The Construct of the Soul

The Construct of the soul


The soul is an expression. That is the first thing you should understand. It has many layers, but if you can understand that “you the soul” is an expression of something. The purpose of the soul is to express with joy, dance and in any other ways.
Everything that has “form and expression” is a soul. This may come as a shock or surprise to you, but once you understand the bigger picture you will see, how it all fits together like a beautiful puzzle. Microcosmic forms, minerals, vegetables, animals, humans and elementals, are all expressions of the One thing and are soul expressions.
This expression emerges from the nature of energy or consciousness. It emerges from something that is called “the light and sound fields”, magnetic and electric energies that comprise the center of our galaxy and the universe, and it is important that you understand your connection to this, as it creates a binding connection between you and your eternal nature.
The energies of light (electric) and sound (magnetic) are the basis of the formulation of all expression. These two energies, that have properties that I will describe later, are the basic energies of quanta, the smallest known particles of energy. You may be wondering, what their link is to the soul?
You might think of them as the fabric on which the soul form emerges. They are the fabric wrapped around the “universal template of physical matter”. It is something like the dressmakers “doll” that the dressmaker uses to make sure a dress fits. The material is the light and sound.
The “universal template of physical matter” is designed to give expression to light and sound, the primal sources of energy, and it is designed in this way.
The energies of light (electric) and sound (magnetic) are unable to give expression without the union of the two, into neutrality. This is how most everything works, even all the appliances and electrical devices that you own. This is the trinity of expression. Electric and magnetic fields combining to create energy.
So, I have given you some information about the “fabric” of the soul, and it is quite simple really. Electric and magnetic energies that combine to give expression to the outward expression.
Now we move on to the “universal template of physical matter”. This is quite tricky to understand, but hopefully, I may be able to describe it, so it all “fits together” in the end. It is also the template of the soul. This information has been hidden from humanity for eons. There is a long history to this. It was given to the Knights Templar to protect, but they got hijacked, and so the Freemason’s hold of this information, and have been manipulating humanity ever since. It is so secretive that if humans began to understand this, they would be freed from the grip of the “rulers of this world”.
There is a universal template on which souls evolve and matter is formed. It works in this universe and other universes as well. It is a dimensional system and based on the trinity of energy; electric, magnetic and neutrality. It is a 15 dimensional structure, and consists of 5 harmonic “bandwidths”. Every soul form, including you, has this template. It works on the macro level and the micro level, and every level in between. This is universal, and important to understand, so you may be able to know how you fit in, and how you may be able to navigate the universes.
Each harmonic bandwidth, is based on the frequencies of light and sound, within that bandwidth. The bandwidth is a little bit like your radio’s. If you are able to tune into a particular bandwidth you might miraculously find yourself hearing someone talk who is not next to you. If you move to another bandwidth there might just be static. It is tuning into the bandwidth of light and sound that your televisions are based upon.
The bandwidth is the limitation within which you experientially are able to create the fabric of your experience here. Once you have the “bigger picture” you will understand more fully.
So now you might be totally confused. How does this information relate to me, physically? Well we will get there, but of primal importance is this. Quanta, that are electric and magnetic particle forms, are wave forms when not observed, but are particle form when observed. In other words, your conscious observation converts the wave forms into particle forms. I hope you get this. It is the most important key to open the door to your soul.

I should perhaps interject my comments about the soul, so you may get some understanding of what I am trying to tell you (20/7/2014). At this moment in time we have two brutal conflicts going on, on this planet; one in Israel / Palestine and the other in the Ukraine. People (physical forms) are dying, but souls are not dying. This is a holographic insert to get you to obey the masters. If you are attached to the physical form and have no understanding of the soul form, they have got you. Those people that have died have souls, and their soul will continue, because the soul is inviolate and indestructible. It is just the movie that your soul is observing, but if you are not aware that you are the observer of the event, it will entrap you and will continue to imprison your soul. That is why you should know the nature of the soul, the fabric of who you are.

Light and sound traverses the universe and enter the universal template of matter in the foetal state in your mother’s womb. This is when the individuated consciousness becomes aware of itself. This creates the body of expression of the soul, the emotions of expression of the soul and the mind of expression of the soul, creating a unified body of expression of the soul. In other words, the physical body becomes the carrier of the electric and magnetic waves, and gives expression through a unified body of existence. These two energies, electric and magnetic waves, are the expression of emotion and mind respectively. On this planet, the DNA has been engineered so that magnetic (emotional energy) is more dominant in the female, and electric (mind energy) more dominant in the male. These three form the gestalt (an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts) of soul.
The soul body has 15 chakra’s. 7 on body chakra’s and 8 off body chakra’s. Many people are aware of the 7 on body chakra’s, but are not aware of the 8 off body chakra’s. I will deal with where they are on, and around, the body at a later time. The purpose of the chakra’s is to carry magnetic, electric and neutral energy around the soul body, and to keep it unified in form.

