Attitudes of Mastery

There is a common cliché here that attitude determines altitude; in the hierarchy of the dimensional system in the universe this is very true.
Unfortunately perceptions create reality here, and the only thing that will change perceptions is attitude.
For instance, there may be a perceptions here that persist and forms a “duality reality”, based on race gender, language, culture, traditions, race and color, religion or creed. These are prevalent all over this planet. All our perceptions are divisive and defy the laws of the universe. I will not mention them all, as it will fill several pages, but just think about it.
The only thing that will change perceptions are right attitudes. We may have a perception of someone or something that colors our view of our observations.
If we, for instance if we have an attitude of inclusiveness, non-judgment, detached engagement and a view that allows for the expressions of all beings as being equal with each other without discrimination and judgment, what a different place this world would be.
How does attitude change perception? I could describe this in energetics but it would make no sense to anyone but maybe I will for those whom really want to know. Just for fun to see who is awake.
Let’s just say that perceptions are taught and indoctrinated. Information is an energetic form. Words, whether written or spoken are energy forms and they enter the eye or ear gate of the senses. This information is then received or rejected by the co-resonance thereof with what we have already learnt, or otherwise. We gather information based on our experiences or what we are taught and learn. We seldom interrogate this information. This creates our perceptions.
Attitudes to the contrary are self-generated and they involve personal choice. Can you see the difference? Perceptions are created for us and outside of us, and attitudes are created within us by our own evaluation and judgment.
We can only change perceptions with the right and all inclusive attitudes.
Do we want to be victims of perceptions or do we want to create a system that harbors no grudge with perceptions but injects new attitudes that change perceptions.
By mastering attitudes we change perceptions. It just depends on our point of view, or our viewing point.
I will offer you some attitudes for you to consider mastering in the next post.
I said I would offer some information about attitudes that should be mastered to get the best benefit of raising one’s frequencies.
I should explain that raising one’s frequencies does not mean vibrating or oscillating at a high rate. It means raising one’s perceptual abilities to receive and transmit the higher frequencies that are already there but we have not been attuned to them. We already have the ability, but not the awareness or knowledge. They don’t teach you this in school.
It is an internal process of fixing our channels of perception. Waves flow through and each wave carries information so they work together with our physiology and our souls. The one helps lift the other, so as we change our attitudes, the waves lift them higher but we have to start the process of upliftment, and it is all about attitude.

