Energy Fields & Leylines


The Real Earth 
What if I was to tell you that the earth is not a planet and that it is in fact one of many “heavens” in the dimensional plains, that has been taken over by fallen angels?
What if I was to tell you that earth is not a globe, or even flat but is a toroid of energy?
What if I was to tell you that the earth does not rotate, but spirals?
What if I told you that there are no other planets and stars, and that they are just created by our consciousness?
What if I told you that your physicality is a construct, a cleverly constructed illusion, and that what you really are is a conscious being called a soul on a journey through a multi-dimensional plain?
What if I told you that the education and indoctrination you received actually formed and informed your perceptions and told you what to believe is real?
What if I told you that this perception of reality is a falsely constructed delusion to capture your consciousness in a world view that is different from the way the universe actually works?
What if I was just kidding you and all of this is just nonsense, but what if it wasn’t? Would you open your mind to alternative possibilities?
Let’s look at this planet and get a glimpse of how stupidly insane this system is here.

The Earth’s Leylines 

I was struck by a thought a few minutes ago, and I thought I should offer it to you. I don’t know why this obvious piece of information should have escaped me, so I do apologize. I have been a gridkeeper for 11 years, so I have learnt a lot about gridkeeping, so I thought, maybe that is what I would like to tell you about, gridkeeping. If there is something I do know about it is gridkeeping. I was taught this be aiazmir. You see, he taught me that gridkeeping is about keeping your own soul construct intact and co-resonant with the universal grids. This internal gridkeeping is amplified and “broadcast” into the universal grids, and thus produces the co-resonance for a unified and coherence between the self and the universe.

Some people imagine that gridkeeping has solely to do with the earth’s electro-magnetic grids and ley lines. This is true, but it is only when you have coherence between your internal electro-magnetic grids, and the universal grids, that you become freed from the stagnation and incoherence of the current earth problems. There are some remarkable benefits. One of them is health. I have not been ill since 2003, when I volunteered for this. I am not saying that everyone who volunteers for gridkeeping will not experience ill-health. I don’t know why, but it is just so. Another benefit is synchronicity. Some people call it coincidence. Synchronicity occurs because of the co-resonance between ones soul body and the universal grids that cause an external experience that is both surprising and exciting. So, if you would want to learn about gridkeeping, I’ll be doing some posts on this, and maybe we can get a discussion group together, and “play” with this concept.

Before you volunteer for this I should give you the warning that aiazmir gave me. You will never be the same again, so if you have pre-conceptions and wish to hold onto those, do not pay any further attention to this, and keep on living the life you know, and follow your own path. You see, gridkeeping doesn’t turn your world upside down, it turns your world the right side up, but it also turns it “outside in”. It requires the mastery of your own internal grids. Some call this mastery of self, but often these words mean the “mastery of ego”. This is not what is required. Ego is the identification of self with the external world. The self is the identity of the inner man or woman, with its true essence, that is intermingled with all things. A gridkeeper must know who and what they are. The ego identity is lost to the soul identity, the true self; the “who you really are”.

Gridkeeping requires attitudes and responsibilities. It requires losing old knowledge and gaining new knowledge. It requires the understanding of the construct of the physical reality, and also the construct of the soul reality. It requires an understanding of the dimensional nature of reality fields and how these relate to each other. The soul identity can only be gained by some knowledge of the soul history of this planet, and other planets, and their relationship to our souls. Gridkeeping for me was an easy path, because I had the guidance and tutelage of aiazmir, who is a part of my own soul history, and gave me soul identity. So maybe, my offering you this information, might assist you in your soul journey. I was once was blind but now I see, and hopefully this might assist you along your own journey.

There was also a very, very difficult and traumatic part of the journey of transformation. I had to go through what some describe as the “dark night of the soul” that I discovered was actually the “dark night of the ego”. It was that journey that one must traverse and transcend from the ego self to the true self. For me, at the time, this was not a happy experience. I was distraught, confused, thought I was going insane. I was disoriented, I was not readily able to distinguish reality from fiction, and fought it with every excuse I could find. It was filled with turmoil and sadness, and I was not a very nice person to be around, at the time. I did many despicable things, as I clung to my “old me” (the ego), and transformed to the “new me” (the true self).

