Energy Fields & Leylines


The Real Earth 
What if I was to tell you that the earth is not a planet and that it is in fact one of many “heavens” in the dimensional plains, that has been taken over by fallen angels?
What if I was to tell you that earth is not a globe, or even flat but is a toroid of energy?
What if I was to tell you that the earth does not rotate, but spirals?
What if I told you that there are no other planets and stars, and that they are just created by our consciousness?
What if I told you that your physicality is a construct, a cleverly constructed illusion, and that what you really are is a conscious being called a soul on a journey through a multi-dimensional plain?
What if I told you that the education and indoctrination you received actually formed and informed your perceptions and told you what to believe is real?
What if I told you that this perception of reality is a falsely constructed delusion to capture your consciousness in a world view that is different from the way the universe actually works?
What if I was just kidding you and all of this is just nonsense, but what if it wasn’t? Would you open your mind to alternative possibilities?
Let’s look at this planet and get a glimpse of how stupidly insane this system is here.

The Earth’s Leylines 

I was struck by a thought a few minutes ago, and I thought I should offer it to you. I don’t know why this obvious piece of information should have escaped me, so I do apologize. I have been a gridkeeper for 11 years, so I have learnt a lot about gridkeeping, so I thought, maybe that is what I would like to tell you about, gridkeeping. If there is something I do know about it is gridkeeping. I was taught this be aiazmir. You see, he taught me that gridkeeping is about keeping your own soul construct intact and co-resonant with the universal grids. This internal gridkeeping is amplified and “broadcast” into the universal grids, and thus produces the co-resonance for a unified and coherence between the self and the universe.

Some people imagine that gridkeeping has solely to do with the earth’s electro-magnetic grids and ley lines. This is true, but it is only when you have coherence between your internal electro-magnetic grids, and the universal grids, that you become freed from the stagnation and incoherence of the current earth problems. There are some remarkable benefits. One of them is health. I have not been ill since 2003, when I volunteered for this. I am not saying that everyone who volunteers for gridkeeping will not experience ill-health. I don’t know why, but it is just so. Another benefit is synchronicity. Some people call it coincidence. Synchronicity occurs because of the co-resonance between ones soul body and the universal grids that cause an external experience that is both surprising and exciting. So, if you would want to learn about gridkeeping, I’ll be doing some posts on this, and maybe we can get a discussion group together, and “play” with this concept.

Before you volunteer for this I should give you the warning that aiazmir gave me. You will never be the same again, so if you have pre-conceptions and wish to hold onto those, do not pay any further attention to this, and keep on living the life you know, and follow your own path. You see, gridkeeping doesn’t turn your world upside down, it turns your world the right side up, but it also turns it “outside in”. It requires the mastery of your own internal grids. Some call this mastery of self, but often these words mean the “mastery of ego”. This is not what is required. Ego is the identification of self with the external world. The self is the identity of the inner man or woman, with its true essence, that is intermingled with all things. A gridkeeper must know who and what they are. The ego identity is lost to the soul identity, the true self; the “who you really are”.

Gridkeeping requires attitudes and responsibilities. It requires losing old knowledge and gaining new knowledge. It requires the understanding of the construct of the physical reality, and also the construct of the soul reality. It requires an understanding of the dimensional nature of reality fields and how these relate to each other. The soul identity can only be gained by some knowledge of the soul history of this planet, and other planets, and their relationship to our souls. Gridkeeping for me was an easy path, because I had the guidance and tutelage of aiazmir, who is a part of my own soul history, and gave me soul identity. So maybe, my offering you this information, might assist you in your soul journey. I was once was blind but now I see, and hopefully this might assist you along your own journey.

There was also a very, very difficult and traumatic part of the journey of transformation. I had to go through what some describe as the “dark night of the soul” that I discovered was actually the “dark night of the ego”. It was that journey that one must traverse and transcend from the ego self to the true self. For me, at the time, this was not a happy experience. I was distraught, confused, thought I was going insane. I was disoriented, I was not readily able to distinguish reality from fiction, and fought it with every excuse I could find. It was filled with turmoil and sadness, and I was not a very nice person to be around, at the time. I did many despicable things, as I clung to my “old me” (the ego), and transformed to the “new me” (the true self).

Once I had let go of the ego, and it took a long time, about 3 years, I then had to “unpack” my true self. I had to let go of my ego identity, and had no idea who I really was. This was the most difficult part for me, but with the compassionate companionship and tutelage of aiazmir, I survived it. I guess, it is a bit like transforming from a cocoon to a butterfly, or being born again, but with a different birth process. The compassion and companionship of a great soul can make a big difference to the journey and the outcome. This was the only difficult and traumatic part of the journey for me, but having survived it, I am glad I made the transition.

Over time, I began to recognize myself, and observed my thoughts, feelings and actions, and saw that at the heart of me, there was someone there who I had no cognition or remembrance of. Stripped of my ego, there was somebody else there that I had to grow and recognize. That was the first step in my gridkeeping. Taking responsibility for my thoughts, words and actions, and finding out who I really was, inside of me. I will tell you more about how this correlates to the universal grids, and how it works.

The entire system here (that bears no resemblance to how the universe actually works) is designed to keep humans from finding out who they truly are and keeping them enslaved. When you are born, an imprint of your feet is made so your “sole” is symbolically captured and imprinted. Then your parents unknowingly register your birth, and you are “given” a name, an identity, that has nothing to do with who you really are, and once so enslaved and misidentified, you are “entered” into the ego system. I guess you know the rest of the drill, but the point I am trying to make, is that the soul identity is “lost at sea, with the breaking of the waters, and the berthing of the manifest cargo”; your ego self.

So, to release yourself from this obligation to the ego self, you must be “reborn” into your true identity and this can be as traumatic as being physically born. It is being reborn, the “dark night of the ego”, when you shed the vestiges of being identified with the identity that was given to you, and begin to be self-identified, that you emerge as your true self. From my experience, this is not an easy process, even though I had the best guidance and fore-knowledge. I had to do it for, and by, myself.

Just so you know.

How energy works in the universe

I would like to let you in on a little secret on the way energy and the universe works.