The power of these soul energy fields is all around us, but should be treated with reverend respect, because they emerge from the unified field of energy. We are not the source of these energies that are called “prana” and “chi” in the east, we are simply the carriers of these energies that are also called, “life force”. They flow and flux all around us, entering and exiting, the many energy points, all over the body, and are carried through our bodies, in meridian lines. Acupuncture uses these meridians to bring healing (balance) to our bodies. If we would study them we could keep ourselves well, and also heal our bodies when we are unwell.

The power of emotions, of mind and actions and speech has been lost here. Humans are observing a reality that has been “projected” into their reality field that I will describe to you later. If you lose your awareness of your soul, your reality is projected via holographic insertions, whereas the soul should be the projector of your reality. All the crime, wars and horrors here are projected into your soul consciousness to ensure that you are a slave to the system here. Most have even forgotten that they are “soul beings”. It is time for humanity to collectively wake up, realize who and what they are, and take back their power. When you “die” you will be shown a portal of white light, where other beings known to you will be standing, smiling at you. Walk, or preferably run, away in the opposite direction, because that is how your soul is being re-cycled here. Humans have a great opportunity to change this planet from a prison planet to a free planet. There are no saviors out there. You are it, and you can use the attributes of your soul to do that, so if you are paying attention, I will tell you more. The technology the annunaki are using is Blank Slate Technology (BeaST). They are overriding your soul construct and energy, with their own version of it. Please realize this and take responsibility for your emotions, thoughts and actions. Know thyself, and the amazing power that is within you.
Did you know that in a 24 hour period, the human body generates the equivalent electrical energy to provide the electricity for a city the size of New York. These ET entities are harvesting our energy for their own purposes and we are giving it to them for free, by our ignorance.
I urge you to think and emote about this information, and to decide whether you wish to be your soul being, or whether you wish your soul being to be misrepresented by the external reality that is being “presented” to you. It is time to take back your power, and control. You are part and parcel of a greater universe, and I hope you will participate.
Instead of being prime creators of our reality, we are observing it, and therefore bringing into conscious expression that which we neither agree with, nor give assent to, but we seem to be powerless the change it. The reason is we do not know about, or understand, the power of the soul, so pay attention. “Life just happens, while you are making other plans”. Well I say, I neither give assent to, nor do I give cognizance to the reality that I am experiencing, so I will change it. We can through the power of the soul, the energies of light and sound that emerge from the field of unified consciousness, that are connected to the very source of our consciousness.
Let me give you an example here, and hopefully this may create a bridge of understanding. If you go to your TV and flick a button or press a remote control switch, so that you begin to see a picture on your TV screens, and if it is not the picture, or channel you want to watch, you move to a different channel. It may be set to the channel you want to watch so you watch it. That is the nature of observation, but do you know and understand what you are doing? It is an unconscious response to the impulses within you to try to connect to some reality that can give you identity. The lack of human soul identity is what you are all suffering from. That is why you seek it from something external to you, whereas, it is contained within you, if you face it.