Detached engagement The first and most important attitude to master is detached engagement. Detached engagement is a cognitive recognition that we are primarily souls. This is very important to understand, as the exterior world would have us believe that we are a doing bodies. We are not doing bodies, we are being souls. When souls reach their higher potential, doing becomes effortless, but if we are primarily doing, being becomes almost impossible.
It requires a conscious shift and is very difficult to master, as it goes to heart of everything; how we identify ourselves, what our purpose here is and what our values are.
We live in a complex world where control is mostly out of our hands. We can, however take control of ourselves and be responsible for our own thoughts, feelings and actions, and through that we become reality generators. So we become conscious observers of our own reality. We choose. We feel. We do. We create our own reality.
So we engage and do what we do that is best for ourselves and all.
Detachment is not so easy to master because we have been trained to attach to outcomes. We like the little gold stars, medals or payments we receive for our efforts. It’s a kind of carrot and stick system. If we succeed we get the carrot. If we fail, we get the stick. This, to me, is the height of stupidity because it measures achievement and creates success or failure. Huh? There is no success or failure. There is just the being and doing and why should one be measured against the other.
The universe simply doesn’t work that way. In the universe the responsible doing and the choice to do is the reward, not the outcome. In the universe if you come last in a race it matters not. You raced and that is all that matters.
In the universe, doing is not done for achievement. Doing is done because it assists the soul being to be creative, irrespective of the outcome. This is not a contest.
We be. We do and then express our gratitude for the doing and being, and then we detach from the outcomes. If we be and do responsibly we are not able to determine or control the outcome. It is in our effort to be and do that matters. The outcomes are neither controllable or anybody’s fault or achievment. Outcomes are just the expression of the being and doing.
We are so attached to outcomes here and it is all related to our external reality. We are used to the stick and carrot system here and it is very difficult to detach from it.
But it does not matter. If you be. You have a right to be. Your being gives my being meaning. If I was alone on this planet my life would not have the same meaning and we all give meaning to each other through being. Outcomes don’t matter. What matters is being and doing together.
This may sound a bit like a riddle, but detached engagement will challenge everything we believe in, or know. It is the reverse of everything we know here, but you can get your head around this you will open a gateway to higher frequencies. Attitude is the lens through which we focus our attention and consciousness that produces an energetic response from the universe. It is a response and a free will choice, and the way we interact with the waves of energy in the universe and invite those waves of energy into our own manifest reality. What this means can be expressed by the term that is commonly used here, “what you focus on manifests”.
It’s a little like going to the movies. Do you want to see a comedy, or a tragedy? Do you want to see a horror or a romance? Do you want to see a depiction of fantasy or reality? Do we want to create our own movie, or are we content with the movie others have created for us? We choose and create our own “movie” we want to “see” through our attitudes.
Attitude is a choice. One can choose to have attitudes that invite unintended consequences not of our choosing, or we can begin to explore the vast landscape of possibilities.
All the attitudes I have mentioned are not just words, and “good feel” literacy. They are energetic forms that create responses from the universe that is a “more of” universe. In other words, the universe returns to us “more of” what is in our thoughts and feelings, which when combined, create attitudes.
Let me plainly illustrate this to you.
For instance, if someone, justifiably or unjustifiably, criticizes you or someone you love, how do you focus your attention and consciousness?
You might think and feel, “You’re a fucking idiot and don’t know what you are talking about,” or you might focus your attention and consciousness in a different way. That is where the attitudes of mastery can assist you.
“I am not attached to your words or criticism (detached engagement). I respect your right of free expression and your right to have an opinion (acknowledgement and respect, and grace) but I am not attached to them. What is it particularly that made you form this opinion (curiosity)? We all make mistakes don’t we (Oneness)? I am grateful for bringing this to my attention. (gratitude). I am not offended by your criticism and welcome it (unoffended). I would like to give it more thought (Thoughtfulness and mindfulness). I hope you don’t mind (presence). I want you to know that this will make no difference to our friendship (love).”
I hope this illustrates how one can change the focus of attention (attitude) from being mindless, insensitive and downright rude and unloving, to implementing attitudes that will work for us and not against us.
Attitudes as energy forms will return to one far more than one can imagine. Having right attitudes can transform what we experience on a day-to day basis. It is all a matter of choice of what one chooses for oneself to experience.
I have sometimes had the response from some people who say, “But this is not me. I’m just not like that.” Is this true, or is it just a choice they are making about who they choose to be?
As I said. “Attitude is a choice.”
Free will beings take a hard look in the mirror of their thoughts, feelings and actions, and choose to have right attitudes that support them instead of bringing them down.

Here is the second, but probably the most important attitude to have and that is love.
I never really understood love as a concept here. It seemed to be mixed with so many other things like sex, and other concepts of maternal and paternal love, relationships etc. It was really confusing to me. We loved animals yet we ate them at the dinner table. We loved the sky but filled it with pollutants. We loved the sea, but we polluted it too. As a kid I was terribly confused and as an adult I just gave up trying to understand this.
When I learnt the energetics of it and how it works in the universe, it made a lot more sense, so I will tell you about what I learnt and you can draw your own conclusions. I still don’t really understand it but learning what it is and what it does has assisted my confused mind to get my head around it.
There is a primary force in the universe from which all creativity emerges. It is the first cause energy because it splits into two creating magnetic and electric energy, and from this first “split” conscious souls are derived. The “split” energies of electric and magnetic waves create opposite polarity particles from which manifest physical reality is created. This energy goes out and then returns to create “more of” itself, so we live in a “more of” universe.
It does this constantly and splits each time and begins to expand each time and creates more of itself. The purpose of this energy is to create more of itself.
As it does so, it creates sub-harmonics of itself, like in musical notes, or light spectra. Each sub-harmonic is an expression of the first cause. It is an eternal creative energy that creates all manifest forms.
We experience this energy force here and call it love. Love is the intention of this force but we should understand that it “splits” into sub-harmonics ranging from love all the way down to its opposite that is fear.
Now I am going to tell you something that is going to challenge all your perceptions. Love creates all things, even hate and fear. They are just sub-harmonics of the same energy that creates everything. This may seem unacceptable, but love also created free will choice so that conscious beings could choose their own “instrument” to play the tune that they choose.
In the end, love is a choice we can make. It is not something that happens to us. It does happen that we “feel I love” but we still have a choice.
This gets back to the first attitude I posted about. When we love without attachment to the outcome we are able to transcend “being in love” to being love. There is a major difference here.
When we love as being love without attaching to the outcomes, and love itself is the outcome, we begin to overcome our nihilistic understanding of what it is to love.
When we love without conditions, expectations or reasons we connect to the first cause energy of the universe, and it gives us “more of” what we think, feel and do.
Love should not be what we do. It should be who we are and if we love responsibly we can connect to the first cause energy and create our own symphony and expression of who we are.
The second attitude we should try to master is being love, not doing love.