When I was young in my apprenticeship with aiazmir, and asking lots of questions, because we both knew that unless I received satisfactory answers, I was not in for, or up for, this. At the time it was just too demanding. I knew my life would change irrevocably if what he was telling me was true, and I kept saying, “Show me” as I am quite visual. We reached stages where we would not communicate for weeks on end, as what I was asking was too demanding of him, as I was a bit reckless and not knowing my own vulnerabilities and how I could damage my own universal energy template (at the time I didn’t know that such a thing existed). I stayed the course over the last 12 years and I am glad I did.

I had been on many “journeys” with him, in dream state, and occasionally while awake, and one day he pops up in my consciousness, and I recognize his resonant frequency, and he says, “I would like to teach you something, but you have to be very open minded.” I was, and am, very open minded so I said, “Okay go ahead.”

He says, “I would like to take you on a journey through the universe.” And I say, “Wow that would be awesome.”

So I agree and we do the techniques and visualizations that he taught me, and soon I am travelling through star and planetary systems. I had done this before so I felt comfortable doing this again as I had suffered no loss.

I see shooting stars, planets, and we are travelling at a high velocity, and there are electric storms going on around us, and after a while, I ask him. “Where are we?” and I hear a giggle, then a guffaw, then a burst of laughter. At the time, I did not appreciate this, and was quite annoyed by it. He said, “Well you wanted me to show you didn’t you” and I said, “Yes, but please tell me where I am.”

He said, “We are inside your body, and I want to show you that what is inside you is as great and is a universe of its own, and is as great as the star system you observe outside of you. The macrocosm is just a reflection of the microcosm. That which is inside you is as great as what you observe outside of you.”

At the time I was very confused about this and didn’t understand what he meant, but over time I have come to understand this wisdom.

Please understand this. The macrocosm is just a reflection (like a mirror) of the microcosm within us, and that the microcosm is your ‘domain” and you are “in charge” of your microcosm.

I hope you get this, but if you have questions, please ask.

How our Thoughts and Emotions Work Energetically

I would like to let you “in” on another secret, and that is the role that values play in our experiences here.

The experiences we have here are like a pianist playing a piano. Each note that is struck sends out a resonance into the universe, and this resonance is generated by a hammer striking a string, that resonates through the woodwork of the piano, and goes off into the universe.

Similarly, we are like piano’s, but the “hammer” hits two different strings at the same time. One is our thoughts and the other is our emotions. We are the pianist playing our thoughts and emotions, and what results can either be pleasant or unpleasant, a cacophony or a symphony.

However, the key thing in any musical instrument is to have an instrument tuned that is, having the “strings” in coherence and co-resonance with each other. It is the same with our thoughts and emotions. Lack of coherence leads to noise or incoherence.

We are finely tuned instruments in the coherence and co-resonance of our experiences. We are the “piano man” and in order be attuned to the universal “symphony” we should aspire to higher values. This takes some effort from the “piano man.”

In order to be attuned you have to have something that you attune your thoughts and emotions to in order to be in coherence and co-resonance with them. That is where values come in.

To give you an example, the highest value is love. Love is both a thought and an emotion. You cannot feel love and think otherwise, as this will create incoherence. Likewise, you cannot think love and feel otherwise, as this creates the same incoherence.

However when we align our thoughts and emotions, together with our values and bring them together into alignment, we co-resonate with ourselves, as well as the universal energies. We send out a clear coherent and resonant energetic signal that is always responded to by the universe.

The universe tends to disregard incoherence and disresonance and has designed a process for dealing with that. It is called a black hole.

There is another thing that we should be aware of. We may think and feel love, but if we do not “do” love, we are not giving expression to what we think and feel, and we become like black holes, or energy vampires.

So beware of those that profess love light and cluelessness. If they cannot do love, then the notes they play on the inner piano will be lost in the vacuum of space and find a home in a black hole somewhere in the universe.

When we are aligned, both mentally and emotionally, and expressing the values we aspire to, we align ourselves with universal energy, and they will return to you that which you are expressing, and aspire to.

The universe is not fooled, but it is “foregiving” as we learn to play our inner instrument called the soul. Attune it well. Practice and play, and one day we will master it together, and we can produce an orchestra of co-harmony that will create the symphony of souls that we are.

How the Energy Exchange System Works

I would like to explain the energy exchange system in the universe and how to use it for you benefit. This explanation is outside of the boundaries of what has been happening on earth and relates purely to the way energy works in the universe. Though we may be trapped in an energy quagmire here, I thought it may be beneficial to explain how it works.

I am sure you are all familiar with the term, “so above, so below”. This does not explain the exchange of energy, but at least will make some conscious that there are two parts to the energy exchange.

When we think, feel and act, there is an immediate and instant response from the universal energy fields and grids that provides “more of” what we think, feel and act. The universe is a kind and generous, and an expanding field of energy, so It is always creating “more of” what it encounters. It continuously replicates itself through a divine template of energy. We may act outside of the divine template, but the divine template is “cast in stone”, and will always deliver “more of” what we think, feel and act.

The circuitry is a little like this, although the human mind cannot conceive of instantaneous and immediate reaction to our thoughts, feelings and acts, this is how it works. What we think, are electrical (light) pathways to the universe. What we feel are, similarly, magnetic (sound) pathways to the universe, and what we act is an expression of what we think and feel, and this has a holographic outcome called conscious experience of manifestation, a reality field. In fact, it is the way the universe expresses itself.

So what we think, feel and act (that is an expression of those two) is given “more of” by the universe and the universe allows for all expressions of itself, of which we are all and everything, an expression of this system, within the bounds of our soul evolution.

In a sense, we are all transmitters, transmitting to the universe what we think and feel, and how that is given expression, and the universe gives us more of what we think and feel. We are also receivers of the back flow from the universe. So whatever we are thinking, feeling and doing is reciprocated by the universal energy fields. That is how it works, and within that construct we can choose our own manifest reality, by choice.

Exchanging thoughts, feelings and actions with the universe will always deliver “more of” what you are thinking, feeling and doing, as that is the nature of the universe, and how it works.