What is the mind, emotions and expression of the soul

It took me a while to see and understand this, so I hope you do too.
Many I have talked to about this immediately, associate mind with the human mind, and emotions with human emotions. This is not so. Mind and emotions of the soul are expression of one thing, irrespective of what you call it. Maybe god, source, divine intelligence, the prime creator, etc. For the purposes of this post I will call it, god.
To understand this you should understand that everything in manifest expression is a soul, and has a soul construct based on the universal template of manifestation. Souls also evolve, from the microcosm to the macrocosm, and then back again. Minerals, vegetables, animals, birds and humans all have a soul template. The earth is a soul being, as are all planets. The sun is a soul being, as are all the stars. The galaxy is a soul being, as is the universe. The entire universe is replicated in our physiology, through the fractal nature of the universe. The microcosm mirrors the macrocosm and vice versa, but I digress.
So what is the mind of the soul? Simplistically, it is the mind of god, and you see it all around in nature, the solar system, the galaxy, the universe and the multi verses. Nature provides a good example of this, as it has its own eco system. It continually expresses the creative mind of god. In nature, you have birth, replenishment and death; a cycle of the divine continually expressing the mind of god. Be mindful of this and be of one mind with the mind of god. See it, feel it, touch it, taste it and hear it, and then know it, and express it. You do not have to go to any special place, or event or have any special abilities, you just have to be continually aware of it. That which is made by man is the mind of man. That, which is created by god, is the mind of god.
What are the emotions of the soul? Again, it is all around you. When the sun rises and it beams its warmth on you, you may have a feeling of well-being. When the rain falls after a period of drought you may feel relieved, or grateful. When you smell a rose in your garden, you may feel joy. As much as you feel these things in nature, so does nature feel these things. The birds awaken in the morning to the sun, and express their well-being with happy chirping. When the rain falls on the soil and plants, they express their relief and gratitude, by growing again, flowering and providing their fruit for other beings. When a bee smells the rose and collects its pollen, it expresses its joy by providing honey for its hive. All around we have these expressions of emotion that we can learn from.
The mind of god, and the emotions of god are all around us. It is the way of creativity and mutuality, and this is how it is expressed. In order for the soul to evolve, and grow, it must learn to express itself in unison with all other soul beings. It must achieve mastery over the physical external expression.
If one observes the mind of man, one can only conclude that this mind is distorted and in many cases, quite insane. The same may go for human emotions that are either so entrenched in the ego, or buried under the concerns for survival. There are also many humans who have entered and recognize, the pathway of the soul. Again see it, feel it, touch it, taste it and hear it, and then know it, and express it.
Man was not created for separation. Separation is something that is controlled here by the archons, the various ET groups. They voluntarily stopped their evolution, and although they have advanced intellects, they are emotional dwarfs. Their soul templates have been shattered. They are immortal beings, most humans are eternal beings. I say most, because there are some who have sold their souls to the archons. The sad thing for me as the archons could continue on their evolutionary path if they agreed, but they choose not to, so they will destroy this planet and all the soul beings on it.
Aiazmir, told me a long time ago, that they only way out of this prison planet was through a process of soul integration, and re-unification of the soul beings who choose it, to become one with the mind and emotions of god.
I have explained this in very simply terms, and must add that there is a lot more to understanding this, but if you can grasp the import of what I am telling you, you will understand the rest. The energetics of this are precise, but I have used terms that you may be familiar with so that you might begin to understand it.
In a sense, there is just One soul, but with many individuated expressions, that create the marvelous diversity we are able to see, feel, touch, taste, and hear, and then know it.
From my soul to yours, I love you.

The Non-polarized Soul

I have something very important to tell you, that unless you can grasp this concept, you will probably not understand your soul nature and who you really are. I found it very difficult to grasp too, so I don’t expect an immediate grasping by any of you, and it may take many years of thinking, emoting and acting to “get it”.
The soul is a non polarized and undifferentiated state of thought and emotion, a non attached state of clear observation, and in that state, it is able to interact with the non polarized and undifferentiated universal wave fields, that is what most of the universe consists of.
Perhaps I should explain what non polarized and undifferentiated states mean, and the context of this.
Firstly you should understand that you have a manifest, physical body and it operates, in a manifest, physical world, and I am sure that you are quite aware of this. Secondly, you should understand that you are also a soul body, and the soul body emerges from the universal light and sound fields. Both the physical body and the soul body are constructs, or energy expressions of the other, that emerges from the laws of the universe.
In our current physical reality we experience a polarized and differentiated reality. We have opposing views and see this polarity as differences (and sometimes opposition), so we emphasize these differences. It is us choosing to see reality in this way.
In the current manifest, physical reality that we experience, this leads to a lot of polarity and differences, and these polarities and differences, are being manipulated to create polarity and differences, so as to further the agenda of beings who feed off of our energies; the immortal beings, who have rebelled against the laws of the universe, and need to feed off of other energy beings, like you and me, but also off the minerals, vegetables and animals here. They don’t want you to find out about this ancient knowledge.
They keep most ignorant of the nature of who we are, and the nature and construct of the soul, so that it plays no part in our conscious choices. How much have you ever learnt about the nature and construct of your soul in school? Probably nothing. That is ignorance. This information is being deliberately being withheld from you, so you are ignorant of its existence. Yet many of our great scientists allude to this (David Bohm, a protégé of Einstein said, “We live in a god soup”), but they also have to make a living, so they produce technologies that can be commercialised, and make a “living” off the “dying”, and they don’t explicitly, say that human consciousness is far greater than humankind can perceive.
This information will probably have you feeling uncomfortable, or perhaps “frothing at the mouth”. I don’t know.
So why is a non polarized and undifferentiated state of soul important? Well, you should understand that you are firstly a soul body. Your conscious expression, first emerged as a soul. The soul body emerges from the universal light and sound fields, in order to give expression of the universal sound and light fields, the laws of the universe, which is that all are emerge from the One, but with individuated expression, of the life force, the soul, that emerges from the One Soul.
Before you are born, and as a foetus, the life force of soul enters the body, and gives life to it. This is true of all living manifest beings, including microorganisms, mineral, vegetable, animals, humans, the earth, the planets, the stars and the galaxies and universes. You are firstly a soul being connected to all that is in the cosmos. I will tell you more later if you are interested.
What does polarization do from an energetic point of view? When polarization occurs, it creates ranges of expression, of the opposite energies, of light and sound, magnetic and electric, female and male, energies, and this reality field, and this creates the diversity of expression among humans.
What humans have been prevented from understanding is that they are soul beings, and that they are connected to all the other soul expressions that they experience daily.
So, one the one hand you have humans experiencing a manifest, physical reality, but who are disconnected from their souls, whereas the universe is a construct that all living forms are souls having a manifest, physical experience. Do you see the difference?
Humans are being denied their experience of their soul, in exchange for a manufactured, “made for you” and artificial reality, separated from the universal law of One.