Once I had let go of the ego, and it took a long time, about 3 years, I then had to “unpack” my true self. I had to let go of my ego identity, and had no idea who I really was. This was the most difficult part for me, but with the compassionate companionship and tutelage of aiazmir, I survived it. I guess, it is a bit like transforming from a cocoon to a butterfly, or being born again, but with a different birth process. The compassion and companionship of a great soul can make a big difference to the journey and the outcome. This was the only difficult and traumatic part of the journey for me, but having survived it, I am glad I made the transition.

Over time, I began to recognize myself, and observed my thoughts, feelings and actions, and saw that at the heart of me, there was someone there who I had no cognition or remembrance of. Stripped of my ego, there was somebody else there that I had to grow and recognize. That was the first step in my gridkeeping. Taking responsibility for my thoughts, words and actions, and finding out who I really was, inside of me. I will tell you more about how this correlates to the universal grids, and how it works.

The entire system here (that bears no resemblance to how the universe actually works) is designed to keep humans from finding out who they truly are and keeping them enslaved. When you are born, an imprint of your feet is made so your “sole” is symbolically captured and imprinted. Then your parents unknowingly register your birth, and you are “given” a name, an identity, that has nothing to do with who you really are, and once so enslaved and misidentified, you are “entered” into the ego system. I guess you know the rest of the drill, but the point I am trying to make, is that the soul identity is “lost at sea, with the breaking of the waters, and the berthing of the manifest cargo”; your ego self.

So, to release yourself from this obligation to the ego self, you must be “reborn” into your true identity and this can be as traumatic as being physically born. It is being reborn, the “dark night of the ego”, when you shed the vestiges of being identified with the identity that was given to you, and begin to be self-identified, that you emerge as your true self. From my experience, this is not an easy process, even though I had the best guidance and fore-knowledge. I had to do it for, and by, myself.

Just so you know.

How energy works in the universe

I would like to let you in on a little secret on the way energy and the universe works.

When I was young in my apprenticeship with aiazmir, and asking lots of questions, because we both knew that unless I received satisfactory answers, I was not in for, or up for, this. At the time it was just too demanding. I knew my life would change irrevocably if what he was telling me was true, and I kept saying, “Show me” as I am quite visual. We reached stages where we would not communicate for weeks on end, as what I was asking was too demanding of him, as I was a bit reckless and not knowing my own vulnerabilities and how I could damage my own universal energy template (at the time I didn’t know that such a thing existed). I stayed the course over the last 12 years and I am glad I did.

I had been on many “journeys” with him, in dream state, and occasionally while awake, and one day he pops up in my consciousness, and I recognize his resonant frequency, and he says, “I would like to teach you something, but you have to be very open minded.” I was, and am, very open minded so I said, “Okay go ahead.”

He says, “I would like to take you on a journey through the universe.” And I say, “Wow that would be awesome.”

So I agree and we do the techniques and visualizations that he taught me, and soon I am travelling through star and planetary systems. I had done this before so I felt comfortable doing this again as I had suffered no loss.

I see shooting stars, planets, and we are travelling at a high velocity, and there are electric storms going on around us, and after a while, I ask him. “Where are we?” and I hear a giggle, then a guffaw, then a burst of laughter. At the time, I did not appreciate this, and was quite annoyed by it. He said, “Well you wanted me to show you didn’t you” and I said, “Yes, but please tell me where I am.”

He said, “We are inside your body, and I want to show you that what is inside you is as great and is a universe of its own, and is as great as the star system you observe outside of you. The macrocosm is just a reflection of the microcosm. That which is inside you is as great as what you observe outside of you.”

At the time I was very confused about this and didn’t understand what he meant, but over time I have come to understand this wisdom.

Please understand this. The macrocosm is just a reflection (like a mirror) of the microcosm within us, and that the microcosm is your ‘domain” and you are “in charge” of your microcosm.

I hope you get this, but if you have questions, please ask.

How our Thoughts and Emotions Work Energetically

I would like to let you “in” on another secret, and that is the role that values play in our experiences here.

The experiences we have here are like a pianist playing a piano. Each note that is struck sends out a resonance into the universe, and this resonance is generated by a hammer striking a string, that resonates through the woodwork of the piano, and goes off into the universe.

Similarly, we are like piano’s, but the “hammer” hits two different strings at the same time. One is our thoughts and the other is our emotions. We are the pianist playing our thoughts and emotions, and what results can either be pleasant or unpleasant, a cacophony or a symphony.

However, the key thing in any musical instrument is to have an instrument tuned that is, having the “strings” in coherence and co-resonance with each other. It is the same with our thoughts and emotions. Lack of coherence leads to noise or incoherence.