On this planet, and at this time, it is important to understand this. We have to take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions, because if we don’t, we will experience more of the “fed” reality that keeps us enslaved here.

We are in a reality field, where our thoughts, feelings and actions are controlled by religion, indoctrination, culture, laws, regulations, governments, peers, media, language, symbols, beliefs, perceptions, education and relationships (family, friends, lovers, spouses etc).

There is only one thing we can control and that is who we are, the “I am”. The “I am” determines our thoughts, feelings and actions. Where has our imagination gone? The “I am” is who we are and what the universe is, an expression of everything, and it is willing to provide “more of” what we choose. So choose wisely.

I hope this helps.

The Harmonic Bandwidths that Create Reality Fields

As we draw closer to this pivotal time in our history, I thought I should perhaps do some revision (re-vision) of the stuff I have been telling you about dimensions over the years, and how it works. I will be as brief as possible, but it may be worth remembering.

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Dimensions are the harmonics of light and sound held within a certain bandwidth. Sort of like the limitations that our radio’s and TV have. They can only operate within certain bandwidths, and we call this a reality field.

As in music, to create an harmonic requires three frequencies that are fundamentally in harmony with each other (like the notes C,F and G) that form the chord, or harmonic, “C”, in music. All chords work in the same way.

Using the above illustration, imagine the “major chord” is the “expression” and the other 2 notes are the sub-harmonics, of the same expression and in co-resonance with the major chord.

In our “reality field” the 2 co-resonant “notes” are light that is electric and expresses the male energy, and sound that is sound and expresses the female energy. Remembering that these 2 frequencies are the expression of the “major chord”, what is the “major chord”. The “major chord” is the “bandwidth” within which the observer observes. The “major chord” is the centrality of all things, and upon which all energy flows, whether light or sound.

In words you might understand this centrality, or “major chord” is All-that-is, or god, or source, or whatever you wish to call it. I prefer to see this construct this way; everything is just one thing expressing itself in different ways within a construct. I am merely telling you about the construct and it is up to you to sense and know the wholeness. If you understand the construct you may understand the nature of reality and how the universe works, and get out of this stupid system here.

I am going to describe how form or manifestation works in my next post, but there is something you should understand. Each harmonic bandwidth works in the same way, and is based on a 15 dimensional structure that works the same all over the universe. Each 3 dimensions that I have described are a harmonic bandwidth and create a reality field. There are 4 harmonic bandwidths in manifest reality, and the last 3 dimensions are pure light and sound, where light and sound come from that create to create the 4 harmonic light and sound fields. Does this sound like a toroidal system?

Now if you make any sense of this, I congratulate you. It is not something that we are taught here so it is foreign to most of us, but I was taught this by myself in higher dimensions. Yes, we do have higher selves, but unless we understand the construct of reality fields, and are open to receive it, we may not make any sense of what out higher selves are trying to tell us.

How the Harmonic Bandwidths Work

So how does manifest reality work? Unless humans detach from the notion that they are physical beings they will never understand this.

Manifest reality works within the construct of dimensionality, and as I have described these are just frequencies of light and sound held within a certain frequency band, so if you master the sound and light waves, that are here to serve you, and understand the construct of dimensionality, you will discover what I am telling you. The 2 work together, and cannot be held individually as truth. They are inseparable, like twins. The one makes no sense without an understanding, or co-operation of the other.

So if what I have told you has confused you, go and sleep and read it again tomorrow because what I am going to tell you now, is a more than a little “confuddling”, a word I use when aiazmir gives me stuff that confuses me, and I am “befuddled.”

Have you ever watched the waves created in a pond when you throw a pebble into it? The waves are concentric and become smaller as they move outward. “Yes,” you might say but have you ever thought that what you are watching is the geometry of the universe, and how it works. Most probably not. What you are observing is geometrical forms created by waves that were created by the energy (mass and speed) of the pebble upon another energy form, we call water.

Manifest reality works pretty much in the same way. What is the connection between physical form and waves? It goes back to what I have been telling you for years. We are both particle and wave form at the same time. Go and watch the “double slit experiment” on Youtube.

Each wave has a “manifest expression,” just like the pebble in the pond. It obeyed the laws of the universe. It expresses geometrically the forces of mass, motion and resistance.

In the same way, perhaps we should understand the design of light and sound waves that are our basic modality. Science here hasn’t quite got it yet (some have but this information is being kept to commercialize it and kept from the general population so they don’t wake up) but sound waves travel horizontally and light travels vertically. They are waves that interact upon each other.

It works pretty much like this.

Imagine if you had a “light” pebble and a “sound” pebble and you threw them simultaneously into a pond, you would have the “waves” interacting with each other, just like when it rains and waves interact with each other. They would obey the laws of the universe and do what they are meant to do. They would vibrate and oscillate and interact with certainty.

Well that is pretty much how the hologram we are experiencing is formed.

A Real New Reality

After my experiences with other higher dimensional beings and their societies, I thought it might be helpful to shed some light on what an alternative new reality might look and feel like, and it would not be anything like it is presently here on earth.

Not all 3 dimensional systems in the universe are like they are here on earth, but being in a 3D reality system made us more vulnerable.

Our 3D system was hijacked by higher dimensional beings that decided to abandon their own soul evolution and wanted to be godlike and create their own immortal system that predated and fed off the energies of other beings, so they created their own reality system by tweaking the light and sound fields here by changing the frequencies to a semi-tone lower than they were naturally and fed a new reality into the beings of earth by creating a holographic insert.

They ring fenced earth and created a “barrier of separation” from the natural frequencies of the light and sound fields, and were able to create an alternative reality here that made slaves of the souls here. These fallen angels then predated on the energies of humans, and fed them a “pack of lies” and humans being none the wiser have fallen for this deception, but now we are being given a revelation of what a true, real reality might look like.

Our soul families have been watching and waiting for humanity to wake up their souls, and to find their inner truth. Many of us volunteered to come here as members of the human soul families but we knew that when we came here we were literally walking into a “lion’s den” of evil and that we would be separated from the rest of the universal sound and light fields and would be subject to the distorted frequencies on this planet. The idea was to create a critical mass of awakened beings here that could anchor the higher frequencies while the rest of our soul families could do the work off-planet.