Soft Focus

There are many ways to connect to soul, but the best is to soft focus your senses, go within and observe in a detached way. Do not assign value, judgement or lables to the experience, of what you might “see” in your minds eye, sit patiently and wait to the mind and emotions to calm down, and listen to the sound tones within you, and within your head. This will, with practice, create awareness within, that you are not alone. Do this often and you will begin to feel the resonances of the soul mind and emotions. Sometimes, I am not aware that when in this state that I am receiving information, and it is only afterwards when I am engaging with the hologram, that this information pours out of my head. I will explain the mechanics of this later.

Ask the questions that activate the answer already in you

When aiazmir first came into my conscious awareness, I asked many questions. When he didn’t answer a question, I knew I would have to either re-phrase the question, or to think about it more carefully, and then ask again, because, he would say things like, “You already know the answer, so why are you asking me this question?”, or, “If you really want to know the answer, you will have to re-phrase your question because the question you asked bears no resemblance to the answer you are seeking, so ask an accurate question that seeks the answer you really seek, and I will give you the accurate answer.” He knew me so well.
So one day, in my early days of awakening, I asked him, “How did you get here, if you came from SiriusB?” As was often the case he guffawed and laughed and said, “I came in my Merc?”, then flew off in a gale of laughter. I later came to understand that he was not laughing at me, but he was laughing at himself, because he was seeing himself, as me. He once explained to me, that the reconciliation of duality, came through laughing at oneself, and to not take oneself too seriously.
Anyway, over time I repeated my question, about how he got here, and he repeated his answer, that he used his Merc. I knew he was joking, and just left it there, then one day, he said to me, “Today I am going to tell you about how I got here. I feel you are ready to receive this information, so I will tell you.”
Then he told me his “Merc” was a merkabah. It is very detailed so I will just give you introduction into it, and I feel you should know about it, as it is a very important component of the construct of the soul. It is not going to resonate with all of you, but I feel that many of you will be able to understand, and resonate with this information, but some may not, but I think all will give it some thought, whether to ridicule, or to marvel. Aiazmir was a master of holographics and often showed me, a holographic ball so I could “see” the dynamics in “real” time. I am afraid I don’t have this gift so I will ask you to use your imaginations.