The third attitude we should develop, and there is no hierarchy to attitudes as they all work together, is Oneness (or Sameness).
Again, this makes no sense philosophically or psychologically, so I can only really express it from an energetic viewpoint.
All of manifestation is an expressions of the One Thing. That is how the universe works. Everything and everyone is energetically connected; through the wave fields and I have told you what they are and how they work.
Humans suffer from a delusion that we are separated from god, each other and all the other living expressions around us. We see ourselves as individuals with our own opinions and identity. We create hierarchies in our minds that separate us from each other and we create Lords who laud over us, and we strive to be Lords who laud it over others. Humans create this centrist notion that we are the center of the universe and all things, and have a right to rape, pillage and destroy whatever we choose, because we are our own Lords. We enter and indulge in a system that makes some greater than others or some lesser than others. We all want to be the top dog.
This entire notion is from the pit of hell and we should be outraged by it, and because of our compliance to this stupidity we feel we have the right to kill our enemies, even though we created our enemies in the first place, because they are different from us, and we create these differences.
I have said it before and say it again. This is one pretty fucked up planet.
We can’t be responsible for what others say and do, we can only be responsible for what we say and do.
Holding the consciousness and attitude that everything is an expression of the One Thing, including ourselves, goes against the attitude of the majority of people on this planet so holding a consciousness and standing up for Oneness is a very courageous thing to do here.
I would not do it unless I knew differently and for my sins, I do know differently.
Being consciously aware that all things are an expression of the One Thing, and that they are all inter-connected is not easy, because that consciousness is not prevalent here. It won’t propagate and be prevalent unless we, the people, choose to express it.
How do we do it?
We do it by being consciously aware. For instance, I had an invasion of ants in my kitchen. Instead of buying an insect spray to kill them, I decided to buy a jar of honey and made a small incision in the lid and placed it near my window sill. For the next year there was a procession of ants in and out of the honey jar, and when it was emptied (it was literally cleaned out) the ants disappeared and have not returned, and if they do return they will be rewarded by a jar of syrup.
I enjoyed watching them as I washed my dishes and marveled at their fastidiousness.
Are we so different from each other?
How does Oneness work in the universe?
Oneness is not optional in the universe. It is arbitrary. In the universe it would be ludicrous to suggest otherwise, yet humans persist with the notion of separation. It is a denial of the evidence that they experience when they are not too busy playing god.
As I have said the higher frequencies are all around us. We just have to recognize and acknowledge them, and invite them in. We can’t do that if we have a consciousness that we are separate from All That Is, or that there are some greater or lesser than others.
An attitude of Oneness is the gateway to all knowing and all knowledge.