You see, the fallen ones created a system of mass extinction events that recur about every 4, 300 years. The last one was the flood around 3,000 BC and the previous one about 9,000 years ago (the ice age), and we are on the edge of their next event to create a mass extinction of all living beings here, so they can re-create earth to their liking.

They did this about 25,000 years ago by blowing up one of the planets in our solar system, Malbak, that has become the asteroid belt, when it was at its closest point to another planet, Niburu. This set Niburu off on another elliptical plane, at a 23 degree angle to the solar ellipses, where it would circumnavigate the earth’s binary star, Nemesis, and then return back to the solar elliptical of the plants in our solar system approx. every 4,300 to 4,500 years.

When Niburu took off on its own elliptical plane it attracted much of the space debris from Malbak that now orbits Niburu, so every time Niburu returns to its solar orbital plane it brings back fragments of Malbak, asteroids, that can collide with earth causing mass extinction events by sending masses of debris into earth’s atmosphere and blackening out the sun, causing all kinds of calamitous weather events. The fallen ones have no attachment to us. They see us a source of their food.

I give you this information only so that we all know the background to why our soul families have been working very hard to assist their soul brothers and sisters, to recue us before we go through these calamities again.

A Real New Reality

Soul rescue missions are not new in the universe. The fallen ones prey on other soul bodies all over the universe, but why now on earth?

If one examines our known history, about 3,500 years one can see that there has been an acceleration of development of human evolution and technological development. In the last century, the human population has escalated from 1,4 billion to over 7 billion souls. Where have all those new souls come from?

They consist of the soul families of the original souls here, and we volunteered and contracted to be here; to have our memories wiped; to be separated from the universal light and sound fields; to be fodder for the fallen ones; and to anchor the new frequencies that we were assured would be coming in, and like the courageous, warrior souls we are, we agreed, and covenanted with our soul families to be here.

Our only resource here would be the original blueprint and programming of the universal template and lattice, that we are largely unaware of, that was written into our DNA.

Our DNA contains information that we are largely unaware of. It contains the encoding (information) of genetic history as well the encoding of our soul history. Human science here doesn’t understand the latter very well, because the very existence of the soul is largely denied and ignored here. Though our physical DNA may have been reduced to a double helix (2 strands) we still carry our 12 strand potential in our auric fields (our connection to our soul being).

Our physical form is based on a universal blueprint of soul evolution, and through the energy connection with our soul bodies through our auric fields, we still carry that potential within us. Our auric fields represent the energy we produce in our bodies through our thoughts and emotions, so our responsibility is to create an energy field around us that represents the same values that correspond to the values of the universe; and that is love.

I have given you this information as a background so that you might understand the next steps we are going to go through.

I have encouraged us all to hold the highest values, thoughts and emotions for about 11 years now on Facebook, and I hope you can see the reasons why. We are entering into a dangerous time where the almost defeated fallen ones are seeing their feeding fields evaporate, and the truth being exposed and revealed. They will try to evoke their human apostate allies on earth to resist this, and like madmen they will comply. Be watchful, be aware, be awake, but above all be compassionate. We all belong to the universal family of conscious awareness.

Where are we going to?

So what is likely to happen from here on in?

If anything, it is going to get a little crazy. I hope you like crazy. I know that many of you do, but for some it’s going to bend their minds. That is the time for compassionate hand holding and sharing the truth within you.

There will be a gradual disclosure that has already begun but it will increase, and some strange things are going to happen. The appearance of strange flying craft in our skies will increase, as the frequency fence, and veil of separation, is lifted.

You see, the fallen ones, when they created a frequency fence here they limited, not only our senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell, they also limited our intuitive and perceptual fields, and to sense beyond their frequencies of control. When this new ability, our 6th sense is heightened, we will begin to see, hear, taste, touch and smell, on a wider spectrum, and we will have a heightened sense of self and our abilities.

Sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell are mostly physical attributes, so when our 6th sense of intuition is heightened our interpretation of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell will change. So we will begin to see what we could not see beforehand. We will hear new sounds around us. We will actually be able to differentiate tastes into their substantial form. We will have a heightened sense of touch, and smell.

As the veil of separation continues to lift, so our senses will be heightened and have new meaning, depth and understanding. Truth will stare us in the face.

I have been going through this process since 2006, and it is very strange and can disorientate one’s sense of being. That is why I am telling you this. It is a strange journey, and can leave one wondering what the heaven is going on. Fortunately, I was taught and trained on how the energetics in the universe works but it is stranger than fiction.

It gets a little crazy

The craziness has already begun and it’s happening worldwide. Have you noticed?

We tend to interpret and decipher our reality in a parochial way by what is happening in our immediate space. We have lost our sense of history and identity. We mostly live in a survival mode that has been indoctrinated into us. The survival of the fittest.

The twelve senses

Once we are able to pierce the veil of separation and the frequency fence and begin to return to our own soul evolutionary path, we will develop new senses; our forgotten senses.

These are our sense of proportion and scale; our sense of time and space; our sense of cognitive interpretation; our sense of being One with all things; our sense of self-responsibility and self-sovereignty.

I will elucidate on these in future posts.

Many have already begun to develop many of these new senses but may not be aware of them and how these are powerful universal creative forces. They are exciting and invigorating.

Tomorrow I will tell you where these new sense are leading us to.

Forgive me for not posting yesterday, but I was a bit overcome by an unusual bout of melancholy and sadness and grief that was totally irrational because I really had had nothing happen directly to me to make me sad or cause me grief, so I just occupied that feeling and let it wash over me, rather than trying to rationalize it. I just gave myself permission to feel those feelings and to explore them.

To some extent it may have been caused by the three mass killings in Las Vegas, New York and last night, Texas, but I am far removed from them territorially, but I nevertheless feel we are all connected to each other energetically, so it will affect our collective consciousness.

While I am saddened by the loss of those dear people to their families, friends, and associates, I am aware that their souls are well protected and taken care of.

What really saddens me is that the masses are unaware that this loss of lives is a deliberate attack on human consciousness by the evil satanic forces here in their efforts to keep us afraid and confused.