The image that I have posted is a representation of what I am going to tell you. Remember it is just a representation of what I am going to tell you, but I will describe the dynamics and mechanics, as well. As this moment of telling you, there is something or someone trying to choke my throat chakra, so that you do not receive this information, but I am able to deal with that. It is just my obstinate self.
So you want to know about the construct of the soul? This may surprise you and change your reality forever? Do you really want to know?
This is lost information to humanity, except a few. You may notice that the 2 pyramids, in the illustration, look similar to the star of David, the symbol of Israel. Truth has often been hidden from humanity, by displaying the plain truth “under your noses” so it is given a different meaning. There are many beings that do not want you to know this, so here it is.
When aiazmir said he used his merkabah to get here I was “all ears”. I wanted to know about the merkabah, but he first told me many stories, and tested my patience, so I am going to test yours as well, because the full knowledge of this is not easily understood, but I will try to be as non technical as I can.
I will tell you what the merkabah is, what it does, and what its function is, and how you can re-set your merkabah to function the way it was intended, but at the same time I am quivering inside so as not to give you false information, or information you may not understand.
In the illustration I gave of two inverted pyramids around a body, that is the first thing you should know, but you should know the dynamics and mechanics as well. The two inverted pyramids are meant to counter rotate around the life form, and in the instance of human forms, around the body. In the illustration, which is a 2D representation, it is quite close to the body. This is not so in reality. The merkabah is a dynamic, self-adjusting construct and can extend from 60 meters around the body to many kilometers around the body, depending on the consciousness of the pilot, and the purpose and intent of the situation. It is adjusted to the circumstance.
The purpose of counter rotation is simply to be in co-resonance with the way energy flows in the universe. Time and space are not straight-lined, they are both themselves vortices within the holographic spectrum. By counter rotating, as they spin, they are able to draw and project energy, upward, downwards, and in all directions, but the main purpose is to draw and project energy.
Now we come to the hub, as far as human energy works. Once aiazmir explained the merkabah to me, I asked him why I couldn’t use this technology as well. He scratched his head, he learnt this from me (he was a great mimic), and circled around a few times, looked at me and then looked away, then pondered some more, then asked me a question, the first time he ever asked me a question. He asked me, “What would happen to you, if your merkabah was not counter rotating, but was spinning in the same direction?” I was nonplussed. I could not answer the question. I didn’t have a clue. So I slept on it.
Some days later, we confronted each other, and I complained that it was not fair to ask me such a question, as I didn’t have an answer, as I had no understanding at the time of what this meant, so he told me he could not tell me until I understood, but didn’t explain what it was that I did not understand.
So we had a kind of “stand off” for a many days while I researched and tried to understand the nature of vortex energy, and what counter rotation meant, but eventually “the penny” dropped, and I told him that if two vortices, like tornadoes, were in same spin, but would be inverted on each other, they would “cancel” out each other’s’ vortices, and they would lose their energy. His head dropped at angle as if to say, “You are pretty smart to have figured that out.” I felt pretty proud of myself. Then he asked me, “What if they were spinning in counter rotation, but at a speed that was not sustainable to the universal energies around them?” This was my turn to laugh, and say, “You can’t be serious to ask me such a stupid question. They would be unsustainable.” I felt pretty good to have come up with an answer so quickly.
Then he asked me the question, “Do you want to know?” in a way that I knew he was going to answer my question, and that I would answer his. At this point, I guess, my relationship with aiazmir began to grow rapidly. This was about 10 years ago. Why I am telling you this is, so you might begin to perhaps understand your relationship with your higher selves, and the nature of taking responsibility for who you are.
Aiazmir explained that the counter-rotating rotating vortices, were the way the universe transfers energy, information, sets up balance, stays in balance, and becomes the “theatre” in which manifest, conscious beings express and experience themselves. (more about this later).

Aiazmir, one day, told me that I had a same spin merkabah. At the time, I was horrified because I knew what that meant, and could not accept it. There was nothing wrong with my ability to see and experience my reality, and to interact cogently with beings around me. I had many questions which he answered, but I went through a great period of denial. I could not accept that the reality I was experiencing would amount to nothing, in his understanding. Again we had a “stand off” but this time for many months. He would not be present and I would not be present in this time. I was a stubborn person, and in denial, and I guess, he just observed me going through my own denial and awaiting my transformation.
A same spin merkabah results in an unresolved and unreconciled state of duality. I found this difficult to accept, because my external worldly experience was just great, “no interjections required,” but somehow, I was wounded by the arrow of truth, so I relented, so I pitched up one day, and on my bed standing defiantly, I asked, “So tell me great one (sarcastically), what will happen if my merkabah, counter rotates?”
After a while, a still small voice of aiazmir said, “Then you will be able to draw and project energy, but you have much to learn.”
As usual, at the time, I was exasperated by the interjection into my experience, but decided to take up this challenge, so I asked, “How do I change the “same spin” into a counter rotating spin?” I had a long period of silence.
Then, one day, in the shower (he often talked to me in a shower or a bath because I would not be distracted), aiazmir said, “Imagine the water from your shower spinning around you, and another showerhead below you spinning in the opposite direction.” I said, “Yeah. That would be a great feeling,” and he said, “Well, it is time to have that experience.”
As I was toweling myself down, I intuitively began to spin my body, and aiazmir’s laugh came through. “OK,” he said, “I will tell you.”
“The merkabah spins at a ratio of 1:3. 33 1/3 at the top, and 11 2/3 at the bottom. For the male gender on your planet, the top spin is clockwise around your body, for the females it is counter clockwise. These are spins per “billionths of a nanosecond”.
So I asked aiazmir, “How do I get my merkabahs spinning in this way? How do I help this process? I have no idea what you are talking about really. I am just an ordinary man, having an extraordinary experience, so what do I do?”
He said, “Firstly, you should be aware, and I have given you that awareness. Secondly, you should know that everything in your hologram will change once you enter into this “arena”. Thirdly, once you choose this, there is no “turning back” as this will be detrimental to your evolutionary experience, so be circumspect in choice. Fourthly, the reality you are currently experiencing is not in accordance with the laws of One, the laws of the universe, so you should learn of the law of One. Fifthly, you have to be equipped. You cannot enter the arena unknowingly and without full knowledge of how it works. And lastly, you should understand that you are an expression of all that is. All soul beings are interconnected, and you are just one of them. Can you accept that?”

