The Multi Dimensional Universe Ebook

The Multi-Dimensional Universe

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What is multi-dimensionalism? In the normal sense it is the measurement of a space, say a room – its height, length, and breadth gives you the dimensions of the room.

In the universe, it is the measurement of both space and time through the measurement of light and sound waves; their frequency, amplitude, and intensity.

This book tries to explain how, through the observation of the waveform, it is observed as a manifest particle form, and explains how the underlying causal effect of material matter are waves of energy passing through the fabric of time and space.

I did not learn this information through the usual convention of scientific study and instead learnt it from a multi-dimensional being who spoke (telepathed) this information to me and showed me how it works. He could conjure up holograms in thin air as a 3D holographic visual aid, and so my explanations are in plain English without too much scientific jargon and explained in ways that ordinary people can understand.