Even in our religious rituals here of “celebrating mass”, that is the celebration of death; the death of Jesus Christ that is nevertheless a “celebration of death”, and it happens every Sunday (Sun=the solar god), it is celebrated by the masses, at a ritual they call “celebrating mass” or “mass death”.

Even when it is called “the breaking of bread”, it still has connotations of the same meaning. Who are bred? The masses, so the breaking of bread is a celebration of the” breaking” of the masses.

The satanic teachings here have “got us” at every turn, and fill us with false hope in false gods, and beliefs that separate us.

Go figure.

I will continue my posts about what “freedom from Satanic restraint” might look and feel like soon.

Once we are freed from the restraint of satanic control, the 12 senses that are given to angelic beings will be awakened and when they are, it may come as a bit of a shock to us. As Bob Dylan expressed in his song Mr Tambourine Man, “my senses have been stripped, my toes too numb to step.” We will emerge from the “numbing” of the soul.

We have 5 senses connected to 5 organs of our organic bodies that we are aware of. Sight to the eyes; hearing to the ears; taste through the mouth; touch through the skin; and smell through the nose. These senses are not organic senses only, although medical science hasn’t figured this out yet, because they attribute these senses to the organic mechanisms of our physiology, and cannot restore them inorganically, whereas they can be restored when damaged by understanding frequencies and waves of light and sound, but they can’t do that because they only attribute the ability of these senses to organic and physiological phenomena. They have much to learn.

We have 7 other senses that are not directly attached to the physiological organic organs in our bodies and they work collectively but each is seated in one or other of our body organs.

They are; our sense of intuition; our sense of proportion and scale; our sense of time and space; our sense of cognitive interpretation and intelligence; our sense of being One with all things; and our sense of self- responsibility and self-sovereignty; and our sense of cleanliness. You might want to take a note of this.

  • Our intuition is centered on the stomach, where the “gut feeling” comes from.
  • Our sense of proportion and scale is centered in our limbs; our legs and toes and arms; hands and fingers. As babes we first get this by their movement to grab and hold things. They give a sense of the space between things.
  • Our sense of time comes from the movements in our bodies that flow through and express time and space through their movement. If we sit inert for long periods of time we lose the sense of space and time, like in meditation.
  • Our sense of cognitive interpretation and intelligence comes from our heads. Have you ever heard the expression, “I lost my head” when someone becomes irrational.
  • Our sense of oneness comes from our hearts that is the greatest generator of electrical current in our bodies, and the energetic center of the energy we produce here.
  • Our sense of self-responsibility and self-sovereignty; comes from the area of our shoulders and lungs.
  • Our sense of cleanliness comes from our kidneys, bladder and panchreas.

Each of these areas of the body are important in self-diagnosis and healing of, not only our physiology, but also our energy bodies, our souls.

I will explain further later.

More on the Twelve Senses

I sometimes take for granted all the gifts of knowledge that have been given to me and have decided I should pass them on to you.

So I will begin a series of posts about the 12 senses; what they are; what their purpose is, and how they are meant to work together.

When I first learnt of them I asked the obvious question, “What is the purpose of the 12 senses?” and I was told that their purpose was to sense our way and to navigate our way through the multi-dimensional reality fields, and to find our way to where next we wish to station our consciousness to gain the experiences we wish to have in order to refine and evolve our souls.

I was assured that the universe is actually a very friendly, informative and helpful environment that is designed to assist us in our journey. It just doesn’t work very well that way here because our pathways have been blocked, and we have limited information, and there is no real assistance.

The senses are based on a universal design where;

sight (cognitive observation of color, form and movement –the eyes);

hearing (the ability to feel the vibration of other matter forms – the ears);

taste (the ability to differentiate the embryonic resonance of matter so we don’t poison ourselves – the mouth and tongue);

touch (the ability to experience and discern temperature, texture, and firmness and structural strength – our skin and other exposed extremities, like teeth ;

smell (our ability to sense what we cannot see, hear, taste or touch the gives indications of with who and what we share our space with – our nose);

intuition (our ability to see and feel what is not seen as manifest expressions and is hidden from us – our stomach);

proportion and scale (our sense of size and scalability – our limbs and digits);

time and space (our inner clocks and our ability to organize ourselves in a prescient way – our movements);

cognitive interpretation and intelligence (our sense of what we are experiencing and trying to make sense of that – our heads);

being One with all things (our sense of association and being undivided and connected – The heart);

self-responsibility and self-sovereignty (the sense that we are responsible for all we think, feel and do that gives us a unique soul identity and the importance that has in the lattice of creation – the lungs that provide the energy and the shoulders that carry the weight);

cleanliness and tidiness (our ability to sense our place and co-responsibility for creating order to perfect the growth of all – our kidneys, bladder and area around the genitalia).

These senses are universal but developed to a greater or lesser extent by evolving souls and beings, where we all have greater or lesser development of these senses for ourselves.

Unfortunately humans have been indoctrinated into a “survival of the fittest” instinct. This is anathema to the universe. All survive, all flourish, all are equipped and imbued with the senses they need to traverse through the universe. Humans have just got it all wrong.

There is no greater or lesser sense. They are all meant to work together to co-operate together, assist together, and co-create together.

I hope this makes “sense” to you.

How the hologram works

I have a deep compassion for the human state and what I observe is people who have no idea that they are at war, they don’t know who their enemy is and they don’t understand the terrain on which this battle is being waged, so they are largely “punching in the dark.”

Many have woken up to the war that is going on for the hearts and minds of humans, and they may know who the enemy is but they don’t really understand the terrain on which this battle is being fought. That is a recipe for disaster.

The terrain on which this battlefield is being fought is the hologram.

You know I always welcome questions but there was one question I was dreading answering, and that is, “What are holograms and how do they work?”

Well, somebody asked me that question, so I figured that the dreaded day had come.

There is no easy answer because very few people have even considered that question, and fewer still have even heard of the word, “hologram”.

Very few have any “frame of reference” to the very thing they experience their reality in every day.

So I am going to attempt to make it simple. I am. Who would be so foolish to try to attempt that?

So I am going to try to build a frame of reference so that we might understand. So stay tuned and I will attempt to explain it.

