Mechanics of Creation Bundle (Part 1-3)


We live in a world surrounded by matter.

We eat matter. We drink matter. We sleep on matter.

We use material objects every day for transport; roads to travel on with cars, buses, trucks, railways and bicycles. Yet some of our basic needs are served by non-matter; waves of light and sound; the light from the sun; the pictures on our TV’s; The pictures and sounds from our cellphones; radio and radar, these technologies are all based on non-matter.

So what is the relationship between matter and non-matter, and how can they work together?

Is there a constant recurring design in the universe?


Re-watch all 3 parts and what you will find out:

Part 1:
1) Learn how waves of light and sound are the causal effect of manifest creation
2) Learn about how the frequencies of waves of light and sound inter-connect all conscious beings
3) Learn how waves of energy are the basis of consciousness and how you can use your consciousness to affect your reality (hologram)


Part 2:

1) The universal template.
2) Conscious observation.
3) Frequencies of light and sound and wave interference (collapsing the wave).


Part 3:

1) Who and what controls our reality here.
2) How frequencies of light and sound create timelines of reality.
3) How we manage our own frequencies to enable us to jump timelines.

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Written by jimmyle1511