Soul Families


Soul Families

Who are these beings that I refer to as our “soul famlies” that are assisting us here to ascend and defeat the reptilians at this time?
This may be difficult to understand so I will try to put it as simply and plainly as I can.
Members of our soul families don’t always exist in the same reality field and dimensions that we do. They are also not necessarily part of our genetic family, although we usually have some soul connection with our genetic family.
You see, everything in the universe is connected through a tapestry of inter-connectedness.
And it all starts with “first cause” energy, and to understand this whole picture we have to suspend our understanding of time and space. We construct the idea of time and space, by observation of it because we are conscious soul beings and observers of our own reality, and to make any sense of it we create linear time and space.
All space is in the same space and all time is at the same time. They are just inventions and constructs for souls to have a “god experience” in a reality field.
First cause energy is caused by the light and sound waves that traverse the universe. They are not physical or visible. When they cross over each other, they create a visible spark, and this spark creates consciousness, i.e. conscious awareness of self. This spark is created by the quantum particles that exist by design in the sound (magnetic) and light (electric) waves,and in this process consciousness is born with potential for experiencing reality.
When quantum particles meet they are initially attracted to each other but the energy that attracts them creates another “spark” and they separate, but that initial spark gives birth to another pair of electric and magnetic quanta who do the same thing, and soon you have a “family” of little sparks.
This process is happening continuously in the universe, but when those sparks create more of themselves they create a potential soul being.
These little sparks of energy then begin the process of attraction and repelling, and begin to swirl and create a morphogentic field of energy called quarks here that create atoms that create molecules that create cells, and thus appears a manifest conscious being with a soul.
The soul energy that inhabits that conscious body is related to all those other little bright sparks of energy in the universe, because first cause energy creates many aspects and many connections within itself, and some of those other aspects become manifest conscious beings in other forms and in other dimensions.
Our soul family are those energy connections in our shared experience of conscious reality, albeit in different forms in different reality fields, and in different dimensions.

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These are the basics of how we are “soul” connected, but if we really want to understand the why, what and how of it you will have to wait until tomorrow for the next post.
I have posted about how the interconnectedness of all things work, and how our soul families may differ in form and shape, and may be in other reality systems and dimensions.
I explained how quanta form, quarks, atoms, molecules and cells, that form the manifest physical body. The shape of our bodies and all manifest physical things are based on the memory stored in our genetic DNA. We also have soul DNA (it is called “junk DNA” here) that stores our incarnational memory.
So if you use your imagination to see the enormous amount of infrastructure and energy of quanta, quarks, atoms, molecules and cells that are simultaneously operating in our bodies, perhaps you can appreciate the enormous amount of energy that keeps our bodies alive. This energy field is part of our soul bodies, and the manifest, physical body is just an extensions of the soul body that extends outside the physical body in layers of energy that support the physical body.
We are therefore just fields of energy I call the soul, experiencing reality in a physical body, a “skin suit” if you like.
We are on a soul evolutionary journey through manifest reality refining our consciousness to imitate the nature of source.
We start off somewhere in the universe as elementals (earth wind and fire), then become amoeba where we serve other life forms by them feeding off us.
As we integrate our soul being with the ones’ who feed from us, we begin to elevate our consciousness, and when we re-incarnate we have a higher level of consciousness by serving others and integrating our souls with theirs, so we not only share our physical bodies, we also share our soul bodies as well
There is a universal design I call the universal template of matter that works the same everywhere in the universe, except when this template is deformed as it has been here.
The one’s who deformed the universal template here could not have done it unless they fully understood it so they are very advanced beings who have been through the many dimensions but now it is our time to understand it.
When we were first cause light and sound, some of our sparks separated, they held the same memory of origin as we do, and we went our separate ways.
This happens through all the structures of matter from the elementals and amoeba to when we become humanoids.
At this level, we partner with another humanoid, and procreate, and that first partner becomes our twin soul on this gestalt of matter. In the process of procreation, we also exchange soul codes. These are codes in our soul bodies that act like DNA in our physical bodies, except on a soul level.
When we die, our soul twin may choose a different path in the next incarnation, and so we may separate from them.
In the meantime, we have spawned off-spring who carry our combined DNA, memory of our genetic blueprint as well as our soul imprint, so we have spawned a soul family.
When we, our soul twin and I, in our next incarnation partner with another and procreate, we procreate with a soul mate, and so our soul family is extended, because we share common codes and common DNA.
When our off-spring procreate this extended family is called a societal group, and as this continues, we form soul communities, soul nations and soul People’s, and all of this may be happening across different dimensions and in different reality fields.
We are a soul family because of the shared soul codes and DNA, in the process of soul evolution and a return to source.
The terms of the soul evolution are that we should return as an integrated soul with all those incarnational bits of ourselves intact, and it is usually soul beings in the 9th to 12th dimension that take this more seriously, and they are the one’s helping us because they cannot enter the 13th dimension unitegrated with all their bits of consciousness intact.
That is why they are helping us. There has been a threat of nuclear war here, and nuclear energy devastates and breaks down atomic structures and destroys DNA and distorts soul codes, so they want to get us out of this thoroughly corrupted system so that we and they can continue on our soul journeys, intact.SOUL FAMILY PROTOCOLS