How the hologram works

As I begin to release deeper insight into the construct of reality, and how it is formed, and into the construct of the soul and the physical body and their inter-connection, I get more friend requests, so I guess, some of you are awakening to all this. So I am going to let you in on a little secret that science is beginning to understand but doesn’t know about yet, and to help you understand this, I am going to give you an analogy, one that was given to me a long time ago, by aiazmir, to help me understand this. I am feeling a bit reluctant (nervous), but hey, I guess I will just put it out there for those who want to understand.
Imagine that you go to a movie, and you choose a seat at the centre of the cinema, so you are seated at the central spot between the screen and the projector. This is the seat of consciousness, and of the reality fields, and you are the centre.
Now from a holographic perspective, the “movie house” in which you are seated is called a merkabah. The fallen ones don’t want you to discover this, and I will tell you why later. A merkabak, is two triangles of equal size, inverted on each other, and they counter rotate. The action of them counter-rotating creates a push – pull effect on the surrounding waves of energy around them, both drawing them into the merkabah, and emitting them. This attracting and emitting action of energy waves into the centre of observation, allows for the flow of energy atound the conscious being.
In more natural, ideal energy environments, there is a polarity or “north – south”, magnetic, alignment of all merkabahs, and their is an ideal spin speed of the counter-rotating equilibrium triangles, at a ration of 66 and 2/3rds, and 22 and 1/3rd (male = electric energy to former, and female = magnetic the latter, other words they are reverse. Male merkabahs have a stronger “pulling’ energy, and females a stronger “emitting” energy) . Well this is pretty much the construct of the “movie house” in which consciousness observes its reality, or is supposed to observe and experience its reality.
Now here is the rub. Every conscious manifest being, right to the sub-atomic level has a merkabah. The merkabah is the “theatre” in which consciousness experiences its reality, and there are many layers to this.
What I have desribed is on a 2 dimensional level. Now imagine a 4 – sided pyramid, counter-rotating on itself, in this way. In the centre of these 2 counter-rotating pyramids. There is a vortex that is created, and at its core a central vertical energy, more about this later.
What I have described is merely the “theatre”. Now imagine that in this “theatre” there is the projectionist, the actors, the screenwriters, the producers, the director, the cast, the editor, the director of sound, the location managers, and literally hundreds, if not thousands of people involved in producing this movie, and in the perfect hologram, all of these people are you, or bits realted to you.
Well, this isn’t how it works on this planet. Our merkabahs have been hijacked. Our theatre of understanding, and experiencing of our own movie has been hijacked. This was done energetically, about 26,000 years ago. Through a combination of creating a catastrophic event, our merkabahs were “tilted” out of alignment with the rest of the universe. This was done by bringing a projectile into earth’s atmosphere that was meant to serve as a 2nd moon here, but it tilted Mother Earth off it’s natural magnetic and rotational alignment, that meant that all the merkabahs on earth were “tilted” right down to the particle spin of atoms, molecules and cells. Human consciousness was shattered through this experience. This is described in the bible as the Tower of Babel, where humans lost their ability to telepath and had a “confusion” of languages, and were no longer to recognize each other.
Over the last 26, 000 years the fallen angelics have been able to hijack the consciousness of mankind. They also introduced another aspect that I will tell you about later, that gave them control of the consciousness of humans.
The first experience that consciousness is supposed to experience and participate in, is the hologram, the illusion of reality, the dream. However, since the hijacking of our consciousness here, we have had a “fed” reality, a “movie”, not of our own making, but one that has been purposely “fed” to us through the media, and of course through movies. That is why movies are so popular. People are dreaming within the dream.
There is of course, a remedy for humans, and that is by tilting your energetic alignment back to source and getting the spin speed of your merkabah’s back to the natural divine ratio. This is easier said than done.
It requires 2 things. Firstly, an understanding and acceptance, of how this works, and secondly, by using your intention to re-align and re-calibrate your merkabah spin speed. This is just the start. This is why I, and hundreds of thousands of others, have been doing for the last 8 years as a gridkeepers.
This is just the beginning of a long understanding of how holograms, the theatre of reality, works.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I am only hoping that once you know how it works, you might find it simpler to deal with. We are many, but they are few, and we can do this together, if we exercise our imaginations, intelligence, and intentions.

More on the Hologram and How it Works

The simplest hologram we all experience is a movie, or TV but both of those are 2 dimensional (but they involve movement – very important), except for 3D movies that use a simple trick to change our depth perception in our eyes, so we have to wear 3D glasses, one seeing red and the other blue.

We also have developed primitive abilities to create holograms of personalities and politicians doing their shows or speeches, and people marvel at the impersonations of what they are experiencing every day; experiencing life in a hologram because they don’t know that, or what it is and how it is produced, and the really sad thing is they have no idea about any of it, and the part they play, as energetic soul beings and that they are having a holographic experience.

I am not going to dismiss this question as inconsequential and unimportant, because it is of great consequence and importance, so I will give it my best shot.

I am not going to tell you what it is, yet. Instead I am going to tell a story of how it came to be; both into the earth realm of conscious awareness and the universe.

If you enjoy a roller coaster ride, a hall of mirrors, and falling over your own feet, so follow me. I’m not the Pied Piper.

The Holographic Reality Field

I’m going to start the explanation of a hologram by building blocks of understanding one block at a time.

Humans may understand a hologram as a technology, which it is, but I understand it in a much wider context. It is a part of a reality field where souls manifest in physical form and experience their reality among other soul beings who are all similarly on their own soul evolutionary journey.

All manifest beings are forms of energy whether visible or invisible that I describe as souls, and those forms of energy are evolving into higher states of consciousness together in a co-creative way, all expressing their creative nature along this journey to become the source of the “first cause energy” (more about this later).

So the first thing to understand is that energy can translate and transmute itself into manifest form when observed by its conscious awareness of self. It does this by being waves of light and sound with a certain rhythm that defines its frequency (the period it takes for the wave to replicate itself).

Conscious observation of these wave forms expresses them as manifest particle forms, as demonstrated by the “split hole experiment”, so all of manifestation is both a wave and a particle form, so even though we all experience ourselves as physical, manifest beings, we translate and transmute ourselves into a physical, manifest forms by the process of being self-aware and observation in a hologram.