So I agreed to enter this transition. I had to look at all the questions, and answer them myself, but having done so, and I hope you have done so too, or you will have no idea what I am talking about, so, this is how the merkabah works.
The top spin of the merkabah is different for males and females and those in between. It is matter of choice. It is not the manifest being that chooses, but the soul being, and this is important from an energetic perspective. It is a choice that I can’t describe here.
For the magnetic, female energy, the merkabah’s top spin is counter clockwise, and I will explain later. For the male, the top spin is clockwise. For the bottom part of the merkabah it is counter rotational, it spins, or is meant to spin, in the opposite direction (at a ratio of 3:1).
Flowing though the centre of the merkabah, there is a rotating vortex, that draws energy from the ether (the sun – above) and mother earth (below). This he called, the central vertical energy, and it has a particular function. It magnetically sets up the direction of rotational spin, and the spin speed of all matter in the physiological body.
This is the almost the same technology that is used in flying saucers; counter rotating discs that neutralize gravity, and a spinning central core that produces and feeds electromagnetic fields.

I was taught that the direction and speed of the merkabah’s can be adjusted through visualization, intention, and spinning my body. So I practiced this, and as I was intending a clockwise rotation of the top merkabah, I would spin my body in a clockwise direction (left hand towards right hand), and imagine my merkabah spinning at 33 1/3 rotations per billionth of a nano second. Then I would do the bottom merkabah, spinning it (and my body) in a counter-clockwise spin, and imagine my merkabah spinning at 11 2/3 rotations per billionth of a nano second. I would also chant whatever I was sensing in my energy fields. As I said you have to use your imagination, and that your neighbors aren’t watching as they will think you’ve gone bonkers.
Anyway, I had no idea what progress I was making, then one morning, about 3 weeks later, on my way to work I felt a buzzing noise in my head, and it sounded like a giant motor beginning to start; slowly at first, then the pitch started to grow faster and then went silent, and I felt a little dizzy, so I squatted for minute so as not to fall over. When I stood up, everything seemed different, but it all looked the same, sort of, but I knew straight away, that I was different. I had a great sense of peace around me, and sense of goodness and love permeating my energy fields.
After that experience my spiritual and scientific knowledge just escalated exponentially. I told some close and trusted friends about what was happening to me and they laughed and teased me, so I just kept it to myself. They knew me at that time as a “sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll” kinda guy. So it did seem rather incredulous then.
Aiazmir said that what I had experienced was the activation of my merkabah fields. That was the good news then he told me the bad news.

While it was a wonderful feeling knowing that my merkabah was spinning in the right direction and at the right speed, aiazmir explained that the earth’s magnetic fields are wobbling, because the earths rotational spin, and its magnetic spin are out of alignment. This would mean that I would not have the full abilities of the merkabah, but would still be able to draw the central vertical energies from above and below. He encouraged me to keep practicing, as this would drive the energy generating capacity of my energy fields. He explained that the action of the two counter rotating “pyramids” created a torus effect between the plateaus of the upper and lower “pyramids”.

The effect of the counter rotating “pyramids”, and at different speeds gives the auric field, an egg shape, with many layers of counter rotating spirals within them, that I will tell you about later. When I said in earlier posts there is much to learn about the soul. It is not an amorphic thing but a dynamic energy generator, that gives the soul body great abilities, that I am still learning about, especially self-healing abilities, not only my physiology, but also miasms in my energy fields.

So there you have it; the basics, and I hope to tell you more later. I hope I haven’t bored you to tears.

The Holographic Universe

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