state of consciousness to another. Microforms are able to transition to mineral forms. Mineral forms are able to transition to vegetable forms. Vegetable forms are able to transition to insect forms. Insect forms are able to transition into avian, fish and animal forms. Avian, fish and animals are able to transition into human forms. Human forms are able to transition into planetary forms. Planetary forms are able to transition into stars, and stars are able to transition into galaxies, and galaxies are able to transition to universes, and universes are able to transition into multiverses. 
An ascension cycle affects everything everywhere, so it is not just humans that are affected. 
Within every ascension cycle there are also other cycles of growth and evolution. Here we call it life and death, or seasons. All soul beings are eternal but they experience many transformations through life and death. 
This is the way the universe expands in the “outbreath of god”. Everything and everyone is an expression of this process. 
When the “in breath of god” occurs, everything and everyone begins a journey back to Source, but that is another story. 
All beings assist in this process. We assist bacteria by hosting them in our bodies, and likewise minerals, vegetables and the meat of animals in their many forms. 
All soul beings inter-mingle their consciousness. Our soul families in other dimensions are assisting us at this time by providing the information we need to raise our consciousness at this time because it is as important to them as it to us. 
Believe it or not, it all has to do with soul codes and DNA. Soul codes, as I have explained are the corresponding “DNA” in our soul bodies. Our soul codes contain the information of our soul history, and our DNA contains the information of our genetic history, and it is all stored in the universal memory, the eckashic and ackashic records, but more of that later. 

So what happens after we transition through the void and we enter a new reality field into the next harmonic bandwidth? 
Actually, many changes but before we enter a new harmonic bandwidth we pass through the void where our soul essence and energy fields are examined , repaired and prepared for passage into the next harmonic bandwidth. Our soul memories are also restored to us, so we begin to remember who we actually are, what our soul has experiences have been through many incarnations, and the frequency of our energy fields are lifted, if we have sufficient structure for them to be repaired and restored, and if not we are recycled through our previous harmonic band width. 
That is how we have been ensnared here for so long. We have been kept in ignorance and lied to, and indoctrinated that the only thing that matters is our physicality, our “outer” world, and what we must do to survive. 
If we stay in this state we may spend eons in the “purgatory” of the void before we emerge but we don’t intend to do we? 
That is why we must open our ears of new information and our eyes of understanding and an alternative way of being One. 
We have to bypass the satanic information highway of fake news. 

Once our soul fields have been restored, repaired and prepared, we enter a whole new vista of experience into a new reality field and unlike this one we have just experienced, we will have adequate knowledge and memory of how it all works, we enter a new soul evolutionary cycle. It is important to know about, and accept, the soul evolutionary process and how it works. 
When we enter our new harmonic band width we will feel much joy and elation, but there will be challenges too. 
We enter a new cycle of gaining information of how things around us work and they don’t work the same as here on earth. 
Our thoughts will not be our own. Our entire soul family will hear our thoughts and mediate and intervene where necessary. Our emotions will not be our own for the same reason. We will have entered the realm of Oneness. 
The concept of Oneness is not easily understood or felt here and as I will explain later but it is the way it works in the universe. 
Human consciousness is “disemboweled” of the notion that we are all One. The indoctrination of separation is so deeply instilled within us but is not the way it works. It’s not that difficult. Oneness is a wonderful experience. No cellphones necessary. Only love and understanding and it all comes together. 
Privacy of thoughts and emotions will be thought and felt by our soul family, so the sooner we learn to think and feel, and choose wisely, the better. 