Conscious observation of the waves makes them consciously observable as particles and physical manifest form, while they are waves of sound and light. So observation of the wave form transmutes them into particle form.

Waves and Particles

How do waves become particles? Here is the shortened description but for those not scientifically minded, is not essential to understand. It is just a process.

All sound and light waves come from somewhere and are going somewhere. When they intersect this creates wave diffusion, like when you drop two pebbles into a pond. Where the waves intersect they interrupt the pathways of the interacting waves and when these intersecting waves are of equal energy (in harmony) they stop flowing with the rest of the waves and are stopped and stilled, so parts of themselves begin to interact with each other, and begin to circle and spiral around each other creating a vortex of individuate potential energy, and this potential energy creates individuated expressions of the carrier waves that swirl around each other creating a standing scalar wave (or morphogenetic field, we call a quark).

When the opposite polarities of light (electric) and sound (magnetic) waves begin to rotate around each other they begin to morph and condense themselves into concentrated forms of electric (electrons) and magnetic (protons) and they rotate around a neutral field (neutrons). The protons rotate around the center (neutrons) while the electrons rotate around the edges.

This process causes the existence of atoms, the first building blocks of reality.

These atoms begin to bond together with the other atoms swimming around them and create molecules (a group of atoms bonded together, representing the smallest fundamental unit of a chemical compound that can take part in a chemical reaction).

At the molecular level something happens that is miraculous, and mainstream, earth science has not yet fully understood or recognized this. In order to evolve into natural form the universal encoding and template of the “first cause energy” inducts and encodes the molecule with a universal template form we call DNA, that carries universal intelligence and natural order. This template and encoding exists throughout the universe and that is not just the stars and planets we see around us. That is not the universe. That is a hologram that I am explaining about.

Once molecules are infused with their encoding they begin to separate into identifiable forms, we call cells, and viola, we have manifest, physical reality, us. In our physical form we are cells but in our hearts we are souls (energized waves of light and sound).

I do not mean to diminish or undermine earth science and its complex structures or explanations (and Latin derived names) but their focus on understanding earth matters from the physical, outside in, is misled.

Within each soul being there is the universal template and encoding. Without it, there would be total chaos here. I wish that scientists would turn their attention away from examining their microscopes and begin to turn those microscopes inward to where microscopes cannot penetrate and that is into their own hearts where matter doesn’t matter, but what does matter is their own reality around them and their own evolution of their own souls, and their observation of it,

How Waves Transmute to Matter

You may have been distracted by my explanation of how wave forms create matter when I am explaining the nature of holograms so I will revert to explaining how holograms are formed but it is necessary to understand how, in the universe, wave forms are translated and transmuted into matter because there are so many other delicious components to understand.

At this stage, I should explain that light and sound have memory and carry information. We know that they carry information because we use this information all the time, like our cell and mobile phones, our TV’s, our smart phones and our computers. Information is carried on microwaves from phone to phone.

I have explained that waves come from somewhere and they are going somewhere. Where they come from is their source and where they are going to is back to source, like us. They are toroidal in nature, in that they spiral outward and return back to their source.

The Holographic Universe

The “first cause” light and sound come from higher dimensional sources that have to be “stepped down” in frequency in order to create the holograms in all lower dimensions in all universal fields of reality. In other words the speed at which the light and sound is travelling has to be “slowed” or stepped down in universal sequences in order to create the various 3 dimensional domains of reality; liquid light, etheric, semi- etheric and solid matter.

It does so by traversing the universe and passing through a prism (that is pyramid shaped), of energy, that deflects and reflects the light and sound waves and begins to reduce the speed and frequency of the light and sound that creates a parallel reality field.

The parallel reality field then reflects that light and sound back to the prism and passes through the prism to its opposite station that then reflects the light and sound back to an upside down prism that reflects the light and sound into the next reality field, the liquid light fields.

The two upside down pyramids rotate and spin in opposite directions causing a toroidal field, and is the way creation works; a self-energizing and spiraling vortex of energy. This provides the dynamics for sustaining all life forms; a push-pull effect of opposite polarities that creates the energy for sustaining life. I’ve posted about the speed differential of the rotating pyramids before and will elucidate more in the future, as it has relevance to how the archons managed to separate us from the rest of the universal energy fields.

This may give some clues about the significance of the pyramids and the “Star of David” that is also called the merkabah.

This process is repeated through each dimensional reality system and in between each dimensional reality system there is what is called the “void, a vacuum field of nothing, a zero point energy that mediates between dimensional reality fields but carries the sound and light waves to the next dimensional reality field.

The reason I am getting into this technical detail is that you can begin to think about it and create an image of it in your mind.

One of the ways the archons captured our consciousness here is by reversing the spin of one of the pyramids in our reality system, creating a same spin that had a compacting effecting of the flow of energy that separated us from the flow of universal consciousness.

We can reverse that but it depends on how deep down the “rabbit hole” you want to go.


Let me tell you what I have been doing since October 2006 when I agreed to become a gridkeeper and soul warrior, and leave all my earthly goods behind, except what I could carry with me, and listen to my own soul.

I had been well trained and prepared on a soul level for this journey into the unknown by my mentors and teachers who gave me a new understanding of this reality experience I was having. I had to lose my mind in order to gain it back again, the “dark night of the soul”.

I had to lose all attachment to earthly matters and things, teachings, so-called knowledge, beliefs, worldly systems, the lust of the flesh, the greed for consumption, the jealousy over the things I could not control, the covetousness for what belonged to others, the envy of those who had more than me, the desire for self engrandisement and ambition. I had to prepare for the battle of the soul beings here, not just human, but all, and I knew that this battle would not be a physical battle, but an energy one.

This battle isn’t against flesh and blood. It is a battle for our wills, our values, our attitudes, our thoughts and how we direct them, and our emotions and how we wisely choose them.