Our higher dimensional soul family follows certain protocols.
Firstly, they understand the nature and fragility of the universal template and the rules of operation of the template, and they must not interfere with our soul templates, or they will not only harm us, they will harm themselves because we share the same soul codes.
Secondly, there is a deep respect in the universe for the unique expression and soul construct of every soul being, as each expression and construct is unique in the universe. The universe is diverse because that was the intention behind the universal soul template. That uniqueness of expression and construct is our soul identity. (no NAMES, identity cards, passports required) We are known by our unique harmonic resonance that uniquely defines our history, purpose and character.
Thirdly, they understand and respect the sovereign rights of every soul being to not be harmed, or to cause them loss, or to impede their freedoms in any way.
With these protocols, they cannot directly intervene unless they take full responsibility for the outcome, and this they will not do easily.
Of course, they do want to assist us and ensure that we don’t come to any harm, or suffer any loss, or have our freedoms impaired, and that is why this is going to be a long process. The reptilian illuminati are continuously trying and tempting them to interfere directly, but they are using other energetic means by raising the frequencies of the planet. This has the effect of raising conscious awareness and “leaking” through information to the soul being. Their strategy is to assist us save ourselves, and I think its working.

My Soul Awakening

During my own awakening, I was not just being given philosophical ideas, I was also being shown how energy works in the universe, and also shown what and how the universe works, and the universal creation template that works in all creation, in all universes, multiverses and omni verses.
This presented many personal problems for me because all of this information was new to me, and I would have to take some time to absorb and assimilate it all. To be honest, I was afraid because this knowledge presented many challenges in trying to understand it all, and I felt I was not really capable, or even willing to engage with it. I knew also that if I embraced it, I would never be the same person again.
I sometimes asked, “Why me?” and was given the answer, “This information is being given to everyone, and those that embrace it will do so, and those that don’t, won’t. You have no special attributes to hear this information. All of humanity will have this knowing. Some will embrace it and engage their minds, feelings and actions, while many won’t. It is up to you to decide for yourself.”
I wrestled with all this new information I had been given and felt like being between a rock and a hard place. It was during this time that I went through what many describe as the “dark night of the soul”. It nearly drove me to insanity and nothing from my past and present made any sense to me.
My moment of enlightenment came when I engaged with the idea that I was not a ‘flesh and blood” person who has a soul, but I was a “soul person” having a flesh and blood experience. It was explained to me that, as a conscious being, my soul is woven into the universal tapestry of all things, and that I was connected through the universal wave fields, to all things, and that navigating my way through the experiences I was having, was for one purpose and that is the evolution of my soul through the soul evolutionary process.
In a sense that is what re-birth is; when we are born into the nature of our soul family and disavow our earthly attachments but this requires this equilibrium; that the body and soul are the same thing, and the soul is the observer and the body is the actor. The one requires the other for fulfillment for their soul contract.
The one is the conscious awareness and the other is the way that that conscious awareness chooses what the conscious awareness will experience.
So I slowly began to engage with this notion, and it has led me through many synchronous experiences and to inner peace and fulfillment with many axioms and ironies. It is not an easy journey but one our souls must go through to break through to our true soul selves and re-union with our soul families.

Decrypting the God Codes

“There is only one thing in this world that matters right now. Sometimes is it only the people who have imagination, and can do what others can’t imagine, that matters,” Alan Thurling, 1939, who really invented the computer in breaking the Nazi encryption codes during WW II during the project “Enigma”.
After the war he was arrested and found guilty of indecency because of an act of homosexuality with a young boy, and committed suicide in 1954.
He was a master cryptographer and was able to break the Nazi codes with 159 million possible solutions. No mean feat.
In a sense, we have to understand that we live in a universe encrypted with a “god code”, and it is only our imagination, and doing what we imagine, that can lead to the breaking of this code.
The secret to decrypting the god code is to, firstly, know that everything is one thing, and we are all a part of it. Once you can accept that, then the second thing to understand is that these codes project a movie, a hologram that we are see and experience as our reality.
These codes come from the codes that we hold in our aura’s, our energy bodies. They are precise geometric forms that we can’t see, but we can experience them as thought and emotions.
In the center of this, is who we are, what we think, what we feel and what we do.