Curiosity, is an energy form, and is our universal interchange and communication system. When we experience life, our reality; through our senses, eyes, ears, nose, smell and touch; and there is no interchange through the pineal gland with the universe, the universe assumes that you don’t want information that it is quite willing and able to feed us.
Sometimes it is instant and sometimes there is a time lag, but the universe will always respond to the questions we ask, and these questions are formed and given by our interaction, through our senses, to the universe, energized by our thoughts and emotions.
Have you ever noticed the curiosity of children and the questions they ask? Adults by contrast lose their curiosity over time and stop asking questions. This is extremely damning to the soul.
It is a curious thing that in my interchanges with aiazmir, I asked many questions and he seldom answered them directly. He just smiled and sometimes laughed that made me feel a bit stupid in the beginning. You know, the way we sometimes make children feel when they ask questions.
However, the answer was always delivered in a synchronous way through other people or synchronous events, or through people I would come across on the internet, or through books I would read, so one day I remarked to him, “I know why you don’t answer my questions. It is because I am the answer to my own question. I just have to go find it. Is that not so?” His response was, “You are only limited by the lack of questioning. The answers will always eventuate, but you have to keep asking questions. Sometimes you will not recognize the answers, but don’t stop asking questions. One question will lead to another question, and each question will be answered as long as you keep asking questions. When you stop asking questions, the answers will evade you. The universe will reveal the answers that lie within you, as long as you keep asking questions.”
That is curiosity; “The asking of the questions refines the answer, us.”
We are the answer to the questions we ask, but we have to refine that through a process of soul refinement and we can only do that through curiosity and asking questions.


Understand this one and it will release your soul from all bondage, past, present and future. It is one of the most avoided and wholly misunderstood things here. It is called “grace”.
I almost feel inadequate to speak of this, not because I don’t understand it, but because it so difficult to put into words.
Most understand the meaning of grace to be unmerited favour, i.e. the cause is separated from the response. Humans have largely forgotten and don’t practice grace. We speak of someone who is graceful as being someone who is beautiful, dressed well and moves like a ballerina. That is not grace. Grace is unmerited favor.
So how does it work in the universe?
Humans have this concept of a god, or an allah, or a Buddha that is better than them and if they comply and conform to their rules they might attain some crazy expression of higher states of consciousness they call heaven or if they don’t conform they go to an ill-defined place called hell. This is not the universe and universal laws I know.
The reason for the fall of the fallen angelics was simply because they could not accept grace. They felt that they had to earn favor, and be cosmically admired that they could be just like god, and earn respect, and so they have propagated, through religion and indoctrination, this system of earning respect and favor here on earth.
Grace is anathema to the fallen beings and unless we can’t get out heads around the lies they are perpetrating here and understand that grace is a part of the universal system, we will remain under their dominion and dominance.
Slavery is part of the fallen system. If we comply, we are rewarded with carrots, like donkeys, and if we don’t we are given a “stick”.
The universe simply doesn’t work this way. It is a lie from the pit of hell.
The universe is all-forgiving. Each particle being or wave in the universe is a part of the universe, and the universe will not destroy itself. It had been at this for a long time, and it knows how it works and is supposed to work. It is only those dumb fallen ones who try to make us think otherwise.
Grace is not understood here at all because we are in a “carrot and stick” system. The possibility that we could just be, and do, and that all we desire, as we mold the experiences we wish to have, will be responded to by the universe, is almost unconscionable here. It works pretty well for me. It just depends on if you know how the universe works.
There is no “earning” in the universe, and the very notion is anathema and ludicrous to the universe. The reason we have become slaves here is because we don’t know about grace, or have learnt to trust it, so we have to “earn” our way.
So how does one have an attitude of grace?
All we have to do is look around us. Does the sea have to “earn” the right to create waves? It does it naturally. Do birds have to “earn” the right to fly? They do it naturally. Do plants have to struggle to grow? No they do it naturally. Do fish have to earn the right to swim? No they do it naturally.
We are surrounded by grace, yet we can’t seem to figure it out for ourselves. Humans are the only species here who really struggle, and what are they doing? They are translating this struggle into destruction for those other forms around them that are natural and accept grace, unmerited favor.
Grace is an energy that supports life forms in the universe. No earning required. We can tap into grace by making our requests known to the universe, but that is another whole topic.
Suffice it to say that being is not about earning. Grace does exist if you look around you. We just have to know how it works and let it work for you.


Acknowledgement and Respect

The next attitude is about acknowledgement and respect and acknowledging another, and respecting their right to be. This is encapsulated in the African culture of “Ubuntu” that expresses it well.
How does this work in the universe and how should it work here?
Have you ever noticed how people walk by each other in the street and they hardly glance at each other? There is no acknowledgement that the other person is even there. This is disrespectful.
I learned this from a young African brother, who was working under my supervision some years ago. We were standing next to each other during a lunch break and I was more involved in eating my sandwich than to notice him. He said to me, “Excuse me boss, but I am Samuel.”

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