Mastering the Hologram (Part 1-3)


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Rewrite Your “Operating System”, and Clear Any Limiting Blocks or Beliefs

The course will be a 3-part course and each part will have a presentation.

What You’ll Discover in this class:

Raising your frequencies and Become the observer of

  • Your emotions
  • Your thoughts
  • Your actions

Understanding the Mechanics of Manifestation

  • Learn waves of light, sounds effect the manifest creation
  • Learn how the frequencies of waves of light and sound inter-connect all conscious beings

Practical Manifesting

  • Synchronizing the heart and mind
  • Synchronizing intentions with actions, values, and attitudes.
  • Synchronizing words with actions

Creating a new Timeline of reality (collapsing the old timeline) through:

  • Your actions (activating your Highest potential)
  • Your values (activating your Highest Probability)
  • Your attitudes (activating your Highest possibility)
Written by jimmyle1511