We are finely tuned instruments in the coherence and co-resonance of our experiences. We are the “piano man” and in order be attuned to the universal “symphony” we should aspire to higher values. This takes some effort from the “piano man.”

In order to be attuned you have to have something that you attune your thoughts and emotions to in order to be in coherence and co-resonance with them. That is where values come in.

To give you an example, the highest value is love. Love is both a thought and an emotion. You cannot feel love and think otherwise, as this will create incoherence. Likewise, you cannot think love and feel otherwise, as this creates the same incoherence.

However when we align our thoughts and emotions, together with our values and bring them together into alignment, we co-resonate with ourselves, as well as the universal energies. We send out a clear coherent and resonant energetic signal that is always responded to by the universe.

The universe tends to disregard incoherence and disresonance and has designed a process for dealing with that. It is called a black hole.

There is another thing that we should be aware of. We may think and feel love, but if we do not “do” love, we are not giving expression to what we think and feel, and we become like black holes, or energy vampires.

So beware of those that profess love light and cluelessness. If they cannot do love, then the notes they play on the inner piano will be lost in the vacuum of space and find a home in a black hole somewhere in the universe.

When we are aligned, both mentally and emotionally, and expressing the values we aspire to, we align ourselves with universal energy, and they will return to you that which you are expressing, and aspire to.

The universe is not fooled, but it is “foregiving” as we learn to play our inner instrument called the soul. Attune it well. Practice and play, and one day we will master it together, and we can produce an orchestra of co-harmony that will create the symphony of souls that we are.

How the Energy Exchange System Works

I would like to explain the energy exchange system in the universe and how to use it for you benefit. This explanation is outside of the boundaries of what has been happening on earth and relates purely to the way energy works in the universe. Though we may be trapped in an energy quagmire here, I thought it may be beneficial to explain how it works.

I am sure you are all familiar with the term, “so above, so below”. This does not explain the exchange of energy, but at least will make some conscious that there are two parts to the energy exchange.

When we think, feel and act, there is an immediate and instant response from the universal energy fields and grids that provides “more of” what we think, feel and act. The universe is a kind and generous, and an expanding field of energy, so It is always creating “more of” what it encounters. It continuously replicates itself through a divine template of energy. We may act outside of the divine template, but the divine template is “cast in stone”, and will always deliver “more of” what we think, feel and act.

The circuitry is a little like this, although the human mind cannot conceive of instantaneous and immediate reaction to our thoughts, feelings and acts, this is how it works. What we think, are electrical (light) pathways to the universe. What we feel are, similarly, magnetic (sound) pathways to the universe, and what we act is an expression of what we think and feel, and this has a holographic outcome called conscious experience of manifestation, a reality field. In fact, it is the way the universe expresses itself.

So what we think, feel and act (that is an expression of those two) is given “more of” by the universe and the universe allows for all expressions of itself, of which we are all and everything, an expression of this system, within the bounds of our soul evolution.

In a sense, we are all transmitters, transmitting to the universe what we think and feel, and how that is given expression, and the universe gives us more of what we think and feel. We are also receivers of the back flow from the universe. So whatever we are thinking, feeling and doing is reciprocated by the universal energy fields. That is how it works, and within that construct we can choose our own manifest reality, by choice.

Exchanging thoughts, feelings and actions with the universe will always deliver “more of” what you are thinking, feeling and doing, as that is the nature of the universe, and how it works.

On this planet, and at this time, it is important to understand this. We have to take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions, because if we don’t, we will experience more of the “fed” reality that keeps us enslaved here.

We are in a reality field, where our thoughts, feelings and actions are controlled by religion, indoctrination, culture, laws, regulations, governments, peers, media, language, symbols, beliefs, perceptions, education and relationships (family, friends, lovers, spouses etc).

There is only one thing we can control and that is who we are, the “I am”. The “I am” determines our thoughts, feelings and actions. Where has our imagination gone? The “I am” is who we are and what the universe is, an expression of everything, and it is willing to provide “more of” what we choose. So choose wisely.

I hope this helps.

The Harmonic Bandwidths that Create Reality Fields

As we draw closer to this pivotal time in our history, I thought I should perhaps do some revision (re-vision) of the stuff I have been telling you about dimensions over the years, and how it works. I will be as brief as possible, but it may be worth remembering.

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