I had been prepared well by my mentors and teachers and so I set out on this journey of the soul, but I had to learn how to be in this world but not of it. I had to learn how to be in the company of evil dark forces and not be intimidated or afraid of them. I had to open my third eye, my intuition, and learn to trust that, and see beyond what is presented as normal. I had to learn to see that the things around me were all energy and various expressions of the soul, and they were on the same soul journey that I was on and we all belonged in the unity of the cosmos and universes.

I had learnt that the greatest defense and weapon of attack, was the oneness of the universe, and I could only be one with that if I was true to myself and my soul being, and to be in integrity with my soul being, and express that in love, compassion, forgiveness, and appreciation.

That is the only way we can defeat the reptilians and their lies, and their evil system . Oneness with love and understanding.

We are all beacons; transmitters and receivers of light (thought) and sound waves (emotions), and we can only honestly be one with all in the universe when we act in integrity with who we are, and not what we possess, and take personal responsibility for that.

What you can do to help yourself through ascension

I am not through posting about the mechanics of ascension. There is still much to learn, for those who want this information. It is of no use if you have no understanding of the process and I have given enough information about the process and the mechanics for us all to understand the mechanics and the process but there is more to come.

Now, I will start providing you with the tools you need to navigate through this process.

The whole process and mechanics of ascension is about how energy works in the universe and being able to navigate through it.

We have the wherewithal to navigate through the universe but have never learnt to use it properly. Instead, we have allowed our soul being to be captured into a temporal reality designed to ensnare us. We are eternal beings and we can choose where and how we wish to spend this eternal state; either reincarnating our souls in the temporal reality created by demonic beings, or escaping it and regaining our position and status in a welcoming and loving universe.

The only way to engage with this information is by understanding our own invisible, but ever present thoughts and emotions, and learning to command them as navigating instruments. If we don’t command our own thoughts and emotions we are like a rudderless ship wandering around this planet and being commanded by others. We have to take back control and command of our thoughts and emotions. This is not easy because we are so thoroughly brainwashed here,

The starting point for me was to gain an understanding that “I am”. I puzzled over this for many years. What does this mean?

In the end I concluded through many interrogations of what this meant and had gotten to understand the universe as the expression of the One Soul.

“I am an eternal soul being within the expression of the greater One Soul. I have a right to be that expressions of the greater One Soul, and I choose to know that that means and I choose to be a part of the greater One Soul”

That was the greatest discovery I ever made. I could choose to opt out of this stupid temporal system, and I did, and that opened my mind and emotions to the discovery of the All-that-is, the greater One Soul.

I am the captain of this vessel I journey in, and I have taken responsibility for that, and to take responsibility for that, like all ship’s captains, I must know where my destination is, I must equip myself to get there, I must navigate my vessel through various waters, some still and some treacherous, and I have to command my vessel and crew, but the most important thing is to leave a seemingly “safe and comfortable port” and DO IT. That is where most of us flounder. We will not make the commitment to do it. Instead we flounder in the waters of complacency and mediocrity, afraid of the journey into the unknown.

So, how so we do it?

The vessel we command is not our physical bodies; it is our soul bodies, made of the energies of electric thoughts and magnetic emotions. Those are the oars we need to navigate our way and which we must command.

If we give over our thoughts and emotions to reactions to circumstances we lose control of our vessel, our souls, so by commanding them and not reacting to circumstances we remain in control of our vessel. Think of it as a journey of the soul navigating our way back home. Where the heart is, there is home.

The opposite of reactions is not non-action. The opposite to reactions is responding with love, kindness and all her sub-harmonics and recognizing that we are all souls who just want to go back home.

The soul body is a field of electromagnetic energy, populated by our thoughts and emotions. That is who we really are, and so are all the magnificent other manifest beings in our earth experience. We are all a part of the One Soul. We have just forgotten that and how it works.

Commanding our thoughts and emotions is a tough task and in order to do that requires us to “abandon ship” from the course we are following if it is not directing and navigating our soul vessel.

The physical world here is an illusion and fills our minds with thoughts and ideas and pre-conditioned thoughts, values and emotions, and “appropriate pre-conditioned” reactions to situations so we feel vindicated in our reactions that sometimes conflict with our genuine thoughts and emotions that fills us with remorse.

We have to take back command of that, and the only way to do that is to realize that there are controllers here who only wish “appropriate responses” that they designed.

Many of you know this already but I had to say this for others who may be uninformed. I am trying to help us all navigate out of this morass.


Most of the thoughts we have are pre-conditioned and designed to make us followers. We are largely a bunch of automatons following the dictates of others. These thought dictates and patterns are designed to enslave and control us.

Energetically, what this means is our thoughts are ring-fenced. We are unable to “think out of the box” so we limit ourselves.

Similarly, our emotions are ring-fenced, and held captive by “appropriateness”.

Knowing how to get out of the demonic system requires knowing how it works.

Whose thoughts and feelings are you processing, yours or others. Do you know how you think and which thoughts are your own? Do you know how you feel and which feelings are your own?

It takes a brave soul to have original thoughts and ideas, and recognize their own feelings, and to decide on which side of the fence they sit. Pre-conditioned or original.

We cannot defend the rights of others if we can’t defend our own rights but worse still if we do not know what our rights are.

In the universe, this is very clear. We are an eternal expression of all-that-is, the One soul, we have a right to be and we have a right to express that however we choose but the universe will moderate that with “karma”, that is taking responsibility for that expression if it does not benefit all in the One Soul. There are no individuals in the universe but just individuated expressions of the One Soul.

So what is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the last gasp stance of the fallen ones to avert their eventual demise of their control systems here.

This is a purposeful intent of the fallen ones to create another layer of deceit where we become entrapped in their ability to program us without revealing truth.

We have already become entrapped by their technology with smart phones, apps, and mobile technologies.

Now they want to replace our work efforts with robots and our need for gadgets with smart 3D printers and create a layer of dependence on technology that are pre-programmed toward their control system.

We are in a race to see who will win this battle. Natural intuition or their race to introduce artificial intelligence.

Go take a walk and look at nature. It is all programmed toward interdependence. Artificial intelligence is programmed toward dependence. That is the difference. Artificial intelligence cannot mimic nature and the natural order.

So we have a choice. Natural order or artificial order and AI will not work here because too many of us are awake.