I went through the void twice, on an outward bound journey and twice on my return home inbound journey. Not physically but consciously, but I had to do a lot of energetic work to heighten the frequencies of my radial soul body, so that my physical body could endure the changes that were taking place within me and in my body. 
I don’t have detailed recollection of what these exercise were specifically but understood the process because it was explained in detail to me. I was a novice at this at the time and just did as I was directed by my higher selves because intuitively I knew sub-consciously that that I was being to connected to my sub-conscious self, but consciously I had no idea what was going on, but I went with my intuition, but I intuitively knew somehow that I should agree. 
I experienced the void between the 1st harmonic bandwidth reality field, dimensions 1, 2 and 3, and the 2nd Harmonic bandwidth, dimensions of dimensions 4, 5 and 6. Then months later, I I experienced the void between the 2nd harmonic bandwidth reality field, dimensions 4, 5 and 6, and the 3rd harmonic bandwidth, dimensions of dimensions 8, 9 and 10. 
The first experience of the first void was the most dramatic and traumatic. I have explained what happens in the void. It is where the soul radial body is quarantined and prepared for the “next stage” and our soul memory is restored, a big history lesson. 
That is where I first learnt that everything we are taught and indoctrinated with here is false and lie. 
We, humans in physical form, come from a long line of genetic experiments, created by a race of beings called the Elohim, that needed a race of beings to be their slaves, so they cloned many forms, including a race called the Adamites that procreated with the other forms here that eventually became the human races. We are, in physical form, descendants of genetic experiments. 
But where did the soul energy for these beings come from to animate them and keep them alive? Physical forms that are cloned need to be inhabited by soul energy, so the Elohim invited “lost souls” in the universe to inhabit the bodies of the clones they were producing. The lost souls were an eclectic of beings, but principally, Pleaidian, who had recently been at war where many souls were “lost”, but there were many others creating a diverse group whose memories are wiped, so they don’t remember who they are or where they came from. That was the deal that was agreed to. 
Mankind and all the diversity of forms around us are radial soul beings with a diversity of genetic and soul origins, shapes and forms. 
That is some of what I had to come to terms with in the first void, but there’s more. 

As I have explained before that in the void there is no time and no space, there is just all the “isness and allness” of everything that exists, and conscious awareness of self is suspended in “no time and no space” and all there is, is “self”. 
It’s the “universal repair shop” where radial soul bodies are prepared and repaired, and for their next soul evolutionary reality experience. 
There is no hurry to do this, because time doesn’t exist there. We see images that are “information bits” that drift by that we recognize or discard. 
So when we begin to place the pieces of the puzzle together that we recognize, those that resonate and fit, we attribute and consider them, and those that don’t we discard, but eventually the puzzle begins to piece itself together, and we create a bigger picture that restores our memory and when it is restored it’s not easy to accept, but if you have an open mind and an open heart, it’s a breeze. 
For me, it was quite easy because from a young age nothing that I was told or taught made any real sense, so I was a rebel without a cause, for most of my life here. As a young child the only thing that made sense to me is “I am” and now I understand what that means. 
I am an individuated expression of all that is. There is no escaping it. We are all expressions of the One I am. The One Soul. There is no god. We are it, and we had better start behaving accordingly. 

To make your way through the morass of lies here and then to ascend; transition to a higher frequency reality field or domain, it is of the highest and most important to fully recognize one very important central truth, and is the only truth that exists here or anywhere else in the universe, and that is “I am”, and the truth that you exist and that you are in a relationship with the all-that-is. 
Let me explain this. 
Our conscious awareness is a gift from the universal all-that-is when and we incarnate and are born here. 
From the moment we are born here our awareness of self is diverted to our awareness of the need to survive by accepting the fruits and nourishment of those things which are external to us, and so we derive an externally based reality and lose our own sense of self awareness and our relationship with the universe, and thus lose our own truth of who we are and what we are supposed to be doing here. 
If you did not exist then the things you see and experience would not exist either, so the fact of your existence must have something to do with what you see and experience. Our existence brings them into being and our awareness so we are the creators of the things that we see and experience. 
What has happened here is that from the moment of birth we lose our sense of sovereign self, a free person who is responsible for what they see and experience. We are distracted into a false sense of reality where we are no longer responsible and hand over this responsibility to those others, and the things outside of ourselves, so we lose our sense of “I am” and lose our relationship with the universal all-that-is, and instead replace it with human relationships that most times don’t turn out so well, and gadgets and things, ideas, philosophies, religions, teachings and training which will not give us an iota of the notion that the only truth that exists is “I am” our conscious awareness ability and our amazing co- creativity abilities and our relationship with the all-that-is. 
We have to understand this truth and take back our sovereignty of self, because this is the only reliable truth there is. If we are dependent on the things out there we lose our dependence of the things in there, and lose our sovereignty and therefore our relationship with the all-that-is. 
Our relationship with the universal all-that-is is predicated on a sound relationship with ourselves, the “I am”, and the only way to view the new experiences of the ascension are through the lens of “I am, and I have a right to be “. 
The reason is because in the new reality, the ascended state, there is nothing outside of ourselves that we will “need” and our new found awareness of self will be free, but will have to be responsibly free, and that which we will have to take responsibility for are our thoughts, emotions and actions. We aren’t used to doing this, but I will tell you how in further posts. 

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